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It seems you have been invited to spend your time studying at Ozoku Academy, the most elite school in all the lands. This is the place where many people go to learn and become elites, become Ultimates of the world. This is where people get to go on to great things in life, but at a risk.

I heard that many have been expelled or turned away at the door, and that the school year us made up of a series of tests to determine if we advance or if we get kicked out and expelled. I also heard that they appointed a new headmistress this year.

However this school year may play out, I'm sure things will be very interesting. But first to get in, you must pass a test. Good luck.


Things to know:
-This server is OC only. No canons.
-This is NOT a Non-Despair AU server. There will be a killing game.
-The setting is a medieval/modern AU with a very fancy school to study in.
-This first test will not be explained to you. You must figure it out on your own.
-This server is accepting applications until February 28th. That is when the final selection date will be. Good luck.
The year is 2010, and it’s a normal year like any other. Until… well, a project is announced. A rehabilitation project for the worst of the worst; for those who were put onto death row! The project was announced, presented so that those who are about to die can (hopefully) give back to society before being executioned. It was a well received project, with most everyone on board at the time.Of course, building the modified institution would take quite some time - so, by 202x, it was finished! It’s first round of inmates were selected, and…

What happened? No one knows. The only thing that happened after they were shipped off to the institution, was…

Oh no. No one has any memory of what happened. They’re all *there*, doesn’t seem like anyone’s around! No guards, no… nothing. They’re all on the common floor, and no one knows anything. They’re all waking up in beds, two to a room. Feeling groggy, when they try to move, they’re shocked! Wow!

“ No getting up quite yet! “ announces a voice, “ Please stand by! “ … After everyone’s awake, “ Alright, rise and shine! Head to the cafeteria! “

Confusion and fear start to set in. They’re in some weird place with total strangers, and it appears… that there’s no way out. All exits are locked, or blocked off.

This isn’t looking to be the start of something great...

-It's starting to look like despair.


Hello ! Despair's Institution is a DanganRonpa inspired roleplay that revolves around people who are criminally talented. It doesn't take place in the DanganRonpa universe, however, This is an oc only server, so please don't try to bring in any canon characters! We will be accepting only 16 characters, 3 of which are moderator characters. There's a total of 13 slots to be filled!

Feel free to join and ask any questions !
Thrills, chills, kills!

Congratulations as one of Hope's Peak's newest and accepted applicants! You have so much talent to provide and demonstrate to your class mates! As per every school years, a physical is required in order to gain entrance to our lovely school. As you found yourself in the general care room, you noticed your vision beginning to grow spotty and a strong feeling of disorientation growing in your being. As you reach for the door to exit the room, you feel your body grow heavy and eyelids shut. The next thing you recall is waking, but in a different waiting room unlike the one you noticed earlier. Surrounding you are various others. Perhaps it's best that you watch your back, you can never be so sure of who to trust.
You were accepted into Daramine Academy as an „Ultimate“. The school found you because you were so excelling in the talent you have, so you got sent a letter to join this magnificent school with high reputation and guaranteed chances for the future life. You are quite pumped to attend here, everyone keeps talking about this school, so you dont hesitate to take this offer and attend to your first day.

But soon you will find yourself in something truly unprecedented...

A KG Server with OCs... and a familiar face as the host.

Elite Mix Academy - a school you know is special, but you can't recall why. You're trapped in a hotel, surrounded by people who are... vaguely familiar. Can you survive?
Welcome to Lust's Peak Academy, a rework and remodeling of the old Hope's Peak! Unlike that ol' boring building, Lust's Peak allows the horniness of its students to truly come out. Meaning, there is no actual lessons. There is only sex! Yes, you heard me right. The students are allowed to bone eachother whenever and wherever they want! There is no rules or limits to who or where you can fuck, or to what kinds of kinkiness the students have to offer and bring, so go crazy, and remember... have fun, upupu~!


Lust's Peak is a server dedicated to Danganronpa ERP. Do not let the lack of members fool you, as even though it is fairly small, it's owner will welcome new members with open arms. Please be 18+ to join, as this server is strictly NSFW.

Things this server has to offer:
• A decently sized environment for adult fans of Danganronpa to get together and roleplay.
• Multiple fun bots to use. There are bots such as Mudae and Rythm, and even a gambling bot.
• Frequent events and game nights to be held if members are interested.
• Plenty of roleplay channels to choose from, as well as many OOC channels.
• And plenty more!

