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18+ Only!

A Roleplay Server Based around the Game Monster Prom!

Welcome to Spooky High school, where Safety, Learning, and Common sense are all cast aside for the ability to take your Favorite Monster to Prom!
There are Many students to Be, Meet, Greet, and most of all, Date!
And we're also accepting New Students Daily!
So come Join the One highschool where Logic never existed Since 1XXX
It's the year 20XX, 5 years have passed and the legendary heroes of light have moved onto university. Asriel has returned back to hometown to his mother's house until he could find a home. Basically, everyone has grown... If they were young I mean. See how life is going in the world of Deltarune, 5 years later.
Come join! We have a welcoming community, bots, and more! If you want to roleplay with us, you can gladly do so. If you just want to talk with people, that's fine too. Just a regular Deltarune rping community.
Welcome to Hextian University, an RP server about a monster university. Although it is currently small, we hope to grow with the help of others!
Have you ever wanted to relive high school years?
Have you ever wanted to pretend you were popular? (we're on discord what's the chances of not needing to pretend)
Have you ever wanted to make out with a monster?
If yes, this server is for you! Complete with;
Bots to mess around with
A (hopefully) non toxic community
Getting into fake relationships online while pretending to be a civilised monster with other people pretending to be civilised monsters since you'll probably never get a significant other irl
and lots more!
maybe seduce a succubus, party with a harpy, or sit by a campfire with a vampire
so, if the idea of making out/going to high school with monsters interests you, then go ahead and fekin join already!
This is a barely starting out server so it's not as active as most. Fair warning you won't be able to see anything since you need a role.

Divided by Nature is a Sci-Fi/fantasy roleplay server. The setting is within the walls of a city known as Donum, far away from human civilization. Within it's walls are a subspecies of humans known as Kinetics, humans with telekinetic powers that range from telekinesis to spatial manipulation. In this world, you either live life normally, or fight for your freedom peacefully, or with violence. Choose your side and forge your path.

We welcome other species as well, whether they are human hybrids or from another world entirely.

Anyone can join in. We are a respectful and welcoming.

•No Disrespectful acts torwards one another or myself
•No art stealing or reposting (I will guarantee you'll be damaged severly)
•No Drama, keep a positive enviroment
•Please use the appropriate tags for the subjects you are posting
•Please respect sexualities of people's ocs.
•No Nsfw, only in any channels that are appropriately made for it.
•Please be aware that I am not good with Discord so please be patient.
•Please read the info and study your power.
•No Godmodding or Power controling.
Monster academy RP

The War of the five kings, grand wizard and the grand alpha against the demon king.

The world was once nothing but the shadows created 4 curses and 4 beings these 8 creations caused great fear through out the world until humanity reached over 1 billion at which point the demon king called a summit of the 8 great creations spirits, ghouls, giants, goblins, magic users, vampires, werewolves and demons.

At the summit the king of the demons wished to lower humanities population but all disagreed with especially the magic users, giants and vampires. At this point the seven leaders left the summit which caused the great anger demon king to declare war against the seven leaders because he saw this as betraying the shadows that created them so he called upon open war with members of the demons attacking and destroying the other creations. Until the 7 leaders created a grand alliance with this demons were being pushed back to a different world. They forced the demons to retreat back to their home territory which forced the 7 leader into a draw with all attempts of conquering the world failing. Until they found a Ally with the sister of the king who got the grand wizard into the palace of the demon king and seal his power into a stone.

After this The demon queen allowed the other creations to live and thrive with in her world with the majority of them being giants. After the war, the leaders decided to create a school for their descendants so that they would keep a permanent alliance with each other made with friendship instead of a forced situation of war.
After seven people revolution which made it so that positions were given by skill and achievements not by having the same grandparents! But the School said they would only allow the best of the best to enter either you either have great power, strength or intelligence.

Still growing rp community still looking for members and staff. All monsters are allowed because we are all monsters.
Welcome to Fantasy RP!
We have many things for you such like many roleplay channels, oc maker, musical channels and such members to talk with.
If you have a problem with something, don't be scared to ping me.

