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⋈ Welcome to Monarch Godzilla, a public server for people over the ages of 13 to discuss about Godzilla and other Kaiju films out there! This server is run by Dorat himself and all is welcomed no matter who you are. ⋈

⋈ The server offers a lot of fun activities with welcoming members.
This includes: Weekly Movie Nights, a variety of bots you can use, 200+ members here to have a good and welcoming discussion with you, self assign roles, 200 emojis, and more. ⋈

⋈ There's a lot more stuff you can discover when joining monarch, if you have any questions ask Dorat#9000. ⋈

Hey mates this is a brand new first time sever and I am looking for some Mods/Admins to help build this community.)

Mioora is a great and magic-filled country divided between three nations the Mages, Knight, and the Monsters. The Mages are Scholars of the land they seek to recover the old history of this place and find whatever secrets lie below. They perform tests and trials on beasts and other humanoids so they can become stronger in their Arcana ways. Once I have gained power controlled the land they'll strip all knowledge from the lesser humanoids that cannot even perform the simplest of spells and use them as cattle to perform their experiments on. The Knights are the defenders of Mioora they believe in protecting the humanoids from the Mages and Monsters so they can have a safe haven to live in. The Knights use their old tomes given to by the gods to enchant their armor and weapons so they may defend against what they believed to be evils of Mioora. Vanquish these evils from the lands they plan to restore Mioora to its former glory. The Monsters are nothing but magically infused humanoids I have taken on a different shape than their fellow brethren and for that, they have been outcasted. Their land has been deprived of resources because of the Mages using their land as a testing facility and the Knights been slaughtering the animals and beasts of their lands so now they have no food or water to go on. Because of this, they are resorting to stealing and robbing from other humanoids what's the monsters are getting tired of these ways they believe they should own this land has been deprived of them because of their looks. Once they burn down the other nations they rebuild a new Monster Utopia and if any other humanoids that have ever betrayed them they shall be enslaved. Each god favors each nation however they cannot interfere directly to help them so what they have done is taken humans from their past lives and brought them here to be Spawned into this world so they may fight for whatever Nation they choose. Who will you decide to fight for we will join your party to help you conquer the other nations or will you perhaps try to make peace between the three the choice is yours.
An unusual summer camp and an estranged folktale.

Time reigns peacefully around this sleepy camp, humans and demi-humans alike wandering around with little more drama than the occasional couple's quarrel. Of course, now it is different.

Strange properties have begun to surround the town and it's people, and an old story told to the youngsters of the camp began to explode in popularity. A monster, a very powerful monster. One who could bend the wills of those people enchanted by its mind altering abilties. Panic spreads, much like a plant growing its roots. And with those roots, the curious, adventurous, and greedy arrive.

You will be taking part in this hopeless battle will you band together and cleverly defeat the beast of these woods? Or will you fall flat on your face, and into the various inanities that await? Or... maybe you're cocky enough to believe you can take them on your own? Hahaha~ Whatever the ending, this tale will be very interesting...
Welcome to the (Unofficial) Discord server for all My Singing Monsters content! You could head over to #msm-help if you have just got started, or head to #general-island to talk about, well, anything!
"When the ancients awoke we thought they were the monsters..but it was us all along"

Drums of the apocalypse echo to all 4 corners of the Earth! Welcome to Daikaiju:DoA
A refreshed rp server with a new take and original story + lore set in a dark world where Kaiju are on the losing side in a battle against their own. Humans and corporations have managed to Tether Kaiju like puppets, with every day it's another fight for survival as the Earth continues to suffer.
Choose your faction and fight for them on an Earth where all is lost and there is nothing left to lose.

Semi literate Kaiju rp server that requires you to write at least 3 lines of rp
Monsters aliens & robots more on the lady side but also the rest, We are more In character focus & fun then a lewd hub.

Just a outcast server based off a horrible one with a helping Second Life OC creation and crew RP group
The Hollows of Haven


Welcome to Haven!

   A theme built around mythical and folklore creatures, living in a sanctuary that was founded to keep their kind safe from the outside world. The year is 2020, and humanity knows nothing of the things that go bump in the night. Just children's bedtime stories right? Dracula movies, and monster tales? Wrong. These creatures are very real, and they live among us. A council was formed long ago to create a sanctuary for these creatures. Like-minded mythicals that wanted nothing but peace. They dubbed those who resided here, Hollows. And for thousands of years, it has remained in one peace. Until now…..


Whether you want to be a vampire, werewolf, demon, angel, fairy, or even a human! You belong here. Below you find examples of what you will find in the server:

-Ability to make mythical creatures and monsters.
-Freedom to create OCs with many possibilities. 
-Vibrant, as well as dark locations.
-Friendly, and helpful Staff Team.
-Mature, and chill community. Void of toxicity.


