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This is my new place! I'm a long time roleplayer and gamer who just wants people to come in and have some fun!
I have a roleplay that the community will be able to expand upon, giving you the freedom to be who you want, whenever!
I've got several ordinary channels for those who just want to chill!
And I've only got one rule. So come on in and hang out!
yeh. name says it all. yeet.
A Roleplay server! We're all awkward so please be gentle. We have a lot of younger "players".
You're a virtual rockstar! You design, you build - you are a creator! Join our Creative Studio server, a home for creative designers like digital artists, developers and musicians!

We're new - but we're growing fast!
Fantasy Manor is a Discord roleplay server that serves the purpose of providing a small little community of like-minded roleplayers a place to be together. This can be to chat and hangout or create their own character and enter our world of fantasy. Our staff team provides the ability to make sure everything runs clean and all roleplayers to do so fairly and follow our clear sets of rules. Any and all questions can be given to this staff team. We all ask you to join our little community and enjoy yourselves in a realm of fantasy!
Welcome to the Avatar Arena!

The Avatar Arena is a massive crossover roleplay taking place on a dimensional crossroads between worlds, with a setting as fickle as the weather and ever-changing. This world is a peculiar one, as it would be considered normal were it not for the visitors, who come from different worlds and universes, often interacting, sometimes battling, or perhaps participating in quests and events. The opportunities in this world are many, and sometimes regarded as infinite.

The Arena promotes freeform roleplay.
- There is no central, overarching plot. The users here may feel free to choose whatever plots and events they like, or to start their own if they feel it within reason.
- Provided that you can play fair and not be OP, you are allowed to play as virtually almost anyone. An established character, an original character, perhaps a character from a movie you liked.
- Drop-in, drop-out. Stop worrying about RP locks and long waits for hours and days. If you wish to leave a scene, you are free to go. If you also wish, you are free to settle down to a slower-paced RP style, although RPs normally play out in real-time/live.
- Worldbuilding and writing channels to promote creativity. Even if you do not wish to RP, you are free to discuss your stories and characters.
- Freeform channels. As opposed to channels that are centred on different locations, our channels are divided according to power levels to ensure fair play. For those who dislike this system, we also provide RP channels that allow characters of different power levels to meet.
- A suggestion system, to allow players to have a voice and to vote on any features and changes that they would like on the server.

The Avatar Arena features a large and active community of users, most of them writers and roleplayers, as well as many bots to ensure that no one gets fatigued, and, of course, many channels that cater to different interests, like memes, movies, games, and the like.

If you have any inquiries, you may feel free to DM the server owner.

Server Owner: SymeSynth#1283 (203176668217475072)
Alpha World is a community of people who enjoy gaming, reading, watching shows and movies, listening to music, working out, cooking, 3D printing, crafts, and all sorts of other hobbies and interests. All who can 'live and let live' are welcome.
```New message has been received on the D-34 CommsLink <Playing_Message>```

`This is Achvivium Station! To all that receive this; you are welcome. Join our spaceside
colony, Because your new life; Starts with us!`

Join us for our first ever community Event! Lore talk; coming first Friday of December at 9pm-till whenever. (GMT)

-A friendly and helpful team, that is looking to make a place to chill, talk and meet people.
-A server made to fit and adjust to communities demands.
-Able to help, suggest and influence how our server grows
-music bot, to listen to with others while you make or chill!
-content creation support for World Building (mainly around Sci-fi)
-We Encourage people to share their work and aim to help get recognition for it.
-Sci-fi channels split into categories.
-we're working on a resource channel to help you educate, better understand and ultimately
improve your work
-we host regular events; starting our first event with Lore Talk

What are we about?

We’re determined to become a friendly and helpful community that’s
mainly focused around making a place for people to share, create and
support one another in self-creative producing; we are looking to bring together
Science Fiction lovers and people who share that similar passion,
we strive to be a very place for people to get away from life and
come to make a community that looks out for one another.

Fantium is a fantasy world based on mythologies and legends with a twist. It can be a wacky world and dark at times a place that allows creativity band diversity amongst its roleplayers.
The Roleplay Hub is a community server focused on text-based roleplay and OCs. We aim to be a central commune for creative people who want meet others like them, advertise their RPs or RP sites, find new RPs to become a part of or share and discuss their OCs. You can even host an RP on our server or participate in our OC-based minigames!
Ratt City is open and positive community founded for creative minded people from all backgrounds to congregate and mingle or gain exposure/feedback on their creations. Community events also take place regularly, in the form of both movie nights and art jams! (Among other various unique events!)

Get Guilded! It's important to know that the community is broken into various Guilds which serve as special-interest communities for various trades/subjects. If you don't join a specific guild; you won't see its content! Tailor the City to your interests!

We're a great hovel of great people; why not come visit the City?
We're a small, friendly and chill server for artists of all backgrounds, mediums and skills!
15+, though a NSFW channel is available for anyone over 18.
You stand up and look at it, a crack is quickly closing in its face, then disappears, the faint glow of it fades, then winks out of existance. You touch it, faintly warm, hard, and the saviour of your life. You turn once more and look at your new surroundings, 'What comes next?' you think...
Hallo welcome to our kingdom this server for arab gamers and otakus we hope you enjoy in the server
Chill server with awesome members. We are currently growing and are a good group for teenagers. We accept all new members! Hope you consider joining thanks.
This server is an art server dedicated to artistic freedom!
Come express yourself, promote your work, and grow as a community!

Share and request commissions, collabs, and get help with project support!
Get Feeds from many prominent artists around the web from different sites!
Here you can promote your art accounts!
Different themes every month! Winners will get posted onto the Starboard for life!
Welcome to Fairy Tail RP, where fairies are born!

This is a literate roleplaying server for those who are passionate about Fairy Tail. Feel free to weave your own narratives and create your own OC's story! Even those who barely know the lore of Fairy Tail may join for fun, magic, and casual roleplay.

We have:
+ SFW roleplay
+ RP as an original character or apply for canon characters such as Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, and etc.!
Safe Hearts Community, we're a LGBTQA friendly group that strives to make a positive and friendly atmosphere for all to take part in. Whether you're an Artist, Streamer, Gamer, or just that nerd who wants to strike up a conversation with somebody hopefully you'll find something here that suits your liking.
The Gangwars rp server was made to bring a new taste to city rp. You could join a criminal faction or work on your own to take over the streets. If you aren't a crime person you can also be a vigilante, civilian, or an officer of the law! Each faction runs their own crime syndicate Such as money laundering, Robbing stores and banks, drug trafficking. please follow the rules or we will have to kick you.
Chat with other artist and share your work in this friendly, art based community. Help other uprising artist come to light and share their passion. Not an artist? Just stay and chat with the community or admire work. Come check our website which includes additional info
Hey! Feel free to join in and have some fun, we're kinda new and we do Art jauns. You don't need to be an artist to join, chatting is fine as well

Art Jauns are when we host a 3 day contest where we make art of a certain theme, color palette, or you try drawing something in your style.

If you decide to join I hope you have a blast
-Includes Bahroo's Hotel
-Equal Female to Male ratio
-Movie Nights & Game Nights
-Recruiting Daily & Frequently
This server is for Making friends, Finding Love<3, Fun, and Support those in need Active 24/7 Please Join!! Server theme changes with the seasons😍
Just another ordinary spore discord just for the part of the community of Spore who have discord.