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Ladies. Gentlemen. The time, has come. The time for a new server! Welcome to the Pokey Bandits!

We're a server for all people who play video games, regardless of console and platform, and genre. Here, we have a fun ranking up system with coloured roles and unique names, along with a friendly assortment of staff that'll be around to help you with anything!

Feel free to use our lore channels and LFG categories for any game you'd like, and a general talky talky place. We really hope you can join, and we'd love to have you with us!
Some bits are NSFW but they stay in their designated areas but overall we are just a chill gaming community.
Discord for all gamers! Feel free to chat with people who love gaming!
Hello! My name is DJ_Retr0, and this is my server which allows you to play with other people and chat with them. This is a Multi-Purpose server so it's not just gaming but other stuff. With your help we can make this community grow.