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A server in which you can recruit for your servers. Our primary focus is roleplay, but you can recruit for any other servers also.
1 hours ago
A new Roleplay Server for an open, green, world with themes of Fantasy and Medieval times. Roleplayers of all skill levels welcome, in addition, we offer teaching services to help improve roleplaying skill and roleplay response length
The story so far:

The Plains of Essen is the name given to the untamed region between a dense forest and a stark mountain. Pioneers travelled here long ago to settle here, the green pastures proving perfect to grow farmland, the river, the forest, rich in natural resources.

It got a higher beings attention, which sought to flood the zone in the arcane, creating gifts of magic to its citizens. The sudden increase in magical activity also attracted other beings to the plains, a clash of destiny between many.
1 hours ago
Economy | Royal | Military | Clergy | Combat
A safe Medieval Roleplaying environment for everyone. Europe in the middle ages, realistic but alternate history!
9 hours ago
Community 21
Started off as a small Role-play clan 13 years ago. We now have our own discord server and are looking to continue to grow as a group.
We offer two different role-play sections.
Sanctuary Verse is an Original Concept world, where if you can dream it, you can do it
Stand Alone Role-plays puts all the powers in the role-play creators hands.
There is a little something for everyone.
We also have tons of chat channels, and we do group gaming.
From table top simulator, to starbound.
So come check us out!
9 hours ago
Orynko-Ryoko is a furry/non-furry based server that is dedicated to making everyone know that they are needed here!

We provide with over 63+ subroles, with over 20+ RP channels (in 2 different categories), a form to post your OCs, advertise your channels (but need permission to), and many many other channels to come!

We're a server that is promised to be kept from any kind of drama, trolling, raiding, impersonators, etc! We're also a very fond server, so expect to have a very great welcome from many of our members! <3

And finally, support anyone, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, and race! Rather, by the actions they commit. We will make sure that no one will ever scold, judge, or insult you by who you want to be, because we want everyone to be open on who they really want to be.

This server is almost a week old with over 20+ members, and we are very glad if you'd join, cause we need the help to make it grow! ^^
12 hours ago
RPG Games 69
a newly opened ancient fantasy role-play. We have many races, magic, and skills to pick from, plus awesome places to role-play in. We are unique from most discord role-plays with a wide range of new and advanced role-players. Please make sure to read the rules and most importantly, have fun!
16 hours ago
Welcome to The Hidden Garden! You are a citizen of the beautiful kingdom that shares the same name. Build your story, make friends, create unique items, and much, much more in this shiny new server!
19 hours ago
We are a Harry Potter based roleplay community. It takes place 20 years after the second Wizarding World. Hope we see you inside the community.
21 hours ago
Welcome to "Galaxy's Strife!"
Star Wars Roleplaying Server
Set in the pre-Galactic Civil War era, the year is currently 13BBY. Through __longform__ roleplay, your characters (OC and Canon alike) develop the story and with enough action occuring in the galaxy, the year progresses which allows new threats and opportunities. With detailed characters, you can be involved in story arcs that you will read back more than once. An active mod team and membership, you can receive advice and critique to improve your roleplay and writing skills.

Come along to: join in the fight for the galaxy, discuss Star Wars theories and share memes that Palpatine himself would find amusing.

