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Welcome to Loners! This server is a slice-of-life server focused around cryptids. Feel free to join our community today!

This is a semi-literate to literate server. Loners is LGBTQ+ friendly and welcoming to everyone. Almost any cryptid will be allowed here.


The town of Aria... It's so unsuspecting, nobody would ever expect it to be what it is. The largest cryptid hotspot in the northern hemisphere. I could've sworn I saw something in the woods; everyone tells me to get an actual job. I'll find what I saw. Eventually.

Aria has always been a hotspot for unusual happenings. Cryptids always seemed to be drawn here. The two groups were mostly able to live together in peace. Eventually, humans began to question the cryptids' abilities to live normal lives and cast them out to keep the peace. Those who didn't leave were killed; many were hunted down and slaughtered. Cryptids were largely wiped from the record and passed off as simply legends and myths. However, some cryptids were able to mesh with society well enough to not be noticed, or had never revealed themselves as supernatural. Still, even in this modern day and age, strange sightings and strange occurrences seem to be attracted to the town of Aria.
The world is at war, again, in this modern age.

There are humans that arm their guns and aim to kill what they classify as a threat. They prey to their God to strengthen them in the fight to purge demons that walk what they believe to be their earth, and their earth alone.

Then you have the monsters. Those who are wrongly accused. They are killed because they cannot be explained, because they are seen as a threat.

In Ravenspeak, humans do not reside. A place for monsters to feel at peace. Yet, little do they know of what's coming for them. The humans have advanced their technology enough to rival the monsters, and wish to rid of them.

Join the fight in this world of chaos.

Will you side with the monsters?

Or with the humans?

Choose your side.

We have:
- An Open World 🌏
- Fun Bots 👌
- Friendly People😁
- A non-canon fighting arena👑
And much more!

There is a world where black sludge turns any who fall into it into a monster based on their hopes and dreams. With this sludge spreading across the world, it has pushed humanity to the breaking point. Humans eventually came up with the technology to be able to turn their hopes and dreams into weapons that can combat these abominations.

Join the battle and reclaim our world!

Dream Catcher is a semi-literate RP with its own unique systems. It features a wide variety of monster types and theming.
-29 monsters and counting.
-Wield weapons based on the monsters you slay.
-Lore and a whole database filled with information on the world!
-Database includes details of the monsters and weapons, as well as events.
-Information is always being updated!
-An active VC where there’s always someone talking.
-MH and MH-clone fan-friendly.
-More features to come
A gaming server owned by weiss gaming. We're mostly focused on monster hunter, but there's other content too.
- Every Monster in the MH series to roleplay as!
- Areas from just about every game to explore!
- Elder Dragon Balancing system
- A friendly community
- Monster Hunter strategy discussion
- **shrine of chonk**
- Fun Bots!
- Questing system for currency!
0Music and Voice channels!

**Join Monster Hunter Planet Today!**
Welcome to Mistypeak, home to many species of monsters and creatures!


This world is basically it's own pocket dimension. Paranormal events tend to happen, but the humans mostly joke about it. They don't truly believe these things happen unless they've seen it first hand. It's a mutual understanding between the monsters not to make themselves known and to keep themselves mostly hidden in the society. It's also more modern time, cell phones and tech like that exist. Just no guns please!


They're tons of different species here! Each with their own set of abilities and looks.

1. Vampires
2. Were-creatures
3. Apparitions
4. Genasi
5. Witches/Warlocks
6. Humans
7. Elves
8. Demons
9. Angels
10. Humanoid Creatures
11. Aquatic Monsters


┊What we offer!┊

-A friendly environment where toxicity is unwelcome.
-Accomodating and friendly staff!
-A bunch of channels for you to roleplay in.
-Mee6 levels.
-Server events!
-LGTBQ+ Safe space!


What are you waiting for? Join now and find your destiny!
Oyez, oyez !

Notre académie souhaite offrir à ses élèves chasseurs une formation à la chasse sur une foule d'opus de la série Monster Hunter, et vous faire rencontrer de formidables alliés pour vous aider dans vos quêtes les plus périlleuses.

Vous risquez bien d'arpenter des contrées inattendues...

Alors, qu'est-ce qu'on attend ?
Greetings and welcome to server for all Teratophiles and Furries alike .
NSFW channels
Art channels
RP and ERP channels
Welcome to Monster University! A college campus filled with humans and non-humans alike. Create your own character and attend classes with friends, hit up the mall, watch a movie at the theater, or play some games at the dorm room! It's all up to you!

Want to have an NSFW experience? You can! Want to keep things PG? We have lots of places for that too! Join us and see what its all about!
Welcome to my tight knit, magical werewolf server; where we wear werewolf wares! This is a happy and safe place for werewolf enthusiasts such as yourself, so that you can be around other like minded folks without being judged for enjoying the company of our furry, bi-pedal counterparts! I hope you enjoy being here, and I hope that you feel welcomed. This is a place for adults to be adults, and to discuss adult things, and to relax around other adults. If you love these beastly boys and fangly females, or anything in-between, this is a home for you!

