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Der offizielle Community Server von YGOInsider. Tausche dich zu unserem Kanal und dem Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG allgemein aus, nimm an unserer Online Liga teil, stelle deine Regelfragen und Sammle Punkte um schon bald zu Obelisk Blue zu gehören.
Welcome to Rainbow Nova Academy, a wonderful school with a top-notch education system for upcoming duelists! In this Yu-Gi-Oh Roleplay server, you can have fun and interact with other players, duel your way to the top, and try to combat the incoming threats of the dueling world...
This server features the following;
-An overarching story
-Dark themes (not too dark)
-An active and participating staff team
-Custom Cards (with a good screening system)
-Use of Duelingbook
-Many places and stories to explore and participate in!
-A currency system
-Your favorite card game
-SM135 (he’s great)
-Lots of love

So come join Rainbow Nova Academy today!
This is a discord server with friends who create TCG. We can share, socialise, and share your Roblox experience with us! Join us now!
Welcome to the YCC, a hangout for people who like to play yugioh of all skill levels as well as a place to just chill out. I am DZ, I have been playing YGO since it came to the US in 2002 but got into competitive YGO in 2017. My goal here is to have fun and interesting duels on any of the platforms available online as well as offer helpful advice for those who want to play at a more competitive level, but might now know how to
Compete as one of three Factions to collect the most Bacti. PvP other players! Discord bot game, no download necessary. Based on BlackBox, A Tamagotchi inspired game with jrpg/pokemon style gameplay! Raise your pet to fight! All pets are unique.
Hey come check us out! We are running a custom Yugioh Bot that plays like the old video games and or duel links. Pick a starter deck out of our 10 options. And earn duel points by dueling and talking with other members in the discord. Use the duel points to buy Booster Packs and expand your deck and power it up.
Hey everyone, this is my Pokémon related discord server. Here are a few important channels.

in this channel, you can use the command “;pokemon” to catch Pokémon!

here you can share your art

want to promote something? Do it here!

here you can spam and catch Pokémon at the same time. (Full instructions on how to play are included)

And much more! You can play pokecord, catch Pokémon, and share your finds on Pokémon go. Have a nice day and I hope you join.
Welcome! We're a brand new server looking to make it big! What do we have to offer in contrast to your average Yu-Gi-Oh/TCG server?
- No daybot/dyno/pg-13 censorship bot shackles to keep you from posting
- Official ygopro2 support and links
- Deckbuilding/anime/market and replay channels
- Memes (which is somehow not a thing on most servers of our genre :shrug::skin-tone-1: )
- Decklists (for anyone to find a quick list of a deck they want to try)
- Room to expand (since we're new, there's a lot of things we want to do and accomplish, perhaps even add Bakugan support down the line :3 )
- And of course leveling because these days not leveling while you speak just feels wrong.

So come on in! We hope you enjoy yourselves and help make something great with us!
Duel monsters has evolved into a sport, not unlike football or basketball. With this, innovations like the dueldisk are bound to be made, if people continue watching. Enter the experimental academy for the gifted, Arcane Academy. Here, Duelists can hone their dueling prowess and summoning skills. Strangely, though, students here are gifted 'Key Charms' to summon their monsters into the physical world, rather than a simple hologram. How is this possible? Why would this be allowed? What does this entail? Find out by joining our academy today! We offer:

•A nontoxic server, based around story and fun rather than winning.

•A master rule 5 server, allowing players that both enjoy and don't enjoy links to both have fun equally.

•An rp server giving you the ability to use your awesome custom cards.

• four different houses to choose from and associate with.

•A long story, where each character has a chance to make a difference within!

If ya' think this sounds cool enough, please join us and we'll welcome you and your OC with open arms! Thank you for reading!
Servidor oficial da Pokémon News Center! Possuímos canais de troca e batalha, realizamos lives de Pokémon Sword & Shield frequentemente e estamos sempre organizando calls jogando com a galera do servidor.
MTG: Asserting Dominance
Do you like asserting dominance? Do you like winning? Ah, who am I kidding? Everyone loves winning! If you wanna win more, joining this server is a first step. There are more people here than just your regular playgroup, so you may make new friends here.
This server offers:
¬ A nice, welcoming community
¬ Events and giveaways (sometimes)
¬ LGBT+ Friendly people*
¬ And more!
Join us for never-ending fun and group dominance, and remember: we're waiting for you.
*- to a degree.
Ever wanted to play an alternate format, but Goat Format wasn't your cup of tea? Want a format that not only evolves, but your input changes how it does so?

Well then, Oblivion Format is for you!

We have a custom cardpool and a custom banlist, and a welcoming community. Come join us and have fun!
Welcome to our server Pokemon Trading Card Game players! Whether you play online or in real life this is the place for you. We offer deck building assistance, help finding practice matches, up to date information on the upcoming events and releases and more! Just a collector? No problem! Our card-art connoisseurs can't wait to see your amazing pulls! This server is brand new so the more the merrier!
~{] TCG : Planar Worlds [}~
Magic: The Gathering
TCG : Planar Worlds is a multipurpose Trading Card Game focuses server. Our main attraction is our Magic: The Gathering roleplaying server where you can roleplay with custom or cannon characters on custom or cannon planes. What to create your own plane? We offer our users the creativity to create there very own plane with special category privileges.
- *Furry Fandom Friendly And LGBTQ Friendly*
- *New to Magic? We offer a channel to help guide you to understand of Magic’s Core Fundaments*
We also have Magic: The Gathering Arena and also Hearthstone:
- Add and play against your friends
- Post Deck lists as well as get feedback and recommendations.
- Listen to music as you play music
Hello! Do you like Pokemon? Then this server is for you! We have a plethora of channels dedicated to Pokemon as well as other channels, such as an LGBT channel, kin channels or a System channel! We have fun roles and custom emojis, as well as Pluralkit! If that peaks your interest, then come on in!
Battle Spirits Club is a server about the Japanese card game Battle Spirits, which was celebrating its 10th year anniversary last year! Whether you're a new player who gets interested in the game, or a veteran who wants to come back, or simply someone who wants to join and take a look, we always welcome you!

We use LackeyCCG and Vassal to play the card game, and regularly we hold tournaments to compete with each other. Don't miss the fun!
Warning, this is a meme based card game. If you are offended by Homosexual jokes then you may not like this game...But not everything is about Homosexual jokes just a few! join have fun!!!!
Hiya Travellers of the Internet!
I am proud to tell you all about our server: MtG: Table Talking, a place designed to be a positive and non-toxic community. We made the server to be the only non-toxic Discord server for Magic: The Gathering!

The server is a Haven for everyone of all play styles and levels. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn or a veteran competitive just looking to chat about the game at this time, we welcome you can and are glad to help you with whatever you need.

Some of the many things we offer on the server include:
-A Deckbuilding, Brewery, and Deckpost section for making your Magic decks and coming up with new ideas
-Channels for all of the big Magic Formats from Standard to Modern to Vintage and to Commander.
-A Help & Questions channel for asking questions about cards and how the game works.
-A Custom Card Channel for your Custom Card ideas and a MTG Memes channel for your Magic memes
-A Other-Card-Games channel for discussion of other TCGs like Yugi-Oh.
-A really positive and helpful community that will make you feel welcome no matter what.

So I hope you decide to stop in by and say hello. We would love to have each and every one of you.
-You Friends, the MtG: Table Talking Staff.
A server for fans of Yugioh to make friends and discuss things such as the card game, anime and videogames