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A small chat community owned by a chill & nice guy who can actively engage with the members and have some fun. You can also mess around with our bot commands and such.
We are new age of community to serve on both Love and Lust independently.

You can find additional things such as,
* Pets promotion
* Auction and bitting
* Chill and fun
* Advertisement and lot more
Come and find your partner and brings your fantasy comes true
We hope you have a great time here as well as everyone else does!
What we have
:video_game: Active chat :video_game:
:snake: Big community :snake:
:thumbsup: Lots of events and lots of fun stuff to do :thumbsup:
:joy: Memes and lots more funny stuff :joy:
:slight_smile: Caring staff :slight_smile:
:100: Fast growing server :100:
:robot:We also have our custom made bot , with many good features
Some more stuff we have:
:busts_in_silhouette: : Active Members and Staff! :busts_in_silhouette: :
:tada: : Fun Games,Giveaways, and more! :sparkles:
:100: 800+ Members :100:
:video_game: : A huge Gaming Family that you have with you at your side! :video_game:
:boom: : AND MORE! :boom:
Looking for people to join, chat, trade pics, view porn, and have fun lol
baso we're just a cool discord but like if you can't take jokes then id advise you not to join if you're just gonna cry n stuff so join @ ur own risk ok
A server for people who want to advertise there social media's or discord servers etc.
Here you can chat with friends while gaming. Talk about anything you want. People off all ages are welcome to this server. 20+ users. This server is for people of all ages. Friendly Staff, and Daily updates. Updated every week. Updates vary. Keep in mind that this server is vastly growing. This server is also a chill place to hang out for late night gamers. We are partnered with Chill Lounge, A Small Brach Off Of LFG Site, Lives of The werewolfs, and Dangerous Devils. We also sponsor Lives of Werewolfs, and A Small Branch Off Of LFG Site. We will also make anyone who joins an Intermediate level, and A Verified member.
Welcome to a world were werewolfs live in secrecy. They can't be discovered by humans. On this server you can create your own unique werewolf character. Then Roleplay away! Keep in mind that this is a slow growing server. Heres the prologue:In a world were werewolves live in secrecy without the outside world knowing you have your own character, but can you keep a secret?
Welcome to Euro Chat. Here you can chat anytime you want. You can submit your server for people to come to your server.
Domainer Club takes pride in offering unbiased, critical discussion and a safe, secure place to trade with other domain name investors.
This is a shitty server made for idiots tho its a fun server to hang out and meme