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Filled with artists both old and new we offer Art Giveaways & a supportive community for Artists! We strive to help others grow and have fun!
September Cama Mania:
Every day of September will have an Art Giveaway hosted! Join for a chance to win free art by our incredible Artists!
What we offer:
-Artist & Content Creator Support
-Art giveaways
-Custom Emojis
-PPM (Proud Parents Madness) where you can earn points and titles for nesting in babies in a variety of games!
-Art of all kinds!
-Seperate SFW & NSFW artist sections
Tiredgang is a chill, drama & toxicity free server for 18+ members. It boasts:

- A fun community with wholesome people
- Game nights! Ranging from party games to video games
- Regular competitions for creatives
- Debate channels
- Quiz nights
- Movie nights
- Karaoke Nights / Rap Battles
- Minecraft server

& more (:
The Overgrowth is a relatively new Minecraft server, with Creative (access to worldedit) and Minigames (Survival is coming very soon).
This server is full of fun and excepting new people. We have a great staff crew and many amazing members:)
Emote Dances is an animation showcase game on the ROBLOX platform with over 13.M visits! We host giveaways every now and then and have creation channels for people to showcase their creations (art, modeling, animations, ect)
Hey and welcome to The Art (Arm) Pit, an art-based server focused on all things art-related rather than specifically anime based art, from traditional illustration, to craft and to music! Here we hope to offer users an experience of practical art-making, art history and theory and the possibility to enter a wonderful and highly active community of young artists of all styles and walks of life!
Here we offer:
- Multiple channels dedicated to specific mediums of art, including art theory, resources and character design.
- Challenges and Critique.
- A highly active and friendly community of young artists.
- An LGBT+ supportive and friendly space.
- Active and Responsive mods to always ensure that this server is a safe space for everyone, while also consistently working to improve The Art Pit
- Sections dedicated to NSFW art and conversations.
- Cursed images and memes galore!

Sounds like the server for you? Then please feel welcome to take a step into The Art Pit!
A Server to chill and hang out with people and also has 2 Minecraft bedrock realms which you can play on. Creative and Arcade
The Mirror is a community server for the people who love movie, anime, music, games and share the love around them. It also have channels for sharing your sunsets or dancing beats, and vent out, creative corner, and so much more. We are waiting for you 💛
Christian Creative Collective is a new creative space for Christian artists to learn, grow, and encourage one another. We're interested in music, writing, art, and whatever else you're creating. We believe that Christianity can have a voice in art just as anywhere else and we want to push each other to find that voice.

Inclusive and welcoming, we welcome Christians from across denominations. Come on in and get involved.
Looking for a GFX artist? Join this server and get your own design made for any platform. Designs such as YouTube thumbnails, banners/ headers, album covers and more can be designed here. What are you waiting for join this server you won't be dissapointed!
💰Daily Free Entry Tournaments
💰Trusted Wagers
💰Vouching System
💰Wager Roles
💰Trained Staff
💰Ticket System for Reports
💰Content Creators
💰They pay people to invite
Welcome to The GFX Community, the home of digital art.

We are a professional and engaging team of designers and artists who will help you develop your talents as a creative mind. Here you are encouraged to post you latest work, gather feedback, join in regular competitions and make a name for yourself in the design community!

We welcome everyone and anyone from graphic design to motion design or 3D artwork to traditional techniques like sketching and painting!

We look forward to seeing lots of new faces in our community and are especially excited to see all the artwork you will post.

(This server was initially set up by GriffinGFX who regularly helps and interacts with his 125k+ YouTube subscribers, but has help from a dedicated team of staff).
Welcome to the Creative Community! 🎨
Since 2016, we have been bringing creatives closer together. We are a friendly server dedicated to all forms of art. Whether you are an artist, musician, designer, editor or just a lover of the creations, we welcome you! We also host monthly art contests & competitions.
Come along and join us! 👋
This cozy server is made for people who like creative stuff. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a beginner, you are welcome here! Browse other people's works, share yours or just chat on different topics. Welcome!

