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Are you tired of your boring sex life? Sad that a girl doesnt share the same kinks and fetishes as you? Well your not coming to the right places. Welcome to the Castle of Sinful Desires! The Castle of Sinful Desires is a new and upcoming brothel where you can make your dreams come true. Come to our address dont be intimidated by the size of our castle. Our castle has a countless amount of floors, and a large amount of rooms to go along with it. Magic is all around our castle so be careful everywhere you go! If you like, Rent out a room for a night of fun. Some over our amenities include a games room to place bets with friends and gamble, a gym to stay fit, a wonderful bar to say hydrated, a large hot tub and many more for you to explore! All that we ask if that you have minimum 3 lines in your messages to keep the roleplay going. Some jobs that we are also looking to fill include: combat trainer, escort, alchemist, potions maker, waitress, enchanter, grounds keeper, dungeon master, and games masger. If this peaks your interest, please follow our link so you can be added to the interview. There you'll fill out a character sheet and accept the rules and we will add you to the main server. Hope you all have a good day and stay freaky! <3. Hope you all have a good day and stay freaky! <3
Join our small but growing ERP/ RP community!

Our first slave for a day auction will be held this Sat. It's the perfect time to come take a peek and find a fun story with us!

We have:
- Caring staff
- Wonderfully talented writers to play with
- Deviant setting that allows for slavery and other kinks
- A kink-positive community
- Regular events to help bring new players in
"Welcome to Aeyvaur, a fantasy style role-play. Want to be a hero? Want to be the villian? Want to be a loner? That you can do that here, enjoy our open world with multiple nation's you can go and visit, a free-form character designer that allows you to make any class, race, magic ability you want, within reason of course. Make friends with the people around you. Enjoy your time here"

Aeyvaur. A server that is large but just opening its eyes on this new world. We encourage player involvement, and over all wish to grow even larger. We want an active community, and one where nobody feels pressured, and everyone feels welcome to talk and converse on varying topics in our lounge in an open and caring environment. We are making not just a server where people can show their creativity and individuality, but a home.

Owner's Word:
Greetings Disboard user, I am the rights holder of the server and one of three community leaders. We are a young and growing world both in play and in community, I welcome the chance to be part of both. This place has a developing player base and a sandbox style world (Within reason that is), we allow players to build and contribute to the world of play and weave together stories of their own. This server is mostly RP based with your basic sever functions, we are a somewhat steampunk setting with a large map to explore. Should there be interest in this server feel free to join and get to know us, staff are expected to be around if needed and leadership as well. Come join us in this vast world if you love to roleplay.
It started with a town simple right? Juno a haven for all types of creatures from all walks of life. It blossomed into an ideology a way of thinking much different from the rest of Gemora. It spread like fire across the land igniting a change in the world that would cast its inhabitants into a new era.

It wasn't the technology that changed but the people, wars that raged for decades seemingly ended in a blink of an eye. A God was born that day one that would bring forth change his name spoken threw out the land as a hero among men. Te'deo lord of destruction king of the shadows. A name that struck fear in the hearts that thought to destroy them.

Now is clam before the storm, if he wakes again... No when he wakes he will seek to destroy whats left... Or maybe he shall glimpse at the world he birthed and see what has occurred in his wake? A new Gemora... A better world? That is for you to decide...

🤗 Friendly staff
✨Unlike any other fantasy server
🎒 Explore the world
▶ Play in you own time or join events
🤖 Different bots even economy ones
🔆 Victorian Steampunk not 100% medieval
This is a continuation on the Juno server but with a few things settled and easier to understand.

Also note to see full server you must agree to rules and have an oc.
The fate of the world is at stake: A dark wizard is amassing an army to take the land, and the only people who have the capability to stop it is the united armies of Swesora, and the students of Cedarion Academy. Will you help save the world from the wizard's reign, or destroy the world?
The world of Karak is a world full of fantasy, magic, and steampunk tech. Come RP and erp in a world full if diversity, fight in a tournament or court a princess. This is a newer server and still a little rough around the edges, if you have any advice upon joining feel free to contact an administrator.
--- Event on April 4th; Invitations are sent out to seemingly random people advertising a dinner party at a rich Lord's estate. However, not all may go perfectly...

The kingdom of Kaltenia is, in general terms, a puppet kingdom. The King himself, King Himrick Hinnler the Coward, is a weak man who only puts on a vise of royalty and leadership when addressing the public. The true ruler are his close circle of advistors, who live in a thin veil of friendliness held up only by alliances and the fear of the kingdom collapsing.

