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🔹Advertise to more than 200 members🔸
Our ultimate goal is to help you grow your server, website and/or social media, and we provide plenty of channels to assist you in the process of achieving your growth goals. You can only profit from this server so why not join and profit?

🔸Unlimited advertising channels
🔹100% Free
🔹Discord server advertising
🔸Social media advertising
🔹YouTube advertising
🔸We allow NSFW
🔹Looking-for style channels
🔸Need staff channels
🔹Ebay, Fiverr & amazon
🔸 Much more to come!

how to get more discord members?
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We are a brand new community which began activities at 7/22/19. Our goal is to bring together a friendly, happy community. We also help you grow your own server social media, and we provide plenty of channels to assist you in the that process, from expert staff.

We provide you with:

🌀 A chill place to chat, make friends, and have fun with one another!

🌀 Channels for memes, art, photography, discussions, and more!

🌀 A multitude of channels to advertise your server in (4 ads per day allowed).

🌀 Channels for advertising your social media, art videos, and more.

🌀 Channels for growth advice, finding partners, finding staff, bot help, etc.

🌀 200 amazing, adorable, and funny emojis! (We are nitro boosted).

🌀 Server spotlights, giveaways, shoutouts, and other extras to help you grow.

So stop on by and join in on the fun! We know that we have a lot to offer you!

Welcome to Astro Clout come by if your older than 18 and looking to sell nudes or buy or see them for free in our many area's
__**Advertise Center**__

**Need of followers or members? Join us, and grow your social media or server!**

🤝|Opportunity to partner with servers.
💬|Chat with our members!
⭐|Many channels to advertise in.
:cop:|Need of staff members.
💡|Suggest your ideas.
🆘|Support channels.
🎲|Bots like GamesROB, Tatsumaki, UnbelievaBoat.

**What are you waiting for? Join us now, promote your social medias, and make your way to the top! We also have our own BUMP bot!**

👋 Hello y'all! I am inviting you to come join the new revolution of social media!

For so long now, social media has been centralized, massively-scaled corporations have dominated the market. However, **this ends now!**

Our goal at Mediabag is to make it so that users don't have to deal with authority over their posts, on a centralized platform you can't voice your opinion, but on Mediabag you are given freedom of speech.

When I came up with Mediabag I wanted users to actually be rewarded for their posts, on a central social media app users are only rewarded by the good feeling of getting hearts, likes, etc. On Mediabag we created a feature called seeding, authors of the post get 40% of the seed while the rest is distributed between the pool of seeders.

So if you want to join the revolution of social media and you're tired of centralized social media apps come on down to Mediabag!
✩❀ - A new Growing community focused on helping you grow you server FAST.

~ Our Benefits
✧ Active Staff,
✧ A place to advertise
✧ Many category's to find your server
✧ A friendly community,
✧ Everyone is welcome,
✧ 50 Fun Emotes,

:・✧Do you want members NOW?✧・:
Advertise sny sort of media you want
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, Mixer, Youtube and so much more
Channels to listen to music with the Dyno Bot
More bots and chats going to be added in the future
Small Server
Welcome to Arcenvertise! 👋
You can freely promote or advertise stuff here as long as it does not violate the rules, we have many different advertising categories to choose from so you can freely choose any categories you want that fits your server. We are not just focused on free advertising for your discord server or anything, we are also focused to make a great, friendly and a non-toxic community for everyone! 😊
Our server includes:
🎉 Giveaways
🏃 Events
😹 Memes
😃 Friendly members
😇 Friendly staffs
🔑 Custom roles
🤖 5+ Bots
📢 Free Advertising
📸 Advertise your Social Medias
✅ Over 20 different advertising categories
💎 Premium with cool perks
Hope you will join our server! 😃

⚡ Website:
╾ promote multiple social media platforms
╾ share your favorite content
╾ HD nitro friendly emojis
A TikTok community server built by TikToker @richietatum to talk, have fun, build friendships, collaborate, and more with his friends and over 44,200 followers. Join in on the fun and action today. Share your TikTok vids and much much more.
**Content Advertising** is a place where you can freely advertise your
server and services for people to enjoy! Our goal is to provide
our advertising and growth services **free of charge** which means that
everyone receives the same quality service from us leaving our members
💠 Dedicated advertising channels
💠 Looking for partners!
💠 Personal advertisers to hire to advertise your content on other servers
💠 Various Teams Like Growth Team & Translation Team to help you with your server
💠 Events hosted based on community's opinion
💠 Constantly looking for staff and other positions
💠 Interactive Staff Application System
💠 Entertainment with bots for those here for fun
💠 Active community for those who want to chat
💠 Earn Ad Bucks to gain perks throughout CA
💠 Fast growing community
💠 Simple yet effective
💠 **100% free of charge**