This is an evergrowing theme, and will evolve over time. Join us, brothers and sisters!

Nature is as beautiful as it is brutal. Dragons are comely as they are cruel. Monstrosities who embody such Nature do well at this stomping ground. Not so tame to lack such crimson thirst or so prudish to suppress their lecherous compulsions, these beasts do not hold the call of the wild so inapt. This place is not intended for the faint of heart.

Dragon characters accepted, other sauropsidian characters like saurians or mythical avians are considered at the Dragon’s Haunt herein. The goal is to explore what these great beasts would value and do as sapient, inquisitive beings that evolved with their natural gifts; less about each player chasing their selfish fantasy. Such is the nature of the beast.

🔴 Moderated by a callus staff of tyrants
🚷 Non-humanoid characters only
🔞 18+ only, depictions of extreme violence and sensuality
🔴 Casual RP allowed in most community category w/o character approval, separate channel for carnal play
🔴 Long-term “canon” role play category w/ character approval, explicit events integrated in scene
🔇 Silent spectators allowed - implore a mod for viewing access
Welcome to the town of Mistypeak! It's home to many different species and monsters.





-Aquatic monsters



Each of these races have their own little sub- classes, including Witches and even a creature called Selkies! If you choose to join we'd be glad to have you. The server may be new, but it has a lot of time put into it and some trial & error. Cya then!
welcome to the godzilla server, A giant meteor had entered Earth's atmosphere and has seemingly crashed on Monster Island, a peaceful island where the monsters can live in harmony. The meteor landed in the ocean, causing a massive flood across monster island. Though, perhaps this meteor is not a meteor at all. But, something more. Ever since the crash, powerful lightning storms and hurricanes have raged across Monster Island in a seemingly abnormal event.
In the Victorian Era, certain horrors stalked the streets. The fanged aristocrats that stalk the street, the tragic humans who were cursed to prowl the woods by night, the monstrosities that are born from lightning and dark science, and the Eldritch horrors of the ocean. Then there’s you, caught in the middle of all of this. You can be a citizen trying to avoid them at all costs, you can hunt them and save your fellow humans...

Or you can be one of them.
Decades after World War Three, and even after Four, the world had laid waste to itself, nuclear wars marking the end of life as we knew it. And at long last, Mother Nature has regained her tight grip on the planet.
However, YOU awake, realizing that with newfound, near supernatural abilities, you're no longer just a human.
In a daze, you begin to wander the streets of the city of Yokosuka, only to be greeted by monsters the likes of nothing before, wreaking havoc on any human unfortunate enough to get within its grasp.
You have been thrown into the worlds of Final Life, where the supernatural is the new natural.

This server features custom monsters, factions, and locations, as well as roleplay channels to kick the place off and a few bots to mess around with.
You heard the fairy tales of knights fighting dragons and princesses captured in spells in the middle ages, dark times, plagues, folktales of demons and feyfolk. Well what if I told it's all true? That this wasn't just fairy tales to tell your children? Everything that happened throughout time was because it was caused by a greater power. The black plague caused by a goddess of disease, tsunamis that devastated countries caused by a god of storms, and the men and women that burned in the witch trials? Merely unfortunate children of these greater beings. Sometimes the gods descend down to earth, and socialize with the humans of the mortal world, sometimes even bare attachments, and from there create demi-children. Since the Renaissance time, a small handful of children grouped together and built a safe haven for any other demi-child that was walking on this world, for at the time mortals were not the only things out there to be afraid of. Fast forward to today, that safe haven still stands, grown and children from all over the world from various godly parents each with unique powers come to the castle, for whatever reason of their own.
Welcome, I do apologize for how long the lore piece was. But. We're a brand new, completely custom server, with aspects from all sorts of other genres and such! Some of the things that will happen once we grow a bit, are the following.

° Events. Plot events, full on games, and other types of events!

° Patient, and incredibly helpful staff.

° Interactive server helping! As our list of god/goddess powers are nowhere near complete, you can help complete the list, by suggesting powers for gods/goddess who dont have lists yet, that youd like to see on the list!

And more! Come on down, and check it out.
Permanent Invite:
We're A VRChat Place With Sexy Monsters As Avatars. Either Male Or Female. Hooters & Sexy Rippling Abs. This Place Is A Good One.

We Have Channels For Creators To Show Off Their Work!

