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Hello and welcome!! Our server was originally created for global learners who wished to practice and learn Korean and English. We are now in process of upgrading to a more global languages learning server by adding more languages such as French and Indonesian! If you are interested, feel free to join us and make some new friends!

Love to play game? We have many discord bots game such as TacoShack, DankMemer and more! You can have so much fun ><

We also have interesting music bots for you who love to listen to music, such as Hydra or Groovy!

Our server contains multiple channels. Everything is well explained! Our members are very nice and sociable, so you would not feel excluded at all! Come join us!

-The team of <Languages Practice> server
Dedicated to variety of topics universal to the human experience such as history, culture, languages, hot topics (like COVID19), art, and science. Come join us if you're looking for a close-knit community of international friends to learn about others around the world! Chat may contain material deemed sensitive.
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Welcome to Mexican Spanish School!
╚═════ ≪ ◦ ❖ ◦ ≫ ═════╝

Come here to learn natural and authentic Mexican Spanish with native and fluent teachers for FREE! There are plenty of lessons for all different levels: Beginner, Beginner 2, Intermediate, Advanced, and Masters. There are also other channels with plenty of Spanish resources, games, community chats, and much more. Broaden your cultural horizons by participating in our culture class! There is so much to offer in our community, and we hope you enjoy it!

*What is Mexican Spanish?*

Mexican Spanish is a Spanish Dialect spoken in Mexico. Sure, Mexican Spanish is basically Spanish, but what makes it different from other Spanish dialects (including Spain Spanish) is its slang, accent, tiny pieces of grammar (We don't have 'Vosotros' conjugations), and some vocabulary.

We hope you enjoy your stay!
A friendly community to begin learning languages of all sorts, or even just a place to talk to other natives or fluent speakers. We've got over 14+ languages. Come join us, see you there!
The Japan Zone is a Japanese language learning server, where our goal is to reach a high-level in the language.
Unlike most servers, we take language learning seriously and expect the best from all of our members.

What We Have:
- A community of Japanese language learners
- An abundance of resources for learning Japanese
- Anime/Drama events that are hosted multiple times a week
- Custom bots for recommending anime, manga, visual novels, light novels, quizzing your Japanese, and more!
- Other experienced learners that can help you along the way

To enter the server, join it and pass the N5 quiz on our Kotoba discord bot.

Join today and happy learning!
Hello! Welcome to the International Café.

Here we serve multiple languages for you to learn! However, we prioritize English for basic things. For example, our announcements and bots.

If you ever don't feel like practicing a language, you also talk casually, play with bots, and meet new friends!

If you would like, you can also choose to teach languages! Just because the language you speak isn't on the list of current languages, that doesn't mean you can't add on!

English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Swedish, German, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Arabic, Tagalog, Esperanto, Norwegian, Danish, Greek, Latin, and Dutch.
We are an English learning server with a nautical twist!
Share resources, chat with fellow sailors, and just have fun learning or teaching English!

Stick around, we've got so much planned!
Hello! This is the French School where you will find learning in the French speaking language, you can be a beginner or a native, any level can join! We also are hiring teachers that can teach French to the students. We already have fluent and native speakers here as well!

Message from owner: I sadly can't teach French yet because I only know a little French myself. But please join! We will have classes and tutoring. (:
Join a diverse community of over 12.000 language lovers and make valuable friendships while growing your cultural knowledge!

With us you will find:
- Scheduled lessons from volunteers teaching their native language
- Cultural clubs where we exchange art, listen to music, play video games and watch movies together
- Debate clubs
- Multi-cultural special events

Thanks to The Language Sloth, learning a language becomes a fun worldwide community experience!
This is a server made for discussing or studying the Japanese language, media, and culture!

What members we want to look for:
- Active pedophiles and weebs who are interested in learning Japanese.
- Helpful people who can help teach or recommend things to get people started on their journey to learning Japanese

We look forward to seeing you all there!
The best server on Discord to learn a language, and meet native speakers from around the world! We have many active members to help you with your language learning!

We have languages such as Spanish, Bulgarian, Arabic, Hawaiian, Korean, and more!

We'd love to have you here!

(Created: May 16, 2020)
We are a solid language exchange community that comes from the old and unforgettable SharedTalk, SharedLingo, Livemocha and ultimately HelloLingo, four of the best websites dedicated to exchange languages with people from all around the world. We have gathered in one place after their closure, with nice, smart and enthusiastic learners, building an amazing environment and always happy to have new members, we are HelloLingers, welcome aboard!
An online discord server created with the purpose of helping people learn new languages for free. We have amazing teachers willing to spend time organizing proper language lessons and *you* can even become a teacher yourself!

➶ A completely family-friendly server, open for all ages.

➶ Over 19 languages for you to learn and teach + the admins are willing to add whichever language you would like.

➶ A well-constructed economy system with a shop, prizes and different ways to earn coins.

➶ Clubs, games, competitions, quizzes, and everything's optional!

Visit us here:
Pour les personnes ambitieuses et curieuses qui cherchent des moyens innovateurs pour s'entraider et s'améliorer dans tous les aspects de leur vie !

For ambitious and curious people who are looking for innovative ways to help and improve themselves in all aspects of their lives!
This is a fun server with a large community of more than 600 people, and we welcome new members! Our goal is to provide a more casual environment for Japanese learners and natives to discuss.

We welcome casual or serious, novices and advanced learners, as we wish for knowledge to be exchanged, and to connect different Japanese levels. We also welcome natives to help people practice their pronunciation and conversation!

We have fun bots, community activities, serious moderation, dozens of great roles, and discussion and chat channels for you to practice your 日本語! Enjoy your time here, and 頑張って!
-philosophy and literature group
-writers, readers, wordplay, banter
-authentic & original conversations
-4am convo
-music bot
-exchange forum for artists of all types
-nsfw channel
-velvet underground cult worship
Para el aprendizaje del español y el ruso. Изучение и испанского языка и русского языка
Respondemos y corregimos, de los errores no nos reímos—¡Si eres un ruso o un español, únete al servidor de Ruso-Español!
Hi! This is a fast growing server focused on Learning Korean. People of all levels are welcome! We also have many channels just for fun, such as kpop, kdramas, anime, etc. We'd love to have you here!
Come join a community of over 4,000 language learners! The Lingosphere is a fast-growing, comfy, entertaining server where you can discuss and learn languages with other language learners and also native speakers. We have free language lessons for many languages, and we frequently host events where we can all come together and practice languages. We hope to see you online :)


WE SELL HOT SOUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our Bhasha is a place where South Asian diaspora can learn and help other with relearning their mother tongue. Here, you can get speaking practice with others as well as share resources and advice. We have weekly events and hope to strengthen our community!