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This is a Discord server for Muslims in which you chat with others, debate, give dawah and naseehah, vote in polls, play games, level up, become a sheikh and much more!
The most social server on the 'cord. Join and meet some cool people, we're a very tight-knit community with a great atmosphere!
Wanna make new friends? Come join our little hangout, and you can discuss pretty much anything here, ranging from games, anime, art, animals, etc.
Server is currently being built and we’d love to have you watch it grow with us!
Come chill and chat with our many active members! Meet some friendly people and discuss some of your favourite things!
Self-assignable colour roles; level up bots; music bots; and more at [f e e l g o o d i n c].
Welcome to Discord City!
As a citizen of Discord, you can enjoy many of the utilities offered in the capital city, including:
-Discussion in General Square
-Dankness at the Meme County Fair
-New Tech at the Bot Casino
-Inter-Server Talk in a Long Distance Call
-And More!
The city is run by Police and SWAT team members, to ensure the safety of all civilians.

Hey, there! In my server, you could debate all you want. Don't like talking? You can spectate! Don't like debating much? We have bots, different channels, and other people to talk to! Join now!
Server where you can talk about anything, really. You can also meet new friends, roleplay, etc.
There are NSFW channels (NSFW Key), Bot channels (Bot Key),
Art channels (Art Key), Vent channels (Vent Key), and many more.
This server was created to provide the means to discuss and debate politics, economics, current events, legalities, history, and philosophy. This is a community that strives to allow quality civil discourse for the wide array of topics and issues that impact our world. Another foremost goal of this server, is to be a place for people of all ideologies.
This server is about discussing technology such as latest talk of graphics card to streaming to games to buying/selling products. If you wanted to sell a monitor you can sell it here, just follow the rules. If you want to buy stuff what people selling, you can join.
A server where all people are welcome! We have every topic on board. Chill,chat,discuss and have fun! Events could be hosted daily,stay tuned!

Are you looking for a WW2 server where you can chat and discuss everything that has to do with WW2? Well, you've come to the right place! Join us today, and enjoy your stay :D