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[A slice of life server set in modern Japan! An alternate universe with more Yokai and more Ninja!]

The world has always speculated whether certain fantastical creatures like phoenixes, unicorns, and dragons have existed. For Japan though, Yokai have become an integral part of society!

Yokai are supernatural entities including Kitsunes, Kappas, and Oni to list a few. They've shifted from malicious and mischievious creatures that held power and control over humans, to their grocery store bagger, their babysitters, and their neighbors! They live hand-in-hand with the people of Japan in present time, though a different sort of tension has rised in Japan. The solution? Ninja.

You have the ability to be an Oni Ninja training to impress her parents, or a Kitsune college student, aspiring to be a teacher at her old high school, or you could even be a simple human in this world! Whatever floats your boat!

Welcome to Fujihidaka City!

Our server prides itself in:
- Friendly and welcoming staff!
- Open to feedback and suggestions!
- Clean and organized server layout!
- Keeping our content 13+ and LGBT safe!
- Offering a wide range of races you can play!
- Making a variety of locations you can roleplay in!

We're a new server and would love for you to come and drop by!
Nature is as beautiful as it is brutal. Dragons are comely as they are cruel. Monstrosities who embody such Nature do well at this stomping ground. Not so tame to lack such crimson thirst or so prudish to suppress their lecherous compulsions, these beasts do not hold the call of the wild so inapt. This place is not intended for the faint of heart.

Dragon characters accepted, other sauropsidian characters like saurians or mythical avians are considered at the Dragon’s Haunt herein. The goal is to explore what these great beasts would value and do as sapient, inquisitive beings that evolved with their natural gifts; less about each player chasing their selfish fantasy. Such is the nature of the beast.

🔴 Moderated by a callus staff of tyrants
🚷 Non-humanoid characters only
🔞 18+ only, depictions of extreme violence and sensuality
🔴 Casual RP allowed in most community category w/o character approval, separate channel for carnal play
🔴 Long-term “canon” role play category w/ character approval, explicit events integrated in scene
🔇 Silent spectators allowed - implore a mod for viewing access
Supernatural creatures and hunters have been fighting for as long as anyone can remember. The hunters being the people who have been raised or have to choose to carry out the job of finding and killing any and every creature with supernatural abilities. The creatures themselves, however, are a much more diverse group. From Angels, to Vampires, to Shapeshifters, each one is different. Some creatures do everything they can to resist their natural urge to attack or eat humans, while some go all in with it. The issue with this being that hunters aren’t very...lenient with the creatures who try to resist their nature. They see them all as monsters who deserve to be tortured and killed. However, there are those who only hunt the ones who hurt others. With only themselves to trust in a world of monsters, it’s a war with so many different fronts. Which side will you take?

Disclaimer: This server does not follow the plot of the TV series Supernatural. It shares the basics of the show, but nothing else.

We also have-
•A fun and diverse community
•People in many different fandoms
•Places to share your art and stories

――――――― ☾•☽ ―――――――

Welcome to Irisia, a land of wonder and beauty, where life centers around survival, adventure, and ensuring the continuation of your species. Many types of people and creatures call this land their home, so when you venture out into the wilderness, hoping to dominate all in your path, be careful not to be dominated yourself...

――――――― ☾•☽ ―――――――

What do we have to offer?

♜ 〛Brand new server!
♜ 〛Free-for-all RP; create any kind of character you want!
♜ 〛An open lore that gives you a lot of freedom!
♜ 〛Most kinks are welcome!
♜ 〛Super hot, monster-on-human ERP?!

――――――― ☾•☽ ―――――――

Join today and see what the world of Irisia has to offer you!
Size: Space Sojourns chronicles the adventures of a gigantic starship and it's passengers. Various planets and space destinations will be visited as we travel across the kinky universe, and those locations will serve as the basis for roleplay channels.

SSS sets itself apart from other giantess servers via two main factors.
Firstly with it's culture of open communication.
Secondly, roleplay channels and their contents will be appraised and then erased every few weeks as we travel to a new location, with some content being archieved in the hall of fame by the Curators.
Welcome to the Fernsby Zoos and Museums! On the Atlantic Ocean where the Fernsby Archipelago resides, many large buildings help display strange things such as very advanced machines and unique creatures.
We have:
- Friendly Staff
- Unlimited Amount of Characters You Can Have
- Almost No Limits When It Comes To Making Characters
- 13+ can join!
- A Bot-Run Gift Shop!
- And More Stuff Soon!

We hope that you come and check the server out since we are pretty new.
Come to the "Monster Town" and enjoy the sights, sounds and people. There is a multitude of places you can come and hang out in, not just inside of roleplay, but outside of it, too! There is a variety of different people and monsters you can meet, so come and expand your horizons, and your palette!

Note: The server is 17+, and there is bound to be lewd stuff here, so if you don't like lewd, don't join, dude.
Welcome to our Mystic Islands, traveler. What was once lost has come back again in a new remaster! Our scene starts on the floating island of Polybridge, well in an alternate dimension of course. (2020) It's set in modern cities with modern technology. The gods have returned and taken back their place as the rulers of the islands. Everyone is welcome in these islands: demons, monsters, hybrids, and humans, oh my! Come on down to have a good time, here in the Mystic Islands.

There are 4 cities that house Polybridge, with over 40+ channels that you can roleplay in!

We also include:
-Custom Bot Commands / Music
-Hobby Channels + Venting Channel
-Special Lore
-OC Housing

We are semi-literate and literate roleplay friendly!
Welcome to the Endirinn ór times
Here, you can become a Norse god if any sorts, as long as your literature skills are decent and roleplay as them. You don't need to be exact with their personality and appearance. Though it is suggested to choose an appropriate appearance for them
Here we offer:
~ᛤ~A variety of gods/goddesses, plus different options if you don't want to play as one of the gods. So we have valkyries, humans, other monsters, and of course the selected warriors that join the halls of Valhalla.
~ᛤ~ ERP if you are into that stuff
~ᛤ~ Looking for staff
~ᛤ~ LGBTQ+ safe place
~ᛤ~ Friendly members
~ᛤ~ Plenty of gods to choose from
So come and join the fun as whatever you please!
It should have been a relaxing vacation. But it turns into something way more than anyone could have expected...

When a small cruise ship crashes near the little known island in the Bermuda Triangle, the passengers on board barely make it to shore. But what they don't know is that thier fight for survival will end up being far more difficult and dangerous than they could have imagined.

Deeper inland, the seemingly uninhabitated island comes to life with fearsome and frightening creatures either thought extinct or made up. Vampires, werewolves, and other monsters lurk in shadows, and the nightmare becomes all too real.

With no immediate means of escape, and no one to help them but each other, and in a desperate race against time, the group of castaways must find a way out of this island...or die trying.

The monsters are real. Valmira.
There was a time where humans didn’t have to hide. We were free to be who we were without any fear. Now the pages have turned. We constantly have to move, lie and pretend we are one of them, in hopes we don’t get turned. It is a war in numbers, the humans are the tools. Weapons for Vampires, Werewolves....all sorts of creatures that where once just stories. No-one knows how this feud begun, for it has occurred for many centuries. But it used to be only the monsters verses each other, then somehow humans got into the mix causing our numbers to dwindle fast and few are worthy of knowing our secret. They become our friends, allies, and our cover. They help us hide but sometimes their instinct comes in, then our lives change and we become one of them. Are you one that survived...or are you one that was turned and now included in the hunt?
-friendly community and staff
-dice system
-staff options
this server is based on the kind of monsters you see in Monster Munsume. Though stuff like vampires are allowed, that’s what this server was made exactly for.

Long ago, monsters and man had a war for the ages.
But when man won, monsters were forced underground, into hiding from the world for centuries.
They formed a civilization, known as the Den of Monsters.
They live in peace, hiding from the world and the terrible humans.
Some humans wander too far underground and end up trapped underground in this world, some killed by monsters, some adopted like a pet, etc.

All fetishes are welcome, including stuff like vore and futa, but they are not always done, so if you don’t like those things, you don’t have to do it.

This is a new server, and my first attempt at making one at all, but it's focused around monsters like Lamias/Nagas, Arachnes, and other sorts of mythical beings and them lewding each other or humans.
That means you can play as either monster or human.

Welcome to... 💋 LUXURIA.

We are an E/RP server that takes place within a 5-star multidimensional hotel; Luxuria.
We are currently a small server with a very chill and welcoming community that is eager to grow! So join us fellow sinners and live out your wildest, darkest, filthiest of fantasies!
Rise through the ranks and become a fully fledged demon!

〔 🎀 〕⨟ Our hotel services and amenities are...

➺ 🔞 strictly 18+ only!
➺ 🌈 LGBTQIA+/furry/anime friendly!
➺ ✨ FANDOM/OCs accepted!
➺ 🎉 hosts in character/out of character events!
➺ 😈 locked channels for verified members only!
➺ 👾 fun interactive bots such as yui, tatsumaki, pokécord, etc!
➺ 📸 has various media sharing channels for our members!
➺ 💖 open to partnerships with similar ERP servers!
A brand new city rp full of monsters, mythical creatures and everything in-between! (And yes, humans are allowed)

Nixmouth is a city set in South England and we would be happy to have you come and join us and find out more about the lore. There is erp or normal rp (erp is completely optional!).

We are aiming to have a wide variety of races, factions and characters. Things may get a little mature, so we suggest people be 16+ when they join.
There are monsters in this world, secret from society and under threat. Monster hunters get close on the monster's trail, that was until Count Dracula himself changed his very own castle. Into a secret school fo the youth of monsters.

Dr Victor Frankenstein has gone missing, he was the only human with in depth knowledge of monsters, even making some himself.

There are however one esteemed bloodline, one that has created a monster hunting society under their name so large that they're all simply referred to by said family name, the Van Hellsing's.

All while the youth grow, the world is shifting as a monster vs human war brews under the surface of society.

But kick back, relax and continue your years at school student, it's the last place you'll ever relax


We are a new server that is accepting of many things, if you join we hope you have fun!
The gifted cities is a RP server focused on letting you RP as you wish

We have minimal rules only the basics for now

We have multiple channels and areas to look around in

Multi national memebers

Zero discrimination on what you wish to RP as

A chill owner and staff

As you go more stories and events will appear, mold your experience to how you wish.

Mineral city is a bustling business city full of places to visit and buy from

Sunlight city is a beautiful tourist attraction and vacation spot

Demon city a place full of crime and degenerative themes also a sinister group resides within its walls

Mount Nazo a place where the impossible is everyday including magic and monsters of all kinds and backgrounds

the school is open to all ages and abilities, human or magical creature it doesn't matter as long as you don't cause trouble for the headmaster you are welcome

Finally the prison, a place for high risk super powered bad guys or just your everyday criminal

Note more cool channels have been added
since making this disboard (。•̀ᴗ-)✧(◠‿◕)
From bosses, dungeons to brewing potions. From fighting glorious monsters to building your own home...

The Desert of Rahantoy formed due to little precipitation in the entire continent. Living conditions are hostile for both plant and animal life. There is a very huge lack of vegetation, however, certain regions of Rahantoy holds enough vegetation to supply most of the unlivable continent. As you think, Rahantoy is quite uninhabitable, so there are not many inhabitants here. Rahantoy holds about 24,600 civils around the entire continent. Due to this, Rahantoy has not had the chance for nations to form yet, only small livable spaces near the oasises. Rahantoy does not have many oasises, but ones that exist are very inhabited and are the best place to live in.
Everyone has their reason for entering the woods. Perhaps it was the thrill of entering a place no one has ever escaped from? Maybe the rumors exciting impulses within your starved body? Or, could it be, you wanted a place you could fit in with all of the other wretches and beasts? A land of perpetual anarchy, the Township of Candle Light is an isolated village hidden deep within The Forest of Debauchery. Filled with crime and corruption, but no one dares leave it for fear of the beings stalking outside its protective walls. The forest is endless, with no exit, and always seem to creep toward twilight the further one wanders into its dark expanse.

Will you attempt to maintain your dignity, or submit to urges no one can truly resist?~

╔═══*.·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·.*═══╗
❀ We are a completely new server looking for RPers experienced and new to join us!
❀ We have friendly staff, and we are always looking for more help!
❀ We want to create a safe space for everyone, no matter race, sexuality, or gender!
❀ Why don't you come on so we can corrupt you a little?~
╚═══*.·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·.*═══╝
🗡This is a horror rp! Here is our lore!🗡========================================================
⚰In the darkness, of a small town. A old one to be a fact, it has never seen light. Since It is always dark, screams and evil laughter can be heard from afar. The creatures that live here, are brutal and will kill anyone. The sun is never out, only the moon. Will you be able to thrive and survive. Or will you be just another victim. Time will tell but your life is ticking away, who knows what can happen. All we know is... It's not a movie nor a book.. this is real life.. And the killers, they are coming.⚰
🍀=a fun and welcoming sever=🍀
🎆=a nice and fair owner=🎆
🎉=art memes and more!=🎊
✴=powers and even creatures of sort!=✴
🥀🌺Why not come and join us? It's to die for...🌺🥀
Looking for a fun, trans-inclusive, horror and fantasy themed hangout? Join the Den of Mischief!
Hey, are you looking for a world of monsters and humans? A world where humans live in fear of being eaten or train to take down the monsters? A world where monsters live in hiding or eat every human they can find?

Then you're in luck, woop woop, hell yeah!
The server has a friendly staff, lovely community and lots of fun robots to play with. Including the wide variety of role play channels for your character to run wild in.

We can't wait to meet you, so join quick and take a dive in the world of the Monsters Lair!
“Alright. About 27 years ago, Monsters were freed from the underground. Everything was fine and dandy, until a new king rose to power in the kingdom of Alakinar by killing the old one and his family. That was about 10 years ago. 9 years ago, That new king, who only went by *King Androxus* Began a conquest to take over the world. About 7 years ago, he arrived here. His final stop. And he’s been stuck here ever since. ‘Cause we put up a helluva fight. The humans and monsters here never got along, at least until the war hit here. Now, it’s the maridia kingdom of humans, and the Dreemurr kingdom of monsters that are all that stand between Captivity and Freedom.”


Welcome to War!tale. An AU set well after Undertale’s True Pacifist run, it explores a war between Humans and monsters for the second time. We have a friendly community, and a completely unique role play setting!
In a kingdom known as The Galatea Empire, where there are fairies, elves, Orcs and the Royal Dragon Family that rules above all being decent of the Dragoness Amitaya the dragon of Order, Peace, and Harmony who died 1,000’s of years ago by the sealed away Manic King of Shadows. Now the Kingdom of Galatea is ruled by a ruthless emperor named Emperor Kan, the conqueror. He takes over and expands enslaving those who obey and kill those who resist. Nothing is too low for this man as he created the strongest military in the world. Through his time of rule, Emperor Kan brought an era of survival, monster hunting, arena events for the promise of fame or glory, slavery for those who are his enemy. However, a new generation is on the rise of change…


Misfits of Fortune is an original Fantasy world roleplay set in The planet of the Verina environment that varies with jungles, forests, swamps, sea, and grasslands. Mostly as the equator has Deserts as the polar have terrifying cold tundras however most the world is jungles, forest, swamps, and grasslands. The main setting is in the Empire of Galatea which is one of the Biggest countries in Verina which has all these environments to travel. This is a brand - new server with an amazing community as The Misfits of Fortune have taken months of work, re-work and long hours of revising. But, without the assistance of Members of the group chat would not be where it is today. So, I thank them very much for all the help they have contributed to The Misfits of Fortune roleplay. As well as creating this powerful community where we can communicate, problem-solve, and most importantly have a swell time making everlasting friendships.

We have extensive original lore, Orginal monsters to hunt and secret locations, Clans & Cults to join, and amazing Magic system which leaves room creativity for new spells and forms of casting, while keeping things balanced overall.

We’re currently seeking adventures to come to join our ongoing story. In an era where the survival of the fittest will you survive? Would you rise the ranks of the military? Live a life in slavery? Or try to help shape the future of the new monarch. The story is in your hands what path will you choose?

... So if any of this sounds interesting to you, come check us out, and jump into this evergrowing empire!

A warning: this server contains mature themes. While we are not NSFW, violence, horror, and dark storylines are not uncommon. Age 15+ recommended, join at your own discretion.