You can choose the side, humans or monsters. Humans and monsters live in peace too, but there is only one predator and predator can be only the creator. She is very evil don't go close to her!
[18+ only] a safe haven for adults looking to explore a nsfw environment for monsters and the like. filled with entertainment bots + self roles to keep the experience unique. dozens of channels for nsfw bots, fan art, and irl lewds. verification process is super easy and private.
The year is 1690, when the first snowfall came, people were stun it hasn’t snowed for years. Once it came it didn’t stop as the ground was covered inches deep in snow, panic rose as people started to died off from the cold, and disease. It seem to be never ending blizzard as humanity tried so desperately to survive. That’s when creatures that could only come from a horrifying nightmare could be seen from inside the blizzard. They would kill anyone in their sights at violent speeds, humanity was at its breaking point, as they tried to find a explanation, thinking that maybe some witch hex them or that they angered the gods in someway. Humanities numbers keep dwindling, as all hope seem to be lost, until some people started to develop powers. People thought they were the cause of the problems, unleashing god’s wrath on them for doing witchcraft calling them ‘maledictus’ Or the cursed ones. If one was thought of being a Maledictus then they would be taken to court, being put on trail. If they were found guilty they would be sentenced to death or depending on the age will be cleansed. Two years have passed now for trails to start popping up, people getting executed left or right some Maledictus, and some were innocent. The numbers started to drop more as they keep trying to find the root of the problem, do you have what it takes to survive in this world.

-Be warned there might be gore and other heavy subjects like execution.
The King is dead and the realm is up for grabs!

With the death of High King Bran, the kingdom of Renegoth has once again fallen into dismay. The 7 Jarldoms that make up Renegoth have splintered and now face an age of perpetual war as each Jarl stakes their claim to the throne. The mountains hold both ancient ruins and the last of the dwarven strongholds while the across the seas wealthy coastal kingdoms are ripe with plunder. Yet beyond the Anvil mountains to the south a powerful rival grows impatient.
Pantheon of Elders; Lovecraft wrote about interdimensional horrors that none could possibly imagine, wouldn't you like to be one? Raze hell across earth and build a following amongst humans or traverse the universe and commune with other horrors amongst the stars. The sky isn't even the limit, merely your comprehension.
- Interesting character dynamics, as well as interesting interactions with the cosmos.
- periodic events and other mysteries from beyond the stars.
- high quality and literate roleplay group with a focus on keeping things active and alive.
There was a time when creatures & humans were coexisting on the earth. After being forced into the Undercity, some of these creatures are fighting back.

Meet Miami: Monster & Mortals, a roleplay server with a “homebrew” universe for supernatural & human interaction!
Miami: Monster & Mortals is a universe where humans & creatures lived together, until humans realized that their friends were really demons, vampires, werewolves, and creatures they didn’t even know existed. Humans had the majority sent from the Upperworld (Earth) to the Undercity (Hell). This was until Azazel, a devil, cut through the Veil (a protection for the supernatural to not be seen by humans). With this cut between worlds, more creatures followed Azazel’s path, quite literally, in the hole he made. As more creatures rose, gangs, alliances, police, and unaligned supernatural things have formed.

About the server:
We have dedicated categories to the alignments you can chose! There are gangs for drugs, guns, and more!
We allow any creature that doesn’t break server rules; you can create your own creature!
You can join the police force as a human or creature!
We also have the following:
- Events
- Job opportunities with in-server payment
- The option of nsfw channels, erp and ooc alike, for those who are age approved!
Join the fun & chaos in Miami: Monster & Mortals
Astoria the Drow Capital Kingdom of the world of GMH, the Drows are a mainly Female Dominant race that control spiders, they are closely allied to the Muranasan species and value their arcane arts connected to the spider demons and gods.