The Headmaster hopes you do give Lust's Peak Academy a try, and will see you in the server itself. Oh, and please know what Danganronpa is before joining. Do not bother joining if you don't know what it is.
All Ultimates are currently under attack by society. The world declared war on them, and the Ultimates are forced to go into hiding as Wold War III erupts across the globe. This place has been the only secure place there has been for years, and that's how it should have stayed. But one day, the facility was under attack... people we're forced to go deep underground to hide and survive. Little did they know that the attack had sealed them in so they could not leave unless they fought for a way out. A mist all the chaos a black and white bear arrives to throw the whole battle of survival into overdrive. Not everyone will make it out alive. All go in, and only few come back out.

- Future Danganronpa Another: Divergent's Despair -

Things to know about the server:

-Both DR canon and OC's are allowed
-Application needed to rp
-There is no set storyline. We make it up as we go.
-The server is set in the year 301X
-KG set in an underground facility
-This is NOT a Non-Despair AU server. A killing game does take place here
-Server is still a wip, we appreciate any help that can be given :3
💞𝔀𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓫𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓷𝓮𝔀 𝓹𝓪𝓻𝓪𝓭𝓲𝓼𝓮...💞

Whether you were alive, dead, or somewhere in between- the newly nicknamed "Catastrophe Island" is for all of ya bastards to enjoy! We welcome ALL former members of Hope's Peak Academy- whether you were one of those no name losers like Hajime Hinata or lucky idiots like Makoto Naegi! It's all run by beloved former headmaster-turned-mayor, Monokuma, and his adorable little bra- I mean, children, the Monokubs... And Monomi, I guess.

Although this time, no mastermind is-seemingly- in charge here! But, just because the killing games are- unfortunately- not here, it doesn't mean some lovely bonding activities are being planned!

💗𝔀𝓮 𝓸𝓯𝓯𝓮𝓻...💗

🤗 Friendly members/moderators.
🌈 LGBTQ+ safe space!
🤖 Fun bots such as Mudae, Tatsumaki, and Pokecord to mess around with OOCwise, with more being added in the future!
📚 Literate roleplaying environment!
🌹Somewhat-unique setting and potential school trips in the future!
🖊 Friendly roleplay environment that both OCs and canon characters can interact in!
📝A leveling up system!

The first thing you notice upon your awakening is the soft, damp ground underneath you. You feel warm air envelop you as if trying to coerce you into falling asleep once again. Fighting the increasing heaviness of your eyelids, you raise yourself onto your knees, and then your legs. With a glance at the sky, you spot the sun beginning to hide behind the horizon. It’s getting late. You can’t recall how, or why you have found yourself in this forest. Strangely enough, you can’t remember your own name.

17 students, one forest. And a killing game to tie it together. How will they survive? How will they escape? And, when the trial starts, will they guess correctly? RoD provides an exciting roleplay, chock full of custom roster art, creative motives, exciting trials, and a friendly community!

We'll be waiting...
In a normal day, Japan became the most popular country of the world, a lot happened.

16 students signed in and got in Sakura’s Peak. through tests. The academy every students all around the world want to get in, and the academy Guarantees the student’s future and achievements.

They wake up in one location in the Academy. Some groups look confused, others look cold.

Suddenly ... Something that wasn’t expected happened.

Status: FCFS (max 18)
𝘞𝘦𝘭𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘬𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘨𝘢𝘮𝘦…
Danganronpa: Urban Mayhem is an alternate universe Danganronpa roleplay. Before the Tragedy could begin, a person with a vendetta against Hope’s Peak kidnapped a group of current and upcoming students, trapping them in a strange city. They are told they may leave by paying a certain price... taking the life of a fellow classmate.

Though the roleplay has begun, we are still accepting new members and characters! So please do join! There is still quite a bit of the roleplay left to go.
Welcome to Terra Divided Official Killing Game, we are now opening for some more student auditions for the killing game! We have everything sorted out! Now If you wanna participate just gotta join!~
Welcome to Talentswap life! We're a Danganronpa talentswap roleplay server set in a nondespair AU. We're a new server with a pair of experienced, friendly mods!

Canon characters only!
Selective, audition-based Danganronpa Canon and OC roleplay server. Live out your school days at Hope's Peak Academy, and even join in on a killing game later on. We're newly rebooted and ready for new people, so welcome!
Welcome to Danganronpa ReBorn RP this is a server that takes place 5 years after the events of Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony.

With Despair still being brought throughout the world a new group of students find themselves locked a hotel that doubles as a school. With no one around to explain how they got there or what happened they try to find out what happened. Unknown to them they just activated a new killing game.

- Active Staff
- Venting Channel
- OC only

Come on in and check it out!
You wake up in an odd room, they only thing you remember is you and your class went to the beach....
You don't remember why...
Once you enter the gym hall and see your class mates and an odd bear thing..
He tells you that you are not only underwater but are all in a killing game.
This was it. The rest of your life was ahead of you, you could feel it resonating in your bones - until that fateful movement forward. And fate is a jerk.

