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Do you like linguistics? Are you a Conlanger? Do you think it would be fun to make your own language??? WELCOME TO CONLANG CENTRAL!
Conlangs Refuge is a chill group of friendos who enjoy conlanging :) We always welcome new members, no matter how experienced with conlanging or linguistics.

Conlanging is the process of devising fictional languages, whether it be for the purpose of writing, worldbuilding, personal use, public use, or just for fun.

We discuss all things conlanging, including our own projects, existing conlangs, and the many aspects that go into making and learning conlangs.
A conlang and conworld community.
- Friendly staff
- LGBTQ+ Friendly
- All types of conlangs and conworlds are accepted
- Very new and looking for staff

Get your very own channel to discuss your conlangs and conworlds with other users! Explore new concepts and find new exciting ideas from the inspiration channel. Find people with the same hobbies as you.

Have fun being as creative as you want to!
This server is for Starting worldbuilding projects with others who are equally passionate.

You can't work. On existing projects or create new ones.


DM for Roles.
Hello! We are a small server about people interested in a conlang called Talanne. Talanne is a Paleo-European language spoken around southern Slovenia.

We're essentially a small community of conlangers who talk to each other about conlangs in general and occasionally work on Talanne.
This is a young and fledgeling server dedicated to the discussion about-, learning of-, and speaking in- Anglish!
It matters not whether you are fluent or not, we are all sponges to knowledge. We hope you enjoy it here, and we hope to see this server see success in the near future.
Conlang Castle is a fun place to show off your constructed language (conlang) and see other people's conlangs. We are open to beginners and experts. Enter the gate!
This is a conlanging server owned by someone called Bread. In fact, that’s the person that’s typing this. And if your wondering, we make languages here and have a little laugh maybe idk. Have fun here if you join.
Polsalic is a new Constructed-Language created by the owner that was made for the purpose of fiction.
Welcome to Liberium, a place focused on unconditional free-speech, art, writing, conlanging, modelling, and much more. We offer feedback, support, and even a few “special” channels ;))
All About Conlangs is a server where you can come to share or learn conlangs and to get help with them or another language. You can also share and get help with worldbuilding if that's your thing.
Hi I made this server to share my love for creating languages. Since this is a very new server I’d like help running it. Ask if you’re up for being a mod or admin. Anyway, read the rules and have fun y’all.
Chill server to come on and game or vibe.
If you're into conlangs and languages, this functions as a dual server.
Rules: you'll know when you break one.
This is a server for my conlang "中人" (Zhongjing)
Its a newer conlang, it has 70 or so words.
you can request for more words to be added.
have fun!
Hello! This conlanging server has been around for a long time and we're looking for new people to join us! We've got plenty of members for you to talk with and to help you conlang!
This is an up and coming server hoping to catch a following of people dedicated to creating languages and sharing their work on doing such. We have a great community of very close people who like each other very much. Come join us!

Things you should no:
1. Read the rules upon joining
2. There are three mod positions: the owner, the co-owner, and a rotating position
3. There are elections for the rotating position every third Saturday of the month. Anyone can run.
4. Everyone gets their own category, with a campaign channel (for the elections) and a channel for each of their conlangs
5. Remember to have fun!

We hope you join us here at the Centre of Linguistic Creativities!
Have fun!
Simpleinglish is an a posteriori conlang that aims to be used for international communication. Its main philosophy is to fix the English language.
Hi there! The misheard is a friendly server where we are making a democracy conlang, where everyone has the power to change something! 🗺 We can also have a chat about your feelings. 🌷Discuss and share art, stories or paintings. 🎨 And games and gaming, where self-promotion is allowed. 🎮Hope you enjoy your stay! :)
Welcome to our server! Here we discuss conlangs and present them to each other! Join our community right now and flow right into discussion!
Ardebasa is an a posteriori conlang (worldlang) that aims to be used for international communication.
Society of Linguists is a server where we talk and discuss about real languages, as well as conlangs. Everyone's welcome!