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Hello, this WAS the official server of a YouTuber named "The Fire Brothers", we talk about transformers, star wars and many other topics, we try to be as friendly as we can and we hope to make your day, be sure to join! Currently the server is owned by a user named Crawlie666, a good mod who worked his way up to the top, the server has went over many changes, but we still do talk about many things! We focus on our community a lot, we have a lot of subservers, a Roleplay server, Riot control server, a special server for honourable people of the server owner named the Cryptez Family and on top even a second server of the shattered Atlas, which is currently being revamped! We hope you join and witness the changes coming to the server.

- From Crawlie666 and the rest of the mod team.
𝗧𝗿𝗮𝗻𝘀𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗺𝗲𝗿𝘀: 𝗪𝗼𝗿𝗹𝗱𝘀 𝗔𝗽𝗮𝗿𝘁 ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄

✰ The war lasted too long for Earth’s good, and the Earth was left a barren wasteland. And with that, each faction was forced to take to the stars for a new home. The Ark and Nemesis had a huge battle in space, ending with each starship crashing on different planets. And with nothing but time, both factions used the wreckage to make big, advanced bases on their own planets. Now they are ready to continue the battle...for an extended version of the story, come join! The Server has just gone through a reset, and would love for more members to come and join the fun. We have-

☁️A variety of chat channels
⚡️Different and unique areas to RP in
☁️ A chill staff team that’s happy to help
⚡️and much more!
Hello! Welcome to Transformers Rivalry, one of the biggest and longest Transformers RP servers. With active staff, a consistent plot that allows for both character development and great engaging combat, and consistent events, both big and small that impact the tide of the war and allow for teamwork, and most importantly, fun! We keep everything nice and organized, having a lot of channels in both Roleplay and discussions. We understand that the number of channels can be overwhelming! But thankfully, this introduction can help you out.

The server has various ranks for styles of roleplay, allowing those who want more quick, one-line replies to find people who suit that style, or others who may want longer and detailed responses. We don’t enforce a certain style on you as other servers may, but we’re simply helping people find who they might want to roleplay with!

The roleplay follows 1 continuous storyline, all set within the same universe of our own, taking cues from IDW, G1, Aligned. It's completely on our own storyline plot which is something we've been bringing to users for a long time. A mix of different movies, tv shows, comics, books, and so on!

If you're interested... or whenever you have the chance to come by... come join Transformers Rivalry! We'd be happy to have new joiners! Thank you.
Our worlds are in danger! The Autobots and Decepticons make their way to Earth in pursuit of the now reactivating Minicons the Autobots must defeat the evil Decepticons before they can use the Minicons for evil. The Decepticons seek to use the Minicons as a source of power to carry out their demands and wishes where the Autobots look to ensure their freedom and keep them out of the fight. Optimus Prime is leading the charge to Earth and Megatron plans to do the same. The two most powerful factions in the entire Galaxy are about to go head to head with the intent of winning on a planet populated by Humans. The only thing that remains is what will you do in this epic battle of the ages?

Hope to see you there! -YourOverLord

Robot Room is a server for Transformers roleplay and art from any continuity! You can rp or share your art of your favorite canon or original characters in a cozy, comfy environment!

This server is very OC friendly, and a good majority of the characters being roleplayed in here are original characters!

We're looking for active members/participants and new friends!

(This is a casual roleplay server with no overarching plot or set storyline, and we often just rp whatever prompt or setting we feel like at the moment. If you're looking for a server with a long, drawn out plotline with lots of worldbuilding and structure, this probably isn't the server for you.

Also, please be aware before joining that shipping and character exploration is prominent here.
This is NOT one of those guns-a-blazing, action/combat rp only servers. We do allow that kind of roleplay, but we have a BIG focus on character development, with a good deal of romance and interpersonal relationships thrown in. We are very shipping and OC friendly.)

Hello and welcome to Transformers! A relatively small and quiet group that's kind of new; but our mod team has been running and helping moderate groups for over a year. We're very roleplay-oriented with plenty of channels to do just that. There are also channels for casual community-type discussion if that's more your speed.

Please read our rules and verify yourself when you join the server. Make sure to send an introduction when you're finished reading and getting your verification role!

✧ Custom color roles and OC roles!
✧ Our roleplays don't take place in any specific continuity or timeline! You can decide and set that up for yourself; whatever you're comfortable with.
✧ We're LGBT+ and OC friendly! We also encourage OC x Canon and selfshipping.
✧ This server is 16+ only. No NSFW/adult content is permitted anywhere.
✧ Our server does NOT tolerate art theft!
We hope to see you in 💜
The official home of the TFWiki! Whether you're an editor for the site or just an avid fan of Transformers trivia, you'll find a relaxed and inclusive home here to talk about transforming robots to your heart's content.
Looking Glass is a Shattered Glass version of TF: Rebirth and takes place in an AU version of TFP season 3, much like the other server. The evil Autobots and valiant Decepticons have continued their fight on the planet Earth, with the Autobot warship known as the Ark being located in Antarctica and the last hope of the Decepticons known as the Lost Light being located beneath the waters of Lake Ontario.