💜 We're Still Growing! So Come Join Us! 💜
There exists a place beyond fantasy and imagination. A place where heroes, adventurers, and even explorers are not the stuff of legend, but rather the baseline to even become someone. Where guilds dictate the social structure, the kingdoms of man and beast work together against the cruelness of mother nature, and creatures are the natural disasters that fight against civilization. This place, although harsh and considerably inhabitable, is far from lost. Heroes of every age rise up, ready to combat the dark and horrible beings that rise to hurt the innocent of the land. Through great skill, they overcome the struggles of life and death. Through unending diligence, they compete with the monsters who seek the destruction of their homes. And through their connection to Nature itself, they find the will to help those who cannot help themselves. This is the story of those heroes, those adventurers, who populate Kalygo.

In short: this is a large scale nsfw mmo-style roleplay! Leveling, Battle systems, and lots of ways to play await you, so come on in!
Welcome to a server stocked full of monsters, hunters, and everything in between! Just a group of fun members of the supernatural family with pretty laid back administrators. We welcome OC’s and canon characters. Feel free to join if you’re looking to have some fun in the world of Supernatural!
Tl;dr Monster creation and hunting RP.

The world is Terra, it is one very similar to Earth except for a few differences. The planet is host to various races and most notably monsters. This server takes place on a single landmass, of which there are two major locations. The giant city known as Ohkran, and the countryside!

The city stretches over two hundred miles and is characterised by huge illuminated towers that can almost touch the clouds, incredibly technological and industrial growth, high employment, and safety from monsters. However, it does have its downsides. The city is incredibly polluted by the thousands of factories, crime is rampant, and the government is corrupt. It has extremely high suicide rates and mental health is neglected and ignored by practically everybody. For this reason, many people who live in the great city will question if this is where they want to spend the rest of their life. If it is not, they may choose to move to the countryside for a simpler life.

The countryside is considered everywhere that is not Ohkran, about six hundred miles of land. This includes various different biomes and small communities where people live and flourish. The people of a settlement often know everybody in their village, and inbreeding between the families of these villages is very common. If you're born in a settlement in the countryside, you're probably related to 99% of everybody else there in some capacity. Despite being pretty gross, it does create a strong bond that is hard to break. Everybody is family, there is a lot of trust and loyalty in that. Countryside life is not all great, though. These small villages and settlements are most at risk of being attacked by the monsters that live in the surrounding areas. They are often oblivious to the technological advances made in Ohkran and still use tools such as the sword and shield as opposed to firearms and their beliefs are pretty superstitious. The communities are often wary of outsiders, too.
Welcome to den of monsters!

An roleplay server based on the kind of monsters you see in Monster Munsume, alongside many many more. We've recently had a large server overhaul and now is the perfect time to join us!

We are very welcoming to new members and will be happy to see you join our community.
Achorlia the ruined world is a roleplay server, a fantasy world 500 years int the future, post apocalyptic. The survivors have mutated and gained powers and abilities. They are separated into five groups, forest, city, plains, bunkers, and outcasts. They are at war, but can be peaceful. Enjoy!
Future Wasteland is a apocalyptic world with gruesome alien like monsters. Free roam as there are very few restrictions!
It was any normal day in Texas, United States-July 4th, 3024. As a mass outbreak occurs-
A facility known as *Facility Trent* awakened something that was suppose to stay asleep. Unleashing a wrath of terror as a large sickness called Zium(Zee-um) travels across the world. Infecting life to robots as they mutate to monstrous creatures. As the whole world falls apart, thousands creating gangs and communities. You have managed to keep hidden and avoid this mutating virus.
Will this be just the beginning? Or the end of the world?...
Here’s what we offer you!:

-Friendly Atmosphere
-LQBTQ Friendly
-Realistic Roleplay
-Fun Events
-Cool Channels
-NSFW Friendly (in appropriate channel)

All we need is members! Hope to see you there-!
Are you a monster who needs somewhere to go and learn or are you a human who wants to learn with them?, if so come along to our University, it's diverse with Humans and Monsters.

Currently we're a small server but trying to grow it, so come along and have fun, we are also looking for more staff
Located in a homely town in the heart of America,
It seems everything here is normal until the night approached where some of the residents show their true colours.
Residents and others around fear some of these inhuman men and women, from the secret society of creatures such as Vampires, Werewolves, shapeshifters and so much more you can imagine hide among his large land.
Got what it takes to be one? Or survive...?
What we Offer...
🕯️Original Characters
🕯️Character Locations and special rooms
🕯️Always looking to add more locations
🕯️Custom Role colours
🕯️Character Relationships

we are looking for active and creative members, we don't have many restrictions only to prevent overpowered characters
Come to the "Monster Town" and enjoy the sights, sounds and people. There is a multitude of places you can come and hang out in, not just inside of roleplay, but outside of it, too! There is a variety of different people and monsters you can meet, so come and expand your horizons, and your palette!

Note: The server is 17+, and there is bound to be lewd stuff here, so if you don't like lewd, don't join, dude.