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Hello and welcome to Transformers! A relatively small and quiet group that's kind of new; but our mod team has been running and helping moderate groups for over a year. We're very roleplay-oriented with plenty of channels to do just that. There are also channels for casual community-type discussion if that's more your speed.

Please read our rules and verify yourself when you join the server. Make sure to send an introduction when you're finished reading and getting your verification role!

✧ Custom color roles and OC roles!
✧ Our roleplays don't take place in any specific continuity or timeline! You can decide and set that up for yourself; whatever you're comfortable with.
✧ We're LGBT+ and OC friendly! We also encourage OC x Canon and selfshipping.
✧ This server is 16+ only. No NSFW/adult content is permitted anywhere.
✧ Our server does NOT tolerate art theft!
We hope to see you in 💜
Looking Glass is a Shattered Glass version of TF: Rebirth and takes place in an AU version of TFP season 3, much like the other server. The evil Autobots and valiant Decepticons have continued their fight on the planet Earth, with the Autobot warship known as the Ark being located in Antarctica and the last hope of the Decepticons known as the Lost Light being located beneath the waters of Lake Ontario.

Shattered Glass OCs are welcome, as well as SG canon characters and humans.

Feel free to check it out if you're interested, and make sure to check out TF: Rebirth!
Cybertron has been reduced to mere ruins, the once-grand polities now nothing more than rubble on a rapidly deteriorating planet. The planet itself has begun to fall apart, now serving as nothing more than the last ground between the Autobots and Decepticons. As their world crumbles around them, each faction shares an innate fear of the war never-ending, knowing neither side would give in to the other.
Having expanded throughout most of the known universe, both sides have become locked in a stalemate. In an attempt to gain the upper hand the Decepticons send out a ship to explore beyond what they know. When the Autobots catch wind of this they tail them, engaging in battle once they lose connection with Cybertron’s comms.
Both ships went down, they crash on an unknown planet. Both sides discover how energon rich the planet is, and the added discovery of an ancient relic of Cybertronian origin cements their position on the planet. Both sides fight to control the planet, all while evading detection by the planet’s natives.

This server offers:
- An IDW based backstory
- The freedom to choose which alignment your character’s personality, design, and origin come from despite the IDW backstory
- An OC friendly community and the ability to let your OCs interact with canon characters
- Regular events and plots that will keep your threads rolling and interesting
- Encouraged creativity with characters and plot
- Provided locations that you can choose from without needed Staff to create a thread for you
- Lore
- And more :)
As the War for Cybertron rages on the Decepticons are growing impatient as the war has seemingly gone on for far too long. The Autobots are still fighting no matter the odds, no matter the cost and no matter how harsh it may be they continue to pester the Decepticons at every turn. The Decepticons are at their height of power with billions of Seekers patrolling Iacon, Kaon and the other reaches of Cybertron 24/7. The Autobots struggle to keep them and their bases hidden, very few places are safe for them...
As the war continues and the streets of Cybertron run rampant with the blood of Primus while Unicron watches with praise the question is, what will you do? Will you choose a side? Will you fight or will you hide and cower? The choices you make will make you who you are, shape your views and construct your very being, no matter what you do, what you say and choose no one is safe from the Siege...

This server is based on the newest Transformers short series on Netflix that takes a darker look at what the War for Cybertron could be. This server contains MASS spoilers and some added lore considering at this point in time there isn't a mass amount to go off of. We hope to see you there for RP and Discussions!
WFC: Redemption is a pre-established timeline and continuity that takes place during the new Netflix War For Cybertron adaptation, only with a different plotline and story of events. Join us and recruit for the battle!

We cannot guarantee that this server will be spoiler-free, so it's best to be all caught up if you decide to join us.

✧ Custom color role!
✧ We're LGBT+ and OC friendly!
✧ This server is 16+ only. No NSFW/adult content is permitted anywhere.
✧ Our server does NOT tolerate art theft!

Please read our rules and verify yourself when you join the server.
In an alternate season 3 of Transformers: Prime, Megatron has successfully cyberformed the planet Earth, effectively wiping out the entire human race along with every other organism. While the war may be over in the Decepticons' optics, the Autobots have managed to create a base of operations deep inside the frozen continent, Antarctica. They continue to fight on. Before finding Optimus Prime, their leader, the Autobots had managed to come up with a plan to successfully free the imprisoned members of Team Prime. Will the Autobots, now having a leader again after so long of him being missing, be able to defeat Megatron and truly put an end to this war? Although it feels like they've lost everything?
Welcome to **Transformers: Covenant!** The purpose of this server is to enable fans of transformers who enjoy roleplaying to use their original characters in a fan made extension of the IDW continuity. By joining this server, you'll not only be joining an in depth roleplay, but a community of like minded people with similar interests. We're so very happy to have you join us and look forward to meeting you formally!
This server is the connected server to Cybertron Vibe Central!
This servers purpose is for Roleplayers who wanted a more organized area to rp in.
When joining, you’ll be instructed to join Cybertron Vibe Central for the main updates and events.

