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Conlang Castle is a fun place to show off your constructed language (conlang) and see other people's conlangs. We are open to beginners and experts. Enter the gate!
A conlang and conworld community.
- Friendly staff
- LGBTQ+ Friendly
- All types of conlangs and conworlds are accepted
- Very new and looking for staff

Get your very own channel to discuss your conlangs and conworlds with other users! Explore new concepts and find new exciting ideas from the inspiration channel. Find people with the same hobbies as you.

Have fun being as creative as you want to!
All About Conlangs is a server where you can come to share or learn conlangs and to get help with them or another language. You can also share and get help with worldbuilding if that's your thing.
〘🌍〙Do you think the world needs a common language that is both fair and easy to learn? Globasa is a language with:

- A small number of grammar rules.
- Words from various languages like Chinese, Hindi, Swahili, etc.
- Easy spelling and pronunciation.

Globasa is ready to be learned, but new words are being added all the time, and you can suggest new ones! Join us on the movement for a new language for international communication!
-·=»‡«=·- Le Hall des créateurs -·=»‡«=·-

Bienvenue dans le Hall des Créateurs , un lieu d’échange et de discussion pour booster sa créativité. Ce serveur est axé sur la création d’univers, le conlanging ou encore le role-play.
**Les points forts du serveur :**

⇀ Des modérateurs et administrateurs compétents ;

⇀ Des salons spécifiques pour chaque domaine de création ;

⇀ Des modes d’emplois ciblés pour les débutants qui pataugent encore ;

⇀ Un système d’autorôle pour choisir immédiatement les sujets qui vous intéressent ;

⇀ Un règlement clair pour fixer les bases ;

⇀ Plein de bots utiles…

N’attendez plus et entrez dans le hall...
Lien :
Interslavic (Medžuslovjansky; Меджусловјанскы) is a zonal constructed language based on the Slavic languages. Its purpose is to facilitate communication between representatives of different Slavic nations, as well as to allow people who do not know any Slavic language to communicate with Slavs. For the latter, it can fulfill an educational role as well.
The official site:
The official facebook page:
Conlang Centeral


- We've got a friendly community.

- Places to put your conlang ideas.

- A general chat, just for chatting.

- A level up system. :)

Are you interested in making a conlang with me, Jane?
Well, yoi can join and do just that.
A simple constricted language for us to have fun with :)
Hello! We are a small server about people interested in a conlang called Kostfjer. Kostfjer is an analytical language meant to have a logography based off of european scripts.
This is a conlanging server owned by someone called Bread. In fact, that’s the person that’s typing this. And if your wondering, we make languages here and have a little laugh maybe idk. Have fun here if you join.
asapaka is a conlang based on toki pona wich is even more simple!
it has only 99 words and the way it got to that is by adding a negative prefix and deleting some useless words or merging them.
uralica is a conlang based on the uralic languages with simplified grammar
A fresh brand new Conlang Server, with plenty activities and a Featuring System ! Get Featured right now, join the Conlang Land community and make new Friends, we are waiting you.
A nice space for everyone to have fun together, and mostly talking about Conlangs. From your own Conlang channel, to an in-conlang-chat, ConlangCentral's Conlang Centre is the place for you!
Пðㅁสम Cryptic Primordial मสㅁðП

Ø About Ø

This server was created in hopes to inspire people to create their own language. What is this called? Conlanging. Conlanging was something the owner was very interested in for a long time. So, he decided to make this server. Cryptic Primordial.

»« What can you do here? »«

You can start your own language and enjoy the journey through creating it, you can learn about other languages and conlangs, and much more.

Owner: King LingLing#4004
A small conlang server looking to grow. Plenty of channels to discuss conlangs and natlangs, as well as help and resources for making your own conlang. Everyone from beginners to expert conlangers are welcome here. if link doesnt work
This serer is mainly for conlangs but if you want to talk about politics this server is a free speech zone + freedom of religion zone
only thing wich is banned is threatening violence or bullyin
Gek is a conlang from no mans sky come learn it!
the gek language has super simple grammar and hard vocab so it balances things out
if the bot is not working -
Have you ever wanted to control your own state of humanity? Come on here! You will be able to have your own country, empire, state & whatever you wanna call it! Just follow some simple rules and you will be on your way! :D
This is a server for Viesa, a code language based on English. Viesa involves modifying English words according to a consistent set of rules, writing with the Cyrillic alphabet, and applying grammar alterations. We are looking for new people to learn Viesa, so if you want to learn a new way to speak in code, come join us!

Ђес ба у сарвар фир Виеса, у кида лунгоуџа бусад ин Англеш. Виеса анвилва мидефаиенг Англеш вирдес укирденг ти у кинсестант сат ив ролас, вретенг већ ђа Сирелек улфубат, унд уплаиенг грумур ултарушеинес. Ва ба лик фир нав парсинес ти лаурн Виеса, си еф ја вунт ти лаурн у нав вуг ти спаук ен кида, кима џиен ва!
Language Learning Server 2.0 is the remastered version of LLS 1.0. We have a very welcoming community. We have an anti-raids system to avoid raiders from our server. If you want to learn some languages and have fun, this is your server!
Hello! This conlanging server has been around for a long time and we're looking for new people to join us! We've got plenty of members for you to talk with and to help you conlang!