We have:

-Art categories!
-Fun channel names!
-Slightly spoiled memes.
-A love of werewolves.
-A yeen.
- Oreo, vanilla, chocolate chip, strawberry, and caramel flavors.
-Employee of the month.
-Half off Thursdays.
-Saucy Art and saucy topic channels. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-An expired Groupon for a tour of Yosemite.
-A purposeful and maintained lack of children.
-And much more! (Probably)

Awoo, and welcome to the Secret Lycan society. Please enjoy your stay. :)

(Disclaimers: This is an 21+ community, but is not strictly a NSFW community. No petty drama. No soliciting.)
Welcome to Monster Camp !

This is a RP server mostly centered around Monster Prom's sequel, but we have rooms for the regular highschool prom setting. It's a chill server, we really just wanna vibe and RP.

- RP as an OC or a canon character. Pick as many as you want, there's no character limit.
- No activity ban. Really, you can just come over to chill and lurk. RP and get involved whenever you're comfortable.
- More info inside, come take a look !

[ hi yes we literally made this RP server to have fun and survive the quarantine/social distancing ]

Gestroven Academy, School of Monsters and safe haven for the strange. A server dedicated to roleplay in a high school setting as monster or gifted students, teachers, and even citizens of the town. The school itself lies deep in a forest following a dirt road, just off the main roads through Tyosville, a small old western style town nearby, and the City of Aster, a modernized city of lights! All this taking place in Washington state, USA!

A new school year has just begun! So we’re expecting and welcoming tons of transfers, and new students from all walks of life. This AU is a version of real modern day, with changes to the past and present to include to the history of monsters. With such a bright future, many a student is bound for greatness. With a freedom over who you can create, the potential for the future is near limitless, species of monsters are abundant, and imagination can run wild!

[Do be warned, all is not as it seems. Take the time to enjoy the silence while you can. The world always has a way of shifting the balance, and not everyone likes the peaceful light.. After all, the bond between humans and monsters has always been rather…half hearted.]

What we have to offer:

•More than anything, we have a diligent staff team, and relatively sane owner.

•Self assigned roles, and colours

•Straightforward OC approval system

•Flavour bots, music and more

•Custom Character homes

•No time limit on stay without OC
We all simp to signe and all own a collection of monster. Join for giveaways free nitro and boosters get free monster boxes sent to their address!!
"Welcome to the release" he would have an evil grin "what a fine specimen are you a monster or a human?"

The release is a survival rp after monsters of unknown origin took over the world. Human , monsters or even animal you have to find a way to survive and be on the top. Fight others or help other, start a war with a faction or negotiate deals with them, it all your choice. There many things you can be like your greatest nightmare, your favorite animal or your ideal survivor. It's all a chance anyways I think someone needs to talk with you.....

A lot of freedom of creation, a polished rp area, good staff
Not much people, some sad areas

"Send this specimen off" he walks away as you're left on the road
Do you like Monsters and Adventurers?
Do you wanna have your own monster harem or even a partner then this is the server for you! We have a small group of nice and good rp'ers were you can have lot's of fun with. There even is lore...yes you read it correctly LORE! There is stuff constantly being worked on the server and extra content gets added frequently. So if you wanna have your own monster girls or fun adventures in general join us for sure!
Hope to see you soon.

-the admin team
The Discord where people discuss about some pure evil or irredeemably villains. Join for some random tacos :3
Welcome to Layers Between Lives!

This is a server that has monthly giveaways, roleplay events, lots of entertaining bots, tons of fun things to do, roleplay, and a lot of original lore and other exciting content. Though we are only starting out and hope to have this place be more active soon. Join to create a character of your choice and make sure to come and have some fun.
Welcome to Magical Monsters! Here you can be yourself^^ We got bots and fun channels to talk in!
In a world full of people who are scared of you, there is always a place for those of monster heritage to come relax and have fun. This camp is offered to the kids of the monster world to join and experience a fun filled summer with out the worry of humans, or even your parents, to ruin it.

Welcome to Hollow Dawn! A fun filled camp that is offered to monsters of all species to come and relax.
MHXX ( CITRA ONLY ) - International Monster Hunter Citra Discord

Hello, 안녕하세요, Hola, Halo, Olá, Здравствуйте, Bonjour, Guten Tag, こんにちは, 您好, Xin chào, สวัสดีครับ, Buon giorno, Apa kabar, .مرحبًا, 몬헌, 몬스터헌터
A transformation community with an special focus on the monstrous end of the fetish! We have several open roleplay channels as well as places to put your own prompts!
Hi there and Welcome to Vicious Valley! This is an rp server based in a monster universe. Erp is allowed, but only if you are 14+. But if you aren’t into rp, that’s also fine! You’re welcome to come and chat :)
‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍✧;── :: (change name) :: ──; ✧

· · · · · · ·

this is a welcoming fantasy roleplay server
themed community server for everyone!
we are a new, safe and comfy server
we hope we can gain plenty of friendly
members and grow as a community

✧;── :: we can provide :: ──; ✧

· · · · · · ·

🔮 ꒰ · aesthetic server layout

🥀 ꒰ · friendly wholesome growing community

🔮꒰ · cute emotes!

🥀 ꒰ · fun events, activities & giveaways

🔮 ꒰ · admin/mod positions

🥀 ꒰ · support for newer roleplayers

🔮 ꒰ · friendships & partnerships

· · · · · · · ୧ *·˚