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we are
🍧doubles friendly!
🍧free of any drama!
🍧welcoming of everyone!
🍧do kin requests in server!

hope u join today
We're a friendly kin community w/ many channels to express yourself & your kintype. Our staff are friendly and ready to welcome you to our server! Join us, kinnies!
Howdy! We are a multi fandom kin server. the server is for meeting new people and having fun. The server is 16 + and no ouma kokichi kins. Other then that, I hope you consider joining.
Hi! This is a fan/kin server for people who love virtual musicians! Vocaloid, Gorillaz, Studio Killers, and Virtual Youtubers à la Kizuna AI are our primary focus, but anything along these lines goes here!

It's partially a kin server, but also just a general fan server! The kin chats are available to those who ask for the kin role.

There is also a nsfw chat, but it's only available to adults!

Please be 16+ to join!
Looking for a friendly homestuck server that’s friendly and open? Try Beforia! A friendly system friendly server with many bots and a server full of new friends is waiting for you!


1. No LGBT+Phobia
2. No White Supremacy, racism, islamophobia, etc.
3. Respect people’s pronouns even if it doesn’t go with your beliefs
-More rules on server-

We do not accept Anti-antis, hardcore truscum, Terfs, NOMAPS/MAPS in this server and that is final.
A general kin server, open to everyone, with perks such as
- custom colors!
- factkin friendly!
- a no doubles list!
✨Welcome to Kinmunity unite ✨
A discord server for all your Kinnie needs!. Were looking to make some new friends and have a fun! . We are also open to people Questioning kins or people with no kins at all . you are all welcome here.

🌜This server also features🌛
-Fun and friendly Moderators
-System and Tulpa oriented bots and channels
-Fun bots to play with!
-Art channel for you to share your amazing creations with the world

Were a very new server and we hope to see you in our server!
Kin Community is a multi-fandom kin server.

Please keep in mind that:
✧ You must be at least 16 years old.
✧ No hate speech is allowed.
✧ We are double friendly.
✧ Characters, sources, and names will not be blacklisted.
✧ Discourse is not allowed.
✧ Please, do not join if you are factkin.
This is a server for all Critical Role kin folk to join & connect.
We're open to all ages, have a ton of roles,plenty of channels to enjoy and a relaxed/welcoming atmosphere.
This server is LGBTQIA,doubles,synpath, system, and copinglink friendly-- basically a safe space for everyone.

a new kincord, open to any and everybody!
(with the exception of factkin; please dont join if you kin real people.)
we offer many channels and server events, along with plenty of places to share mems, art, cosplays, many kin and nonkin related chats, fun bots and more!
no matter your kins/kintypes, who you kin or where you come from, we love and accept all with open arms!
only requirements; be a kinnie, of course, and again, no factkin!
hope you enjoy your stay!!
// not a joke server !! //
"why hello there!! this server is completely new-- made for kinnies! hoping to build a small supportive community. ^_^ completely open to any genders and sexuality, along with any kintypes!! and with being double friendly ((besides a few kins!!)) and are completely sfw!!"
// we have...
- self roles :D
- suggestion friendly <3
- pluralkit !!
// tysm if you join!!
Hello! This is an active doubles-friendly Danganronpa kin server. We invite any Danganronpa kins to join and have fun. Our rules are easy to find when you join and mods will be happy to help you if you have any concerns.
Welcome to cherries and tea! We're a gaming, kinning, roleplaying, anime, and multifandom server!

💖71 channels!💖

💜6 VCs!💜

💙Bot fun!💙

💕Lots and lot of self assignable roles!💕

💛Color roles!💛

✨Plenty of admins!✨

💎Weekly events!💎

❤️Kind members and moderation!❤️
The supportive kin server for those who kin antagonists, anti-heroes, chaotic beings, or just plain villains!
[The decision to theme this server like a Walmart was entirely impulsive.]
Welcome to Kin Walmart! Some quick ground rules:
⋆ We're a general kin server and are entirely double-friendly.
⋆ We are NOT open to factkin.
⋆ We are primarily fictionkin, but general otherkin are more than welcome!
⋆ We expect everyone to be respectful towards one another. You may be kicked or banned if you are racist, sexist, LGBT-phobic, or other common types of prejudice.
⋆ We do NOT have NSFW channels, nor do we intend on it.
⋆ We have a requestable blacklist! We trust that all requests should be serious triggers.
⋆ We have two music channels + bots, PluralKit, Pokécord, and more!
yeehaw howdy
this here is a server made by homestuck kins, FOR homestuck kins
but really i dont give a shit who joins
its just a friendly little server where you can shoot the proverbial shit with strangers (all epic gamers of course)
so yknow
A fun, new, small discord server for those wanting to talk to other people in the kin community!
Do you have a problematic kin? Did they do something bad/skeletons in their closet? Well this is the place for you, then! Villains and disgusting kins allowed (if you’re a dick irl, you’re not welcome.) Admins active often! No judgement for what your kin did. But don’t be a dick please. 16+ only
Ambrosia and Honey is a spiritual server for those in the witchcraft community who are alterhuman or otherkin.


(Our definition of) Alterhuman - Someone who is spiritually, soulfully, astrally another species, and it usually impacts their practice in some form. This requires a great deal of discernment.

This server has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to a lack of discernment, abusive or cultish behaviors, and other dangerous behaviors/beliefs. It’s meant to be a safe environment to hang out in or discuss our identity with others in a similar boat and talk about how it impacts our practices.


This server is spiritual, made for magic/witchcraft practitioners, and is geared towards those who do not have a choice in what they are and/or are currently trying to discern what they are.

If your kintype or alterhuman type is something you’ve consciously chosen or your beliefs are not spiritual and you are not a magic/witchcraft practitioner, please find another community more geared towards you, as there are more than quite a few readily available.


Any species and type of witch is welcome, as long as you actively discern and your behavior is safe! We have channels and roles for many paths of practice!

We look forward to having you join us!

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