One year ago, the great heroes known as the Autobots prevented the earth from becoming cyberformed by the evil Decepticons. With Megatron now dead and the new Omega Lock destroyed, the Autobots and their human friends could finally live in peace on earth…. except for the fact that the battle at the Nemesis was seen by millions across the globe. With the reveal of Team Prime came both good and bad effects, Many humans viewed them as heroes…. but a few viewed them as invaders.

With the death of Silas, leader of M.E.C.H. came a power vacuum, one which was filled by none other than Senator Harold Attinger. With new funding and political backing, M.E.C.H. grew even larger and stronger than before. They infiltrated many governments around the globe, secretly gaining control of the world’s armies. With this control, M.E.C.H. has been able to build an army…. one that will transform how humans and Cybertronians battle.

M.E.C.H. is not the only enemy the Autobots still have to worry about. After the death of Megatron, the Decepticons split into two new factions. Starscream decided to keep the name of the Decepticons alive, but Shockwave named his faction the Logicons. The new Decepticons seek to destroy the Autobots still, but the Logicons reason that maybe this war should finally end…

Will you continue to fight for the good of humanity as an Autobot or N.E.S.T. agent, or will you destroy the alien invaders by joining M.E.C.H.? Perhaps you could join the Decepticons or the reasonable Logicons. Join to find out.

What we have to offer:

● A friendly roleplay experience. Whether you just joined discord yesterday or are a 5 year old veteran, your roleplay style will be accepted and will never be made fun of. The only thing we ask is that you use correct grammar and punctuation.

● A non continuity restricted roleplay. As you can tell this is set in the Aligned continuity, but characters and items are accepted from all continuities (except RID 2015…. just no).

● An actual plot. What we mean by this is… most servers just have the lore, and then they randomly come up with events to keep the non plot driven roleplay going. This is where we differ. We have a story to tell. Several arcs and events have been planned out, and many more are to come. So if you are tired of servers with never ending, always repeating roleplay, you’ve come to the right place.

● You can join the Autobots, Decepticons, Logicons, N.E.S.T., M.E.C.H., or even become Neutral. Insecticons and Predacons are also accepted. Original characters and cannon characters are treated with the same respect!

● A chill staff team who will help you with anything you need.

● Plenty of fun bots to keep you entertained when the roleplay is slow.

● And much more! So come join us. The first 5 members will more than likely receive special benefits.

Oc Lounge is a casual, fun server for roleplaying as or discussing your Transformers OCs!

We're big on character development and sharing about your original characters through both art and writing/roleplaying, and are very OC ship friendly as long as all involved parties agree to the ship.

While you definitely aren't barred from roleplaying as and especially discussing canon characters here, the focus and purpose of this group is to roleplay with and discuss original characters.
hey you yeah you, please don`t scroll.
- do you like making your own oc characters?
- are you looking for a transformers server?
- are you interested in a AU Transformers server?

well today's your lucky day welcome to Transformers: broken worlds, this server has to offer a undergoing Au story complete with oc`s characters from every one, this story will be guided by everyone and their characters.

we hope to offer a complete OC experience with no cannon characters,

friendly and nice mods/server members

and many more.
Welcome one and all to 'Transformers: Earthfall'

Here we are a fairly new server that is based around The IDW Movie prequel comics with new twists and turns such as the fact the Ark is a term used for many other Autobot ships.

Why should you join? Here's a simple answer. Why not? Its a new rp server that could be shifted in the right direction. Hope you come and enjoy! So far the server is still a W.I.P but new members can help expand it so hopefully it can be a server everyone can enjoy.
This server’s set in an AU timeline.

Cybertron, the home planet of the transformers. Robots that turn into beasts. The planet was thriving. It was at peace. The only thing everyone had to worry about was the Cybertronian Government and its ruthless caste system, but all it took was a few friendly faces to make one forget about that.

Until 3 stellar cycles ago. The day when Cybertron started to break. The planet’s downfall. The planet started to crack. It was chaos at first. Cities were crumbling and the Government was silent. Cowards. Society was falling apart faster than Cybertron itself. It was as if Primus himself gave up and just left our species to die. Unfortunately, we don’t go down that easily and 2 stellar cycles ago... nature was willing to test that.

