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--------------------🌹 𝕭𝖔𝖍𝖊𝖒𝖎𝖆 🌹--------------------

*a community for the dark and twisted*

🌹 Active Voice and Text chat. Mature yet laid back staff won't over moderate your witty banter, but we'll never fail to maintain a safe and positive atmosphere for you to socialize and create new friendships.

🌹 Server shop with roles and even nitro. Purchased with points earned through events, activity and helping with server growth.

🌹 NSFW channels! Locked behind an age verification system to ensure no minors are exposed to inappropriate content.

🌹 Incredible and up to date security measures to maintain the safety of our members. Top of the line raid protection.

🌹 Aesthetic and clean channels list. OCD friendly! We also offer an extensive self role list to personalize your profile, and chat levels granting additional perms.

🌹 Active groups of gamers and streamers to link up and hop into games with!

🌹 50/50 male and female staff.
This is a laid-back group focused on the occult left hand path. While we do mess around, this server is intended for people who take their practice seriously - we dislike LARPers though those who are just beginning their path are welcome. Diverse field of practioners with Admins having many years of experience behind them. 18+
Hello everyone and Welcome to Hidden Magic.

This is not an RP server.

We invite any and every witch to come join us.

Even if you aren't a witch and are interested in the subject, feel free to join.

What we have to offer:
-60+ channels, most of which you can chat in, including chats for different religions
-Self assignable roles
-A requests area where you can ask for readings, divinations, etc. and also fulful these requests
-Safe and friendly atmosphere
-Different bots to use, such as witchy bots that will give you readings and advice
-A market place to sell your witchy wares and wishlists
-A verification system to limit trolls and raids
And more!!!

Come on in and check us out!

This server is 16 and up
*Hey there. It's Satan Speaking. Join this server, if you want to be in Hell or learn it's rules. Hell is actually fun. We have:
•Lots of Roles
•18+ Channel for pervs (no need to be 18+, I mean, its a humans' rule)
•And whatever Hell haz.
Bienvenue à vous sur Satan's Childs, ce serveur regroupe les personnes aimant l'occulte, le satanisme et Satan bien évidement. N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre ! ^^
· ─ 🌿 Realms 🌿 ─ · ·


Welcome all!!! — 🌼

This is a small, newer server built for witches, wizards and occulist alike!


· · ─ 🌿🍄🌿 ─ · ·
🌼・Welcoming community
🍄・LGBT+ Friendly
🌼・Ages 13+ Welcome
🍄・Active Community
🌼・Active Admin
🍄・Community Events
🌼・Voice Chats
🍄・Giveaways and Contests (When Landmarks)
🌼・Self Assignable Roles
🍄・Open to All Paths and Beliefs

🌷 J o i n T o d a y ! 🌷
Welcome to The Devil's Garden!

While we are a Luciferian/Satanic based group, we welcome and encourage people of all faiths and practices to make friends of other faiths or learn from one another!
We have:
Chats for any faith
Reaction roles
Great staff
Experienced members willing to help you learn
STRICT No-disrespect policy
Tarot, Bible, and Music bots!

Come on down to expand your horizons and make friends you'd never expect!
A cult of juice box lovers
8 floors
3 floors dedicated to dorms
15 dorms per floor
There's a library my god
Ust Duzey konular konusabileceginiz uzerinizdeki toplumsal baskiları bir kenara iten ve sadece icgudulerine gore hareket edenlerin toplulugu. Size karsi yorum yok, ifade yok, yargilama yok, tartisma yok. Ileri seviye icin chate "Transitional Authority" yazin yada yetkili ile gorusun....

* Hell as you probably could guess is a hell themed server with laveyan satanism as focus

* I wanna start a community of satanist on discord

* It's both for satanist and non-satanists so there could be som debating or you maybe just like the theme
You like hailing Satan? Yeah you do. What about lighting churches on fire or chanting in the woods? Well this server is perfect for you!

Gates Of Hell is a community for all satanists to come together and praise our lord and savior.
If you couldn't tell already... don't take this server 100% seriously.

What we have to offer:

~Custom and level roles!
~Satanic Rituals!
~Fun games with the bots!
~Screams of the dead!
~Friendly and polite staff who definitely don't want to sacrifice your soul!

Anyone under the age of 15 is NOT ALLOWED. If we find out you are under 15 you will be banned.

So what are you waiting for? Your new devilish cult awaits you!

If you can't join here's the link!
We are a kinda new satanic server that’s mostly about hanging out and meeting new people.
We are looking for new staff every single day and are looking for new people just like you!
It’s your choice if you want to join but if you do we will be happy to see you in the server. :)
Community with venting, gaming, music, shitposting, 18+, and videos. LGBT friendly.
- My Pagan Academia GRAND OPENING -

My Pagan Academia is a mini academy meant to provide information and resources to people interested in Paganism!

__We Offer:__
🏵Unique guided lesson plans
🌸Personalized class options
🏵Basic instructions that are tailored to each individual for success
🌸Study music!
🏵REAL world homework help & study chat
*~And so much more!*

__We are:__
🌈LGBTQ+ friendly!
☮Pagan based! All religions are welcome though <3
❇Satanism, Wicca, Witchcraft, Druid, Celtic, and so much more!
☑EASY to use and understand
*and more!*

__Some of the lessons we have open:__
🗓 Wheel of the Year 101
📗 Herbology 101
📜 The Wiccan Rede: Explained
🌸 Intro to: The Satanic Temple
🍵 Meditation 101
🖍 Colour Casting 101
📝 Spell-a-Day Program
*+ many more!*

This server is BRAND new and will be added onto as needed.
We like to roleplay! No we are not all satanic. I would love for you to join us! ~Sincerely The Owner.
Hi! This is a server where you can socialize with people, make friends and just hang our in general! :D
⚜ suing the devil ⚜
the most precious and treasured chest is "our belief". our mind
permits us to swim to the deepest depth of the ocean of mysteries and fantasy when starting to believe a particular fact.
this server mainly serves to all those diabolic lovers out there who often enjoy themselves absorbed in mystery, myths, eerie
facts, creepy stories and merge these facts with there own
the dimension of fantasy.well, all who enjoy a bit of spending their leisure time listening to creepy horror ghost stories and gathering knowledge and facts.about the satanic rituals, creepy mysteries
many amazing activities with a daily event of storytelling and special events involving lots of fun await ur way that will rock u to
ur core