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Welcome to Roleplay Family, we have lots of bots and friendly people. We have Koya Bot, Unbelievabot (Work bot), Pokecord. we have a welcome message, leave message and a ban message, and we have color roles. Join us.
Hello the Good People of Discord!
I am here to represent The Writer's Guild! It is a server dedicated to writer's who want to meet and talk to other writer's, improve their writing, get practical and constructive feedback on their work and do the same for other people. We also have spots open in the administrative staff. The Writer's Guild shall be eagerly waiting for all new members.
You have an OC (or more!) you want to share? Well this server is for you! Enjoy memes, ref charts, OC description and interact with others just as passionate as you are!
"For decades the humans have lived in prosperity on earth with their cars and their phones and their technology. However, for those years, underneath earth has been not so smooth, the tormented souls in the underworld had whined and groaned and griped about not having these luxuries anymore, so the ruler of the underworld decided to give these whining souls what they wanted so badly, but they were to build it themselves and after years of toil and struggle to make their city they had and now, with the help of a council, the ruler at the head, the city is off to a new start, and only time will tell how well it will go and what new developments await."
There’s a universe, where everything you ever dreamed of, could exist. It’s a universe full of super-human abilities, magic, and mystical creatures. It’s full of nobodies, heroes, villians, royals, vagabonds, vigilanties, sentient clothing, dragons, weirdos, you name it! In some places, aging has been halted and corporations run rampant while royal proceedings go on within floating islands above—and in other places, there are forests of pseudo-sentient trees guarding secret hideouts. It’s a universe full of different planets and tons of different stories. That universe, is Alyumia (also called Aberrations Universe).

Alyumia is a story universe that’s going to be expanded through multiple platforms and ideas. Currently, we’re planning on a web-epic and short stories, as well as an upcoming podcast.

We have art made by multiple artists, and even some music tracks made by Nick Nitro.

It’s an expansive project, and we’re looking to grow our fandom.

Our Website (InDev):

World Anvil:

Trello Link:

Discord Link:
Hey! You have somehow found this server!

We have:
~Story Writing
~Different Categories
~Lots Of Contests
~A server Mascot! ^ picked through a contest
~SFW (Only Chats under NSFW Are chats that can Be violent, Or Beyond The amount of swears wanted)
~Active Staff
This server is made for both developing authors and artists and is structured similar to the game series Submachine.
It's still growing and it would be appreciated if people would help it grow.
You can post ideas for stories you're writing as well as art relating to those stories as well.
There's a channel dedicated to both positive and negative news, there's bots to use, there's also channels for stories I'm currently writing and the lore behind them however I'd be happy to allow members of the server to post their lore for their stories as well as long as they request to do so.
We are a community revolved around a circle of people creating and playing games and stories! We also just gather together and do events (gaming events on many different multiplayer games, music events such as blindtests and music sharing on a theme, movie nights...).

We are about to release an experimental Discord adventure involving many skills (gaming, drawing, solving enigmas...), and we are looking for adventurers. Please be sure to join to be there at the start of this adventure!
This is a small community that shares one love: The love for futanari combined with ballbusting. If you like reading stories about those two particular fetishes mixed up, this will be heaven for you!
This is a server made for my Wattpad Account Redding234. You can come read my stories here. This Server has a link to my Trello page where you can read up on the updates of my server, you can advertise your Wattpad account and books. You can become a Follower of my Trello by sending in a invitation offer through the channel.
Do you like to write stories and share with a community of like-minded people?
Do you want feedback on your latest piece?

Here at the Authors' Haven we have a custom bot to provide zany writing prompts, a friendly community that love to read each others' work, and some awesome stories.
Let your creativity flow with a community of writers dedicated to supporting each other and foster a sense community!
Come here to read stories written by me, JellyAce, and with permission post your own
Storytime! Join us and listen to our Stories, Roleplay, chill and hangout. I (LegitJustAPerson) am open for suggestions and search staff for our server as well! If you want to tell stories tell them, we are open for everything!
This is a very friendly server, where you can read a developing story while talking to other fellow readers about whatever you want! You can even help develop the story as it goes along, and suggest things for the characters and storyline! All you need to do is simply join!
[Currently in development, but we’re hoping for new members!]
I orginally created this server to try and bring back my will to roleplay. I tried several sites for roleplaying (, kik, Emerald). Sadly majoirty of them lack moderation and are filled with Erotic Roleplays, which for a person who is enganged is not good. If it wasnt Erotic roleplays it was just one liners and no detail what so ever

I also made this server to bring roleplayers together new and old. I wanted a place where new roleplayers could come and see what roleplay really is and not just the erotic stuff you see everywhere. I'm hoping this will be place where you can chill and roleplay and where you can learn and improve on your roleplaying skils.

I hope youjoin the server and enjoy your time in it.
Go help us write some stories, or relax have a chat, play pokecord. Have fun...
Ummm, Is this thing on?

Hello word, I guess.
What you see here is another furry server.
I know what your thinking, should I join? Well I might be biased when I say this, but yes you should join. We'll be glad to have you.
On this server we have:
Your typical chats, Gaming chats, Story telling, Roleplay, Music and yes NSFW content.
Don't be detured by the NSFW, the server can be entirely SFW if you so please.
So come down and check us out. Just click the button below, and alow yourself to be whisked away to Fur.
Looking for creators who share your same interests? Join CU, and show others what you’ve got! From art to fan fiction, we will always be accepting.
This is a place where all people, of all walks of life, can meet and greet. Weather you love to sit and chit-chat or join in the role-play fun. You can also post your own stories here and get some feed-back!
This is the server for Lina Flame, Wattpad writer.
Discord Stories is the first Discord server where you can write and read custom stories written by members.
Welcome to Slender's Mansion, a small, growing community of creepypasta lovers! We host games, events, polls, and so much more! Just want a place to chill where you can get along with people with the same interests? Then this is the place for you, hopefully I see you there!