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A community focused on the genre of horror as a whole. Movies, TV, Stories, Creepypasta, Art, and more! Stop by pull up a corpse and stay awhile. Come get spooked with us!
5 hours ago
Just a small server, we like to have fun here. Join and choose your character!
10 hours ago
This is a creepypasta based roleplay server where you can choose to be a existing creepypasta or make your own.
6 days ago

Hello! Welcome to Creepypasta Talk & Roleplay. You can be your favorite creepypasta character or create your own! So what are you waiting for! Join the Mansion!
11 days ago
Senbonzakura is inspired by the song Senbonzakura by Hatsune Miku, Everyone can roleplay once this server hits 15+ members
44 days ago
RP as any horror icon you want - Or you could go another route and be a creepypasta character or create a OC.
111 days ago
Welcome to Slender's Mansion, a small, growing community of creepypasta lovers! We host games, events, polls, and so much more! Just want a place to chill where you can get along with people with the same interests? Then this is the place for you, hopefully I see you there!
207 days ago