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From the Dracore multiverse comes a world on the brink of untold change. Cars and television, magic and skeletons of dragons, this world has both. All used by Anths, a race of anthropomorphic animals. All of them live in harmony, and all of them are about have their lives turned upside down.

But do not take it as a standard urban fantasy. These things are kept separate from the other by a vast treacherous ocean, unknown by the other. Both have secrets, hidden underneath the surface of their worlds. Secrets that may one day bring them together.

And all the while, the very fabric of reality is being rewoven in ways neither will see coming. What part in this vast world known as Rodia will you play?

One-liner? Come on in. Multi-paragrapher? Quite welcome to join in the fun. Something in between? Yeah, you're welcome here.

Never roleplayed before? Well, come on and see what it's all about.

To many, this city looks like any other, a rather large city undergoing a large deal of huddle and or bustle. The city is located near a large freshwater lake in the east, while the mountains are located in the west. However, this city is anything but normal when one delves too far into the city’s pass and underground system of old catacombs.
Revenant is a modern sci-fi fantasy roleplay that takes place in Anima's capital city: Eden. This universe is a super-powered society, in which individuals known as Gear Holders have developed previously unheard of genetic abilities. Some use these powers to protect the city, by joining the peacekeeping and governing force of ATLAS. Others choose to become part of the infamous Mafia family known as the Red Syndicate, and control the underbelly of the city with terror and corrupt force. However, a new power lurks in the shadows of Eden City, and threatens to disrupt the fragile balance of the paradise city. It's up to you to choose your pathway, and determine the future of Anima.
A world that is modern but magic. This world seems like earth but everything is fundamentally different. It feels new but as if the technology you see and hear are thousand of years in the making. This is Willow’s world. The world the absent god has made before she went into a period where no one, even her closest guards know where she is. It is newer yet there are people and histories tied to everything as if the world had been around for millions of years.

From a human from Earth's standpoint it would look of home. The technology exactly how it is today. Electricity, plumbing, cars, lights, and even some guns. These modern commodities are tied with something more though. The magic of this world which flows, the people of many different sapient species, and even the areas of the world that look like something out of a fantasy novel.

A war is looming over the horizon between two of the dominant species in the world. One which could tear it apart or forge its future. You will decide how you live in this turbulent era. You will decide how you survive Willow’s war.

🌹ㅁㅁThe Ghetto Roleplay.ㅁㅁ🌹

Be any character you please, within realism, in this modern setting the spotlights on you as you battle the problems you hide from everyone.

Are you an alcoholic?
Maybe you're secretly a spy?
It's all up to you.


The town of Ravender is split up into three social standards, where you live depends on what character you want to play.

Uptown; the rich and famous.

Midtown; the normal and mediocre.

Downtown; the druggies and criminals.

You decide who you're going to be.


Choose what part of town you live in.
ㅁWhat air do you breath?
ㅁWhat life will you lead?
ㅁWhat stories will you create?


We offer:
+Friendly Staff.

+Chill atmosphere and relaxed rules.

+Ranking systems and other bot functions.

+Housing channels: To throw parties in and deal drugs.

+Ravender Social: Social media for your characters.

+Anonymous User: Gossip Girl like function for some juicy tea.

+The Raven: An MTV like news source for our celebrity characters.

+WARNING: There is 18+ topics, drug use and crimes, continue at your own risk.


Welcome to the world of Magic VS Witch Hunters. A world where magic and science are used on a day-to-day basis. It is also a world of "If you're a magic user or magical creature of any kind- you've probably been hunted by a witch hunter at some point in your life."

Will you try to fight against the terror of the Witch Hunters? Or will you just be a shut in and try to avoid any life forms? You decide.
In an attempt to create a united front for beings from various mythos to help them survive through this modern age of science and predominantly yet subtly Abrahamic belief, the major divine and semi-divine leaders of different pantheons agreed to help the Cross family establish an international academy and surrounding district which educates and houses a widely diverse population of persons from around the world. A peace has been established, but how long can it last? Join us in the Demigod & Legacy Academy to find out!
The Olympus - Greek Mythology RP!

Hello there, we currently search for active people to join our RP group. It is an advanced literate, modern time themed Roleplay around the deities of the greek mythology, all having a twist since it takes place in our time. The storyline is to be shaped and molded by you in the frame of events that will regularly occur on the whole server!

We would love to see your OCs too!

If you want to join the roleplay and take one of the many vacant roles, or create your own.

We will be happy to welcome you!
The city of wonders, where strange beings roam the city at night...They will fight and scrach you for what they want.
Did I mention you can meet gods? Get gifts from them or even powers?
You can become a blood thirsty killer for this rogue city or something else..
Many things could happen once you walk through the streets..well thats up to you.
How would YOU choose your fate?

《◇》 We have fun bots《◇》
《◇》friendly community 《◇》
《◇》active and friendly admins《◇》
《◇》open world《◇》
《◇》random events《◇》
《◇》modern day fantasy《◇》
《◇》starboard 《◇》
《◇》NSFW channels《◇》
《◇》Battle Arenas《◇》
《◇》LGBT+ safe!《◇》
《◇》Easy to partner with《◇》
《◇》 Op characters are allowed《◇》
This is a roleplay server where you can roleplay as a character in a different world to get away from the possible stresses of reality!
Gateway City is a lovely little RP community, taking place in the sprawling but tight-knit city known by the nickname of Gateway. It gets it's name for the massive amount of anomalies and strange newcomers that grace it's grounds, almost like this place is a gateway between different times and different spaces. This RP features a quality approval process, self-assignable roles, the possibility for user-created settings, helpful staff, and Fandom OCs. Come join in the fun!
A new roleplay server that you can rp in and have fun in! Active server owner and looking for new members!❄🔥🌙
In ancient times, the known world was plagued with the presence of the Dark Lord, a malevolent slaughterer who ruled over an army of the undead that is unmatched to this very day. In desperation, the Paladins were formed to combat his army of death, sweeping through the hordes with powerful magic fueled by the light of the sun. However, the Dark Lord vanished just as quickly as he had appeared, leaving no trace of him or his army. That, however, is ancient history...
Magic is a powerful force, so modern times saw the creation of the Global Defense Initiative, an organization built to enforce law in all nations and to keep in check the Paladins, a group dedicated to the destruction of all necromancy. In response to the GDI's rise to power, crime families the world over formed the Crime Syndicate, and agreed to protect each other's assets.
The Knights of the Stag stand against the Paladins in peaceful protest (though many feel forced to take up arms in defense) in the hopes of legalizing necromancy. The Death Knights, a splinter faction of the Stag Knights, seek to take their rights by force, using militaristic might to force the nations of the world to legalize necromancy.