Welcome to the kingdom of Kalenthia! This is a mix of high fantasy and steampunk, with a healthy dusting of racial tensions and the capacity to make a powerful character. This server is very new, as of March 6th- join soon, and join into a world of magic, metal, and a constantly developing story!
Greetings DnD players! Welcome to Paxmond, a City with Steampunk setting! I hope you will have a great time playing and a fun time here! We have homebrew and more! Good for new and experienced players alike!
⚙️ When The Clock Strikes Lore

You are wherever you may be in the present day world, then you decide to open a door. Inside the door is not what you would see normally if you open the door, it leads to somewhere else. Inside you will find/hear a buzz from old lightbulbs and in your sights you will see gears, pipes, and other steampunk items. Once you go in you notice you are in a hallway full of doors, which are of many different shapes and sizes. There are even doors that aren't on the walls! If you try checking another door before going in you will find it leads to the same place, you are trapped with only one escape, the door that leads to The House of Keys. When the clock strikes 8 o'clock you will feel a surge through your body and next thing you will know you will have been changed by this house into a thing of fantasy which includes powers, changes to the body and more! If you look for an escape to this place.. You will find none. Will you find the answers through the works of this House of Keys or will you try escaping the house into the unknown lands outside? Come join us in this steampunk server!

⚙️ What You Will Find In This Server

1. A welcoming staff team who is willing to help you with your character and their development!
2. A small group of active role-players!
3. Many genres of roleplay in one which all connects to the secret lore that you can discover!
4. Events! Many kinds of styles!
5. Organized server which is not too overwhelming and not too underwhelming!

⚙️ Q&A

Q - What Era Is It? A - Present Day, Until you enter the door, then you enter into a Steampunk Universe!
Q - What Are The Races? A - Human until you go to the house of keys then the possibilities are just about endless! At 8 you turn into whatever you want (Within Reason)
Q - Are Monsters Allowed? A - Yes! (After Transformation) You can be just about anything (No OP OCs though)
Q - Will there be combat? A - You can choose to fight if you want but its not a necessity.
Q - Are there any gods? A - No, this is a god free universe!
Q - Is the world building still progressing? A - Yes! The world is still growing and you can help be a part of that!
Q - Is there a map of the house? A - Yes!

⚙️24/7 Link -
Long before magic was unleashed, there were only humans. In each of their respective kingdoms, these humans thrived and prospered with their simple lives, calling it the “Golden Age”. All seemed to be perfect, that is until a powerful and mysterious barrier was broken by a unique force. When this barrier broke, magic, which had never been exposed to humans before, spread to the lands, oceans and sky, causing what became known as “The Flood.” This massive splurge of magical power quickly made its way into the lives of the humans and creatures, mutating and shifting them into new races and species that had never been seen. Now, a year later, people and nature have adjusted to “The Flood”, adding not only new advancements in the societal aspects but the cultural development as well. People, of all the newly created races, have been able to grasp the basic idea of magic, however, not perfect control. Much like the world itself, magic consisted of a few selected elements, all of which have been listed in later scripture. Every person who attempted to use magic was gifted with only a single element to control and was subjected to the weakness of that same element as well. As for the development aspect, the kingdoms developed their own unique cities with the magic that they could control. Races such as the humans and dwarves tended to stray towards engineering and highly mechanical style, while demi-humans and elves strayed deeper into forests and nature, using their little magic to aid their communities. Together, these nations have made choices on their level of involvement, yet this may change as trials and trouble brew in the shadows.
Welcome to a city powered by cum.

18+, Literate Erotic Roleplay
LGBTQ+ and kink friendly

Aeronautica is a city within a Steampunk world, filled with tentacles, airships powered by cum, and abusive factory owners who want nothing more than to enslave every cunt in a city for profit.

Most of the world is wild and untamed. Anyone foolish enough to walk more than a mile from city limits is ruthlessly dragged into the mist by shadowy tendrils to be fucked, broken, and tossed into the deep depths of Limbo. Yet, cities on tall mountains have prospered, far away from the dark forests and beasts, completely supplied by the brave souls who take to the skies.

Who will you become?

Will you make a name for yourself as a war hero? Will you succumb to addiction and get captured by slavers, shipped to the King’s Haven, never to be seen again? Or will your mind be pulled towards the wasteland, too curious for your own good, before being dragged into the pitch-black sands?