Этот уютный сервер создан для людей, которые любят заниматься чем-то креативным. Не важно, профессионал ты или новичок, тебе здесь рады! Просматривай чужие работы, делись своими или же просто общайся на разные темы. Добро пожаловать!
Come on by and relax by the fire! I'm Sweet, your resident wolf girl. Here to share with you art, literature and chill times like you've never experienced or seen before! Grab some snacks and a bottle of cola, as we're just a bunch of friendly, lewd loving degenerates :3
Hello!! This server is multipurpose!! Make friends, share art, writing, play music, have fun!! :))
"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."
- Cesar A. Cruz


Vulpinus is a story of a world built on the remnants of another. It's a story of characters as human as humans can be, solving mysteries behind the foundations of their ways of life - and threats to those ways of life.

With the discovery of a large stone object at the bottom of a mine, the lives of everyone in the world of Li'ran are in danger, and they will all have to work together to stop what is coming - but between rising tensions and the perils of nature, they might not come home from their journey.

Remember, though; like any journey, even reading has its own perils, and you might not come out the same person you went in.

¤¸¸.•'¯'•¸¸.•..>> ʟɪɴᴋꜱ <<..•.¸¸•'¯'•.¸¸¤

Book link:

Permanent server link:
─── 🎊 Art Union 🎊 ────
Art Union is for you artists, writers, musicians, composers & producers of all levels! We have challenges, tutorials and feedback area to help us grow. Or a Flex corner to share and showcase our pride and joy. Or simply mingle with fellow creators and join our fun gaming, chatting, memeing or simple creating.
🎉 Daily and weekly art & writing challenges to keep the creative spirit going
🎉 Monthly art, music and writing contests
🎉 Portfolio channels for creators
🎉 Commission guide for new artists
🎉 Supportive community open to teaching and giving feedback
🎉 Multiple collaborative events
🎉 Artistic memes
The official and largest Discord server for digital artists, graphic designers, and the creative community.

What to do here:
- Chat with other designers.
- Get feedback on your art.
- Share your posts and gain support.
- Promote your services and find clientele.
- Get free, exclusive design assets from top-notch designers.

All artists of any skill level are welcome:
Graphic & logo design, 3D arts, illustrations & paintings, photography, motion design & visual effects, UI/UX development, programming, and any other creative interests.
Law is a fun community server centred around legal discussion and debate!
We enjoy debating interesting cases and exploring areas of law that may pique your interest. We are easy-going and fun, we love to share memes and hang out! Join and say 'Hey' we are super friendly <3

-We have a set server economy
-Discussion Channel
-Self react roles
-Cool memes
-Super friendly
Looking for more members to just chill and share our interests with.
Feel free to send memes, music, art etc. of your own.
We have members from different parts of the world but we all speak English
This cute bee themed server is all about Sharing art from all skill groups. We want beginner to 50 years of experience. Just come and open a shop or just show off your art. We have a small community of lovely people who want to see what you create!

AstroCrafters Minecraft Server

► Friendly Staff and Players
► Discord Server chat linked

► Hard Difficulty
► Custom Claiming System
► Balanced eco and kits
► Random TP (/wild or /rtp)
► Balanced eco & crates
► Donor ranks buyable through in game money!

► Disguises!
► Add friends as builders to your plot!
► Random plot claiming /p auto
► Vote for WorldEdit access crate keys

► Balanced eco & crates
► Island fly!
► Normal, End and Nether islands available!
► Tree twerking
► Greenhouses
► Hopper Chests
► Custom Cobble Generator & Stacker Barrels
► Donor ranks buyable through in game money!

► Hard Difficulty
► Basic survival
► Semi Vanilla
► Events

ᐅ Discord:
ᐅ Server IP:
ᐅ Website:
ᐅ Store:
ᐅ Main Version: 1.16.3 Minecraft Java PC
ᐅ Supported Versions: 1.7 - 1.16.3 Minecraft Java PC
.+Hello fellow artists!, Welcome to The Creative Club! This is an art server with everything you need!+.
☆~Share and post your art

☆~Get feedback and critique

☆~Nitro boosted level 1

☆~Chat with 500+ artist within our awesome community!

☆~Get unique roles! and enter art contests!

☆~LGBTQ+ accepting!

☆~Have fun with our large selection of bots

☆~Post Memes

So what are you waiting for?! join the club today!~

(keep in mind we are currently looking for admins and mods!)