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13+ discord server for people who kin or have fictives from the SCP source, for I could not find an active server that I myself could join.
suggestions and fixes are welcome.
Non-cannon is as welcome as any other
An introduction is required upon entering the server, and once this is provided I will grant access to the rest of the server.
This is a doubles friendly server.
I am frequently active, with the exception of when I am asleep.
Only join if you kin or are a fictive from the source.
Moderation is in place.

this is veenus flytrap! a brand-new primarily danganronpa based hangout server. we don't have many members, but I hope to change that by putting this on disboard!

what do we have? ☟︎

☔︎︎ - open partnerships!

☔︎︎ - vent channels and a role specifically for helping people out!

☔︎︎ - mudae bot, groovy bot, NotSoBot, MEE6, dyno, yui, and more coming soon!

☔︎︎ - pretty cute emotes

☔︎︎ - channels for many different hobbies!!

☔︎︎ - positive community!!

☔︎︎ - accepting partnerships!

☔︎︎ - a custom bot only in this server!

☔︎︎ - gaming channels!!

☔︎︎ - so much more to come!!

so please, consider joining us and I'll give you a cookie and some warm hugs!!❤
Welcome to the Wafflehouse! We are system-friendly and double-friendly, and I hope to grow this server and make new friends! Maybe you'll even find some canonmates? OwO

This server is still under development, so things may change!

We allow problematic kins/kins from problematic sources!


i swear this isn't a bootleg of dennys please
Welcome to Kinnie Kingdom! We are a sever for all kinds of kinnies. Here you can interact with other kins from many different fandoms and hopefully make some new friends! Popular sources within our server include Danganronpa, Identity V, Anime, Undertale, Doki Doki and so much more :)

⊹₊ ⋆ ⊹₊ ⋆ ⊹₊ ⋆ ⊹₊ ⋆ ⊹₊ ⋆

What does this server offer?

↳ ❝ [We have a wide variety of self selectable roles. Including media roles for each of the four games to suit your kinning needs!] ¡! ❞

↳ ❝ [A double friendly environment! We are also lgbtq+ positive! We also are open for partnerships!] ¡! ❞

↳ ❝ [A safe space for those with triggers along with a blacklist! We do also offer blacklist channels that you can get a role for if you want to talk abt some things that other may find triggering or discomforting. ] ¡! ❞

↳ ❝ [Plenty of bots to use! Including pluralkit for those who have a system. But we also have mudae, danganronpa bots, sheep bot, userphone and etc! ] ¡! ❞

↳ ❝ [Plenty of channels to hang out in, including a makerspace for artists, editors and cosplayers!] ¡! ❞

↳ ❝ [Voice call channels big and small! Along with music channels and a text to speech bot for those with no mic
] ¡! ❞

↳ ❝ [We play plenty of games here and always have someone looking to play something! Games often can include Minecraft, Among us and Identity V! ] ¡! ❞

(;Disclaimer: While we are double friendly we do have a mod that is uncomfortable with other people going by "Kokichi" as their server nickname, its a trigger and gets confusing to them. This is a whole separate issue other than kinning, Ouma kinnies are still welcomed. And lastly though we are also multifandom the fandom Your turn to die is a discomfort for some in our server but please do not fret! We have blacklist channels where you can speak abt it there :))

⊹₊ ⋆ ⊹₊ ⋆ ⊹₊ ⋆ ⊹₊ ⋆ ⊹₊ ⋆

So with that out of the way, why not check us out? We would love to have you here!
Do I look like a reasonable man to you, or a peppermint nightmare?


Welcome to the BOOSH Discord server! This is a fun relaxed server for anything Boosh (share ideas, thoughts, fanworks, cosplay etc) :)
We allow boosh kinnies in this server but if you are a kinnie from a different source and are not a fan then PLEASE do not join

We are a 15 - 25 server, LGBTQ+ friendly and SFW
a server for kin folk to hang out together! we also for systems too! (please if you are joining because you are system, this server is not for endos, please find a different server!)
hello and welcome to kin house!!!
aka the kinnie version of the hype house <3
this server allows just about anything besides mogai related things, racism, homophobia, etc.!!
we have many channels for just about anything, and you may even suggest some!!!
you fuckers can do basically whatever you want here. (please revive this shit)
🚏 Goin' on down to South Park,
gonna have myself a time.
Welcome to South Park!
We are a doubles-friendly South Park kin and introject server. Our server is specifically tailored to those who originate from South Park and look to find canonmates/comfort characters or people that they'd like to talk to about South Park.
🖼️ Goin' on down to South Park,
leave all my woes behind.
We have the following categories:
🚏 The Bus Stop (except it isn't called that) - All for your introductory needs to get started!
🏘️ The Neighborhood (again, not called that) - General chats and talking to people, mostly!
🖼️ The School (...not called that part 3) - Media spams, and generally being very talented!
📺 The TV that Wendy attempts to break for feminism reasons - Talk about South Park!
🚌 Memory Lane (something finally related to the South Park location) - Talk about the memories from your canon, gush about comfort characters, share face claims, and do source/canon calls!
🏘️ Kinnie Street - General kinnie chats for all of your kinnie needs!
🏘️ Introject Boulevard - Introject-specific chats for you and your fellow introjects!
🚌 Heading up to South Park,
gonna see if I can't unwind.
We also have:
- A (reasonable) blacklist
- A color bot (Sheep) for color roles
- PluralKit, SystemTime, and Tupperbox
- Pretty cool staff!
🏘️ Come on down to South Park,
'n' meet some friends of mine.
hi welcome to burger kin may i take your order?