Welcome to a city of heroism, slavery, and horror. Welcome to Aeronautica.
We're currently looking to increase our membership to 20 people, so come on in! Suggestions are more than welcome!
Hello! This is a steampunk role play server, where we role play as our oc’s or someone and be placed in a world in which they will meet enemies and allies. You never know what or who you might find in this world of ours! So come join us and find out maybe? Fair warning: we are kinda assholes, also, a lot of shit is allowed
this is another server in the CHAC community! imagine steampunk, laputa and his dark materials combined. if you like the sound of that, this server is perfect for you!
Welcome to a world where humans no longer exist! What happened to them you may ask? Well after finding a new resource the plants and animals decided to start mutating and kill humans. After 200 years who ever didn't die mutated into new many different species and now thousands of years later the new races started to use the new resource to make steampunk like technology. So why not join we have...
- Ancient ruins
- custom races
- Vehicles
- A faction/settlement system
- malfunctioning technology
- and more to come. So join now!
Cognitionis, a land of bleak hope and joyful despair. There is little to say about the land, save that it is madness incarnate. A land of forgotten ancients and modern-day inventors creating weapons of mass destruction to say they have. Life teeters on the edge of chaos and order each day, unsure where the cards may inevitably fall. The Council of eyes watches over the main city of Cognitionis, Qarsoon, with rigid judgment. They are secretive and mysterious, just like the rest of the world. Now creatures from within the depths, creatures of...unspeakable horror have begun taking notice of civilization's progress. These entities have begun setting up their chess boards to see who shall become victorious. As the Forgotten District grows restless as a new leader begins uniting rebels. Long abandoned constructs reactivate with the discovery of emotions. As the woods once more lash out to reject civilization. All chaos and order battle each other. But what horse will you back? And what choices shall you choose to make to help forge the world?
Across the hills and valleys and near the mysterious sea lies a city that stands proudly in the sky. It is a glimmering symbol of power a riches with machines and dragons soaring across the sky. However, not everything is what it seems. With poverty striking the majority of the population and a king who could care less about those without the coin, whispers mention a revolution that could be brewing among the ones suffering under the tyrannical rule. Whether this be true or not, is something only you can find out.

Egostin is a steampunk inspired, 18+, LGBTQ+ friendly community with helpful staff and an immersive story. You can play as a human within three separate tiers (ground, mid, sky) and choose among our extensive list of roles and jobs. With our heavy lore and large community, you will have no issue immersing yourself into the story and digging into the mystery that is Egostin. Hope to see you here and remember -- Long Live the King!
Storm Field. An island taken up in the medieval era, filled with magic, demons, and war galore. Or at least it was that way. The island of Storm Field has grown up since it's past encounters. The great city of Godfree has expanded since the battle of the gate. A war filled with demons, and the more primitive town of Afallean. The most powerful dragon in the world swooping down and having the gate of Godfree coming into ruins.
Since then new people and machinery have popped up. The word of Godfree becoming ever more popular amongst the people of our world. To the point where magic had almost sunk down in popularity, but alas with how often it is used for many things in this world that was bound to never stay that way. Magic once against becoming popular.
How will you become a part of this world? A small civil farmer amongst the town of the great city? Living out as humble as they possibly can? Or will you rise to the top? Becoming gods amongst men for the achievements you've made. Good or bad.
We provide...
~ A custom world, magic, deities, and lore.
~ A unique and diverse set of characters, races, and RP experiences.
~ A helpful, caring staff team dedicated to working with you.

Welcome, dear player, to Storm Field!
Welcome to Project Birb! A brand new take on your typical "RP server"

Combining talented GMs, friendly staff, and engaging lore, we offer many unique opportunities for roleplayers and server partners alike!

Creativity is highly valued; be an OC, your own take on a canon character, or explore the carefully curated systems used for Saiyans, Lanterns, and more! Have an idea? We are always looking for new notions!

Our writing system allows for engaging character dialogue and curated exposition with a focus on dynamic and in-depth characters. We welcome all writing levels to come explore new styles and skills in our friendly community!

Engaging storylines on both large and small scales enable players to craft their own journies, explore GM set plots, and explore the weight of the choices they make as the worlds change around them.

We also offer the exciting and innovative Character Connection Program! On top of normal partnerships, you can connect your server to enable players to traverse between servers with their characters in a well managed and structured system.

With Steampunk, fantasy, and futuristic realms to explore so far, there is much more to come!

Join our passionate and talented community today!
• 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑬𝒎𝒆𝒓𝒂𝒍𝒅 𝑹𝒆𝒂𝒄𝒉 •

A fantasy roleplay that combines both steampunk and medieval themes throughout the world setting.
The Emerald Reach is a vast green land with floating islands, various cities and towns, along with monsters that live throughout it. Either from the land or from the skies, characters can travel across the world to meet new people and make lasting relationships. We are a friendly bunch and are seeking new members!
This server features;

‣ Literate role-players: Members that are able to construct paragraph-style posts with decent grammar and details. We encourage descriptive posts!

