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A fan-made, Good Omens-centric community to the theme of the A. Z. Fell and Co. bookshop from the show. We offer a chill atmosphere and plenty of aesthetically pleasing channels, with relaxed but efficient moderation. Come stop by, there's plenty of crêpes for everyone. Just please... don't buy the books. refugees assemble!

We bring viewers and streamers together in one of the largest and most active streaming communities on discord.

There is almost always something that members are showing and sometimes as many as ten to choose from.

We are actively exploring rabbit alternatives for the inevitable moment when it ceases to exist, while still using the service while it is still here.

The server is not an NSFW server, but because of the potential for R rated content to be shown, we do require new users agree to the rules and confirm they are over 18.
Welcome to another movie group. In this you will be able to have some good conversations with us while making new friends. We are a brand new group created on 13-01-2020 and we are happy to work together. Cast your opinions on everything with movies, TV shows, comics and more.

- Movies, tv, and comics
- Ranking lists
- Film-suggestions and annoucements
- Dedicated owner and admin
- LGBT friendly
- Self assignable roles
Go WildCats!!! This is a server for all the fans of High School Musical, weather it's the movies or the tv show. It's a server where people can, choose the characters to be part of East High rp, disscus about the movies or the tv show or even karaoke with other people around the world!!!
There aren't any dedicated AHS servers that aren't just about roleplay, so here's one! We've got self-assignable roles (including colors), a roleplay section for those who wanna do that, and an active admin.
Basically fans of all three shows in one server! You can mute each category if you want to avoid spoilers or simply don’t watch one or two of the shows.
Welcome to The Fresh Network. Home of original series such as Fresh News, The Fresh Podcast and The Meme Awards. Meet new memers and gamers in the community and stuff around bots such as Pokecord, Gambling bot, Dank Memer and Rythm.
I created this server with thoughts of getting to know other drama lovers out there. I fell in love with Kpop back in 2005, in 2009 I discovered the world of kdramas and have been hooked ever since! Come in and join the crew.
Hi all! This server is designed to help bring roleplaters together! There are channels to suit your fandoms and roleplaying styles to help you find likeminded people. We hope you enjoy and feel free to give some suggestions!
Welcome! This is a Server all about anything related to the world of Pop Culture. Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Comics + More!

We love exploring and discussing different areas of Pop Culture. All opinions are open here, we are extremely open to hearing any thoughts on any of your favorite franchises. It might be Marvel, DC, Gaming, whatever it is; we'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject! Even if you're struggling with writing a fan-fic, we're all ears! Jump on in and enjoy the fun.
As of this day, all the hero’s rise against a unbeatable foe... his name is RAGONIC... he has the power to manipulate people and turn them against their own will.. he isn’t a spirit.. but a high and almighty powerful demon that is nearly unstoppable.. the only way to defeat him isn’t easy... so be ready for this amazing battle.. he also has the power to shut down the electronic powers of a few superhero’s and can control peoples minds if he keeps them captured for a long time.. this man must be stopped! And only we can save the day.. so I hope it’ll happen.. or else he’ll destroy the planet we love and care for, soon enough it’ll all be gone if we don’t stab out his eyes.. because that is his only weakness, he can only be defeated by that.

Long ago, a young man named Tallos released this all high demon and made him even more powerful by praying amongst him with a few of his friends... they assisted him on bringing this demon to life and hoping he’d crash down the human life, but of course he’d turn on the fewer men.. killing them instantly just with a look in their eyes... as it is his only powerful weapon.. so whatever you do, don’t stare into his eyes... or else he’ll do many bad things to your mind and destroy your life for good... this man has been lurking on men and woman for ages now.. making them kill each other while he watched on from the shadows... nobody knew who but everyone would learn eventually as he will expose himself to the whole world and attempt to take it over.. so please tell me you’re willing to help us, because we’d help you if you were in this situation!
Welcome all to The Hangout Garden, this is a new community server to Discord! We will try our best to grow and evolve. I hope you all have a great stay at The Hangout Garden!
This is a brand new server so the possibilities are endless, meet new people and make friends, no actual topic of the server, talk about whatever you are interested in and chill. (No NSFW content)
UNITED BINGIES is a new growing server for people who want to talk about upcoming Movies, Animes, TV-Shows and their favourites!
Other features include
-XP gains and gaining new roles by leveling up!
-Keeping up to date with the latest Movies, Animes and TV shows!
-More to come!
Please consider joining!
"KNOW YOUR ENEMY, Join the CRD server TODAY!
open up exiting new opportunities in searching the deepest, darkest corners of the web, and do it with friends! Now with Discord, Deviantart, and Videogame (vidya) wards! "
A server for any Jekyll and Hyde fans to come hang out. Admin has no idea what they're doing so things might still be a bit finicky.
Welcome to STEVEN UNIVERSE: FUTURE SERVER. We are just starting so we don't have anything to say but please have fun in the server. Look out for any update.
Welcome to Original!
We're a discord server looking for fellow tv lovers! We talk about tv shows, movies, and even just every day life. Our goal is to make a community of wonderful people that share similar interests in tv. Everyone is welcome!
Set during the beginning of Season One, Aria Montgomery, her two younger brothers, Cody and Mike, and her parents move back to Rosewood, PA. Which would bring back memories of Aria's Missing Friend Allison. Once home, Cody Montgomery would make his way to the Field's Residence to see his girlfriend, Emily Fields, who is also one of Aria's Bestfriends. Though things may not look it, Rosewood is a completely different place from the town The Montgomerys left. How will you affect the story, will you be on Team Liar or Team A? Or Will you be on a completely different Team, the choice is yours.

• Mature Server, Users Must Be 18 years or older.
• Crossover Friendly, We allow Crossovers between different Shows, Movies, and Novels.
• Literate and Descriptive Roleplays.
• Self-Assignable Roles, Coming Soon.
This server is to have fun and meet new people around the world. You might meet people who have the same thing in common as you. This is an open-minded server where we listen to both sides of the story.
Do you like live action stuff? Musicals? This is the place for you! We're accepting ALL live-action content for our chat-based roleplay server (semi-literate/literate RP on request)! C'mon down and meet a bunch of fun people. We'd love to have you! :) <3