This is a chill kincord, we're still semi under construction and small but we'd really appreciate it if you were to join. c:

-All forms of systems allowed
-doubles discourse? whos she?
-join if you like burgers i guess

burger kin. have it in a way
This is simply a small server made by a couple of kinnies! We hope that if you join that you have fun! Please stay safe!

- This server does NOT accept folks 21 years old and above, we apologize for any inconvenience.

- This server is DOUBLE-FRIENDLY!!!! Please respect any doubles.
Everyone has admin, all you have to do is be respectful. Dont say slurs you cant reclaim and dont be nasty dats all.
Please don't be 18+

You can add bots, change the server name/icon, whatever. Just have fun and be nice.
𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐇𝐚𝐯𝐞 (𝟏) 𝐍𝐞𝐰 𝐌𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞!...

➤ 𝐎𝐩𝐞𝐧?...
☒ yes ☐ no

↳ Are you a kinnie? Want a chance to find people who share sources? Or... Are you just an avid lover of anime and games and would love a place to talk freely about your interests with like-minded people without judgment? Yeah you are, babey! is the right place for you! We offer many things, such as a blacklist where you can submit your own triggers to be added! Along with a community newsletter, written by the mods every other day?

... Still not convinced? We also offer blacklist channels, and blogs?

Oh- what are blogs, you ask? Strap in- you're in for a treat, baby! After filling out a very simple form, you can have your very own channel to yourself! With no one else able to talk in it, you can do things like track your progress, tell us about your day, infodump, or just write random thoughts in it! Make it as pretty or disorganized as you want- because it's YOUR very own channel? Sounds like catch, huh? Well, you're invited to join! Just make sure to read the rules carefully and thoroughly, and you can become a member of That's, join today!

Your dearest admin team...
🌈🌈🌈 WELCOME TO Xx_SC3M0K1DZ_xX!!! 🌈🌈🌈

rhis server is for fellow scemokidz and other alternative genres to join! we have channels for clowns, emos, goths, punks, scemos, scene, and more upon ur request!!

we have a screening process for new members. we are friendly to kinnies and systems, with categories to cater to their needs, such as canon calls, source calls, (pseudo)memories, and more! we also have vent, discourse, rant, and blacklist vent channels!!

we even have a very responsive staff that are ready to cater to ur needs - whether u have a concern with another member, want a pronoun role, or want to add to our blacklist you can talk to us and we'll respond ASAP!!

🌈🌈🌈 so... what are u waiting for?? JOIN Xx_SC3M0K1DZ_xX!! 🌈🌈🌈
〖 Welcome to the Kinnie Muesum of Natural History 〗

We hope you enjoy our many scientific artifacts and exhibits, and have fun during your visit to our museum.

This is a brand new kin server with a natural history theme! Natural history includes all prehistoric life, nature, astronomy, anthropology, etc. This server is otherkin/therian and copinglink friendly! However, we do not accept factkin of any kind.
We've got a lot to offer in here, so join if you're interested.
we're just a random kin server, but we have quite a lot going on.
Hello! This is a safe space for all fictionkin to interact! We just talk, and have fun here, but suggestions to improve the quality are always welcome! This server is run primarily by @Kinnietingzz on Instagram. It's also noteworthy to add that double-related issues must be solved respectfully or simply not mentioned in an offensive way. As well as this, if you consider yourself a spiritual kinnie, please make sure to consider the fact that a lot of people may use 'kin' in a more loose term. Nonetheless, the staff hope you join, so we can all have a great time together! The more, the merrier, as always!
🥂 welcome to the kin house party! —

⠀⠀⠀🎉🎊⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀↳ we're a doubles friendly kin server in hopes of growing giant and hosting all kin-types alike. hope you join and stay a while. you gotta be 13-25 and no factkin! if you're a system/mogai you're fully welcome too! we offer:

- lots of organized channels
- a blacklist for general triggering topics
- plenty of custom roles and custom colors
- game nights!
- canon calls, kin rants, memory discussion, e.t.c
- partnerships
- tons of bots
- a system section
- and more!
cool server for kin and fandom fun time plz come plz join u will enjoy yes awesome
Hi there!
Welcome to a friendly kinnie/hangout server! We have a calm and understanding staff team, which will answer any questions you have.
We’re also:
-Double friendly!
-A happy and healthy community of people you can speak to
-Good place to talk about discourse and your views respectfully
-LGBT friendly!
And much more :), we hope you join!
Welcome to the Kinnie Hotel. We serve all kinds of kinnies here at our lovely little hotel, but Factkin are not allowed past the front gates. We are genuinely small at the moment, but we would like to fix that. We love all systems and have much to offer for everyone. We do hope you enjoy your stay here and we will do our best to appease you. We hope to see you here! - Hotel Management
hi ok so basically this is a fun server to talk abt homestuck and just generally chat :) you dont gotta be into homestuck to join but it IS homestuck based! feel free to join we would love to have you <3
🌱🌻 welcome to kinnie cottage !!! 🌻🌱

we are a brand new kin server that’s open to any and all kintypes (excluding factkin!) !! we are doubles-friendly and welcoming!

what we offer:
× lgbt+ owned and welcoming
× plenty of channels
× a suggestions channel
× self assignable roles
× helpful staff
× friendly members
× system friendly community
× lots more!

feel free to drop in and say hello! our door is always open!
🌾《 Welcome to the village! 》🌾
We’re a safe place for fictionkin, otherkin, systems, fictives, therians, etc!
We offer lots of channels to chat and connect with other kinnies, as well as bots and channels for systems! We also offer various server wide activities, so stay tuned!
We’re sorta small at the moment, but we’re determined to make this a safe and happy place for all those in the community.