‣ Member driven plots: Members can come up with and create events in certain regions outside of important plot events. This includes quests, parties, ceremonies, festivals etc. Large-scale events will need admin permission.

‣ Character design freedom: Your character can be almost whatever you wish so long it resembles a human and stays within reason. [ex: Elves, Orcs, Demons, Fae, Lycans, etc.]

‣ World-Lore: Lore about the world and how it came to be, with various Gods and Goddesses responsible for its creation. New stories and lore are added on occasion and is still vastly growing.

‣ Self roles: Members are allowed to come up with some form of role that their character plays so long as it is within reason.

‣ 16+ for mature language, humor, and situations!

‣ Dedicated role-play.

‣ Chill OOC chat.
The World of Ithea awaits you. In this land there are many countries and regions in this realm but we are focusing on the largest continent, Eozora. There are 5 regions on this continent, Athena's Highlands, Barren Sands, Darovic's Jungle Marshlands, Gallian Valley and Bushana. The three other regions are cut off from Athena's Highlands and Barren Sands because Darovic has a deadly disease going around and the whole Region is quarantined off from the rest, until its cured there is no traveling through the region. You have many choices of what to do in this server if you want to be an Adventurer then you can, you want to be a civilian going through a days work making gold septums then you can, want to make your own clan or join a clan of thieves, bandits and marauders then you can, you get the point. We have many important roles to take up as well if your interested then message the owner about it.

• 18+ age check

• Alot of Kinks are Accepted in this as it is a Fantasy Medieval setting.

• Many Classes/Jobs

• No Forced Races, means you can choose alot of races as long as they aren't winged or godly.

• Important Roles

• Lots of Channels to Rp in.
Yo, je vous présente mon petit serveur de RP participatif, sur ce serveur vous trouverez :
-Du RP participatif (vous pourrez créer des pnjs, des races et même des lieux !)
-Un premier thème de RP (fantasy) ,un autre quand 20 membres seront là (steampunk) et quand on sera 50, un RP pas encore décidé donc venez vite pour voter le thème du prochain RP !
-A part le RP, on a aussi quelques Bots, un système d'expérience et de monnaie et pas mal de salons communauttaires pour vous éclater...

my new steampunk roleplay server, New Avidion, is now open for buisness! Join us in steam-powered shenanigans and come roleplay with us! We'll have a wonderful time! Featuring
-Three different custom races to make characters in
-Custom user-made races allowed
-A complex and interesting storyline featuring eldritch machines, automaton rebellions, undead pirates, and more!
-An inventory system
And much much more down at New Avidion! Join today
Update 1
Added Old Hallow, a western town far out along the railway to the desert. Full of strange creatures, stranger people, and a mysterious structure far out in the dunes.
-9 new RP zones!
-Staff applications now exist!
Update 2
The merfolk update!
Play as one of 4 playable merfolk species, including the Sirens, Deepwater Merfolk, Njuzu, and Selkies
New merfolk channels and merfolk character template coming soon!
No NSFW of any kind

Long ago a forgotten kingdom was ruled by two determined twins, they both wished to have full control of the kingdom themselves however neither was willing to give up their control over the kingdom. Because of this, one twin took half of the kingdom and the other took another part. This led to a divide between the people and the two kingdoms initiating in war.

This war lasted over many years and was ruled by bloodshed and violence. Neither twin would give up, no matter the cost. During the war, their parents became caught in the cross fire and ended up dying. With their last breath they cast a spell to protect both twins.

Somewhere during the war, the ground began to break apart piece by piece, no one paid much attention to it at first however it became apparent that the ground had began to crack where one kingdom ends and the other starts. One day the ground broke completely, this led to one kingdom being risen up into the air by unknown forces. This event is called 'The Rise'.

Years passed and these two kingdoms became what is now known as The Kingdom Of Caelus (Ruled by Queen Kaia) and The Nation of Warbreaker (Ruled by Supreme Leader Markus). These two places lived, linked by one portal, as Caelus was in the air and Warbreaker lived on the magma covered ground. Both places contained one soul source of magic, within Warbreaker life magma became the essence of everything around it, whereas within Caelus life water was the embodiment of magic and kept every creature alive.

However the portal between Warbreaker and Caelus broke, causing a massive earthquake that turned the kingdom to shambles. In the fear, confusion, and chaos, Queen Kaia vanishes, and Vanity steps up to the throne. Vanity puts on the crown and something happens. The new king becomes possessed by the crown, he rules with a terrifying iron fist. Caelus' last hope is the rebellion that is always coming up with plans to take action against the corrupted crown.