An explosion, at the sea of rust, caused by seismic activity revealed something. The gates of hell itself.

They’re called “Techno-organics”. Vile creatures that want nothing else but to wipe us out. And that explosion woke up an entire horde of them. These things crawled out like fleshy metal demons killing and taking Cybertronians away. We thought they were savage and mindless, but we were dead wrong. These things are smart... They plan and they know what to do to be one step ahead of us. Anything to achieve their goal. Wiping us out and feeding on our corpses.

But, about a stellar cycle ago, our first two bases had been established. One on Luna 1 and another on Cybertron, far away from the source of the problem.

So what’s life like now? Well, 60% of Cybertron has been infested with these techno organics. We’re doing our best to survive on this base, while the ones at Luna 1 watch from a distance. I sure do wish I was assigned there. Then again… it could be worse. I could be out there trying to survive without the aid of this base. I could be dead. A techno-organic could be eating my corpse... but I was lucky enough to be one of the survivors. Even though death doesn’t sound so bad now...
Welcome to Transformers: Oblivion new member!

What is Transformers: Oblivion? A Transformers roleplay server, that also acts as a somewhat fan community server. This is a fan made server with no connection to any canon Hasbro made continuity. As such, we have created a story that combines elements from all over the Transformers franchise.
We are a fun and friendly community with staff willing to help you wherever they can. We also offer a ton of awesome and cool characters for you to choose from. Not just that, but we offer a variety of different types of characters to play, whether that's a simple scout, the a towering titan.
Our main focus for the server is roleplay, but we have set up channels that offer other forms of discussion for different forms of media. The server is still trying to grow and develop, so any type of feedback is good feedback.

And now, just a brief extract from our lore.
"War has always been a part of Cybertronian culture. Whether it's proving your worth in the Pits of Kaon, to serving your city proud by being a member of the Elite Guard. These days, however, war is more than just that. War is a way of life. What started with a simple dream, turned into thousands of years of endless chaos and destruction. They started as a world governed by Senators and ruled by a bot titled with Prime, now two factions fight for control over there home."

So what are you waiting for? Why not join Transformers: Oblivion today!
This is a rp where mix events happened read I recommend reading the lore and I really really hope you have fun
Transformers: Generations is a hip and fresh server, ever since the reboot it is now set within its own continuity. You will find the server to be expansive and diverse with its members as well as its characters. You will have the chance to be beast characters, monoformers, combiners, titans, etc, the choice is yours.

Upon joining the server you will be given the chance to make up to 6 awesome Transformers characters, even combiners and titans too. Though we recommend making a normal character first.

Why should you join? Well it's simple really, here in Transformers: Generations, the server will constantly be updated, there will be constant events to keep the the server active, from story based events to character events. The staff in the server are professional and will always be there if you need any help.
We are a humble and small server, yet we pack a big punch! we are a combo of the old G1 you know and love, and the newer more modern Prime.
just please keep in mind the admins are in New Zealand Time! Thank you!
This is a shattered glass server with its own lore. Take place in the battle between the evil Autobots and heroic Decepticons, as Earth is caught in the crossfire of this legendary, eons-long war, with the Autobots vowing to strip the planet of its resources, and the Decepticons pledging to defend the humans.
The Rift
Deep in the depths of space, a rip in the fabric of space and time itself has opened, what could this mean? will this lead to reality unraveling? will it mean the barrier between universes is weakening in this particular spot? will travel between universes be possible? only time will tell.

it was like any other day
It was like any other day, the war was still going on, and the autobots were against the decepticons. what they don't know is that is going to change, it started as one or two bots showing up here of an unknown configuration, then we wound up with more, and soon, it became apparent that there was a rift opening up when a bot of our own universe vanished and some new guy appeared in his place, identifying as the bot who had vanished, we realized that bots are being swapped out between universes.

The Big Swap-aroo
Now that we have identified what is going on, we now need to figure out what is causing it, and why it is happening. We need to find out what the dangers are and how we can fix this, and send these wayward bots home, and bring our friends back.

Transformers dimensions rebirth is the spiritual successor to the now ended Transformers dimensions, so come on in and apply a character, the staff is friendly and we try to be as drama free as we can be, and to deal with any that does have in a civil manner. So come right on down and jump into the adventure, see you there.
Welcome to the Disboard page for Transformers: Continuum!

We are a long-running RP group based around Transformers! We've recently rebooted the server to a pre-war, Cybertronian Golden Age era, and it's up to you to decide whether or not you would like to set the pieces in stone to start up the war.. Hehe...

Join us, and we'll make sure you enjoy your stay!