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A fast growing, fun last Airbender server with variety of different channels, an interesting roleplay with its own story, watch together's, and more! Join now! The server just went through a revamp.
1 hours ago
Ten years have passed since the end of The Legend of Korra. Republic City and the new Airbenders are figuring out their place in the World. Create your own character and roleplay with us in Republic City and in all the Avatar The Last Airbender locations you've grown up loving!

Come chat with us about nerdy/anime/gaming things! (LGBTQ+ Friendly)
5 hours ago
Hi! If you're a super fan of Avatar: the Last Airbender or the Legend of Korra then this is the server for you! Join to choose your element and make new friends!
42 days ago
This is my first Roleplay server it's timeline is back when Hell's Gate just finished building and the RP will start on a shuttle decending into Pandora's atmosphere.
82 days ago
**Welcome to Before the time of the well known avatars**, and even a Fire Lord, when unrest laid upon the fire nation.

War lords were battling for the islands, often spilling out their violence into the world. A refugee camp has been set up in an earth kingdom town for those of the fire nation fleeing. Benders from all nations are gathering at the camp to aid the survivors from the chaos entrapping their islands.

This is where your benders will be, or arriving. Together, hopefully a fire bender will rise and have the courage to lead people against the war lords and become the first Fire Lord.

As you progress the story, more will be updated.