You were meant to be set up for success. Meant to be given a great deal, meant to be a someone...

But here you are, trapped in a place you don't know. A picturesque, serene, fantasy place. Trapped in a beautified prison. You just had to go and accept that letter. You were meant to be successful, be way on top, way up. How unfortunate. Does it make you sick to the stomach? Upset at life itself? Angered enough to rival a bull? You aren't alone. Quite literally, you aren't alone. Among other people who had been mercilessly trapped in here like lions in cages, you were all stuck in this Hell hole with the devilish disguise of an everyday, pleasing park giving an enhanced welcome.

Welcome, one and all, to Danganronpa: Acceptance!
We are a Danganronpa inspired server, here to give you entertainment, or a place to chill. Our wonderful server has many features - ranging from art, casual chat, bots, roleplay!

As for the role play...
Whether you wanna be a bit weird or sincere, we have a range of roleplay including killing games, peaceful sandbox, and just messing around and memeing. We take both OCs and the original casts! However, if something more serious suits your style-

[н̲̲̅̅є̲̲̅̅l̲̲̅̅l̲̲̅̅σ̲̲̅̅?̲̲̅̅ ̲̲̅̅н̲̲̅̅є̲̲̅̅l̲lσ̲̲̅̅ ̲̲̅̅tн̲̲̅̅є̲̲̅̅я̲̲̅̅є? σн, ∂ı∂ yσυ słєєρ ωєłł? ωє ∂σ тяy тσ мαkє sυяє тнαт συя вє∂s αяє ηıcє αη∂ cσмƒy. ωнαтєѵєя вє∂ ıт мαy вє. αяє yσυ αłł яєα∂y yєт?....

ωєłcσмє тσ мσησρєαk ραяk. α ρєαcєƒυł, ∂єsσłαтє, ısσłαтє∂ łıттłє ωση∂єяłαη∂ αωαy ƒяσм ωнαт ıs ıη яєαcн σƒ тнє cıтy. α ѵısıт тσ тнє ηєαявy ραяk ∂υяıηg вяєαk нαя∂ły sσυη∂s łıkє нαям, ∂σєs ıт? yσυя вяєαk тıмє ωıłł вє łσηg єησυgн тσ нαѵє αη єxρєяıєηcє, тяυsт мє. ıт cαη тαkє ƒяσм α sєcση∂ тσ ƒσяєѵєя тσ нαѵє αη єxρєяıєηcє αηyωαy.

σн, ı ηєє∂ тσ ıηтяσ∂υcє мysєłƒ? яıgнт ησω, yσυ мєαη? σkαy, gσт ıт. ησ, ησ, ı'м ησт тнαт ηєяѵσυs. ƒσямαł? ıηƒσямαł?...вσтн...? ωєłł. ı αм yσυя нσsт, yσυя gυı∂є, yσυя gσ-тσ... мαyвє, yσυя ƒяıєη∂? αн, ı ∂συвт sσ. вєsı∂єs...

ωнσ ıη тнєıя яıgнт мıη∂ ωσυł∂ вєƒяıєη∂ тнє ρєяsση kєєρıηg тнєм тяαρρє∂?

ı'м ηıηgyσσ, ı нσρє ı'łł нєłρ α∂ѵısє αη∂ ıηsтяυcт yσυ тняσυgн yσυя sıтυαтıση. sσмєтıмєs ıт's вєsт тσ тαkє α∂ѵıcє ƒяσм тнє ρяσƒєssıσηαłs αη∂ тнє єxρєяıєηcє∂, y'kησω? ησω łısтєη, тнıs łıттłє вяєαk тıмє яєη∂єzѵσυs ωıłł łαsт łσηgєя тнαη α υsυαł scнσσł łυηcн тıмє. ∂σєsη'т мαттєя ωнαт scнσσł yσυ'яє ƒяσм, yσυя вяєαk тıмєs ωση'т вє тнıs łσηg... нσρєƒυłły... ωє'яє gσηηα вє нαѵıηg α ρıcηıc σя тωσ нєяє. αη∂ мαyвє α sтαy αт тнє нσтєł. α łıттłє ωнıłє тσ α łσηg ωнıłє, ∂єρєη∂ıηg ση нσω yσυ ωαηηα ∂σ тнıs. ıƒ yσυ ωαηηα łєαѵє... gσ тσ ωнєяєѵєя yσυ тнıηk "нσмє" ıs... αησтнєя ρєяsση ωıłł нαѵє α нσмє ıη мσяє тнαη σηє łıƒє.

