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Hi and welcome to Creepypasta Rp! This is a roleplay server where you can rp as your favourite 'pastas! Also, you can create your own, unique creepypasta!
join this server if you like roleplaying and creepypasta! you can either make your own character or be an original.
This is a rp chat creepypasta server. You can make your own character or be one of the ones already there. Be who you want and rp the way you want. Or just sit back and chat about whatever. Enjoy bots and music.
Welcome little ones to Vahtek's Haven...this is a roleplay server for everyone ! We accept anyone, no matter your gender, preferences and stuff !

Vahtek is a powerful entity just like the Slenderman and his brothers as he is in need of proxies. Though you can still join the Slenderman or even Zalgo as they are available here. Here, you can have so much fun as we are a family on this server. I hope you'll enjoy your stay :)
Creepypasta, urban legends. come on in a roleplay with one of the classics like Jeff the Killer or BEN Drowned, or create your own! Or when you don't roleplay, play with some bots or just chill out, post memes chat with other members and just have a creepy good time Very small but its very welcoming~! Hope to see you~Jace
A community focused on the genre of horror as a whole. Movies, TV, Stories, Creepypasta, Art, and more! Stop by pull up a corpse and stay awhile. Come get spooked with us!
Operating clandestine and worldwide, the Foundation operates beyond jurisdiction, empowered and entrusted by every major national government with the task of containing anomalous objects, entities, and phenomena. These anomalies pose a significant threat to global security by threatening either physical or psychological harm. Here We Secure, Contain, And Protect.
"Cannon" characters along with Original characters are welcome!
Just a creepypasta roleplay world. Nothing else.
Feel free to explore!
Join if you'd like! c;
We aren't actually a cult dw!! We enjoy making jokes and having fun.
Server for the TSSLCC, an organization of people with a terrible life to come together and joke around as much as they please! Also a wonderful way to get some new friends. We have a youtube channel as well where we post quality content- come in and shitpost with us

--- Ultimate Supreme Leader, Kokichi Ouma.
"The Slender Squad" is a fun, exciting discord server which mixes together two well loved things, Creepypastas and gaming. Our discord is full of family friendly people with the ages consisting of 13-16 although ages can vary. Join our discord today to get greeted by a bunch of other friendly people.
It's a combination of Creepypasta and Undertale Hence the name Creepytale There you can either Be a creepypasta, Au, Undertale original, And be an animatronic from fnaf usually we have fun, Rp, and hangout but if you join I hope you can make a character also if you want to be a character from the UT Game Dm me and I will give you an answer
Also there is Erp too
This server is for those who want to add some extra creepiness to their life.
This is a brand new Creepypasta roleplay server! Here, you can roleplay as your favorite pastas, or your own original characters! We love making new friends and meeting new people, so please come check us out! We are a growing server and we hope you have a great time roleplaying with us!
Hello, and welcome to Storytelling!

Here you can insert stories that you wish to share, but they can't be too long!

You could also just listen to others stories.

We have a few types of genres you'd probably like: Creepypastas/Scary,
Online, Real Life, Made Up, and a few more.

This server is also family friendly, so no bad things!

We would like suggestions as well to improve our experience for the server!

Thank you for taking your time in checking this server, and I hope you enjoy!
This is a normal chat and Creepypasta Roleplay server! If you're interested in the Roleplay part, then the setting is mostly set around the Slender Mansion. It's very laid back but we stress that you must be literate. This server is extremely LGBT friendly (obviously) so be aware of that. If you just want to chat, then that's fine too! Everyone is welcome!
Welcome, to harzenburg. A small town in oregon. Not visited by much. The town has.. "Interesting" activity. This includes people going missing, bodies showing up, some even stripped to the bone, just skeletons. In 2003, it burned down half the city. Theories say, the souls still haunt the half. It was rebuilt ofcorse.
We have:
~Lot's of channels for your RP needs.
-Pretty good 1/5 horror-people ratio
~Friendly community ( For the most part )
-Active staff
~Good template
-NSFW channel
A land of creepypasta's you can be human trying to survive or be a creepypasta that hunt's for prey
ciao vorresti entrare nel FS server

Comunità di giocatori e appassionati di videogames!
Il nostro obiettivo è quello di ingrandire questa community
invitando più gente possibile in modo da stare, giocare, divertirci tutti insieme.​​

👉 Multigaming server

👉 Pokémon role play

👉 Sistema di livellamento

👉 Sistema punti onore

👉 Private rooms

👉 Molti bot con cui divertirti

👉 Creepypasta community

👉 Anime & manga community

👉 Mini games (trivia, akinetor, campo-minato, impiccato, roulette russa, chi è il colpevole, forza 4, tris, pac-man, uno, clockagotchi.)

👉 Wasdit partner server (piattaforma che ti permette di accumulare punti che ti permettono di ottenere gift card e tanto altro stando online nel Feeder squad Server)
Join our Server today and become part of our creepy crew! Although we want a chill atmosphere, be sure to follow the rules and policy's and most importantly have fun!
Just a simple roleplay server that needs making and etc.
Roleplays involve Creepypasta, Ib, Highschool and all that jazz.

Needs -admins and a few helpers to make
Just a small server, we like to have fun here. Join and choose your character!

Hello! Welcome to Creepypasta Talk & Roleplay. You can be your favorite creepypasta character or create your own! So what are you waiting for! Join the Mansion!