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We are a community wishing to spend our time talking about languages and learning new ones along our path.

Founded by a group of people sharing a common passion, that is, the love for languages and linguistics, we shall be delighted to have you among us if this would be the case for you as well.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay with us and that you'll learn a few things in our company!
Learn Russian language by chatting and speaking with others.
We are a community of people who love art and want to share that love and interest in art. You don't have to be a good artist to join. We have learning channels where u can learn all about that type of art. Some categories include digital art, computer graphics, traditional art, photography, and so much more! There is sure to be something for you!
An educational community where everyone from any culture/race/beliefs is welcome. Hangout with people from different culture. Learn, Practice & Master new or your desired language. Meet foreign people and make new friends from all over the world. Also offers: 150+ self assignable roles + Much more
We are here to provide a safe and fun place where people who are in the BDSM lifestyle can get together with like-minded people to talk and share ideas/experiences.

We believe in and follow the ideas of RACK and SSC.
Risk-Aware Consentual Kink
Safe Sane Consentual

We also want to provide a safe, non-agressive place for people outside the BDSM lifestyle to learn about it.

We want to provide mentoring for people who are new to BDSM as a lifestyle and provide a library of resources to help you and your partner develop your BDSM relationship.

Even if you are not new to the BDSM lifestyle, we want to provide mentoring and relationship advice from more experienced people.
Yoyo, wir sind German Beatbox. Unser Server ist komplett Deutsch also brauchst du keine Angst zu haben in anderen Sprachen sprechen zu müssen. Hier kannst du Beatboxen lernen und deine Erfahrungen mit Beatboxen teilen. Wir freuen uns schon auf dich ❤
Love drawing and seeing amazing artist?
Still trying to figure out how to draw stuff?
Want to make new friends as well?

Well you came to the right place Dear, Here we have an amazing Bots and friends and NSFW channels and some helpful tutorials for your beautiful skills and some fun contests and whatever you need and more!

And of there's something that bothers you, Just come and tell me and I'll figure out your problem in anyway i could
Este servidor foi feito para aqueles que desejam desenvolver um bot para o Discord mas que estão tendo dificuldades ou que ainda não sabem fazer.

This server was made for those who wish to develop a Discord Bot but has difficulties or don't yet know how to do it.
You want to learn or improve your French level and you want to help or you need help with your french homework ? Join us to improve your pronounciation and your communication skills. You can also teach English if you want.
For those of you who have not seen the WAC server, it is a place where you can learn to hack (legally) and learn to code in a variety of languages. Keeping your IOT devices secure requires skill, knowledge and experience. Understanding the vulnerabilities of your devices is something you cannot ignore. If you are interested in this kind of stuff, then I would recommend you take a look at the WAC server.
Howdy! Welcome to FUN LEARNING

Totally SFW
This server is for people who want to acquaintance to others from different countries and cultures and learn about a lot of stuffs such as :
:diamonds: Life skills (life hack, creativity, problem solving, advice, goal setting, art, thoughts...etc.)
:diamonds: Languages (English, Arabic, French, Japanese ...etc.)
:diamonds: Cooking (traditional cuisine, see food, healthy food, Junk food , diet...etc.)
:diamonds: New Technologies (new Websites, new apps, new games, new Phones & Pcs, new Techs ...etc.)
:diamonds: Computer science (Programming, Mobile apps development, web sites, graphic design...etc.)
:diamonds: Nature (Animals, Plants, natural phenomena... etc.)
:diamonds: School or university (Mathematics, Physics, Science, Medicine, Philosophy ...etc.)
:diamonds: FUN (memes, images, videos, quiz, facts ...etc.)
:diamonds: Entertainment (Anime - Manga, Movies, Tv series, Youtube, Other Social medias, Sport ...etc.)
:diamonds: Cultures ...
Free one on one help with all subjects thru university level 201 all subjects. There is a focus on teaching American-dialect spoken English to nonAmericans.
This server aims to be a central point for new and experienced Players and Dungeon Masters to learn, practice and revise various D&D related material and mechanics. We are also a very friendly community who have grand adventures together
Join this server to learn ENGLISH using lessons! I use Paypal and can easily tutor you in the achievement of your learning goals! 20 minute lessons! Contact me directly to learn more today!
📚📇 **Language Learning Catalog** 🗃🗣

A catalog of **language learning servers** on Discord.

🔍 *Find your server for learning languages:*

📌 Multilingual servers 👥

📌 European languages 🌍

📌 Asian languages 🌏

📌 African languages 🌍

📌 Native American languages 🌎

📌 Australian & Oceanian languages 🌏

📌 Ancient languages ⌛

📌 Constructed languages 🛠

👉 Join now and enjoy 😃
We are a new server! and we are ready to lunch, such great people are here and we'll be grateful when you/or anyone joins us! Now have a good night/day!
The Crystal Coven!

A magic server that welcomes people from all corners of the world and all practices!
We have fun bots, and bots to aid your magical path.
Great staff waiting to help you!
Many roles!
Perfect place to learn or share your knowledge!

Join us, and become a part of a loving community!
Coming soon - a pdf resource library!
server for coders that wanna help and need help
just have fun
Are you looking for a good space to learn and discuss languages? Then you've found the right place! This growing server will allow you to do just that!
A place to learn new instruments and to produce music alongside others .

Want to start a band ? - Come on over and see other artists

Want to promote your music ? - come and promote
The purpose of this server was to create a positive environment where people help each other and learn to create something new, and to evolve physically and mentally.
-New Hacking Server Called: Today!!
-You are welcome here to learn hacking.
-We Attack Targets, Such as: People, Websites, Etc.
-Enjoy And Be CAREFUL! Dont Get CAUGHT!
-Invite Link: