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Welcome humans and creatures to Phoenix Drop!
This server is run by QuirkyGamer#6734

It is a thriving community and a joyful place to meet friends and people with the same interests as you and to have a great time

It is a well thought out monster and human high school server. my staff will usually be around to help if not you can always ask me about any questions you have in mind.

I hope to see you all there.

Things we have and will continue to have:
An interesting and dramatic lore!
Your own character arcs!
Active and reliable staff who can help with anything needed.
An active community!
Helpful channels that will be kept up to date!
Welcome to The City of Monsters, more well known as The City of Tadena!
Here is not the best place for the light hearted. This place is full of the supernatural. So humans beware! Or not, your choice.
This server is a friendly community with eager role-players. Everyone is super welcoming and love to help out. This server is always growing and looking for ways to improve and is welcoming to all ages. There are no NSFW channels so if you're looking for that only, we recommend looking somewhere else. All ages are welcome, so don't be afraid and come join in with this thrilling role-play in The City of Monsters/Tadena!
The Midnight Manor, a place where monsters and creatures come to live their lives free from fear of prejudice or pain from cold and uncaring humans. It exists on a separate plane of reality, one ground permanently in the night to accommodate many of the creatures, though each room is tailored to the specific needs of its inhabitants. While the plane it exists on is large enough to be considered its own kingdom, there are few creatures relative to those on Earth aside from monsters that can access this plane. There is flora that thrives in the light from the moon and fauna ripe for a hunt. The magic holding the Midnight Manor stems from a mysterious being's magic, known by most simply as just The Mistress. She is, however, Azara Giadia, the goddess of time. For years now, this castle-called-manor has been the place to go for monsters seeking to escape the prejudice of the world, and to live their lives out in peace.
The year is 1891, and in a rural area outside the town of Tenebris in England sits 'Dr. Jekyll's hospital for the Strange and Unusual.' an old Gothic hospital for all those with 'curses' or 'gifts' depending on your world view. Dr. Jekyll himself is a rather odd man, he keeps to himself in the library or in his own privet office area and lets the nurses and other Doctors take care of the patients here. Some say that hidden inside the walls of the hospital lies monsters the likes of which you have never even imagined, monsters like Vampires, Werewolves, Goblins, Witches and other hideous creatures of the night! the towns folk don't go near the hospital for fear of what lies inside. make your choice! will you be a Doctor? a nurse? a patient? a villager? will you discover all the secrets of the Hospital?
[18+ only] a safe haven for adults looking to explore a nsfw environment for monsters and the like. filled with entertainment bots + self roles to keep the experience unique. dozens of channels for nsfw bots, fan art, and irl lewds. verification process is super easy and private.
This RP heavy server centers around a world where Monsters walk among humans! Though RP isn’t all we have. Monster Mash has everything one could want in an online community, ranging from NSFW channels to MEMES! We except everyone 16 years of age or older!
Welcome to the underground human !
We are a friendly community that loves
roleplay about Undertale.
Our society through beautiful was falling apart. in the end the world fell in to chaos and now had to slowly fix itself, but as a battle was about to happen between 4 tribes they all were swept away and were vanished many years later they were discovered to have made society's and uncovered a secret on this land they found, they were wiped out
The kid of the family grew to be the new leaders forgetting everything they had experiences and most of the land, everyone separated into separate tribes each with its own beliefs
Will YOU be the one to discover the secrets of the sear or will it take you like the others?
Welcome to Silver Oaks! Where monsters and humans with above average abilities are sent so that they can be deemed safe or unsafe for society. Silver Oaks conservatory is located within the beautiful Elshire Woods, a forest filled with monsters who should also probably be in the conservatory itself.
We hope you enjoy your time here, Message a Headmaster or a Professor if you need any help!
"In the beginning before Mankind, a different form of creature walked this Earth. A being of utter darkness and cruelty, only sustaining itself by taking from the land and its lifeblood. Slowly the Earth was dying from the lack of substance, the lack of empathy of an immortal race. And from our dying world, in between its shadows and cobwebs Mankind was given life. Breeding like wildfire, they became a more dominant race. And slowly the Earth regained its strength, but not without a cost. The mortal man became envious of the original being, unaware of their darkness within. Using magic as old as the world itself, Mankind created an even worse evil."
Centuries latter Mankind still knows of the creatures unleashed in the origins of life, but in the form of stories and myth.
The date is 1746 within the Country of Romania, where the unfortunate dwell. In these woods Evil lurks just off the path, waiting in the shadows. Some have learned of the truth of their stories, while others are unaware of the reality in which they live. For Romania is a den of the supernatural, just waiting for someone to wonder off the road.
Fallen from Grace.
A post apocalyptic RP that takes place after 3 bombs struck the United States of America. With original lore, organized servers, and a welcoming community, The Future of BHAF welcomes all.
Pantheon of Elders; Lovecraft wrote about interdimensional horrors that none could possibly imagine, wouldn't you like to be one? Raze hell across earth and build a following amongst humans or traverse the universe and commune with other horrors amongst the stars. The sky isn't even the limit, merely your comprehension.
- Interesting character dynamics, as well as interesting interactions with the cosmos.
- periodic events and other mysteries from beyond the stars.
- high quality and literate roleplay group with a focus on keeping things active and alive.
This is not earth, this is a place unheard of to you, the world your on is changing, monsters try to get over the thousand foot wall surrounding the area, the situation is bad, we had nothing to fight against the monsters, we had to research and develop before making the titans, a robotic suit that gives us humans a fighting chance against the horrors outside, there are people who support the destruction though as well, trying to stop us from controlling the land around us, but we wont let them stop us from out fates, we must fight back, become a titan fighter, work your ways up the ranks, find items, fight against monsters much bigger than you, find a team of people to kill the collasal's when you do defeat one, you will get untold rich's beyond your wildest dreams, legendary weapons, coins, a special thing pertaining to your class, what ever you do decide to choose, this is the land of destruction, wield it to your hand and fight back, this is the revolution of the human race, what will you do to help?
1) No Hate Speech
2) Don't Metagame
3) Don't God Mod
4) Don't Spam
5) Use Common Sense
6) Be Realistic
7) You May Only Kill Another Person's Character With Either Their Consent Or That Of The Staff
8) Don't Bug The Staff
9) Bots Are Only To Be Used In The Designated Channels To Prevent Spam
10) No Time Skips over two hours
11) No Bullshit
12) Don't Be An Asshole
13) Have Fun
14) If you really have to be an insufferable douche atleast make your insults funny
15) Don't PM staff for questions about anything to do with the server unless you have their permission or they ask you to PM them, we have the discussion channel for a reason and we'd appreciate it if you used that instead
16) Unless given permission by the Owners, don't advertise your own servers here. Obviously
17) You could apply for a channel once you've had an active character for at least two weeks
18) To talk IRP (In Roleplay) use "..." for speech
19) To talk OOC (Out of Character) in a roleplay channel use (...)
20) While in RP, specifically when another roleplayer is involved, You are not allowed to edit your roleplay to better your situation e.g. Making yourself win a battle. This rule is only allowed to be broken if you are either correcting a spelling error or fixing a mistake when it comes to an asterix or speech mark
21) Erp? Sure, why not. Keep it in dms be adult about it tho jesus
22) Only sell and buy items in the #bomb-shop #the-shop #melee-shop #gunshop
TAP Outlash is an RP server welcoming anybody who wants to help start growing our server! (The lore will be posted below.) We are currently looking for members but plan on being a fun server. TAP Outlash takes place in North Carolina, you could be any kind of creature from our species list! All you need to do is join, read our template and submit a character. From there everything should be smooth sailing! We hope to see you stop by
~Owner Boop

In 2027, a group of the best scientists from across the United States of America were called to Washington. The president had ordered the group to work together on something called TAP: The Afterworld Project. This project had two parts. The first was supposed to create alternate life forms able to adapt to the world after humans were gone. The second part was to find a way to get human bodies to adapt to the predicted environment of the world after near extinction for humans. The scientists had been working on this project for years, day and night, prepping this project for the years after The Final War. One of the firsts specimens created was called Mimic. This was due to its ability to look like a human but have nearly immeasurable strength and intelligence. Only four years after the project (and Mimic’s creation), it had broken out of its containment cell.
Mimic had broken out all of the other specimens from Part One of TAP. The creatures fled to multiple states across the country. They had only began to feel freedom, but they wanted to live their lives without the worry of humanity wanting to wipe them out. Forty years after the unfortunate break out and failure of TAP, the population in the United States had slowly decreased due to the hundreds of new species Americans have been forced to live with. Vigilantes have created groups to try and eliminate the otherworldly creatures.(edited)
However, Mimic still roams the streets and the population of the Outsiders (the group name for the creatures that escaped TAP) has risen. Despite being less of a threat, they are still being hunted like animals. Some outsiders believe that the humans deserve a punishment worse than death while others want to remain peaceful. Our story takes place in North Carolina. Will you choose to side with the humans and hunt down the Outsiders or join their cause of freedom?
This server is meant for those who feel like being a floof and spending there time cuddling others or feeling loved by other floofs we will always be here if you change your mind but feel free to look inside
*————————————————————**KEEP RUNNING because they aren’t gonna stop chasing you.** Get used to it. The government is corrupt and nothing but the bloodshed interests them as they look down upon their noses at criminals, at the poor people, at the lesser mortals that walk this earth and watching them fight to the death. The worlds so corrupt now that science breeds them, creates them. These demons, those nightmares.... these *Monsters*. You fight. You die. You fight. You survive. You do this for a cause, innocent or not.

You run, and you run, and you run from death.
Keep moving, keep going, like the blood in your veins.
Something to remind you, something to warn you,
Perhaps in the pain, never ending, monster jaws.
Chasing the dawn, running from Dusk, forever alone.
No rules, no boundaries, no sense and no laws.
For the time has come, to give up, to fight.
Inside the arena walls.

We are in our beta stage and brand new! We are hiring staff and looking for people to help create this massive project, it’s built upon the idea of fighting monsters in a dystopian arena.

The thing is, the world was meant to end. Except Apocalypse turned to dystopia and the world kept crumbling. Kept dying. Even though the world keeps spinning, keeps turning, keeps moving, but in a sluggish way, a pained way, giving up? Perhaps the world already knew.

You see, the Rich people own the world now, capturing the monsters that once came out of the research of corrupt science, making a more pleasurable way to exterminate these monsters and those that… well… commoners. It’s a rich mans world.

Mt. St. Hellens is a supervolcano of catastrophic proportions and although it's not actually supposed to erupt any time soon, when the third world war breaks out nothing's off the table. In a strategic move, North Korea pours resources into building a bomb to set off the volcano in a big way, resulting in the largest eruption in history. A nuclear winter sets in and although it's bad everywhere the US sees the worst of it.
With nuclear bombs set off by most developed countries, there's no hope for foreign aid and the United States government collapses. Most people don't survive the first five years and of those who do many develop terminal cancer due to the radiation.
A small portion of the population is immune though, with around 15% of plants, animals and humans being able to metabolize the radiation. It's not much, but it's enough for life to find away.
25 years after the bombs drop, the growing season is short and the winter is harsh.
But just because humans are struggling doesn't mean everything is. Far to the North, strange creatures thrive in the cold, beasts long forgotten to most of humanity. With the spread of the ice comes the spread of their range.
Welcome to the Coldsnap.

