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Despite the funny haha name, we don't actually kin piss.
[The Factkin tag is also a joke, factkin is just identity theft sweety!!]
!!Please join if you kin and would like some funny haha kin time!!
-System Friendly!
-Otherkin and Fictionkin are both allowed!
-All Sources are allowed! [Some may need to stay in the blacklist channels though 😔]
-LGBT friendly!
-Optional Discourse and Blacklist Chat roles, so you don't have to see any bad stuff if you don't want to.
:bird: we are a new kin/furry server hoping to gain some new friends!
:bird: we are open to suggestions
:bird: we are building a safe community for everyone!
:bird: we offer nsfw to ages 18+~
:bird: founded by a furry herself, @Muzzy wants to crush stereotypes!
:bird: come join us for some daily chatter!!
hi! this is a kin server for kirby kins!
what we have;
⭐blacklist channels and a blacklist itself!
⭐notsobot for the memes and hex for the colors!
⭐cool staff!
⭐self-assignable kin roles!
⭐a lot of kin channels!
⭐minor-friendly! we're babey!
⭐terf-free zone! no other bigots allowed B)
Hello! We're a group of fictionkin who want to bring you, dear kinnie, an enjoyable discord kin experience!
Welcome to Moon Blooded! A server designed for werewolfkin! Other canine related 'kin are welcome!
Admin positions are open!
A mature and informative otherkin server that seeks to help others discover, understand and come to terms with their possible non-human identity in an environment that houses many experienced members.
Have you ever wanted a small server that focused on memes, fandom, kindness, and art! Well, you have it here.
We have/are...
🎨 Art channels and free criticism on your art
🎨 Roleplaying channels
🎨 Small Server
🎨 Cozy environment
🎨 Rules that keep the nasties out
🎨 Both other and fiction kin friendly
🎨 Debate channel
🎨 Self-assigned roles
🎨 LGBTQ+ friendly
🎨 Multifandom friendly
🎨 Otherkin and fictionkin friendly
We are also free to new ideas! So please join so we become more active!
Homestuck and Hiveswap 'kin server!
Over 170 character roles available!
Kankri owned and Kankri run, but he's fairly chill so you should be safe.
Open to non HS kins too! You just will have the regular member role that gives you access to the rest of the server.
Please don't start drama!!

This is a purely discourse free server that caters to Homestuck Kins. I've noticed a lot of servers are a little too intense for me so I figured I'd start up my own, keep things lowkey. Keep things chill. Now, you don't have to be kin at ALL to join! I just figured I'd add in the fact that this is a mostly Homestuck kin run place so you don't hop in without realising what's poppin.

That being said, welcome to my server! I hope you have fun while you're here.

[ This is a very LGBT+, Kin, and System friendly server!! ]
15+ server for anyone who kins danganronpa characters! come on down, we don’t bite!
**if you are kin with haiji towa you are not welcome here!**
Just a general Eddsworld Kin Server, 13+, System friendly, Eddsworld Fictives encouraged

1. This server does not condone harassment of the Eddsworld Crew, this server is purely for the characters. Any pictures of the real people or any doxxing will be deleted
2. Discord TOS applies, link to that is
3. Must be at least 13
4. No homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, islamophobia, hatefulness in general (this includes being a terf, transmed, truscum, etc.)
5. Generally speaking, don’t be rude, treat other users with respect
6. No NSFW content (General porn, fetish art, guro or gore fetishism. Gore is allowed in Negative channels if marked as a spoiler with a content warning)
7. No discourse (ESPECIALLY NO ACE DISCOURSE), keep it in PMs
8. If you have multiple accounts, please inform an @Admin or RL
9. Do not share other people's personal information without the user’s express permission
10. No spam outside of #spam, no @Admin or @user spam at all
11. Use channels for their intended purposes
12. No roleplaying in the server, take it to PMs
13. No kin drama (you gotta be cool with doubles and you can’t shit on someone for who they kin)
14. Don’t request to blacklist names or characters. Generally, if you let people know they’ll respect you but blacklisting names isn’t manageable
were an incredibly new homestuck/kinnie server just trying to get members and people to help us out! anybody and everybody is a big help in us growing and expanding our server, the more minds and ideas to contribute and socialise, the better!
just a place for people to come and chill and enjoy common interests all whilst making friends and havin a good time
everybody is welcome
We're a friendly kin community w/ many channels to express yourself & your kintype. Our staff are friendly and ready to welcome you to our server! Join us, kinnies!

A Naruto (Shippuden/Boruto) kin/fictive server. System friendly, 15+ years old, doubles friendly!
out if an (almost depressing) lack of servers reserved for those with ace attorney kins, this was opened up!! this is a relatively small server looking for newer members. it's constantly being added onto but there's an art chat, self-assignable aesthetic roles,
an nsfw section, n more if I ever get around to it lol.
We're a double friendly Magical Girl (or any gender really) Discord! Join and have fun with kinnies of the same source.
Hi! We're a very active server looking to meet other creepy kinnies out there! We're double friendly and sfw!
welcome to the arcana kincord! we’re a small but laid back fictionkin server, but we’re looking to grow a bit more!
[This server is still a work in progress!]
A kin server mostly for anyone regarding The Lion King series!
All ages are welcome meaning... this is a family friendly, community and welcoming server... meant to be a safe space for everyone.
(We are villian and double friendly!)
This is a server for all kintypes! We have a variety of different channels!! There’s a nsfw section for those of you, there’s no age limit! So come join us!!
Welcome to Kinnies R Us! We are an all-inclusive general kin server! We are doubles/system/fictive friendly and have a good moderation and admin team! Many text channels and categories to participate in! <3
(read this in oumas voice) Hi! Kintopia is a kin server that is welcoming of everyone! We have an active mod crew and we’re always ready for new people.
Do you like ghosthunting, puzzles, friendship, headbanging, mystery, or murder? Are you kin from Sally Face?

If you answered yes to any of the above... Welcome to Nockfells Kin We are a small welcoming server for kins from the game Sally Face. Everyone is allowed in, we just ask you remain respectful and contribute to a friendly environment. Rules and Blacklist can be found inside! We hope to see you soon!