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The positive community focused on astrology and spirituality! Of course, you DO NOT have to be into astrology/spirituality in order to join and be part of the awesome community! We talk about various of things and the people here are amazing!

• Must be 16 and older
• LGBTQ+ friendly
• Includes spirituality, typology, and other channels outside of astrology
• #Mature channel for those 18 and over
• Honorary members of the month get to choose their own role and color
• Overall a very friendly community!

We are also the most active astrology server out of all astrology servers in Discord!
A server dedicated to teaching and learning about the occult, with channels for as many paths as we can think of (both light and dark) with the hopes of creating a community where everyone feels they have a place.
Trippiest occult server on Discord with the hottest cutthroat bitches and the best memes. Join if you're dead inside.
A group of magickians dedicated to teaching, sharing, and learning as much as possible. We are close are like a family and are Lgbtqia+ positive. We host public classes and rituals by members and everybody can teach and participate without anything. We hope to see you there!
The Nightshade Network is a fun, active, and educational 18+ discord server for witches, pagans, polytheists, diviners, spirit workers, occultists, spiritualists, astrologers, and more! The Nightshade Network is an environment that encourages spirited dialogue, research, learning, community, and fun!

We are a fully inclusive server. We accept members of all religions, backgrounds, paths, beliefs, and experience levels! We are LGBTQIA+ friendly and are firmly against all forms of bigotry.

The Nightshade Network offers:

♡Weekly member-run classes
♡Monthly game and movie nights
♡Monthly full moon rituals and group meditations
♡Exclusive contests and giveaways
♡A “reading room” where diviners may swap readings
♡The Nightshade Network Mentorship Program: If you’re looking for a more structured and intensive form of study, you can apply for a mentorship group! All of our mentors are thoroughly vetted.
♡Weekly prompts, challenges, and tarot spreads to inspire and motivate you in your craft and/or path!
♡Kind and compassionate staff
♡A channel to promote your witchy/spiritual businesses and social media
♡Rewards and perks for our most active members
♡Over 100 channels to discuss a variety of topics!
♡Plus tons more exclusive events and activities!

We look forward to having you join us!
☼ The Rivers of Auðumbla is a Norse/Germanic Paganism (but not limited to) focused server for all those who are interested, practitioners, curious, or even just looking to make friends. Our goal is to create a comfortable environment for those who are looking to expand their practice or share their practices as well. This server is a place where all is welcome as we do not discriminate or judge people's identities, practices, or anything of the sort. We are accepting of everyone’s beliefs but we will not tolerate any hateful ideologies as we aim to be a community that people can feel comfortable to be in. Whether you love Norse/Germanic mythology, practice any form of Heathenary, looking to learn or make friends, or just work with particular Norse/Germanic deities we hope you can join us!
Hey ✨ we are a chill, lowkey server just starting out. we would love for you to join whether you’re into occult studies or not. we have some emoji roles, witchy bots, and a good variety of channels.
Eclectic Encyclopedia ( Recommend Age 16+)
Are you new to witchcraft and looking for something to help guide you? Are you just looking to seek knowledge in your known path to further learn, or even discuss and teach others new things they may have never known? Whatever you know, and however long you've studied your path, you're welcome here to further your learning, meet others who can teach you, or just to have fun! Eclectic Encyclopedia offers to all members who join:
Biweekly questions !
Monthly Book Reading and Q&A !
Monthly Movie Nights. Hosted on Rabbit!
Monthly Topic Chat and Q&A where not only the event leader speaks, but even you can share your experiences on the subjects!
Greetings, fellow practitioners. We're a grouped haven of friends, seekers, and occultists. We follow Magick and psychic development. Our notion is simple, be what you are and do what is to be done in Divine Will. We have been growing rapidly recently and noticed a number of members capable of executing their knowledge, why not join us?

in case you have any inquiries - We familiarize with diverse topics and specialize in Magick, witchcraft, energy-work, and much more such as Theurgy, traditional Magick (Ceremonial Magick), Evocation / Invocation, Astrology, Philosophy, Wisdom, Meditation, Yoga (Hatha | Kundalini | Raja | Bhakti-Yoga) and Pranic practice, Grimoire studies, Hermetic learning, ancient history. These topics do not limit the server of its understanding, teaching and, or learning (i.e exercising One's Will) any other topics to be included.

If Hath One to join us, be sure to introduce yourself. Our focus also stands in member reputation and their skills of communication, if you are a beginner, we too would have to have you as we have plenty of teachers around (Including myself). With whatever concern you have, feel free to message me, privately. Thank you, and hope to see you at the Cognitionem.