Shattered Glass OCs are welcome, as well as SG canon characters and humans.

Feel free to check it out if you're interested, and make sure to check out TF: Rebirth!
Cybertron has been reduced to mere ruins, the once-grand polities now nothing more than rubble on a rapidly deteriorating planet. The planet itself has begun to fall apart, now serving as nothing more than the last ground between the Autobots and Decepticons. As their world crumbles around them, each faction shares an innate fear of the war never-ending, knowing neither side would give in to the other.
Having expanded throughout most of the known universe, both sides have become locked in a stalemate. In an attempt to gain the upper hand the Decepticons send out a ship to explore beyond what they know. When the Autobots catch wind of this they tail them, engaging in battle once they lose connection with Cybertron’s comms.
Both ships went down, they crash on an unknown planet. Both sides discover how energon rich the planet is, and the added discovery of an ancient relic of Cybertronian origin cements their position on the planet. Both sides fight to control the planet, all while evading detection by the planet’s natives.

This server offers:
- An IDW based backstory
- The freedom to choose which alignment your character’s personality, design, and origin come from despite the IDW backstory
- An OC friendly community and the ability to let your OCs interact with canon characters
- Regular events and plots that will keep your threads rolling and interesting
- Encouraged creativity with characters and plot
- Provided locations that you can choose from without needed Staff to create a thread for you
- Lore
- And more :)
As the War for Cybertron rages on the Decepticons are growing impatient as the war has seemingly gone on for far too long. The Autobots are still fighting no matter the odds, no matter the cost and no matter how harsh it may be they continue to pester the Decepticons at every turn. The Decepticons are at their height of power with billions of Seekers patrolling Iacon, Kaon and the other reaches of Cybertron 24/7. The Autobots struggle to keep them and their bases hidden, very few places are safe for them...
As the war continues and the streets of Cybertron run rampant with the blood of Primus while Unicron watches with praise the question is, what will you do? Will you choose a side? Will you fight or will you hide and cower? The choices you make will make you who you are, shape your views and construct your very being, no matter what you do, what you say and choose no one is safe from the Siege...

This server is based on the newest Transformers short series on Netflix that takes a darker look at what the War for Cybertron could be. This server contains MASS spoilers and some added lore considering at this point in time there isn't a mass amount to go off of. We hope to see you there for RP and Discussions!
WFC: Redemption is a pre-established timeline and continuity that takes place during the new Netflix War For Cybertron adaptation, only with a different plotline and story of events. Join us and recruit for the battle!

We cannot guarantee that this server will be spoiler-free, so it's best to be all caught up if you decide to join us.

✧ Custom color role!
✧ We're LGBT+ and OC friendly!
✧ This server is 16+ only. No NSFW/adult content is permitted anywhere.
✧ Our server does NOT tolerate art theft!

Please read our rules and verify yourself when you join the server.
Greetings, fellow Autobots and Decepticons!

This is your unofficial "official'' Transformers server completely ran by fans just like you! Only ages 16+ can join! You can pick your side and make new friends who love the Transformers just as much as you do! Anyone can join!
**Please make sure to read the rules upon entering! **

- We sometimes host streams of the shows
- Updates you on the latest Transformers news
- There's an off-topic section for non-Transformers topics

Now pick your side and start chatting!
Are you Autobot or Decepticon?!
Welcome to the Transformers Discord Server. A place where you can share everything related to the Transformers toys, games, movies, rp, comics, and much more! We have as well some dedicated channels related to Gundam or Bionicle!

New => Art Club, Roleplay Club and Trivia Club

We speak many languages and the community is always very active.

Hope to see you soon!
Hello to all of Disboard, if you find this, welcome to Transformers Runes of History. Basically you can join if you want and hangout or if you want to you can RP, now its time to explain it;

The Cybertronian Civil War has spread across the universe; Quintessons with their alliance have multiple nonorganic species such as the Rock Lords, trying to block the Autobot and Decepticon's spread. Another faction has had a rise in power after reappearing as the war headed to Earth, once on earth the war made the human race split on who to trust with an Earth Federation rising to side with the Star Seekers while the EDC sides with the Autobots. Whilst all this happens, otherworldly forces are said too be changing fate.

Basically this is a homebrewed version of the Dreamwave continuity mixed with IDW 2006 continuity, almost anything you want is allowedm this isn't nsfw though. You can submit any faction from Transformers and more, Heck if you base your characters off other continuities, you can even use them because we are chill with anything basically.
Welcome Aboard! I, Megatron, Personally Welcome You. Don't Disappoint Me.
In All Seriousness, Feel Free To Join! I'm Looking Forward To Meeting New People And Building Up The Server, We're Friendly! Don't Let The Whole Decepticon Thing Worry You. See You Soon!
Welcome to the Transformers Guild!
This server was created to be a community space centered around Transformers with a focus on developing plots, expanding lore and character building within a community setting. We host events focused around these points, including entertainment events from movie nights to draw piles..

