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Heyo Guys welcome to this cafè

UwU we welcome you with warm hearts full of Happiness and excitement and everything!!! We even share our food and games and all that fun stuff even places to role play and chat and places for photos and fun and all kinds of wonders in this arcade!!!!
The world is at war, again, in this modern age.

There are humans that arm their guns and aim to kill what they classify as a threat. They prey to their God to strengthen them in the fight to purge demons that walk what they believe to be their earth, and their earth alone.

Then you have the monsters. Those who are wrongly accused. They are killed because they cannot be explained, because they are seen as a threat.

In Ravenspeak, humans do not reside. A place for monsters to feel at peace. Yet, little do they know of what's coming for them. The humans have advanced their technology enough to rival the monsters, and wish to rid of them.

Join the fight in this world of chaos.

Will you side with the monsters?

Or with the humans?

Choose your side.

We have:
- An Open World 🌏
- Fun Bots 👌
- Friendly People😁
- A non-canon fighting arena👑
And much more!

a sonic roleplay server mainly based on the classic games! (When choosing a canon character, make it a classic version of that character)

So we allow OC's (just don't godmode) but when you make it, try to make it in the classic style! (No need to put classic in the name of your character, or in the upper box, just needs to look, and feel classic)

We offer:

LOADS of channels to RP in (still working on that)

Fun... I hope

Chill staff (and if I see a dude thinking he has all the power, ill kick him)

A roleplay where you don't need to be literate, you can just make sure you get the point across, then its all fine

An Interesting story that picks up after sonic mania plus.
Welcome To Adventures, This Server Is For People To Communicate And More, Your Journey Begins Here, Join Now!
New RP server for you to join up and have fun.
You were a normal human on earth when you...(died or however you got to the new world) where you can be a new monster dungeon master and become the strongest dungeon in the world and become a powerful monster so no one can destroy your dungeon or a adventurer where you hunt down others dungeon and climb the ranks.

Custom character and dungeon creation.
Story based server so you learn more about the world as you RP more.
Fight others including non character things on your own.
Unique custom map of the world
Hope to see you soon in the server
Hi there, do you know the amazing game spore? if no, this game is amazing, it makes you make your own monster and you play with it for 5 different stages... you can evolve it and then build villages and cities! and even go to space, the first 3 people that joins this server will get free staff
Entre no nosso servidor para criar uma história com outros players!

Link do servidor:
We are making an upcoming Roblox game. This server will be called Island Adventures 🏝️ and hopefully it will be a fun simulator to play. We have Economy bot in our server, we also have a counting channel and we rarely do robux giveaways.
We offer the things below
-We do giveaways (nitro, islands stuff, etc.)
-we have staff and helpers (ask them if u need to know something)
-we have games such as (idle miner, dank memer)
there will be more games soon
-trade with other players!
-chat with anyone!
-if you need help in math we have a channel just 4 u ;)
Enjoy The Server!
Here at DIALGAS DRAGON KINGDOM we allow lots of pokecord,pokemon lovers to fight in the arena,catch mons, participate in giveaways, get proper information about the recent or future updates relayed to it
WE STRICTLY RECOMMEND TO FOLLOW RULES AND REGULATIONS in order to stay and for the development of our server
Welcome to the world of Pokemon, where you travel and try and catch and train your Pokemon for battles, defeat evil doer's and so much more, we are also a community of just friendly people so come and join us ^_^
We're a friendly group that likes to joke around, make friends and rp. We do not tolerate bullies or people that enjoys hurt, annoy, bother others, we do welcome people that is seeking for friends to rp with or just hang about. We have a rp chat that is a lore friendly rp for skyrim yet not too strict, and will add soon other RP chats if asked. We have nsfw chat and many other chats for all tastes. We're also gamers of PS4, so free to talk about whatever games you like or ask tips for them in the general chat.
Everyone's welcome as long nobody breaks the rules which are simple for a quiet living. If you join please, be active, inactives will be chased after a few days not talking. If you join, enjoy your stay!

"It simply isn't an adventure worth telling if there aren't any dragons."
~J.R.R. Tolkien
3 Pokémon bots together in one server!
🏡Original Towns
⚔️Original Gyms
🏅Original Badges
🎊Giveaways & Events
🎮RPG-Like Progression
👾Monstacord (Boosted Server)
💠Pokémon Adventures💠is a server based off of the original
video game franchise. Here you can catch wild Pokémon
throughout our carefully placed channels. We encourage dueling
and using all of the Pokémon bots that we have in our server. Duel
real players to win badges and complete your journey, or
become a gym leader yourself in💠Pokémon Adventures💠!
***(Rules and restrictions apply)***
Hello fellow adventures! Welcome to Ready? Set? Roll!! This is a server where you and your friends and come and hangout chill and play some good old fashion D&D with no problems! We are very understaffed and need many players! So grab a group of friends and join!
Adventures - Your one-stop shop for a healthy dose of stupid juice. We have people proficient in a plethora of games, from Destiny 2 and Overwatch to Escape from Tarkov and War Thunder. A tight-knit community with shenanigans known far and wide, come join today and realize your true inner calling.
- Like, a lot of bots.
- Dope staff
- Very active community
- Few rules to follow, and the one that is there is easy

It never hurts to try.
Our Community is multi-national. Purpose of our server is to bring people together, start new friendships and exciting adventures!!!
Talk about daily life and much more!!! Looking forward to meet new Members!
This is a roleplay server that uses Idlerpg. Idlerpg is a bot that makes it seem like a real rpg game but on discord. It is really fun to play with. You can join guild and do adventures with your friends. Get gear and fight enemies. You can earn money from doing adventures. There are some complicating things about the bot, but rn you should just focus on leveling up than worrying about the advanced things. You can also get married with Idlerpg. If you love someone a lot and the joy of going on adventures with them turned into love them you should go for it because who knows they could feel the same way for you. Join my server and have lots of fun with Idlerpg and meet new people. Help support and make it grow. Good Luck with your adventures!
Hi this is a new server my friend and I decided to try out it’s still in its beta stage but hopefully with everyone’s help it will grow
Created july 19, 2018
We have plenty of roles from being a human to frieza’s race or even a saiyan.
Nice selection of locations to roleplay at
We are looking for admins and mods as well

Soo it’s 200 years in the future and a evil billionaire has wished for villains across dimensions to come do his bidding, well it didn’t turn out to well and having no one to stop them they made a wish to have goku come back to life to help fight

So come help goku fight or be a villian and fight against him