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The land of the living is not safe for all creatures, especially monsters. A group of powerful beings came together and created a town safe for all beings. In the middle of the town is Underground High, which is the biggest building for miles, and is almost as tall as the Eiffel Tower. Students of all backgrounds come here to learn about different elements and life as they couldn't anywhere else.

Underground High School is a fun roleplay server that is just starting out, and we would love to have you!

Some of our perks are:
❧ 13+ only
❧ Colorful Roles
❧ Friendly staff
❧ In-depth template
❧ Many bots
❧ Partnerships
❧ Original setting
❧ Claimable dorms
Over the past many decades mankind has been the top of the food chain, but all of this has dramatically changed. People are going missing and towns are being abandoned, something is terribly wrong. Evolution, Natural Disasters, and Genetic Experiments has formed the deadliest creations mankind has ever seen. These creations are easily climbing to the top of the food chain, killing many humans and destroying their populations. The survivors of this “Vorepocalypse” have now developed a Sanctuary, free of all destruction and disaster, for now. Unfortunately, the thousands of monsters left are still lurking outside the Sanctuary, waiting for their moment to retake what is ours. It is your job to venture outside and help the community, or fight these monsters yourself. Do you really have what it takes, or will you just be a meal for the next monster?

Welcome to the Vorepocalypse,this server is still a wip but that doesn't mean you cant have fun here
-we allow all types of rp styles,literature or not
-wide variety of characters you can meet
-we allow anyone,no matter your gender,race,sexuality, or even kinks,all is welcomed as long as you're nice
-a world that is constantly growing so you can explore to your heart's content,face new challenges and monsters or find new tasty snacks~

(Active Roleplayers Needed)
1000 years ago there was a battle between gods on this land. Or at least that is what is told is what happened for the land to become a decimated wastelands. All we know for certain is that created the world we live in now. A world of monsters. They live among us, in the world and are hunted because that is their fate. The world was dark, the world had become too familiar with the concept of hunting things not human...until that day.

A mysterious man would float on top of the original decimated lands and he looked to the gathered monsters like a god looking to his creations. "THOSE OF YOU THAT HAVE SURVIVED THE EXECUTIONS AND THE WRONG DOINGS OF THOSE HUMANS! I WELCOME YOU!"

He raised his hands and the earth itself rose and created a town in moments, building a place that was made for the well-being of monsters and the supernatural. "Some of us are beyond saving..." The man spoke as the town competed itself. "And I beg of you...My citizens to show no mercy to them." The man then began to turn to stone in the center of the town. "This is my gift to you all." He said and he raised his hand to the sky. "Live." He then turned into stone completely, his body indestructible to all things and from his hand shot out a ball of light that shot into the sky and created a dome around it, hiding the town from the human world.

Another hundred years have passed and the barrier failed two years ago.

-An Open World!
-Fun bots!
-Friendly People!
And much more!
A reality of many, the Roleplaying kingdom has many realities inside of its self from pokemon to cats, become one at your will!

we also have pokecord if your into that

possible roleplays
-warrior cats
-wings of fire
-harry potter stuff

the realities only rarely collide (mainly if like one of us admins is like OP and all of the realities have to team up)
It is the summer of 1999. The world may seem normal at a glance, but under the perfections of modern Britain lay ancient horrors from a bygone time, blending in with humanity. Vampires, werewolves, witches, and more roam among us, this is their story.
The King is dead and the realm is up for grabs!

With the death of High King Bran, the kingdom of Renegoth has once again fallen into dismay. The 7 Jarldoms that make up Renegoth have splintered and now face an age of perpetual war as each Jarl stakes their claim to the throne. The mountains hold both ancient ruins and the last of the dwarven strongholds while the across the seas wealthy coastal kingdoms are ripe with plunder. Yet beyond the Anvil mountains to the south a powerful rival grows impatient.
[18+ only] tons of emotes, irl lewds, nsfw bots, hentai, trivia, et cetera.

a safe haven for adults looking to explore a nsfw environment for monsters and the like. filled with entertainment bots + self roles to keep the experience unique. verification process is super easy and private.
Monsters Haven, that's what they called it, it as a place where those who could control a Monster are brought to learn, not to dominate the monsters under their will, but to work with them, to be their partners, these monsters of course, are something everyone has, but the powerful ones are rare, there are the users that have somewhat combat applicable monsters these users are called Spielers their monsters are called Siegers there is one thing every Spieler should know, their Seigers are the ones that choose their partner, and as easily as choosing their Spielers they can leave them, then they leave a mark, one that tells the others of their kind that this Spieler can not be trusted, After a decade of remodeling and reconfiguration, the campus is ready for you, so come, find your partner, and fight for good
This is a Server about Area 51, it's a fairly alright server once you get use to it. The staff is generally nice people.

Welcome to Sunset City, a place for humans and monsters alike. After wars and conflicts, the city is finally at a neutral.

Here, we offer,

★ An LGBTQ+ friendly community
★ Hobby chats
★ A good staff team
★ Open to any suggestions
★ Dice roll RP system
★ Fun bots

Based off the great Witcher Pen & Paper RPG, we seek to let our players have as much freedom as we can give. The Witcher is an expansive World with tons of Lore, and we feel we've been able to capture that with our many Channels and Categories dedicated to specific locations, each having their own Monsters, Culture, and Quests. Races Include; Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Witchers. Classes Include; Bard, Craftsman, Criminal, Doctor, Mage, Man at Arms, Merchant, Priest, and finally Witcher.
We hope you join!
You are monster hunters in training. You have been sent to a camp for the summer to further your training, but one morning... One morning you wake to find that all the camp counselors are gone. It is just the trainees. They have been left to fend for themselves against the monsters of the night.
Pantheon of Elders; Lovecraft wrote about interdimensional horrors that none could possibly imagine, wouldn't you like to be one? Raze hell across earth and build a following amongst humans or traverse the universe and commune with other horrors amongst the stars. The sky isn't even the limit, merely your comprehension.
- Interesting character dynamics, as well as interesting interactions with the cosmos.
- periodic events and other mysteries from beyond the stars.
- high quality and literate roleplay group with a focus on keeping things active and alive.
Scappoose, Nebraska. A not one but two stoplight town surrounded by the woods and cornfields of Nebraska, USA. The type of town where once the kids leave for college, they don't come back. A slow-paced, highway-side secluded rural paradise (if that's what you wanna call it) that only serves as a rest stop to weary highway drivers.

Yet the supernatural presence in Scappoose may be higher than any town in the United States of America.

No one would ever expect such a little town to hold so many twisted secrets, which is why Scappoose is what it is. But, what /is/ Scappoose? Why has there been a sudden influx of alleged demon possessions, Wendigo sightings, murders and disappearances that detectives can't trace the roots of? And, by golly above all, what on God's green Earth is with the radio signals around here?

To answer these questions, one must look deep into the lore of Scappoose. No, not what you can find in the town library, but what you can gather from the eerie monuments scattered across Scappoose's forests, the bones that just keep piling up in Scappoose's cornfields, and the stories told by the eldest of the town's patrons.

But while the humans are scrambling to find out what's going on in their janky little country oasis, the town's hungry monster population are also agitated and caught up in their own mystery. What is this thing calling to them from deep inside the Earth, and how can they silence its infernal voice?


We welcome you with open arms to Terrae Clamoribus, NE! A server where you can play as either a human or a supernatural beast to explore an odd small town with an ancient dark secret. With currently 11 playable diverse monster races, an original plot, a heap of locations for you to roleplay in as you please, and countless opportunities for nonsensical antics to ensue, we're a friendly place that encourages detail, fun, and creativity all around!
Now it is 141 years after the bombs had been dropped and while The Changed have formed many different groups and factions amongst themselves in what used to be the city of Asheville, two main groups have emerged as the main players in the city and surrounding areas. One taking up refuge in a school which they’ve made their camp, and the other centralized in a hospital. The Changed residing in the school are known as The Tar Heels, and the ones in the hospital are known as New Hope. Of course many other mini factions have popped up around the city such as raiders, traders, slavers, and sometimes just small towns cling together either trying to gain what power they can or just survive. The New America Alliance has slowly started to come down from their mountain bunkers in search of food and resources as their supplies are starting to dwindle. Most people on the surface still don’t know much about them yet.

Come join this new server with many roles, friendly mods and a good community. We look to have fun Roleplaying in a mature setting and get to know people.

Date: 01/ ██/20██


Located in the town of Sutralis, █▓██, we have many rooms from the starting rent price of █▓▒. Comes with free parking in provided underground space, as well as easy access to the rest of Sutralis. Each unit comes with

in a lovely forest, with a park and combined school, as well as plenty of job opportunities. It's a place with lots of history and job availability, so come
Please call ▒▒▓▓▒▒▓▒░ and ask to speak with Landlord ▒▒▒░░
Hello, friend.

Every night

The wheel of fate shAll turn

The inhabitants of this wretched plaCe

Shall show their truest face

TraNsform Into creaTures unknown

welcomE themselves

To the Nightshift.
This server is based on the Transylvania movie but with some editions , it is an RP server in which you make your "monstrous character" and enjoy role playing to the fullest , Hope i find you there !
Hey there! Tired of not being able to spread your creativity in servers that won't allow you to because of all of the complication, and because of the fear of being "over powered?" Well, come join in here! In this server, there's a (giant) lore behind this server, and there's a lot of friendly folk here.