All continuities and fandoms are welcome to be discussed here but please be courteous and remain mature even if you do not share those opinions.

While our established group is an older crowd we are open for all age groups that fall within Discord TOS.
Set shortly after the Autobots and Decepticons had awoken after 4 million years of hibernation on Earth, the war between the two factions is at an all time high. Canon characters and even brand new original characters battle it out across the unnamed human city. The Decepticons are better equipped and are on the winning side as the Autobots are short on numbers and equipment, things are looking bleak.
*Autobots, Decepticons and even Neutral or traitorous Cybertronians are battling for territory, ego, a kill count or promotions. A source of Energon has been found and is what the two sides are fighting for the most, especially the Decepticons. It is unknown of humanity will get involved, however it looks unlikely.

So traveler, who's side are you picking? If any at all.

-= What we offer! =-

- A completely separate timeline, allowing for all sorts of characters and designs to be used! From G1 to the Bayverse, all is accepted.
- Dice Rolling Combat RP if you're into that.
- A tolerance and acceptance of all forms of RP! We allow everything from one liners to literate play. All is welcome, discrimination over messages is a no-go.
- An LGBTQ+ accepting community.
- OCs and Canons often interacting, so if you want your OC to battle Megatron for example, you can do that!
- An open world and all sorts of doodads to interact with and explore!
- A nonlinear story so you can do whatever you want!
- You can be anything from a Decepticon to a Dinobot and even a Predacon once the time comes!
- And so much more!
Greetings from the Transformers Universal Discord! Managed by The Decepticon Empire. All fans are welcome! We have diverse chat-rooms, daily voice chat's, and plenty of our own media ranging from Minecraft to Youtube. Join today and get to know our community!
Welcome to Starscream's Appreciation Server, a community of Starscream fans for Starscream fans. We are a warm, friendly server looking for new members, to chat, make friends and talk about Lord Starscream, who is in Transformers Prime, and other continuities of the Transformers universe.

We seek long time fans of Starscream some happily talking to others about Starscream while others even creating content on occasion.
In an alternate season 3 of Transformers: Prime, Megatron has successfully cyberformed the planet Earth, effectively wiping out the entire human race along with every other organism. While the war may be over in the Decepticons' optics, the Autobots have managed to create a base of operations deep inside the frozen continent, Antarctica. They continue to fight on. Before finding Optimus Prime, their leader, the Autobots had managed to come up with a plan to successfully free the imprisoned members of Team Prime. Will the Autobots, now having a leader again after so long of him being missing, be able to defeat Megatron and truly put an end to this war? Although it feels like they've lost everything?
Since 1999, The Allspark has been among the oldest active online Transformers fansites. In the past decade and a half it has been a community hub and go-to site for news and discussion for all eras of Transformers toys, tv, games and comics. Over the last few years fan interests in the site have expanded to other properties ranging from super heroes to My Little Pony and all things sci-fi and geeky. All are welcome here! Think of this as a place to make new friends!

Welcome to Transformers Re:Genesis!

We're a Transformers and G.I. Joe role play and fan community server, dedicated to embracing and celebrating our love for our favorite giant robot franchise and human freedom fighters. We have a plethora of role play channels and our own original continuity and story, in addition to our many general and fandom channels for making friends and discussing things like anime, video games, art, writing, and D&D.

Our lore rich custom canon takes a little inspiration from every Transformers series, like the IDW comics, the Cyberverse cartoon, and Siege: War for Cybertron. Our story focuses on a post war Autobot/Decepticon alliance organized to maintain peace on a Cybertron standing at the Brink of war. We also feature a variety of space based RP locations, like colony worlds, capital warships, and star bases.

Our members can create up to 9 characters (7 Transformers, and 2 Humans) that are original or canon to RP as, including Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals, Predacons, Giants, Minicons, Titans, Combiners, and much more. O.C.'s are also more than welcome here. You can even invent special equipment and weaponry, or construct your own starships to explore space. We absolutely love creativity, so come let loose with us!

We're looking forward to meeting you!
Welcome to **Transformers: Covenant!** The purpose of this server is to enable fans of transformers who enjoy roleplaying to use their original characters in a fan made extension of the IDW continuity. By joining this server, you'll not only be joining an in depth roleplay, but a community of like minded people with similar interests. We're so very happy to have you join us and look forward to meeting you formally!
Millions of years ago, the distant planet of Cybertron finds itself engulfed in a centuries long civil war between two factions; the Autobots, and the Decepticons. This RP takes place during the worst days of that war.

-The opportunity to control both Autobot and Decepticon characters.
-The chance to explore the legendary Cybertronian Civil War
-Events focusing on vital incidents, that can turn the tide of the war.
-Memes, funny or otherwise.