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Welcome to a friendly new Creepypasta server!
We welcome writers of all kinds <3
We have a wide range of channels, music bot, fun games and other options!
Why wait? Join now!
Creepypasta, urban legends. come on in a roleplay with one of the classics like Jeff the Killer or BEN Drowned, or create your own! Or when you don't roleplay, play with some bots or just chill out, post memes chat with other members and just have a creepy good time Very small but its very welcoming~! Hope to see you~Jace
This is a CreepyPasta Role Play. You can either have your own CreepyPasta OC or you can use a regular CreepyPasta Character. Fun channels! Choose your own role color! And let's not forget Slender :P
Welcome to my server, my name is Master Slendy or some people call me Slender Man. It’s a small server I know I’m just trying to get some members to join me on RP. There’s many Creepypastas to choose from but make sure to choose the right one since that’ll be your character forever and you can’t have more than one but if it’s a OC and it’s not OP you’re good too have one original Creepypasta and three other OCs.
Tired of illiterate roleplay servers? Well, this server is your solution!

Being a fairly new Creepypasta server, literate roleplay is our priority here! Regardless of whether you plan on RPing or not, we are welcoming of all. Feel free to join!
Widely unknown other than being nothing but stories, creepypastas roam the town of Grimsby, Ohio. That was until a strange illness swept through the town causing normal humans to get powers and the ability to see through the veil. This is all part of the plan of the demon, Zalgo. Now normal people have to team up with the pasta monsters to stop him.

-Play as OCs or Creepypasta Canons
-Play as Humans if you wish as well
-Have fun roleplaying with others.
Roleplay to your heart's content here at our server! Vote for any topic you desire, create an oc, make new friends, and have fun!

(new server)
Yo welcome this is a new CP server where you can voice chat, chat, and rp with other CPs. There’s a list of open and taken characters and it’s first come first serve, but you can also be an OC. It’s a pretty chill place to rp and share things so come on in and hang out.
Welcome to our creepy town where monsters lurk everywhere and anything could happen so be careful when you come to our town or you just might disappear or become one of the monsters in our town
In this universe you can be any character going from canon characters to oc characters.
Will you join Slenderman or will your join Zalgo or will you be the one that gets caught in the middle of it all.
- Lots of amazing staff members to help you!
- Lots of active members to rp with you!
- Some member-based decisions!
- Many roles to give out!
Hi and welcome to Creepypasta Rp! This is a roleplay server where you can rp as your favourite 'pastas! Also, you can create your own, unique creepypasta!
Welcome to lovely server call creepypasta/anime its where all the creepypastas and anime lovers join the mansion we also rp ^•^ enjoy
Creepypasta roleplay is a server for anyone who enjoys the world of Creepypasta. Where you can choose your pasta character and venture in the great Creepypasta world. Live the life of your own creepypasta.
join this server if you like roleplaying and creepypasta! you can either make your own character or be an original.
This is a Roblox Myths group, we are very well trained Roblox myths by the best myths remaining; VE_LIUS or VM. Valkyrie Masters.
You can be a counselor, camper, or even a helper!
This RP is for fun, and peaceful.
This server even celebrates holidays, even your birthdays!
Hello! My name is Splendor! I am opening a new world so come join!
Do you like creepypasta? Join.
Do you like roleplay? Join.
Do you like Nsfw? Join.
Slender Mansion has fallen. The Creepypastas are scattered. Zalgo reigns supreme. In the midst of this chaos is you. Work along side others as a canon Creepypasta or an OC! Be a fierce Hunter, tracking down and killing CPs. Be a Survivor on the run from Zalgo and his Hunters. But most important, try to survive, the Aftermath.
Hey there!
This is a BRAND SPANKING NEW roleplay server!
It is based around the horror genre, and will be primarily literate roleplay!
-16+ years old ONLY
-Not an ERP server
-Beginner to Advanced Roleplay

Reminder: this server is only a few days old, so, it’s not super active right now. I’m the only admin, and there will be times where I cannot be there. Wait more than 5 minutes and someone will talk to you, then, surprise! It won’t be so dead anymore when people stick around for a minute!

This is a server for Creepypasta Roleplay! You will be able to pick up to 3 characters and even submit your own to roleplay with! As soon as you get on please consider reading rules ! also I would appreciate no trolling ! Have fun!!