(Please be Daily members, follow the rules and respect the staff)
Welcome To
- Anime Monsters Academy
Rules to follow
♡♡♡ ♡♡♡ ♡♡♡ ♡♡♡

1. No swearing or innapropriate language
2. No Bullying or being mean
3. Do not be racist or Homophobic to others
4. Please do not theaten
5. Treat others with respect
6. Do not Contantly bug or @ the Staff and Owners
7. Do not constantly Skip the music that the Rythm Bot is playing
8. Please do not send NSFW or extreme gore
9. Please chat or send things in the respective channels
10. Do not come onto this to stalk on others or to find romance
11. To not agrivate or tigger anyone
12. Please to not pester Admin, Modertator or Staff
13. The Monster Princpal is a role for the owners do not ask for it
14. No Spamming
15. No Hate Speech
16. No Command Spam
17. No Blank Or Hurtful Names
18. No Begging For Roles
19. No Faking about being a higher role
20. No trolling
21. No memes
22. Post stuff in the right channels
23. No DMING staff/Admin/Moderators/Owners Unless it's something important or your a friend
24. No giving out real names/numbers etc.
25. Do not abuse the bots power
26. No advertising links/Groups etc.
27. No spam DMING
28. No drama in the server
29. No doing sexual stuff on the server only in DMS
30. No being toxic
31. No posting hurtful things
32. No faking about being friends
Welcome to Silver Oaks! Where monsters and humans with above average abilities are sent so that they can be deemed safe or unsafe for society. Silver Oaks conservatory is located within the beautiful Elshire Woods, a forest filled with monsters who should also probably be in the conservatory itself.
We hope you enjoy your time here, Message a Headmaster or a Professor if you need any help!
Do whatever I'm still working on it but it should be done vary soon
18+ ONLY / LGBT FRIENDLY. An adult server for monster, alien and robot artists!
Welcome all monsters and humans!
You have been invited into a program for a school called Monster Mash University, this is the first school in America that allows monsters and humans to go to school together without being any sort of segregation. There are special dorms for different species so that way everyone can be at their most comfortable, sirens having small pools of their own and the larger monsters such as golems or Cyclops.
This school offers 100% free tuition because we do understand that many monsters do not have the money to be able to go to school thanks to how cruel the current world is toward them. Food and board will be covered by the school and the fundraisers that we hold to make sure every monster and human has a place to call their own. We welcome all species and are willing to make the necessary modifications so that way you will be able to come to our school too.
Welcome all to MMU.
Clover Vyne

This server has plenty of friendly members, attentive staff, and it is LGBT+ friendly.
It began when we had to dig deeper. Earthquakes and ruptures became more violent as it happened, but it didn't seem like a problem to us. It stayed beneath the surface and didn't affect us, so who cared? We needed these things. Metals, jewels, stones, we convinced ourself it was important enough that we could ruin the Earth for it.

It kept going even after the warning signs forced the leaders of the world to put a stop to mantle drilling. Something rocked the surface from beneath. There were millions of theories as to what it was.

None of them were right.

When the Apex emerged, none of humanity was prepared. Those the beasts didn't immediately tear through committed suicide from the things they heard, the things the Apex seemed to say. It took only a few days for much of the population to die off due to the eruption of the Apex. And to make it worse, nobody could even describe what they looked like.

It's hard to survive their attacks. You cannot listen, you cannot look, and you cannot speak. Looking at or hearing them will put you under their control. And you will end up drowning yourself, and trying to take as many with you as you can, loved ones or otherwise.

A new era of humanity began thanks to our greed. And now it's our fault they're back to reclaim the earth for themselves.
The title is pretty self-explanatory. It's a monster hunter rp.
Thousands of years ago god sent angels to earth to protect man from the demons that threatened to harm them... but what if some of those angels fell and became the very demons god came to fear...? For the first time in centuries high ranking angels fell and became the most feared demons in Tharavia, they destroyed cities, countries, and eventually they rules Tharavia, they used demons from low ranking Thralls to high ranking Horsemen to make sure humans stayed in line, anyone who went against them was ripped apart but eventually a group of angels and demons came together and chose to fight this great evil... so tell me will you be an angel or a demon?
Just a server for people who like vampires, werewolves, classic monster, and horror to converse and have fun.