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Mistveil is an adult-oriented Roleplaying server currently set in Medieval High-Fantasy, with a relatively open concept. Though the main portion of the server is restricted on its adult content, there is a separate section for adult content, being lewd roleplaying, pictures, and IRL content as well!
1 hours ago
well its about a medieval world with a long story that you will be able to participate in, and everything you do effects the world around you, like for example if you blew a building up then everyone would now know that building as a ruin, and the owners and admins are willing to gm with you making the playing experience more interactive and fun, and any character can exist - with any tech level.
1 hours ago
18+ Dungeons n Dragons inspired Homebrew Roleplaying server, with levels, archetypes, and a expanding world to explore!
1 hours ago
A rp server based in the apocalypse a few hundred years after bombs dropped upon the human race. Are you a failed science experiment or an AI robot that seems more human then...humans... From zombie like people or others with...ears and tails?
Hello and welcome to the Phoenix! One of the only safe heavens left underground. There's a lot of new species walking around considering radiation caused quite a bit of change. Things aren't the best but they could be a lot worst. Eh, what would I know? I'm just the guy that runs the place. Come on in anyhow! Survive! Thrive! Meet some weird folk!
And please don't kill each other...
Can't wait to welcome you into our dysfunctional growing family!

(A small yet growing server. We hope to see you there!)
3 hours ago
[Under construction: We need member who want guide other in rps and staff members!]
A hotel for all the wandering travelers of multiverse, looking for a nice place to stay! Make your reservation, order a drink while we assign a room for you! Feel free to talk with our guests. Have fun, visit our gardens, swim in our pools and, maybe, flirt with us and get a nice and "spicy" hookup! No need to be shy! We're here to be a friendly, supportive, and encouraging community.
3 hours ago
Awesome chat server with several topics and channels!
3 hours ago
Started off as a small Role-play clan 14 years ago. We now have our own discord server and are looking to continue to grow as a group.
We focus on community an Role-playing.
We RP in a Forum Post by Post Style. Our posts are slower, literate to Para style.
Each RP Channel is its own RP world
+ Cannon RP Multiverse Section.
We also have lots of chat channels, group gaming, events, and movie night!
5 hours ago
Bloodmoon is a monster school rp server with excelent staff fun bots and a non-toxic community anyone is welcome (as long as you arent a raider ofcorse) feel free do dm me any questions @Kameko #1537 for more info have a lovely day!
5 hours ago
This is a roleplaying server where you can combine your own universe with ours!
5 hours ago
Welcome to this quaint roleplay server! We're a friendly furry community, roleplay channels(More to be put in the future) and optional nsfw channels, so come in and join!
7 hours ago
A 5th edition D&D server where many players can join at once, for a better explanation just join!
8 hours ago
Welcome to 🌹New Rose🌹

Here at this community, We offer a variety of things you can do and have fun with.
You can make meet people and make new friends!

Want to know what we're promising you?
🌹 Awesome Members!
🌹 Helpful Staff!
🌹 Lots of Channels and Roles!
🌹 Many Voice Channels!
🌹 NSFW Channels!
🌹 Anime Channels!
🌹 Roleplaying Channels!
🌹 Social Media Channels!
🌹 Memes, and Shipping!
🌹 Music Bots to jam out to!
🌹 Simple Rules to Follow!
🌹 Anime Channels!
AND So much more!
11 hours ago
Ninshu RP is an active and high-quality story-driven RP community based on Discord which is looking for more Roleplayers to grow our ranks!

We've got it all!
-Great Rewards for effort, good roleplay, and making yourself an asset to the community!
-Character Progression!
-Active Admins who can provide individualized help to make your RP more enjoyable!
-Events and Story Arcs!
-A tight nit community, an environment that you can carve out your own place and feel at home!

Joining us allows you numerous opportunities to explore character growth and experience actual progress through the ranks of the Shinobi system. Start out as a Genin and learn what it means to be a Shinobi. Start out as a Jonin and lead your very own Team. The possibilities are endless as long as you're willing and able to work with the community. You WILL get as much as you put into this RP. Believe it! (You've got to have a good grasp of the English Langauge and have decent writing skills.)
14 hours ago
We're a small roleplaying community built around "The Rift", which you can read more about here if you're interested.

If you enjoy writing, and creating characters this is the place for you! We're always looking for new people to join our community and share in the adventure.
15 hours ago

Do you like Steven Universe, roleplaying and a drama free environment? What about a place to chill, talk and have fun? Well friend, even if you said no to these things, you should join our server. We have:
Memes 😃
Cool Staff 😎
Custom Roles 😀
Room for new members😊
Steven Universe!😄
What are you waiting for?
15 hours ago
Welcome to the Fate/Climax RP! A fun roleplay centered around the Fate series that includes:
♔ A friendly and dedicated administrative team that will guide and support new members
♔ An organized system of channels
♔ A developing plot with the encouragement of player characters
♔ A passionate want in membership
♔ Player-centered Events
♔ And a welcoming community!
Now all that's left is you!
15 hours ago
We are a Harry Potter based roleplay community. It takes place 20 years after the second Wizarding War. You can create an OC or Choose from a list of Canon Characters as long as they aren't claimed.
17 hours ago
Welcome to Fallout New America RP, we are a group of dedicated roleplayers who are wondering the Wastelands and are working together to rebuild America or working alone for our own survival. You choose, your choices affect the world. Create your character, select your faction to help the reign victorious throughout America.
17 hours ago
We are a Disney's Descendants roleplay community. We allow you to have OC's or play as a Canon character. Everyone is welcome, and we hope to see you in there.
17 hours ago
Lakewood is set in Lakewood, California, in the United States of America. It used to be a place of love, where monsters ran freely, hiding from public eye. Then, in 1965, the area was urbanized, and monsters, magics, unmundanes, humans, and the like, all lived in harmony. That was, until the incident. A little girl was found dead, her bloodied body laying in an alleyway, a monster right next to her, blood all over himself. Ever since then, unmundanes, the collective term for any and all beings magical, have been forced into hiding, and have been the target of much xenophobia from Lakewood's citizens. Somewhere on friday December 31st of the year 1999 the timeline split. This is one of the timelines.
19 hours ago
Come over to the server for chilling,debating topics ,talking about games and possibly more hope to see you there
21 hours ago
The Freyas Expansive Roleplay Server is a server-wide roleplay taking place in a setting of my creation, Freyas! Take part in this adventure through the beautiful island country as you go on quests or earn a living with the help of your magic. If you liked Fairy Tail, you'll LOVE this!
23 hours ago
New Public anime Discord server for those who want to simply have a chat and make some friends. Looking for members to help get activity up! Staff is indeed needed! I wanna make this happen!

We offer the following
- Currency
- Leveling
-Self Rank-able Ranks/Roles
-Fun bot commands

someone help me make something happen i got 10 damn bots in here and only me
1 days ago
Express Yourself is a server meant to support those who are going through tough times or to just make some new friends. We have a fairly decent community of helpful and loving people. If you're looking for friends or just some support in a tough time in your life, then this is the server for you!
1 days ago