( Add DarthTelven#1446 if the invite link is not working.)
22 hours ago
Anime and Manga 16
Iris Dream World is a roleplaying server for everyone to be in. No bs grinding your way to the top of a role. No invite grinding (spamming people to join a server then get rewarded) Just a simple system with color roles and simple staff.
1 days ago
Welcome! This is a small roleplay server I’m looking for to make it grow! This server is a one piece roleplay taking place after the great pirate age, come on down, and have fun!
2 days ago
Anime and Manga 10
This is small roleplaying JoJo's bizzare adventure themed server. Be sure to check out rules. Everyone is welcome even if you dont knoe what JoJo is.
3 days ago
Verdun [RP] Is a roleplaying server based on the battle of Verdun!
8 days ago
Ever wanted o play your oc in a new land? Well Cats of The North is here just for that! Join us today and have fun with others intrested in Warrior cats, just like you!
8 days ago
Community 50
Alfheim is friendly server, we accept people each and everyone of you, no matter how different your personalities and interests are. We try to keep our server a friendly community in which anyone can interact. We are mainly focusing on roleplay.
9 days ago
RPG Games 3
Intrepid is an 18+ medieval fantasy mostly freeform role-playing game inspired by Tolkien, Game of Thrones, D&D, and more traditional fantasy settings. Its focus is tavern RP, palace intrigue RP, war and civil war RP, dungeon exploration RP, quest RP, and is focused on inspired, adult, dedicated writing and world building. No barrier to entry. Just jump into #tavern and make yourself known! Come gain friendship and fun in the fmailiar space of high fantasy!
11 days ago
Come and enjoy our sweet tea, and relax in our cute little cafe! We roleplay but also can just relax and chat amongst each other!
14 days ago
A down to earth small sever for Roleplaying. Theres no specific setting except for being in a town.
16 days ago
Tabletop Games 50
We’ve created a discord server for Call of Cthulhu called Necronomicon. We want to help unite the community who play this game not only to meet new, and awesome people but in addition to that help new players, and experienced find groups to play with.

We want to help keep the game alive by making it easier for new players to find a group if they have difficulty in real life through the use of software & our custom made bot. By creating an expansive community we hope to use our custom bot to allow everyone to find a group to play with.

As such you’ll receive live support instead of having to wait potentially hours or days for a response on the forums. We also plan to help events.

By helping to spread this idea we’ll be able to develop a dedicated, mature and friendly community to entice even more people to play or even host their own sessions.

Even if you only play the game at a table with your friends in real life you’ll still be a great asset to the community as well as the ability to meet like-minded people from across the globe you could even share a scenario you created with an easily accessible community.

Our bot development team is creating a LFG tool to allow you to create games and then have new players join them, it’s currently still in development, at this current point in time you can create your own game and have others join it. You’ll then receive a private channel in order to play with your newly found group. As such, this is great for new players and through our combined efforts even more sessions will be running on the discord.
Here’s a brief list of the current features which are accessible:

• A new users section with recommended platforms for online play if you’re only just thinking about hosting a game online (there are many benefits)
• We also have a recommended youtuber & twitch section for content creators that are worthy of your time if you’re looking for reviews on scenarios or just tips. Seth Skorkowsky is currently doing a series on the game system as a brief overview on the rules which I’d highly recommend if you’re thinking about picking up a copy of the rules.
• We will hold monthly competitions to help further the community such as a best Cthulhu related drawing, scenario creation, and more. A prize pool will be accessible for the winners.
• Voice channels to allow you to talk to other users
• A Keeper hub section for verified Keepers allowing you to discuss scenarios, leave reviews on whether you like them or not so Keepers can easily find out whether a scenario is worth purchasing, as well as help and a section to overcome a players disruption to your scenario/campaign.

More features will be added as the community grows. We will welcome any ideas from our community.

We hope to see you in our server shortly, help become apart of a hopefully ever growing community so we can help attract new players to the game. Please invite your friends whom you play with so we can help build a base following which can then be built on through the attraction of new players!

TLDR: We want to help further the community through the use of a group-finding bot making the game accessible to new players as well as those looking for a group to play with. We hope to make the game easier for new keepers, as well as experienced, to get help and find scenarios they may want to run with their group, or find one of their own on the server.

To conclude; by joining now you’ll be able to access everything Cthulhu related at the click of a button, the first 100 people to join will receive a special role to thank you for being the first members of an everlasting community. You’ll watch alongside us as this library of information continues to expand just like the universe.

Hope to see you soon – Salt

Join the cult today
31 days ago
Tabletop Games 4
A 5th edition D&D server where many players can join at once, for a better explanation just join!
33 days ago