We accept all kinds of role players, such as non-literate, semi-literate, and the literate people. In this server, it takes place in the year 2132, where Humans have completely given up on Earth by then. Instead, they start taking drugs, start smoking, and/or even start drinking in order to distract themselves from the unhealthy state of the Earth. Also, they have enslaved creatures to make them fight against each other for an amusing kind of entertainment... But, there is some hope, for some groups or even individuals are trying their best to help the Earth, and save abused creatures. Some people to enroll their creatures to fight may also treat them well...

So yeah, I guess that's a weirdly-put summary, but hopefully you'll come join the fun!
Welcome To The Fantasy Realm! This server is all about living in a fantasy world called Coalthor. Create an amazing character, level him/her up, and become the fantasy master. Do you have what it takes to become a great and powerful wizard? A strong and solid barbarian? Maybe a masterful and cunning rogue? We'll see what you all are capable of in The Fantasy Realm! This server is a rich, wonderful Discord Roleplay server that anyone would enjoy!
Welcome to Godzilla’s realm, it’s still a very new server based on the Godzilla franchise. Centered around having fun and discussing the Godzilla monsters and their mythology. As well as up coming movies and such.

We need new members for the server to become more fun and a better place to hangout, so please consider joining!
At first there was nothing, nothing but the Empty. In the Empty came two celestial forces, The Light and The Darkness. The Light was a force of warmth and creation. The Darkness a form of Chaos and Destruction. To Vanquish the Darkness The Light Created five Archangels. Michael,Lucifer,Raphael,Gabriel, and Azreal. While the Darkness created an army of Vicious beasts known as Leviathan's. Together the Archangels fought against the Leviathans and then locked away The Darkness in the deepest part of the Empty. The Light then created the Universe adding in it Planets, Stars, and Galaxies, but it felt unfilled so he created the Pagan Gods. Together the Pagan Gods Colonized a Planet Known as Earth transforming the land to suit their needs. It was then The Light had an Idea creating Heaven as a home for his Archangels. The Light then Created thousands of other Angels to serve him leaving the Archangels in charge of teaching them right from wrong.

The Pagans soon began to create species of lesser beings as well such as Nymphs, Vampires, Werewolves, Gorgons, Trolls ect. However while this was going on The Light was Working on his own Project Called Humanity Creating Adam and Eve and letting them live down in heaven's Garden, Eden

The Light then Told The Host of heaven (All the Archangels and Angels) to Serve Mankind and Love them More then they did their creator. Lucifer Apposed and all the Angels who stood with him were cast out of heaven as well becoming the Fallen Angels and Lucifer's army. The Light created Hell to serve as a Prison to These Traitors. It was Here Lucifer Created the First Dragon

It was years after the fall and Adam and Eve had grown bored in Eden, Lucifer took the Weakness and pounced and as a snake convinced Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, However The Light, Now known as God Found out and Cast Adam and Eve to Earth where the Pagan Gods had been Living, Lucifer taking this as a win snuck back into the depths of hell

Years had Passed and Adam and Eve had Many children, some of which began the Practice of Worshiping Pagan gods while others stuck with their parents worshiping the light. However some of their children had also began to sin and when the time of their death came they entered hell Becoming The very first Demons, as their humanity was stripped away through all the Torture the very first of these Demons being Lilith now Known as the Queen of Hell
It is now the modern-day and Gods, Monsters, Angels, and Demons are Very Real but hidden from the Human Eye

-Active Members and Staff
-Ongoing Story
-Satan is the owner so just join
Welcome to the lewd land of paradise a server focused around a city in a barren wasteland. Around this city is a force field protecting it from the barren wasteland where monster lay rest. Will you find true love in this city or leave to explore or even maybe when the force field is down find yourself face to face with a horny monster.
Camp Yggdrasil was founded twenty years prior by the goddess of Earth, Sif. In order to train living demigods to fight during Ragnarok, she created a camp hidden in Europe. However, their training was disturbed when more and more giants began appearing all across Europe. Will you join the fight to push back Ragnarok, or should the world finally slip into chaos?
The year is 2028, and the scientists at NASA’s lab of space object detection are working hard to identify a new threat that is to come to earth in an approximate 20 hours, will it be a threat or be another dud that the internet hypes up? Will you be a survivor of a horrid realization, or be another body to add to the count of billions?

We are new and still growing, so it would help if anyone would come in and help support. please and/or thank you.