This rp offers
-Currency System and OOC Shop
-The Ability to Form Groups
-Semi- Literate Action and Story Based Roleplay
-Watcher Roles for those who aren't interested in playing -Friendly Community

- Colsnap is about to start it's first event, Whiteout! We'll be hosting quests! Event only items! Seasonal enemies! Event Prompts! And more!
-Coldsnap is currently looking for 1 to 2 experienced moderators (please contact me for details) -
Our current group of characters is primarilly male and averages at around 22 years old
The year: 2004. In a rural, highway-side town named Hemnoke, Nebraska, many monsters thought to be from only folklore have been prowling the forests recently and settling themselves into the town's roots. From coffee stores owned by malicious leviathans to a park pond infested by sirens and even a whole bar and grill joint taken over by demons; life in this town is unpredictable.

With undercover arachne and skin-walkers crawling the streets, you never know who's actually what anymore in this little town. Some humans, however, have caught on to these unexplained, hidden monstrosities in their town, and have dedicated their time to tracking these creatures down and exposing or exterminating them.

Which will you be, and how will your life work out in this small town?
We currently provide:
- 16 different races you can play as, each with unique background and traits!
- Your own story-line with other players! Make enemies, make friends, maybe find yourself a lover. Or start a war. Your choice!
- 5 or more characters in RP!
- A friendly community with interactive staff!
..And more!

Even more lore is in development, and we are constantly trying to think of ways to improve. All skill levels are welcome!
The currently playable species include:
⚬ Arachne
⚬ Chuiael
⚬ Demon
⚬ Fairy
⚬ Human
⚬ Jinn
⚬ Kitsune
⚬ Leviathan
⚬ Sarmaree
⚬ Siren
⚬ Skin-walker
⚬ Thunderbird
⚬ Unicorn
⚬ Wendigo
⚬ Yama-yazar
Custom species currently aren't allowed.
Stray into our space of creativity if you so dare! Welcome to Xen Academy. To keep it simple, this is a fantasy school-based roleplay meant to be a playground for rpers to express their creativity within an immersive storyline! Here’s what we offer:

- Respectful, Personable, and Active Staff Team.

- Server Updates.

- Immersive Plot.

- Fair Roleplaying Rules.

- Absolute equality in judgments AKA no admin favor-ship.

- The story is led by the role players, so the plot is as interesting as you make it!

- A literate (Especially Novella Roleplay styles) welcoming server ideally meant for those with prowess in role play, however, we welcome people of all skill to come. Just make sure you keep up!

- OC (Original Character) Only.

- Frequent Events.

-And more!

Make sure you swing by and enjoy your stay. It’s a worthwhile one for sure.
Darklands RP now open! we feature little prebuilt lore but plenty of space for new creatures, groups, species, and all sorts of things! "Our lore system is like Oobleck" I say. why? Because its fluid until people start playing with it. Have fun!

We take inspiration from the SCP universe, cryptids, mythologies, me and my friend's dreams, and whatever people want to introduce to the server!

We will try to be flexible in relation to lore but please keep it related to Cryptids, SCP, Creepy Pasta Monster horror genre of the server!
Ever since an alien ship crashed in Roswell New Mexico, The I.P.D.A. Has covered up the existence of and protected humanity against Aliens, Demons, and Monsters. The agency has created androids and mutants to fight such things.
A road sign has a name that has been pained out and over it it is spray pained "The city of the fallen welcomes all!" as you approach you can feel an odd tingle, but not only to your body, but your very soul... If you listen carefully, you can hear almost as if there was someone breathing... but truly soft like a murmur... Truly this city feels... Unsettling... in every way possible. You notice that dark clouds hang over your head, the weather seems really unnatural... Yet you seem to be drawn to it... As if you can't break away from it...

Hello and welcome!!! This is a discord rp server set actually in a section of hell, the city of the fallen is a possessed place where not only the denizens are devils, sinners, fallen angels and possibly more. The city itself is a living entity... That feeds off the vile energies that come from its citizens... It can give you some powers as well as being very punishing... Also a word to the wise... Don't go into the sewers... Right now it's open joining period! Anyone can join in!