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MTG: Asserting Dominance
Do you like asserting dominance? Do you like winning? Ah, who am I kidding? Everyone loves winning! If you wanna win more, joining this server is a first step. There are more people here than just your regular playgroup, so you may make new friends here.
This server offers:
¬ A nice, welcoming community
¬ Events and giveaways (sometimes)
¬ LGBT+ Friendly people*
¬ And more!
Join us for never-ending fun and group dominance, and remember: we're waiting for you.
*- to a degree.
Plane Shift is an inclusive Dungeons & Dragons / Magic: the Gathering crossover community.
We provide discussion channels, resources and a platform to connect with people for your D&D games set in the Magic multiverse.
A friendly gaming community with professional support and players of every level! ✌️

We provide:
🔹 Expert gaming assistance! 👨‍💻
🔹 Interactive competition! 🏆💰
🔹 Creative role play! 🧙‍♂️
🔹 Advertising opportunities! 🎙
🔹 Security protection services! 👮‍♂️

Small EDH oriented MTG server for players to discuss brewing, mtgfinance, and just what kind of a day they're having.
Welcome to the MTG Arena Discord Server! Everything here is about the game Magic The Gathering. Here you can discuss your questions or decklists with us or even look for opponents. We are an open-minded and friendly gaming community and look forward to your visit!
Our server, MTG Arena Hangout, is a network where the MTG Arena online community can come together to communicate to each other verbally over the internet, and get tips to better themselves as an MTG player. We welcome all new people.
Do you play games? Are you looking for an active community? Want events so you can sing your heart out? Giveaways? Gaming Tournaments? Do you draw? Like to watch anime?

If you into any of these things: The Beacon might just be the place for you :)
It's a gaming and social community where we chill out, have discussions, play games: Destiny 2, Smash Bros, Pokemon, Paladins, Magic the Gathering etc. on NA, EU, Asia and Oceania servers. There's also music bots, anime/ movie nights, and giveaways on the server!

No, you don't have to be a gamer! You can just be here to chat, share memes and talk about your day :) We have active voice channels as well!
Welcome Planeswalker to the Multiverse. Here in our humble server do we offer titles, memes and rp of course but also regular chit chat and advice for your mtg Decks. I'll personally welcome everybody who joins our little server

PS we have a nswf place we won't judge you
Welcome one, welcome all, to this land of nightmares in which we reside!
We have
•Small but developing community
•Roleplay for those who are longtime fans of Magic and those who have never heard of it
•Plenty of chatrooms
Currently searching for staff and active members, so please join if you’re interested!
~{] TCG : Planar Worlds [}~
Magic: The Gathering
TCG : Planar Worlds is a multipurpose Trading Card Game focuses server. Our main attraction is our Magic: The Gathering roleplaying server where you can roleplay with custom or cannon characters on custom or cannon planes. What to create your own plane? We offer our users the creativity to create there very own plane with special category privileges.
- *Furry Fandom Friendly And LGBTQ Friendly*
- *New to Magic? We offer a channel to help guide you to understand of Magic’s Core Fundaments*
We also have Magic: The Gathering Arena and also Hearthstone:
- Add and play against your friends
- Post Deck lists as well as get feedback and recommendations.
- Listen to music as you play music
Welcome to the fishbowl, the MTGGoldfish official Discord server!
A great place to talk about all things MTG! Everyone is welcome!
This is an Up and coming Real life Hobby Shop that is in the process of being made. Expect growth, changes and other developments.
L'ancien serveur n'est plus utillisable, alors en voici un autre bien fait qui ne devrait pas avoir de problème. Venez parler de votre jeu de carte favori, presentez vos cartes, invitez des joueur Arena, venez crée votre propre personnage u venez montrez vos création perso! On vous attend, planeswalker du plan Discord
Looking to build decks, get better at Magic the Gathering, or just have some all around fun with this card game? Well join us for a wonderful, active community which we would love to have you in!
。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆ 𝕨𝕩𝕚𝕣𝕕𝕕'𝕤 𝕘𝕒𝕝𝕒𝕩𝕪  。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆
❃.✮:▹Welcome to the galaxy, where all things galactic happen!◃:✮.❃


Stream friendly
Movie nights every Saturday
Many interactive bots
Minecraft server for members
Gaming and Community server
Looking to regrow and repopulate my server <3


【☆】Looking for active staff, partner managers and bot developers 【☆】
Hiya Travellers of the Internet!
I am proud to tell you all about our server: MtG: Table Talking, a place designed to be a positive and non-toxic community. We made the server to be the only non-toxic Discord server for Magic: The Gathering!

The server is a Haven for everyone of all play styles and levels. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn or a veteran competitive just looking to chat about the game at this time, we welcome you can and are glad to help you with whatever you need.

Some of the many things we offer on the server include:
-A Deckbuilding, Brewery, and Deckpost section for making your Magic decks and coming up with new ideas
-Channels for all of the big Magic Formats from Standard to Modern to Vintage and to Commander.
-A Help & Questions channel for asking questions about cards and how the game works.
-A Custom Card Channel for your Custom Card ideas and a MTG Memes channel for your Magic memes
-A Other-Card-Games channel for discussion of other TCGs like Yugi-Oh.
-A really positive and helpful community that will make you feel welcome no matter what.

So I hope you decide to stop in by and say hello. We would love to have each and every one of you.
-You Friends, the MtG: Table Talking Staff.
Welcome to "Life Goes On", a casual Magic the Gathering chat server.
Please make sure you read the rules and post an introduction! Have fun!

Fun Fact: Chat Name came from a joke between the Mods during
a Friday Night Magic session.
We are the server for the Magic: The Gathering Wiki (

You play Pauper? Commander? Vintage? Standard? Modern? Legacy? A new unknown format? Come join us in the great server of planeswalking! Play, nerd about, brag about your most preciated magic the gathering cards!
The only nsfw server for trans guys. A chill hangout to trade porn, make friends, and more...? And yes this, place is actually run by trans people.
Magic the Gathering players are encouraged
Welcome new users
We manage, coach, train and most importantly GAME!!! We play Pokemon using @Pokécord and @Mewbot. Here is a Guide also check out the @Groovy bot or @Rythm and search a song by joining a voice channel and typing -play @Groovy or !play @Rythm followed by a song name or link in the jukebox-listings channel.
The MTGAlchemy Server is for magic players new and seasoned, from the YouTube show to our Twitch Streams there is always something to watch and new friends to make. Stop by, Enjoy the fun, and let mix things up in the MTGAlchemy discord server.