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A server filled with Killers and of course all the bitches of the world. Welcome to Slenderman's Mansion. Hope you don't join fuckers or maybe uhm Slendermans's gonna kill me if I don't make you all Join soooo join assholes. Btw this is Jeff the killer bitches. Just saying you'll regret being he- I mean you will have fun like rainbows and something whatever just join before we track u down ^^

-Jeff the killer
join this server if you
want to live.
This is a CreepyPasta roleplay that is NSFW friendly and we make sure to keep active members!
come on in have some fun, toby and jane are running this joint but yall can come in and chill rp whatever, we accept everyone, we love everyone here
Hello! Welcome To Creepypasta Roleplay!

This is a server where you can rp, meet new people, make ocs, play canon characters and much more!

We support LGBT and we have therapists for our sad kiddos out there!

Currently Hiring new staff! (Max hiring: 3 More staff.)

Active staff!
Creative roleplay!
SFW and NSFW channels!
Fun bots!
And a great experience!

We even host game nights and other events!

Please, come and join the fun!
In this server, you can post: Art, pictures, and videos of Creepypasta~!
You can roleplay and chat with other creepypasta fans~!
Enjoy your stay in this server!!
Creepypasta theme
Little rules
Run by community
NSFW section
Chilled server
Custom Roles
Mainly designed for NSFW

The server is mainly run by the community, we allow custom roles for a set task by the owner and award roles are given out for the contributing users.
The NSFW section has also a channel to share pictures. A role to those that contribute with admin abilities will be given. The only way to advertise your server is to partner up. No requirements just no spamming.
Hello, Welcome to the land of creepypasta we are a smell server and we want some more people you can have a canon or make an oc. You get your own room in the mansion you can meet slender man and have fun with us and roleplay hope I see you there
====================**__{The Night/Day Academy}__**====================

Welcome to the Academy of night and day classes the day and night classes are separated from each other because the day classes are in love with the night classes because the good looking and everything, what will happen if a day class finds out all the night class student's are deadly killers named Creepypastas or Proxy's, will that day class student live or not? find out through your story of roleplaying <3


__**:warning: Violent and blood
:warning: Can get very sexual
:warning: Contains Fowl language**__


**:star2: It's mostly and Active server at certain times of day
:star2: We tend to help alot of people who don't know roleplay really
:star2: Theres barely ant violence in OOC
:star2: We hope everyone is happy**
In this universe you can be any character going from canon characters to oc characters.
Will you join Slenderman or will your join Zalgo or will you be the one that gets caught in the middle of it all. There has also been sighting of husks in the area of the city. These husks are controlled by a being called the necromancer. Will you join the necromancer as a wight or be a wight that's is trying to get out of his control.
It Was Normal for people to just suddenly Vanish if out in the woods at night. Everybody knew that there was Monsters that lived in our world, but nobody expected them to all concentrate to a certain area at once. Yet that's exactly what happened. There were these, Typhoons? Circles? I don't know, they were in the sky tho, but things started to change once they showed up. .once they left the disappearances started happening more frequently, monster’s we had never seen nor heard of began to pop up, people started going insane, Whatever happened, it isn't good. . . I can hear people screaming and running for their lives almost nightly, and it sounds as if someone is beating on my ceiling every time i go to sleep. .It's getting worse and worse each night, Im afraid that one of these nights it's gon- The journal Entry is unreadable past this point, mainly due to being torn and stained with very small amounts of blood
The Mansion is an active Creepypasta roleplay.
We have:
-Custom Color Roles!
-Custom Emotes!
-Custom Map!
-Active Chats and Staff
-Literate Roleplayers

We make sure everyone has a great time and that there is no rudeness or bullying. We are open to suggestions and will soon be looking for staff.
You are welcome to be an OC or an already known CreepyPasta.
We welcome anyone and everyone!
Welcome to the mansion :) ♥
Slender's View

The Changing

"I have seen to be turning more and more human as I kill and kill. It's almost like I'm getting tired of it but no matter. I have gathered a few followers from my travels into the world. The few i have gathered are named Hoodie, Masky, Toby, Jeff, and Sally. I have spotted more from my travels but those are the ones I have found. It's almost like I'm a father to them at this point but they know I'm their master. As of late Zalgo has stopped gathering followers for some reason. Though It must be that he has found someone interesting but I can't tell what he's thinking anymore. Well I think that's it for today." Slender would sigh as he put a bookmark inside of the journal and would slide into his desk drawer which had a lock on it. Once he did he would lock it and out his pen inside a case before laying it on his desk. He then got up from his seat and would walk into the living room where Sally waited for him and would say. "I want to play Slendy!" Slendy would say to her. "Sure but after I make dinner." She smiled and would skip to the kitchen with her teddy in her hands.
A friendly server to all who have Creepypasta kintypes and fictives!
Some feel closer or feel comfort with their CP kintype(s) when roleplaying as that kintype, so we’re here to support that.
Both canon and non-canon characters of all types are accepted!
Open blacklist, loose rules, and inclusive atmosphere!
KINNIES ONLY! Sorry, but due to the amount of non-kin folks joining, I need to add this.
Hello if you are wondering this is a creepypasta Roleplay server. this is a new one as i had to delete my last one with people i called my family. Okay not only is it about roleplay but this server provides NSFW chats and regular chats in general we also have a variety of voice chats. Please do consider joining the family Q^Q it is a decent sized server with lots of channels to go to.
the channels are made with a font and if your computer or phone/tablet cant read them they turn to boxes but i added in the channel topic the name in regular typing if you would like to stay in the server with us.

We allow Oc's
You can play as a main character (like jeff, toby, slender, etc.)
You can have as many characters as you want, just don't over board yourself with them
Relationships are allowed
The server is still very new as i made it May 11th 2019 so it is under construction with problems i don't know that will come and such.
So feel free to join and become apart of Our creepypasta family.
Welcome to No sleep!
Where we read/listen to scary stories.
Send creepypastas and talk about anything horror related!

3am squad! (:
This is a pretty new server so sorry if its dead and not finished
Small community for semi-lit / literate creepypasta and slenderverse roleplayers. Friendly members to hang out with as well.
Welcome to lovely server call creepypasta/anime its where all the creepypastas and anime lovers join the mansion we also rp ^•^ enjoy
Hello, welcome to our server! I'm your admin, Pins! If you're looking for a place where you can RP with both cannon and your OC's, this is a pretty decent place. Please don't forget to read the rules! Thank you!
~Welcome to the Icy Mansion~
~We are happy to meet you!~

-This is an alternate universe so its weird!
-We have Wight's (If you're a fan of Ani)
-We have the Slender Brothers!
-We have a war between Fire and Ice
-We roleplay!
-We make Original Characters
-We also become Cannon characters
-Most importantly we have fun

Hello, this is a small server run by me and my sister. We are a creepypasta rp server, you can make an oc! Although cannon characters aren’t aloud, soRry :(, if you join well, thanks for joining, if you don’t then have a nice day ^^

In this server there are
-multiple chat rooms for art and other things
-a voice chat and botspam for music or talking to others
-many roleplay chat rooms
-everyone gets their own house, if you’d like to share a home with someone, you can!