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Unlimited debate is what we do, we don't ban you for thinking something, but we don't allow people to say stuff without backing it up either. That's right, no opinion is too extreme, the only rules are civility, and obviously to follow the Terms of Service. Come check us out!

Civilized Humans is a community discord for people who are tired of oversexualized culture, hyped emotional politics, lack of warm family friendly community and overall societal decay. and are wanting to find friends who are similar to talk about interests such as art, philosophy, science etc, and play games with.

*NO edgy racists allowed

We offer:
Cool Level roles:

༺ Oracle༻ Level 50

༺ Seer ༻ Level 25

๖ۣۜ Wise man Level 10

๖ۣۜ Alexandria Level 5

Music | Art | Film | Food | Travel | Science | Code | Philosophy | Politics | Religion | Library | Dreams | Boardgames | Games
A debate server for all. We welcome all who seek intellectual discourse and are tired of the biased corporate debate servers who censor you for your opinions.

We offer:
•Clean organized roles.
•Free Speech*
•Great staff
•Debate topics
•Less toxicity*
This a server for all sorts of Atheists and Agnostics who want to converse with each other. Anyone is welcome to join the server even if they aren't an Athiest!

In the server we also have a debating channel where members can debate in a civilized manner.

We also have philosophy channel where members can converse and debate on philosophy

Why you should join the server:
1) You get to talk to other people who you can relate to
2) Fun Roles!
3) Awesome Channels
4) Respectful mod team which takes members suggestions seriously

The server is small but we're hoping it will grow quickly
Theology is a server designed for open discussion of all religious beliefs. We welcome anyone who wishes to join discussion.
Atheism is a discord server for religious and philosophical debate. We are a growing community that’s always changing. We are accepting of all faiths, beliefs and religious standpoints.

We offer:
-Friendly banter
-New members all the time
-Active, friendly staff here to help you
-New viewpoints to discover and learn about
-Guaranteed diverse set of members
-1v1 debate competitions
-Easy self assignable roles
-Music bot
-Voice Channel Activity
A server for atheists and people of other non-abrahamic religions to come together and discuss abrahamic religions.
Welcome to Michigan Atheists and Agnostics. The only atheism and agnostic focused group based in Michigan. Here we will provide community, resources, links to atheist and secular content and the ability to organize meets up with verified members.
"Seeking a Christian group? If you want to arm yourself with knowledge about Christianity, Islam & Atheism, pls join to our wonderful study server"
Basic rules to follow:
• No swearing, no abbreviating swear words.
• No spamming.
• No explicit or racist content.
• Christians only. (Exception can be granted on request)
• No debating. (For debates & discussions join ABC or Religion Discussion servers)
You can invite your friends by:
1) Sharing with them one of the following links:
2) Asking them to add the server ID from the app: 4R29tk5
This is a group for Athiest Teens, join this group just to make friends and stuff, just to chill and rant about religion and stuff, and theists can also join to debate if they want, The Group is Small but we're growing, So please join
A nice discord server for Ex-Muslim Atheists to hang out though other people are welcome as well
Welcome to Atheist support! This server is here to provide support to atheists who may not have any in real life. We are LGBT friendly and accepting of atheists and theists of all walks of life. Come to us, put down your burdens and take a load off. We offer one on one support and group support for people who need it.
A server for all who want to discuss and debate various topics. A laid back attitude and a place to freely express yourself.

New server I made. isn't fully organized but it wouldn't hurt to join either, trying make new :) happy community.
a server for those who are interested in or have joined the satanic temple. this is unofficial as there is no official one
Faded community is a server for all types of people. We have:
LGBT support
Free speech channels
A safe space
And more! Join if you think this sounds interesting!
We are a new server created for the purpose of allowing both fellowship and debate. All Christian denominations, creeds, and confessions are allowed as well as non-Christians.