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We are a mental health server aimed at peer support and discussion. We have a uniquely large plural community and transgender community, as our founder is both. Our dedicated members and staff are here to ensure a happy and healthy community!
A place for systems to hang out and have fun, we offer;
-Active moderation
-A place for littles
-Endogenic and tulpamancer friendly
-A safe area for traumagenics
-An LGBT/Mogai friendly area

We also allow singlets to join.
Welcome to the National Furry Rights Association! Or for short, the N.F.R.A. We are a group of easygoing and fun-loving furs and fur-supporters, who won't judge you for who you are and who you want to be! You can come here and feel safe 100%. With few rules and a friendly community, we are the perfect place for furs who want to hang out, for those who are considering becoming a part of the fandom, or for those who feel strongly about the well-being of the furry community. Whatever your situation may be, we welcome you with open paws! Come stay a while!

This is a purely discourse free server that caters to Homestuck Kins. I've noticed a lot of servers are a little too intense for me so I figured I'd start up my own, keep things lowkey. Keep things chill. Now, you don't have to be kin at ALL to join! I just figured I'd add in the fact that this is a mostly Homestuck kin run place so you don't hop in without realising what's poppin.

That being said, welcome to my server! I hope you have fun while you're here.

[ This is a very LGBT+, Kin, and System friendly server!! ]
This is a server for all kintypes! We have a variety of different channels!! There’s a nsfw section for those of you, there’s no age limit! So come join us!!
Welcome to Kinnies R Us! We are an all-inclusive general kin server! We are doubles/system/fictive friendly and have a good moderation and admin team! Many text channels and categories to participate in! <3
Welcome to Farm Family, a place to share joy, advice, and talk about the things we love! This server centers around
- paganism
- cottagecore/farmcore
- grandmacore
- self love
- caring for others and being supportive
- traumagenic systems
- kitchen witchcraft
but most importantly, this server was created in dedication to my system's beloved alter, Adia, a grandmother figure to us all. She has her own special channel ( #adias-cooking-show ) where you can ask her for advice, or just talk, and where she will share recipes and chatter. As a kitchen witch, Adia puts a lot of love into what she cooks and creates, all to make the ones around her feel loved and happy. We love you Adia!!!
Hello! This is a server for fans and kinnies who love The Dragon Prince!
We have
•separate categories for kin, vent, thoughtforms, witchcraft, religion and fan so you don’t have to see what you don’t want to!
•pluralkit for systems!
•Rayla emojis! Callum being added! Ask for custom emojis!
•pronoun roles

As our server is still small, you can help shape it!
Safe systems is an all-inclusive system community server. We have special channels for littles, introjects, venting, and more. We have a friendly mod team and a no toxic bs policy.
| SharqMC • Minecraft Netzwerk |

? Was wir dir bieten ?

- selbstgebaute Welten
- selbstgeschriebene Plugins/Systeme
- eigene Spielmodi

...und noch viel mehr...

? Was ist unser Ziel ?

Wir haben vor, mit diesem Netzwerk eine nette kleine Community aufzubauen

? Könnt ihr mitwirken ?

Wir nehmen öfters mal Vorschläge von euch an, welche dann an unser Entwickler Team weitergereicht und umgesetzt werden

? Was sind wir für ein Server ?

Wir sind ein Minecraft PC Server, welcher sich auf mehrere Zielgruppen konzentriert

? Unser Support ?

Wir möchten euch ein angenehmes Gefühl auf unserem Server geben. Dieses bietet euch unser Server/Support-Team.

✓ JOIN NOW • ✓
♕▄▀▄▀▄▀𝓬𝓪𝓽 𝓰𝓾𝓻𝓾𝓼▄▀▄▀▄▀♕
hhhhhhhhhhhnhnngnghhhhhngnhf plz join or else my dumby thiccness will kill u in ur sleep owo
A wonderful server for chatting about, or with tulpas!
We have an array of bots (including pluralkit and nadeko) and channels that will ensure the smoothest experience.
Everyone here is very friendly, we are a close-knit server but we always welcome new people as long as they abide by the rules!
Both singlets and systems are welcome :)
We are a company trying to help everyone with design problems some where to reach help and also be entered into big giveaways!
What we do?
- Free CAD/MDT'S
- Free Logo's
- Sell CAD/MDT'S
Give friendly advice so why don't you come and check out our community today?!
For everyone who knows the anime will know about the awesome system in it so I thought of starting a discord with playing based on this system people who don’t know re-slime it’s fine the system I’m trying to build is mostly for the fun of playing
This RP takes place after the Epilogue Quest, which sees Henry and Hans Capon off to assist the king. In this RP,there is a fully working Combat system, trade system, and You, the Player, can affect events. If you massacre a town, people will hear if it, and fear you. If you are a Noble Knight, or a hated Bandit, that will shape how your RP is affected. Here, you aren't invincible. Your Character can die. You can Loot things, steal, or abide by every law. The choice is yours. We have been inactive, but time to get members! Join today! Finally, after so long of inactivity, we HAVE RETURNED! Join, you’ll enjoy the setting if you like anything medieval.
We have both SFW and NSFW on this server. But we welcome you to the kin-mmunity! Even if you're NOT kin and are just an ally or system you are welcome here as long as you follow the rules! Because we respect certain variants of belief systems and such. Lots of gaming, art, and memes are often shown here. Enjoy!
The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding.