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**Welcome Students to Raven High School!**
You have been accepted to our huge boarding school for Humans, Robots, Cyborgs, Aliens, Anthros/Furries, and Monsters.

We have:
- Nice Teachers
- An Excellent Curriculum
- Great Students
- Always improving

*Please study hard, follow the rules, and listen to the staff!*

Join us today!
A monster hunter/god eater inspired original story where you take on the role of a dream catcher and kill monsters, called Caligins.

tl:dr The role play puts you into a world that is being consumed by black sludge called Ichor and monsters are emerging. Humanity took the sludge and injected into humans and created the Dream Catchers. This way people can make weapons that can defeat the Caligins.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a black sludge has consumed forty percent of the world. Monsters, that emerge from the sludge, have been wreaking havoc on humanity and pushing them to the brink of destruction. These events lead humanity to create the Dream Catchers. Humans that were given the power of the monsters to fight back.
-Friendly community that is still growing
-A great number of channels.
-A plethora of monsters and more to come
-Wield weapons based on the monsters you slay.
-Lore and a whole database filled with information on the world!
-Database includes details of the monsters and weapons, as well as events.
-A slew of events planned.
-Information is always being updated!
-An active VC where there’s always someone talking. Probably.
-Totally MH and MH-clone fan-friendly.
-An ever changing world based on the players
-More features to come

This is a new server!
This server will be edited and be amazing
This is a roleplay server
This is a roleplay for the game monster prom!
Come join if you would like!
This whole thing is basically a private high school... but with monsters. It gets lit.

Staff Members:
Kasey Harrison - Principal, Werewolf
Tyler Winthrop "Winnie" Berenstein - Health/Gym Teacher, Werebear
Takuya [Redacted] - History Teacher, Witch
- Science Teacher, Mad Scientist (Taken)
Orion MacManus - English Teacher, Banshee
Maximus Zoraith - Math Teacher, Alien
Amon - Guidance Counselor, Wizard
This server is where monsters finally feel free to express themselves and properly go to high school to become whoever they want to be.

Students Left: ???/24
Hybrids Left: 3/4
Human Spot: Open
Event 1: First Day
This is the first day of attendance. This is also the first day this school will ever be in session. Monsters deserve to go to school like everyone else...
Welcome to the town of Wolf Cavern, a strange town you and your family moved into. Strange things have been happening, Humans and monsters live together in harmony. But Murders have been happening around the city. Humans have been getting scared for their lives and thinking it was monsters. Now you are here with your family, you moved here to have a new life. But maybe that's not what you expected? Find Out who you'll be, and how you'll save you're self from this conflict of monsters and humans? Will you make peace with them?
[18+ only] tons of emotes, irl lewds, nsfw bots, hentai, trivia, et cetera.

a safe haven for adults looking to explore a nsfw environment for monsters and the like. filled with entertainment bots + self roles to keep the experience unique. verification process is super easy and private.
It's a place of fun and RP with some Erp just don't go over board with it join and help up grow!
Shadow academy RP

Still growing rp community still looking for members and staff. All monsters are allowed because we are all monsters. Our staff are very friendly and we plan large even in which you can have chances to show of your own characters. We have rich lore that can be contributed too.
Scappoose, Nebraska. A not one but two stoplight town surrounded by the woods and cornfields of Nebraska, USA. The type of town where once the kids leave for college, they don't come back. A slow-paced, highway-side secluded rural paradise (if that's what you wanna call it) that only serves as a rest stop to weary highway drivers.

Yet the supernatural presence in Scappoose may be higher than any town in the United States of America.

No one would ever expect such a little town to hold so many twisted secrets, which is why Scappoose is what it is. But, what /is/ Scappoose? Why has there been a sudden influx of alleged demon possessions, Wendigo sightings, murders and disappearances that detectives can't trace the roots of? And, by golly above all, what on God's green Earth is with the radio signals around here?

To answer these questions, one must look deep into the lore of Scappoose. No, not what you can find in the town library, but what you can gather from the eerie monuments scattered across Scappoose's forests, the bones that just keep piling up in Scappoose's cornfields, and the stories told by the eldest of the town's patrons.

But while the humans are scrambling to find out what's going on in their janky little country oasis, the town's hungry monster population are also agitated and caught up in their own mystery. What is this thing calling to them from deep inside the Earth, and how can they silence its infernal voice?


We welcome you with open arms to Terrae Clamoribus, NE! A server where you can play as either a human or a supernatural beast to explore an odd small town with an ancient dark secret. With currently 11 playable diverse monster races, an original plot, a heap of locations for you to roleplay in as you please, and countless opportunities for nonsensical antics to ensue, we're a friendly place that encourages detail, fun, and creativity all around!
It's a place where monsters Humans and demons exist together but not always In peace

It's the year 20XX, 5 years have passed and the legendary heroes of light have moved onto university. Asriel has returned back to hometown to his mother's house until he could find a home. Basically, everyone has grown... If they were young I mean. See how life is going in the world of Deltarune, 5 years later.
Come join! We have a welcoming community, bots, and more! If you want to roleplay with us, you can gladly do so. If you just want to talk with people, that's fine too. We're also making a game out of this exact rp and Looking for some people that know the following-
(3) Spriters
(1) Musician
(5) Helpers
(1) Artist
If you can do any of these, please notify the Owner or the Developer, Frisky. Thank you!
“We’re people too.”

What we have in the server!
•A primary School
•A highschool
•A University
•Mythical creatures!
•Magical Powers!
•Academy(to fight monsters!)
•No humans ;)
•LGBT+ Friendly
•Different types of bad monsters (npc) Categorized as “The Cravers”!
•And more! Join to find out
>>Keep reading to find out more<<
Creatures roam the streets, big and small. Some may think of it as a horror movie, scary and as if you will die. But the monsters are friendly, creatures civilized and living as humans just like you and me! The Force fights off all bad creatures, making it safe for the new and friendly monsters. Kids going to school and adults going to work, all friendly creatures have a place here.

K join plz 😂
Pantheon of Elders; Lovecraft wrote about interdimensional horrors that none could possibly imagine, wouldn't you like to be one? Raze hell across earth and build a following amongst humans or traverse the universe and commune with other horrors amongst the stars. The sky isn't even the limit, merely your comprehension.
- Interesting character dynamics, as well as interesting interactions with the cosmos.
- periodic events and other mysteries from beyond the stars.
- high quality and literate roleplay group with a focus on keeping things active and alive.
After the world ended thirty years ago Humans had to learn to survive, some have what it takes others don't, if you wanna fight the monsters, join the settlement, Humans will be resilient.
Hello! This is Divided By Nature

Divided by Nature is a Sci-Fi/fantasy roleplay server. The setting is within the walls of a city known as Donum, far away from human civilization. Within it's walls are a subspecies of humans known as Kinetics, humans with telekinetic powers that range from telekinesis to spatial manipulation. In this world, you either live life normally, or fight for your freedom peacefully, or with violence. Choose your side and forge your path.

We welcome other species as well, whether they are human hybrids or from another world entirely.

Anyone can join in. We are a respectful and welcoming.

We also include:
•Art sharing/learning/help
•Character creation/help
•Voice Chatting/Singing
•Rp learning/help
•Nsfw (Private/ask)
•Other RPs

Simple rules to follow:
•No Disrespectful acts torwards one another or myself
•No art stealing or reposting (I will guarantee you'll be damaged severly)
•No Drama, keep a positive enviroment
•Please use the appropriate tags for the subjects you are posting
•Please respect sexualities of people's ocs.
•No Nsfw, only in any channels that are appropriately made for it.
•Please be aware that I am not good with Discord so please be patient.
•Please read the info and study your power.
•No Godmodding or Power controling.
A ever spreading, rapidly evolving biomass believed to be a rogue bioweapon has taken over the world. Bringing most living things, and organic matter under its control. Corrupted people within the cities, animals in the wild, mutant bees, and much, much more.
Come and join us, and explore the Corrupted lands

Ever since an alien ship crashed in Roswell New Mexico, The I.P.D.A. Has covered up the existence of and protected humanity against Aliens, Demons, and Monsters. The agency has created androids and mutants to fight such things.
The year is 1690, when the first snowfall came, people were stun it hasn’t snowed for years. Once it came it didn’t stop as the ground was covered inches deep in snow, panic rose as people started to died off from the cold, and disease. It seem to be never ending blizzard as humanity tried so desperately to survive. That’s when creatures that could only come from a horrifying nightmare could be seen from inside the blizzard. They would kill anyone in their sights at violent speeds, humanity was at its breaking point, as they tried to find a explanation, thinking that maybe some witch hex them or that they angered the gods in someway. Humanities numbers keep dwindling, as all hope seem to be lost, until some people started to develop powers. People thought they were the cause of the problems, unleashing god’s wrath on them for doing witchcraft calling them ‘maledictus’ Or the cursed ones. If one was thought of being a Maledictus then they would be taken to court, being put on trail. If they were found guilty they would be sentenced to death or depending on the age will be cleansed. Two years have passed now for trails to start popping up, people getting executed left or right some Maledictus, and some were innocent. The numbers started to drop more as they keep trying to find the root of the problem, do you have what it takes to survive in this world.

-Be warned there might be gore and other heavy subjects like execution.
In 2020,Bellum was found. Soon afterwards, the infection began and Servants began to spread due to insects and humans alike. A hundred years ago(2030),when the governments were falling apart, a war began over Bellum. Many wanted to harness the power while others wanted to destroy it completely. Bellum was like a new drug and it ended up spreading like wildfire. The war only ended when the first Lord appeared and ended up destroying the Flores Islands. Now, the Bellum War has caused many developments.
`————————————————————**KEEP RUNNING because they aren’t gonna stop chasing you.** Get used to it. The government is corrupt and nothing but the bloodshed interests them as they look down upon their noses at criminals, at the poor people, at the lesser mortals that walk this earth and watching them fight to the death. The worlds so corrupt now that science breeds them, creates them. These demons, those nightmares.... these *Monsters*. You fight. You die. You fight. You survive. You do this for a cause, innocent or not.`

`Trust me, life isn’t fair right now. Hasn’t been since it was meant to end. A simple science experiment gone wrong... that’s all it had been. World leaders had given up, replaced by the power hungry executioners that we know today. We live wrong, we breath wrong, we eat wrong... you get found out.`

`Too many monsters in the world, turning it bloodthirsty, the Executioners sending out rewards to those that could catch these demons and bring them back. Back to the arena. Yeah, the world is still ending, just slowly and painfully. First turning into a dystopia. `

`There’s criminals, criminals and their innocent families removed from the streets and dumped in the concentration camp, one by one being transported to the arena, where monster and humans would battle to the death. No escape, not that people haven’t tried of course.`

`So I lay down the foundations now. It’s hell, the simplest things could get you a front row ticket in front of a monsters gaping maw, inside that arena. The rich or the immune leering up from above in the stands. Happy in their own little blood painted paradise.`

`It was better when the world ended.`
A world in darkness run by the undead. Vampires roam the night. The council of 13 rule over the unified vampires.