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Have you ever wanted a server where you can chill with other gamers and play games like super smash bros? Well we got one right here.

Welcome to the Propeller Tails Discord AKA The Workshop we have tons of fun in this lovely server so here are the details below.

1. Hilarious and wholesome memes

2. An amazing community

3. Smash Bros 

4. Uploads of smash ultimate montages and other video games.

5. Leveling up with rewards.

6. Tons of awesome emotes


7. And More!

8. This server is made for english people if you don't speak english you will be kicked.

We hope to see you there.
Server nato come community Fandom dei Sassì (content creators su YT) per poi espandersi e diventare una vera community per tutti coloro che vogliano farne parte, abbiamo una sezione pubblica per poter parlare dei più disparati argomenti, una sezione dedicata al gaming dove si organizzano spesso sessioni di gioco in compagnia, una sezione roleplay originale e in costante evoluzione, un bot nostro sviluppato dal nostro developer verificato Discord che svolge tutte le principali mansioni ed è in continuo sviluppo in base alle esigenze della community, svariati content creator fanno parte ormai della community e questo numero è in costante crescita, ma soprattutto, è una community attiva e sana, in crescita e sviluppo, con uno staff sempre pronto a dare una mano e monitorare la situazione, ricompense per gli utenti più attivi e coloro che contribuiscono alla community (es i Nitro Booster), giveaway, contest, progetti continui (es, in passato avevamo le "serate cinema" in cui tutti assieme si procedeva alla visione di contenuti precedentemente scelti, e progetti variegati che contribuiscono al mantenimento della community), e tanto altro, vi aspettano nella Sassì's Community!
The Waiting Room, where all gamers get together to share content, play together, connect, and wait on The Doctor.
Welcome to my server it's a chill server and also fun server! You can come chat, make new friends and chill out but have a great laugh also.
If you like Minecraft, especially bedwars and skywars, then this channel is for you! I will *try* to post high-quality content (good gameplay, decent commentary, and etc) for videos, and I will always post montages as well for when I reach certain thresholds, and randomly as well. So if you think you'd be into stuff like this then:

Subscribe, turn on the bell, and be sure to like and comment on my videos!
Hi! This server is for my youtube channel: On my channel I make videos on all kinds of games! And I love to connect with my viewers.
●Radeon's Vibe Galaxy●

Radeon's Vibe Galaxy is a chilled, community server where you can try to interact with people and make new friends. The server is always tryna do something nice for the people in it and we're always tryna make new friends

The Server is a home for everyone who is tryna socialize and make friends on Discord, so if you're tryna make new friends this is the best place to do so. We welcome people with multiple interests and talents like:


Music Listening/Making

Art making





So if you've got any of those interests please don't hesitate to join and we promise to make you're visit a good one
This is the server of Alca44 a CODM content creator. This sever is freindly and come and chill in one of our VC :)
- Hangout for Ezio's twitch streams!
- Bi-monthly/weekly giveaways!
- Raids if you're in the hangout!
- New people to interact with and be-friend!
- Share your streams with everyone!
- Streamer of the week perks!
Are you looking for a community of likeminded YouTubers to get along with? Do you want a group that promotes honest feedback, communication, collaboration and support? Do you want the chance to show off your channel and see others... without any of that Sub4Sub nonsense?

Then this is the server for you!

The YouTubers society is a brand new discord, born from the death throes of another. We took all of their mistakes, learned from them and created something ten times more awesome!

We believe in supporting YOU.. and helping you to be the best YouTuber you can be, with dedicated roles for different genres of YouTuber and even a section for people to volunteer their services as editors, or voice actors!

What else do you need to know? This is more than just some random group to dump your links in... this? Is a real COMMUNITY! So get involved!
A discord community, discord made for the youtuber Evil_Siin. But we welcome all!

What we offer -
» Active Community
» Giveaways
» Fully protected/customized server
» Active staff members
» Gaming together
» Activity channels! Uno / counting
Welcome to the Niche Creators Paradise. This is the place connect, collaborate and share with creators, influencers, and freelancers from all walks of life and communities from foodies, to outdoor enthusiast and everyone in between in NICHE Sectors and Subjects. We are a up & coming discord community and we look forward to providing value and connect with you..
This is Llion's discord server it's a fun and great server we will also do giveaways soon, join and enjoy
laid back gaming discord who mainly plays Riot games and other flavors of the month games (among us and Dead by daylight)
P𝙝a𝙣s𝙞𝙩𝙚 è una Community di Content Creator emergenti nata per divertirsi e farvi divertire. Momentaneamente ne fanno parte GianluuuZD, J.K. Number 0, Kamioncino e ilDubby. Content Creator Hangout. Join to Socialize With other Content Creators! Advertising is Allowed in the Correct Channels. OG ranks for the taking!

----we do----
Advertising :white_check_mark:
Chatting :white_check_mark:
And soon Giveaways :white_check_mark:
Welcome to Fallz' Community

Fallz' Community is a fan server made by Fallz himself!!!

*Why you should join?
-You should join cause I make the best content possible
-I entertain my fans everyday especially in my streams
-I always talk to fans
-I promote my biggest supporters!!!

My Social Media:

𝕏𝕠𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕠𝕤 ℂ𝕣𝕦𝕟𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕤

Who are we?
We are a Safe and Friendly community, Always welcoming everyone to join!!

What you will receive by joining?
You will receive:
• New Friends and a Welcoming Community
• A safe and Joining Work/Game Place
• New Companions to help you Progress through games


Welcome to the official server for Shogun!

- Question of the day
- Venting
- Photography
- Art

- Leveled roles
- Special roles for content creators

- Twitch emotes
- Multiple music bots
- Music promotion

Join ShogunTown today!
Our server is a gaming, content, developing community. We enjoy making YouTubes videos as a passion and also enjoy Roblox developing for fun. Our server mostly focus' on Roblox content, but sometimes we also like to branch off into other games.
This is the personal discord for iLionheart's Community of gamers streamers doctor who enthusiast's Wrestling fans and many more feel free to join us! Positive vibes! <3