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Come one, come all the lovely unicorns of discord!!! if you feel like you don't belong anywhere you go, this is the server for you. If you feel depressed and need a cheering uping, this is the server for you. If you're a bit of a system, this is a server for you. This server is for the lonely unicorns out there looking for positivity and love they always needed. We're a large server that's hoping to stay active for as much as possible. Come join us and have a pleasant stay!!!!!

This is a system server. Majority of the people on here have dissociative identity disorder (DID), Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (OSDD), or a variant of those two. This is a warning for folks who have never met a system or is a singlet. If you wish to join and learn about systems and their oddities, please enjoy your stay. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!!!

P.S We accept misfits from other servers. :3
| SharqMC • Minecraft Netzwerk |

? Was wir dir bieten ?

- selbstgebaute Welten
- selbstgeschriebene Plugins/Systeme
- eigene Spielmodi

...und noch viel mehr...

? Was ist unser Ziel ?

Wir haben vor, mit diesem Netzwerk eine nette kleine Community aufzubauen

? Könnt ihr mitwirken ?

Wir nehmen öfters mal Vorschläge von euch an, welche dann an unser Entwickler Team weitergereicht und umgesetzt werden

? Was sind wir für ein Server ?

Wir sind ein Minecraft PC Server, welcher sich auf mehrere Zielgruppen konzentriert

? Unser Support ?

Wir möchten euch ein angenehmes Gefühl auf unserem Server geben. Dieses bietet euch unser Server/Support-Team.

✓ JOIN NOW • ✓
System Haven is a discord community aimed and giving people who are diagnosed or questioning having DID or OSDD a safe place to learn and cope.

We have self-assignable roles, categories for each alter type, venting/support channels, and safe area’s for littles and middles.

We also have a couple fun bots you can hang with!
Welcome to Kinnies R Us! We are an all-inclusive general kin server! We are doubles/system/fictive friendly and have a good moderation and admin team! Many text channels and categories to participate in! <3
Welcome to Stranger Kins!

We're a Stranger Things kins server, which is also inclusive of introjects and fictives from Stranger Things.
My name is Void and I'm the owner of Multi Peeps, a server specifically for traumagenic systems. We are open to systems big and small, from all backgrounds and ethnicities and orientations. Multi Peeps was created to connect with others who share the same struggles, get help, and make new friends.

We use Pluralkit, a bot designed for DID and OSDD systems to aid them in using DIscord, and have a mod team who can answer your questions and help set up your system if you need it. If you use Tupperware, we apologize but we do not support Tupperware systems.

Multi Peeps has a wide variety of channels, triggering chats, System specific chats, and several fun channels for art and writing, memes, and more.
A place where you roleplay, talk about you kins, make friends, and talk about your interests!! Please have fun in here!!

This place is;;
•LGBT friendly
•system friendly
•Age-reg friendly

We have tupperbox and pluralkit ! Just incase you dont have one of those two <3

Otherkins are welcomed but NO factkins please!!


-Ivlis (owner)
Hello! This is a server for fans and kinnies who love The Dragon Prince!
We have
•separate categories for kin, vent, witchcraft, religion, roleplay and fan so you don’t have to see what you don’t want to!
•pluralkit for systems!
•Rayla emojis! Callum being added! Ask for custom emojis!
•pronoun roles

As our server is still small, you can help shape it!
Close knit community for systems and allies to connect and make friends, support one another, and hang out in a safe and welcoming environment.

We also host movie nights and prompt contests to engage our members and have a fun group experience.
Welcome to the Dragon's Den!

This server is a friendly community server geared toward simply acting as a comfortable gathering place for those with a passion for dragons. Dragon's Den is the second cozier iteration of an older server, Dragon Cave, which opened in 2018. This server is otherkin, LGBT, and system-friendly to dragon fans of all kinds.

We have:
➸ Private channels for individual communities and interests
➸ The Hope bot to help uplift you when you are down
➸ Pluralkit for systems
➸ Self-assigned roles via Yui
➸ Tight and private server security
➸ Anonymous member blacklist for safe channels via Voltaire
➸ Theme weeks and ranks for member activity
➸ Comfort and positivity channels instead of vent channels
➸ Pokecord for fun

Owned and led by an LGBT furry and otherkin system! We look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy your stay. :)
This server is for
*Age regressors
*Pet regressors
*systems and their littles
and has separate spaces for all!
Hey und Willkommen in Deutschlands größter Discord HARDWARE ECKE!
Tausche dein wissen über Computer Systems und Hardware aller Art aus!
This is a safe space to traumagenic systems to spread positivity and information that applies to traumagenic systems.
As this is a traumagenic server only we ask that endogenic do not join as we function differently and need different information.
A server where you talk about a certain fandom or kins! We are vErY fRiEnDlY!! We will accept you here!

We have tupperbox if you are a system too! Not pluralkit if you use it sorry,,

We have groovy !

We have a roleplay chat !

We have an art chat for artists !

We have kajiwoto pet!

You'll see the rest for yourself! Other than that please, PLEASE have fun in our fRiEnDlY little chat <3
Welcome to System Resort! We are a traumagenic safe server! We allow any traumagenic system or welcoming singlets that are over the age of 15. We are a pretty laid back server with nice moderation and many channels. Stop by and stay for a while!
DID/OSDD SYSTEMS ONLY!!! Please do not join if you are a "natural system", thank you!
Welcome to SysFriends, a server by systems, for systems! Here you can make friends with people just like you! We're a mental health and dating server for systems only. A system, to be short, is a person with DID, OSDD, or multiple personalities, alters, or headmates. Please don't join if you're not a system! 13+, hope to see you there!
This is a server for people who have DID/OSDD, otherwise known as "multiple personality disorder", but it's also very open to Tulpamancers. It's a support group for systems to share experiences with being systems as well as to help support each other.
✿Welcome to our System Dating discord!✿
We have...

~Self assignable roles!
~A suggestions channel!
~Fun bots!
~And more!
System friendly, we have TupperBox.
Doubles friendly.
All kins welcome but factkin.
Self-assignable roles and hex bot if you want a custom color.
system central is meant to be a safe, accepting community for DID/OSDD-1 systems! we have pluralkit and self assignable roles. we hope that system central can be your new home! singlets are allowed temporarily for education purposes
Do you kin from Star Vs. the Forces of Evil? Do you wanna meet people like you, that you can talk with, and maybe even find canonmates? Or maybe even just have fun with other people who like the show?
Then this is the server for you! We're brand new and seeking new members!

We are doubles friendly and accepting of all kins from the show! Fancharacters and OCs are included, and are equally valid!

Come on in, we can't wait to meet you!

~Spiral Star
So; you can come here if you're traumagenic.
This is a safe space too, safe for kinnies and systems
A wonderful server for chatting about, or with tulpas!
We have an array of bots (including pluralkit and yagpdb) and channels that will ensure the smoothest experience.
Everyone here is very friendly, we are a close-knit server but we always welcome new people as long as they abide by the rules!
Both singlets and systems are welcome :)