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The world is at war. There are the humans that arm their guns and pray to the lord to strengthen them through their lives. Then there are the monsters. The wrongly seen, the ones killed for glory. In ravenspeak we are not the humans. Join the town, feel at home, because of this growing world of chaos... This might be the only place where monsters can love, be who they truly are, never get an arrow in the back.

At least that's what you would think. You now haft to choose a side.

You are either with the govern. Lead by the leader. Protected by the guardians and fight to keep peace in the town of ravenspeak.

Or your part of the underground. The monsters that want nothing more than the destruction of order so they can kill without end. The way they see it? They take the town. Then take the war to the humans and show them their worse nightmares.

You join. You choose. You fight for peace. Or you fight for raging hell.
18 hours ago
Forced to coincide with the "present" time back in the past, Averna Stone and Matthew Cauldron as well as every other victim of the time travel, the "Time Stone" has set the age back to the fabled stories of Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelot and The Knights Of The Round Table. Tension in past-day Europe is felt between kingdoms, and war is looming overhead. With 2 absolute sides available - which side shall you join the cause for?
Order, or Chaos?
3 days ago
Hi this is a new server my friend and I decided to try out it’s still in its beta stage but hopefully with everyone’s help it will grow
Created july 19, 2018
We have plenty of roles from being a human to frieza’s race or even a saiyan.
Nice selection of locations to roleplay at
We are looking for admins and mods as well

Soo it’s 200 years in the future and a evil billionaire has wished for villains across dimensions to come do his bidding, well it didn’t turn out to well and having no one to stop them they made a wish to have goku come back to life to help fight

So come help goku fight or be a villian and fight against him
25 days ago