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Hey there! Cyberfur City is a new server trying to become your new home. We have members from the US and EU, but we are a primarily English speaking server. The server features a unique set up that separates groups by what they're looking for and never having to interact with other groups. We have a gaming section, a furry section, a teen section, and a fantasy/ttrpg section for both casual roleplayers and dungeons and dragons. Teens are separated from NSFW content safely with our design, so we welcome all age groups! Come, join our community. *Nitro users get access to special in server features and we have bots for games, level ups, experience, roles to purchase with currency earned on the server, and more to come!

*Features still being worked on, but are mostly implemented already.
***If you don't intend to stay then please don't even join in the first place! It's seriously getting on my nerves!!**

I am looking for females that are willing to let me instruct them on how to pose for nude photographs of themselves and send them to me. If you're male or not willing to do so then you'll be asked to leave. There is no merit in staying here without verifying as you will not be able to see any of the channels. You will have 2 hours upon joining to verify.
𝚆𝚎𝚕𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚎, 𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚛, 𝚝𝚘 𝚂𝚎𝚌𝚞𝚛𝚎, 𝙲𝚘𝚗𝚝𝚊𝚒𝚗, 𝙿𝚛𝚘𝚝𝚎𝚌𝚝: 𝙲𝚕𝚊𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚏𝚒𝚎𝚍 𝙵𝚒𝚕𝚎𝚜!

This is a discord rp server based around the most infamous foundation of them all: the SCP foundation. We are a plot based, semi-literate to literate server searching for open-minded roleplayers that want to explore this mysterious world!

ᵂᵉ ᵒᶠᶠᵉʳ:

--A well thought-out lore!

--Friendly, reachable staff!

--Some bots to have a lot of fun! Do you want more? You can request them!

--Focus on less-important GOIs, and many canon characters and scps open!

ᴼᵘʳ ᵍᵒᵃˡˢ:

--To have a large, friendly community

--Have a great plot and ideas, with the help of our community

--and most importantly, to have fun!

So, what are you waiting for? You want to explore this world?

𝒞𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝒿𝑜𝒾𝓃 𝓊𝓈!
Welcome to Underworld High! This school is only for the most evil of monsters! We accept all of the ugliest creatures in the world and hope to make them into fine young monsters! Here you can be any race that is approved by the owner and we're starting back up so come and join us! We offer many channels. A nice lore and great plot. We have amazing staff and would love for all of you to join us in our RP!
The start of a community alike no other.
While predominantly a furry server, people of all types are welcomed and encouraged to be themselves.
Join this rag-tag crew, and prepare to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.
(The server is still a work in progress, don't mind the dust)
Danganronpa hell is just a shitpost danganronpa server with some cool people and bots
We have:
• character roles from all of the games
• a roleplaying channel
• honestly? We just vibing tho
This server to find your sub/dom partner! It is a NSFW DATING SERVER <3 Join if you care ..
Currently Open
Roses are TAKEN
Update: There is a secondary group made called Chess Pieces for people to play as well!
2 Chess Piece slots left

A slice of life Roleplaying server of a group of childhood friends. Being a closest group of friends when they were young children of elementary. A fun time to escape their lives that may have plagued them. Until their bonds of friends of friendship start to crumble once Middle School started before shattering by the time High School comes around. Perhaps their living situations crumbled? Perhaps unrequited love and unreturned confessions? Perhaps a argument or misunderstandings? What happens after they are full grown adults someone tries to revive their friendship?
🌹 Enjoy collaborating backstories between players to create interesting characters
🌹 Helpful staff to help answer questions, concerns or listen to suggestions
🌹 Create your own locations and help build the world
🌹 Semi-literature for more in-depth story telling
🌹 Small knitted group, spots are limited
Abandon All Hope, All yee who Enter Here.
Before you stands an iron gate, as black as night, an overwhelming sense of dread overcomes you as your forced through the gates. Welcome to the lake of fire little one, be ye and adulterer, murderer, glutton, or any manner of sinner this is where you belong. God has abandoned you for your foolish deeds in your short mortal life, dooming you to eternal punishment amongst your hellish kin. Welcome to the first day of your new eternity. Be you a demon or a mortal foolish enough to give into temptation, we bid you welcome into the kingdom of eternal torment. We don't know what you did and we simply don't care. How will your spend your time? Making friends and allies or perhaps enemies? Will you climb the ladder of Hell and reign as one of the nine kings and rule with a grip like steel, or will you remain in the mere shadow of what is to come? Only you can decide in the Inferno...

Welcome to the Inferno, my brainchild and a roleplaying server loosely based on the first book of the Divin Comedy: The Inferno. One of our biggest perks is that our characters have limitless possibilities for design, as we don’t have a hard magic, or pesky race systems. So, why not give us a try?

We’re currently looking for staff and those interested in playing high ranked demons.

What we offer

-A Friendly, open-minded, and warm community.

-Talented roleplayers.

-Limitless character design options.

-A plethora of roleplay and out of character chats.

-Weekly or Bi-weekly events.

-Character Progression.

Hello there!!

First of all:
We’re an 18+ server but explicit NSFW isn’t allowed in our RP sections, we do have a NSFW chat however. NOTE: If you aren't 18+ DON'T join!

We are LGBTQA+ friendly, any hate or discrimination towards this group will not be accepted. The same goes for racism, sexism etc.

And finally:
We are a server where you can talk about your OC’s with others, as well as share art and roleplay! Our RP section is for original chars only--no fan chars! We do have a channel to talk about them though! We also have an RP advertising section that’ll hopefully allow you to find a partner for one on one RPing!

We hope you'll have a good time with us!!

