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come on in have some fun, toby and jeff are running this joint but yall can come in and chill rp whatever, we accept everyone
Join if you like creepypasta or just horror In general I guess. Whatever floats your boat tbh
Hi and welcome to Creepypasta Rp! This is a roleplay server where you can rp as your favourite 'pastas! Also, you can create your own, unique creepypasta!
This is a world where there are these beings call Creepypasta. They are everywhere. They are in the woods, in abandoned buildings, and even in different realms. They are blood thirsty killers that have no regards for all life, some used to be like us until they got corrupted, killed then recreated, and just plain out turned into demons, There is also the ones that were born as a monster. This world is a kill or be killed world. This is the Creepypasta world. P.s. You can be a human or a Creepypasta
This is a very new, literate, creepypasta roleplay chat! Due to being unhappy with the shape other chats or in, I made this one!

In it, you can play a creepypasta, a marble hornets character, or you can be your own character!

If you join, I ask that you please stay, a group can't form if you all leave.
Oh hello there! This is a server that is trying to grow! Please help!

We have the following:
Here’s a catcher! We have the following roleplay servers, but we can add more:

That’s all folks, please enjoy your day, and make it a bit better by joining and helping us grow!
I don't really know how this works, but I'd like to say that I am making a Slenderverse discord to anyone who is interested in Slenderman type things. I know the fandom is not as popular now, but to those who are interested feel free to join my server! :3
Welcome to Roleplay Family, we have lots of bots and friendly people. We have Koya Bot, Unbelievabot (Work bot), Pokecord. we have a welcome message, leave message and a ban message, and we have color roles. Join us.
love horror? want to get the good characters before other people? join this new creepypasta rp server
Welcome to my server, my name is Master Slendy or some people call me Slender Man. It’s a small server I know I’m just trying to get some members to join me on RP. There’s many Creepypastas to choose from but make sure to choose the right one since that’ll be your character forever and you can’t have more than one but if it’s a OC and it’s not OP you’re good too have one original Creepypasta and three other OCs.
This is a new creepypasta roleplay sever so we don't have many people, you can play a main creepypasta or if you prefer, an OC. We also offer OC character redesigns/redraws. Getting here before other people means you'll have a better chance of playing one of your fav creepypastas!
Creepypasta's world is a Creepypasta themed server, allowing people to use their ocs but pick from canon characters as well. Feel welcomed to come and hang out instead and share memes.
join this server if you like roleplaying and creepypasta! you can either make your own character or be an original.
A Creepypasta Roleplay server ready to be discovered!
This is a server for Creepypasta Roleplay! You will be able to pick up to 3 characters and even submit your own to roleplay with! As soon as you get on please consider reading rules ! also I would appreciate no trolling ! Have fun!!
Comunità di giocatori e appassionati di Anime & Manga e Creepypasta! Il nostro obiettivo è quello di ingrandire questa community invitando più gente possibile in modo da stare, giocare, divertirci tutti insieme.​​

Tante ricompense per chi invita persone nel server
Hey there! This is a server where you can talk about CreepyPasta, create ocs, share stories, and make new friends!

This is a small community, we're looking for new members daily!
Welcome to our little horror corner!

This server was created to provide an enjoyable experience for all individuals interested in roleplaying as your favorite Creepypasta characters, or an oc if you'd prefer!

This server includes:

✔️ Literate Roleplay
✔️Almost 50 roleplay location channels
✔️Many social channels
✔️A suggestions channel, as we want to continue to improve our channel with your suggestions
✔️A NSFW category
✔️A casual atmosphere where you can just hang out

Our server includes an admin staff that, although we do have rules that we follow intensely, are really just a bunch of goofballs. We just want to have a nice, fun place to roleplay with our favorite horror characters.

Here are some lovely quotes from our two current admins, Admin Carmen and Admin Mochi:

"We're like gay sisters" - Admin Carmen
"I swear I'm not as rude as I give off" - Admin Mochi

We hope you enjoy our server!
Hello, This server is all about creepy stuff.
you can share your storys here,write creepypastas or just chat with other people about the paranormal

See ya
You have seem to have stumbled upon an edgy server, what do you do?

1 . Run away at all costs
2 . Join with no hesitation
3 . do 2 but as a special snowflake

whatever you do I will support you.