-Be sure to read the rules.
-Be patient, after your introduction, we will assign you a role.
- We are taking serious students and magicians.
"Cafe Esoterica"A comfy server dedicated to furthering esoteric knowledge and practice of magic in all of its forms."
Are you bored of messaging people to give you those occult or pagan books or looking online for unsafe downloads and paying to use crappy pdf websites , well look no further and join our server the keepers of the tomes and receive all our resources for free as well as any social media related to our server topics ! Permalink -
Aphrodite's Grotto is an open and inclusive server for any and all people whose experiences fall under the pagan umbrella of the religions of the world. This is a safe environment for pagans who wish to share their romantic experiences, seek advice from a community, or meet other pagans in a romantic setting. We encourage the acceptance of couples as well as single members into the community, as their unique experiences can shed light on many situations. As we grow and learn together, maybe you'll just happen to find the one that's been missing from your life. 😘
Our server features:
° A thorough vetting process, and comprehensive
community guidelines.
° Relationship Advice
° Dating Ideas
° Support for LDR's
° A positive atmosphere
° Games and cute bots
° Astrology and Divination
° Spirituality Inclusion
° Partnerships
° Self-assignable Roles
° Currently seeking staff
is a creative space still currently under development.
Founded in 2011 The College of Occult Sciences has aimed to help each person along their personal spiritual path. We do this by offering a wide variety of classes both in person and online. We hope to help each person connect with fellow like minded individuals by having various clubs, camping festivals, events and so much more.

We try to achieve this goal by bringing the various occult teachings and practices into the limelight. It is our belief that all those who wish to gain such knowledge should have access to unbiased information, with the help and support from passionate practitioners.
The Best Conspiracy Server ● The Best Emotes ● Important News, Articles ● Videos, Documentaries ● 5G ● Free PDF's ● RSS Feed to keep you up to date ●
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

The server of Thelema is for any individual in search of information about this esoteric philosophy established by Aleister Crowley and by proxy Aiwass. Furthermore, this community is dedicated to the study of many esoteric currents and religious structures, we have many channels, resources and Libri to answer any question you might have about Thelema and related esoteric/magical systems.

Love is the law, love under Will.
This server seeks to build a Community, while also teaching the ways of LaVeyan Satanism. Anybody can join, and I do not wish to purposely convert anybody, just to educate them and maybe even break a few stereotypes. We have memes, chats, information and sources, enlightenment, and much more.
Come join us!
The Lantern is a server for witches, pagans, and occultists of all ages. We strive to be a server for learning and socializing in a fun and positive setting.

We have:
✨ An active and friendly community
✨ Classes and study groups
✨ Resource and discussion channels
✨ Server themed bots and custom commands
✨ Private channels for readings, lgbt+, spoonies, politics, and neurodiversity
✨ Server events and weekly prompts
✨ Organized channels and a directory for getting around the server with ease

⭐ We are currently looking for more teachers and guardians! ⭐

There is a strict join process to keep out trolls, new members who complete our two join steps are approved quickly!
Hello, we are an 18+ occult/esoteric server with experienced moderators! Our aim is to create a server full of members with lots of different experiences and interests to put forth so that we can all grow in our practices and knowledge together!

We have a vibrant community for discussion in various estoeric areas, such as magick, diviniation, ritual, religion, paranormal activity, herbalism, materia, crafting, along with casual chats and pretty emojis!

lowlight is a server centered around friendship and conversation. everyone is treated equally and with kindness, an enforced rule.


✨there are channels dedicated to different conversation topics like dreaming, astrology, nostalgia, etc.

✨always accepting ideas for growth. extremely active members can easily get a role.

✨active voice chat.
Just a normal cult of Satan nothing weriod here
A server that's all about scary things. We have myths and legends, true crimes, even places to decode things. Staff are pretty friendly and you can suggest stuff that you don't see in the server. Their are some memes here and there too ;)
Welcome to The Upper Sanctum! This is a place to study and discuss the occult in all it's forms, make yourself at home! Tarot readings available. Please be 18+ due to possible adult content.
Divination Avalon: Fortune-telling, Bots, Tarot, I Ching, Runes, Cartomancy, Pendulum, Scrying, Technomancy, Astrology, Horoscope, The Future, Dreams, Magick, Occult, Esoteric, Herbs, Crystals, Philosophy, Quotes, Paranormal, Supernatural, Fringe, Learning, Fun, Div, /div/, /x/
Occult, paranormal, and spirituality. We accept everyone.

🔮Tarot, Lenormand, Paranormal, Crystals and more.
🔮Community and Admin lessons.
🔮Notifications for streams and reddit.