🌃 Massive, moderated 7-District dystopian RPG

🔻 Current genres in Dominion City:
-Dystopia (obviously)
-Dirty Cyberpunk
-Clean futuristic
-Green Utopia
-Clean/Hi-tech Cyberpunk
-Military State
-Sci-fi Horror
-Virtual Reality net with fantasy, space, and more

🌇 Create a character and jump in!

// IG: @_dominionuniverse_
Are you interested in creating a superhero universe? Or at least contributing your ideas and characters to one? Look no further than the newly developed Aethyr Comics! Here we offer a community collaborative worldbuilding effort of a fan-made superhero universe! Bring your characters, ideas, and stories to share! Discuss lore for your stories, roleplays, and more! Your imagination is the limit here, just make to sure to be mindful and respectful to others.

And yes, we also Roleplaying channels available to our members who’d like to active play out/write their stories! Or simply have some fun.
A fantasy land full of mythical creatures and beautiful landscapes, where you can roam around as a wolf, normal or not. Create your species of wolf, or use another. You can also tame familiars and make them stand by your side. The roleplay is about a pack, called the Crimson pack, you choose if you want to be a part of the pack or be a loner, everything is entirely up to you.
We are a friendly and very small D&D server! This server is less confusing and very simple, so if you want a small community of D&D players, join our server! There are multiple D&D campaigns. All you have to do to start one is to get players and a Dungeon Master. If you don't want to play Dungeons and Dragons, you can chat and just roleplay in our general roleplay. We also have bots to enhance gameplay. We are also looking for more staff members if you're interested in that. We are trying to get more players so please invite other people!
Hey you! Yeah you! Do you like text-based RPGs? Dungeons and Dragons? An expansive universe? Well look no further!

Here in Linked Chasms, we offer a simpler version of DnD to offer DM's to be able to get more creative with any of there creatures, classes, and more! Theres and expansive universe(s) and you might even get the chance to visit another universe! Its a wild ride around here, and we hope you come on down and enjoy it with us!
Its 2525, the beginning of the Human-Covenant War has begun! However, the planet of Aurora has been laid under siege by the Insurrection, its garrison has requested reinforcements from the neighboring star system, regional UNSC High Command has authorized the deployment of the 6th Mechanized Battalion, a UNSC Army Mechanized Unit, the battalion has its orders, reinforce the garrison, and destroy all rebel forces!
Axilettia is a roleplay server that uses a point based system. Characters are put into the world, like an isekai. We have a very welcoming community that is willing to help out newbies. We have multiple sub plots going on right now, and you can make your own subplots. We use a stats based system, so the longer you stay along, the better your character gets!
My name is Jazmin and I'd love to welcome you to Aurora! Aurora is a friendly Discord community that is filled with nice, wonderful people who would love to meet you! Swing by, say hello, and give me and my friends a chance.

What Aurora provides:
•A staff team that is extremely open to new suggestions
•A friendly and active community
•Bots like Tatsumaki, Yggdrasil, and Rhythm
•Future D&D events

We can't wait to meet you!
💙Awesome roles
💙Role-play channels
💙Miraculous talking
💙Make new friends
💙Events (special roles)
A Warhammer 40k RP! (Yes, REALLY!)
-『Easy application, friendly staff! 』
-『Almost any (and only) Imperial factions! 』
-『Lore light, focused on RP! 』
-『Staff run missions & events or free RP 』
-『Active member base! 』
-『Ńo҉ẁ ̧Wi͡t́h̀ 10%͏ ̶Les͢s ̡H͜ereśy!͠ 』
Our tale begins in 297 AC, and King Robert Baratheon still sits the throne of Westeros; though it is known to all that Jon Arryn truly runs all real business. And the seven kingdoms live in a reasonable peace, for now. We pick up before the events of Jon Arryn's death, before Eddard Stark made that fateful journey south. We explore the possibilities of alternative paths that could change Westeros' future from the course we all know. 


We are a group of passionate people who admire GRRM's work and love roleplaying. Here, we encourage divergences from the canon storyline -- exploring what characters would do in these alternative timelines.

We have a lot of literate roleplayers as well as helpful and inviting staff.
Dantoria is a home for three very unique species: Vampires, Elves and Werewolves. It became this way because of humans. Used to being an apex predator, humans were filled with fear and anxiety when they realized that beings much more powerful then them had been living among them for so long. Because of this they offered them their own ’world’.

Fearful themselves now that their existence is known to the wold, the supernaturals quickly took the deal offered to them by the humans. And soon they were forgotten once more. Of course stories were told of these weird ‘monsters’ that had popped up seemingly out of nowhere, and of the thick cluster of trees that no one dared to step into for fear of getting lost. But they were simply stories of the mind that children had come up with....right....?

What happens when a few humans stumble through the thick fortress of trees that protect the supernaturals. What happens when once again the supernaturals are discovered and the legends and myths become a reality?

(This rp’s plot is heavily driven by the role players! While their may be some pushes by an unknown god the story will be driven how the community sees fit. If the humans decide to coexist with the supernaturals then the so be it. If they decide to distrust them and go after the supernaturals then the plot will be centered around that. It is up for you to decide! Have fun!!!)

@The server is brand new so we are needing staff and other high ranks!
@there will most likely be problems with the server but we are fixing them!
@We have a friendly staff!
@LGBTQ friendly!!
@plz join I’m lonely.....
The people are nice, it feels calming to be part of a small community and i love talking with people there, after 2 of my favorite servers closed down this became my next main talking point.
Inspired by roleplaying, perfected for writers. We are a collaborative writing competition that focuses on fictional stories.

-Do you like collaborating with others?
-Do you want accountability to finish a project in a set amount of time?
-48 hours to work with your randomly assigned team!
-Be a part of a community surrounding the event!
-Hone your craft of writing AND your skills at remaining productive!