ıƒ yσυ'ѵє gσттєη sıck σƒ тнıs gяαss αη∂ ƒłσωєяs αη∂ sωıηgsєтs, тнıηk тнαт yσυ cαη'т єηjσy тнєм ωıтнσυт sσмєσηє συтsı∂є нєяє, тнєη тнєяє's α ƒєω ωαys тσ łєαѵє. yσυ cαη kıłł sσмєσηє αη∂ gєт αωαy ωıтн ıт, нαѵє ησвσ∂y вυт yσυ αη∂ мє kησω, тнєη yσυ cαη łєαѵє αη∂ вє αs ƒяєє αs α вıя∂ σѵєя α łαkє. σя yσυ cσυł∂ łєαѵє αησтнєя ωαy ωıтн sσмєвσ∂y єłsє ∂σıηg тнє ∂ıятy ωσяk - нσωєѵєя, тнıs яσυтє ısη'т ı∂єαł ıƒ yσυ ƒєєł łıkє αcтυαłły мαkıηg ıт συт αłıѵє. тяυsт мє, тнαт ωαy, yσυ ωση'т.

ıƒ yσυ'яє gσıηg тσ kıłł sσмєвσ∂y, ı cαη'т sтσρ yσυ.

υм, ρłєαsє вє cαяєƒυł ωıтн тнє мємσяıαłs, яєƒяαıη ƒяσм gяჃıтı, ƒσłłσω тнє яυłєs, ƒαıłυяє тσ ∂σ sσ cαη єη∂ υρ ωıтн yσυ ∂єα∂ σя ıηjυяє∂ σя sσмєтнıηg, ∂ση'т yσυ ∂αяє яυıη тнє вєηcнєs, αη∂ тнαт's тнє вαsıcs, ρяєттy мυcн. ıƒ yσυ ωαηηα kησω мσяє, yσυ αłωαys нαѵє yσυя нαη∂вσσks ση yσυ, αη∂ ı'м αłωαys ƒяєє тσ тαłk. яєαłły, αηy ƒяєє тıмє, ı cαη αłωαys тαłk тσ yσυ! αηy σƒ yσυ! ρяєƒєяαвły тнє ηıcє σηєs...

Well, with friendly staff, chats just waiting to be sent your messages, people happy to have you here, and a little Ningyoo awaiting a possible new friend, what have you got to lose with a little peak here?
-Your owner, Anonymiss
Welcome to Hope's Peak College!!

Hope's Peak College is the perfect place for you to hone the best of your skills to achieve an even brighter future! Come meet new friends and a new future waiting for you!

Hope's Peak College is a Non-Despair College-AU for Danganronpa ! Come make new friends as you play as all of your favorite canon characters, or play as your OC!

15+ only please!
After a tough year at Hope's Peak School for Gifted Ultimates, a number of selected students have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend the summer in a tropical paradise! With your bag packed and ready for a summer of fun, you stepped onto the bus and . . .

Welcome to Danganronpa: Tropical Tragedy! This is a killing game roleplay with friendly admins, fun investigations, and characters who have special abilities, not just Ultimate Talents. This will be an OC only roleplay, and please be at least 14 years old. EDIT: Applications closed! Spectators welcome to wait for season two!
~/ You wake up, sitting on a soft flower bed. The room is closed off, with no exit visible. But at least its comfortable. Theres a collection of other people around you. They seem just as confused as you are. For some reason, you can't remember how you got there. \~

But then the lights turn off, and the floor drops.
Hello, fellows! Ready for a new adventure under the stars?

Join us on a trip, and discover the secrets within.

Danganronpa: Star-crossed Fellows! A server that includes both Danganronpa elements, and more! Features include

Scrum Debates! Open when the fellows cannot agree on one side. Truth bullets may or may not be involved.

A story that transcends the sky, splitting off in three endings from the output of the game.

Puzzles, which will determine if you are a lucky star... Or not. Who knows but fate itself.

Secret roles! Will someone find you out before you do...?

Friendship fragments! For those who doesn't wanna be left in the dark.

And with that... let the journey under the stars begin

Edit: Applications are open until february 10th! Please make sure to stop by and take a look!
Your sent a letter from a unknown person the is an invitation to Paradise Island, you soon head to the island but you soon blackout after a few days to find out your in a hall filled with a bunch of people you do not know. Your in a life or death situation of the game to escape you have to be the last one alive and if you don't make it well then what a shame. (of course you get to make another character)

Your stuck on the island with no way to escape you must solve death cases and if you get the person wrong well then you basically die(which you don't have to if you don't wish to/if you don't want your character to die you'll wake up in your room with no memory at all and will have to restart the whole thing of course)
Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy!
A school for gifted juviniles!
Besides the talent part, its just a regular school... and the robot bear teachers. Thats another minor detail. We hope you consider learning at Hope's Peak! And please don't mind the chaos.

(Mom said its MY turn on the non-despair au!!)