**So what are you waiting for? Join the server!**
We are a new Server growing by ALPHA COMMUNITY and we are looking for new editors! Come and share your work!
We are a growing server and a work in progress. We let you advertise what you need to so you can grow. I also giveaway stuff for Invite-Rewards and just daily giveaways. Giveaways are accounts to things such as minecraft, fortnite, hulu, spotify and many more things. Please join and help us grow and to have fun. Just read the rules tab when you show up please.
✨Tired of always being expected to talk or socialize when you just want to post an Ad? Well come join us in Lazy Advertisements, where we don’t care. Stay and chat, make new friends, or just post your Ad and look at other Ads. Don’t forget to check out the LF sections to help build your server, quickly and easily.✨

⚜️Check out a few of the things we offer.⚜️

🌘 Simple self assignable roles.

🌑 Special roles for VIP members.

🌒 General area for you to chat, introduce yourself, spam, chill, and meet other lazy advertisers.

🌒 A place for partnerships.

🌑 And of course a place for FREE server, social media, and other advertising.

🌒 We are currently looking for staff members, and partners!

🌑Monthly Giveaways!!!!
🔮 Welcome to Voltage FN 🔮


- Share your clips🎮

- Advertise your social media🎤

- Chat with other people🗯

- Grow as a community👾

- Find teammates for duos squads or creative 🎮

- Have fun ❤️
Welcome to OZAC (OZ Advertising Central) we are a server made for advertising your server but we offer much more
What we offer:

✳️ Partnerships

✳️ Alliances with other advertisement servers

✳️ Custom roles for supporters (soon to be added in)

✳️ Staff Currently Open

✳️ A Economy System

✳️ Lots of advertising channels

✳️ Self assignable roles
We hope you'll join us and help us grow!

this description will be updated as we grow!
This server is a hub for content creators, video editors, meme makers, social media marketers. Collab with people who create content, share ideas, help with image/video editing. Sharing tips and tricks for getting memes viral and how to monetize content. Share social media pages, learn how to gain followers, build an online brand.
**Welcome To LightYear Advertising**
🔸 We have Over 30+ Adv channels and one of them are waiting for your ad
🔸 Also we Recriutung for staffs so if you want be staff join now!
🔸 We are small so help us with joining this server :)
:🔸 We are recriuting staffs so join and apply **NOW**!!

📱**Advertise & PROMOTE!** 🖥

Ever wanted a few more followers on your Instagram, a few more subscribers on your YouTube, a few more members in your discord server? Then this is the place for you!
If you don’t already get it from the name of the server, this discord is a place to advertise and promote your social media, YouTube videos, channels, live streams, discord servers, shops, websites and more.

What we have to offer:

- Partnerships 🤝

- Invite Rewards 🎁

- 18+ Places To Advertise👨‍💻

- Friendly Staff / Owners👱‍♂️👩

- Daily giveaways and multiple channels for giveaways🎊

- Giveaways with tags for your advertisement 🎉

- Buyable channels where you can advertise your social media💰

- Events for subscribers, followers, members and more👥

- Discord server and social media advertising

The first owner and co owners have now left. The new owner is HyperCats#7024. We also have a new Co-Owner.
Come join my server. Your allowed to advertise any type of discord or social media.
It includes
-Chill Chat and chill voice chat
-Fun Bots to use including music bots
-events but it doesn’t happen Often
- Support
- The basic Discord emojis
- and lots more
Also we’re new. Kinda projectionists Official discord is tied in into this one, we’re not fully new but I thought I could have a advertisement themed version of TheProjectionists Official Discord
Hello there! Our server is a place to have fun and share with others! We have aesthetics, roles, NSFW, and many other things! I hope you join us in the server and enjoy!!
**Dark Fantasy**

⚜️**Levels based off Creepypasta characters, cursed images, always open to suggestions!**

⚜️**Active and helpful staff, to help keep out the toxic ones.**

⚜️**Many self assignable roles to express who you are from the start. And level roles based off Creepypasta characters.**

⚜️**Dank memes to satisfy your dark sense of humor.**

⚜️**Music, Voice, Gaming, and Venting channels.**

⚜️**Social media channels to advertise and gain followers.**

⚜️**Share your art, photography, writing, pets, and much more.**

⚜️**Looking for Partner and Event managers. And always looking for new partnerships.**

**Server Link:**