We're a small group with room for more, and we are very accepting of new ideas and characters! With a territory control system, a wide breadth of skills, and five unique factions to choose from, we hope you'll find something you'll like here! Will you be a brooding savior of the innocent, a charasmatic dealer of death, or perhaps a small time police officer with big hopes and dreams? Find our for yourself in The Lich's Lament!
Hello there!
Welcome to Kesthys, where racism runs rampant in the streets, Hybrids are hunted, and Hunters hunt. Find more about the server inside! Come on in!
Welcome To Arkcaster City

The Year is 2022, nothing terribly advanced has been created but the discovery and study of these new creatures have been groundbreaking within itself.

Arkcaster is a place that is considered a “refuge” for the supernatural creatures like Vampire, Werewolves, Elves, Orcs etc as well as humans to live in Peace and Harmony.
Unfortunately that ain’t how life works and the city is riddled with crime.

Here you can start a new life, whether that life entails redemption and the white picket fence or blood and cash or even just to get a change of scenery is up to you.

There are vast amount of career options from
Such as
-Officer of the Law
-Bounty Hunter
-Armed Vigilante
I’m not listing all of them off, if you can think of it you can probably be it.
Welcome to Asyrienn, The most boring town on earth! Things rarely happen here in Asyrienn, even murder happened almost like 250 years ago. You, a normal citizen in the small town, have just received a strange, unusual, mark located on your body. Those who received the marks gain superpowers! What's next?

This is a limited time server, as we're taking it off of disboard when we reach a certain amount of people. Be sure to join now, give it a shot at least.
Werewolves, mundanes, vampires all lived in harmony until a new vampire lord ascended.
Chaos and war broke out between the vampires and the allianced werewolves and humans.
The war caused many casualties and bred hatred for the other species. Now they live in a broken world where there is no more alliance, no more peace, no more friendship not even between the packs or clans themselves.

Five groups were formed:
- Black Blood Pack: Ruthless, evil, cold.
- Silver Blood Pack: Peacekeeper, calm.
- Ravnos Clan: Cold, angry, spoiling for fights.
- Tzimisce Clan: Reserved, quiet but deadly, sometimes calm.
- Shadow Hunters: Hate all species and want them eradicated.

Whose side are you on? Werewolves? Vampires? Or the Shadow Hunters?
More lore Over the next few decades mundanes slowly began to forget about the existence of werewolves and vampires. They became nothing but a myth and the war that had taken place, became a good campfire story to tell children.

Territory was divided and groups were formed, two vampire clans and two werewolf packs, the mundane got whatever land was left and lived in oblivion. Except for the few mundanes that still knew of the existence of the species by some will of way these being the Shadow Hunters.

The two surviving vampire clans were the Ravnos and Tzimisce.

> The Ravnos Clan: Deemed cold, ruthless, and deadly.

> The Tzimisce clan: More reserved and calculated but just as deadly.

The two surviving werewolf packs were the Silver Blood and the Black Blood Pack.

> Silver Blood Pack: Sometimes referred to as the watchers who strive to keep peace and and ensure status quo. However their dislike towards Black Blood Pack can sometimes cause them to become unreasonable.

> Black Blood Pack: Sometimes referred to as pure evil. Ruthless, dangerous, unpredictable, and callous. They will kill any wolf who steps on their territory without a single word.

Each wolf pack had grown to hate the other and the same went with the vampire clans.
The mundane Shadow Hunters who knew of their existence, continued on a mission to annihilate each species, their hatred the strongest of them all. Trained from birth to know how to hunt, track, and kill both species wolves and vampires).
We've got:
Quite a lot of rp channels
Friendly staff
We are looking for partners we currently have no requirements
And more
This is a modern fantasy rp and erp server set in the Manhattan-esque city of New Lewd City! We're a brand new small server trying to grow its userbase, so please give us a look! Hope you have fun!
This RP takes place in the 23rd century in an American city. For all intensive purposes, just treat this like the 21st century (except without pollution and without the impending doom of mankind.)

St. Chaiover is a sprawling, wonderful city that exists in North America. It's usually snowy and cloudy here, but crime is low and pollution is zero. The current year is 2205, mankind is just now colonizing the moon fully. Pollution and global warming are no longer a problem, and most technology is the same as it is today, such as personal computers and phones, and tablets, etc.

Non-human races do exist now, but most of them are humanoid.
It is the year of 2041, 15 years ago did a catastrophically event happen all over the earth, it wasn't a alien invasion like most people thought but it was a highly coordinated assault by a military group called "Omega Task Force", or the OTF. The OTF had captured the 15 most influential countries in only a couple hours of time and in the following days did it almost perfectly clear the full world of any military groups that didn't disband or join them.

As far as is known did not even one nuclear missile launch from their silos, but by now it is expected that the OTF have full control over all nuclear missiles all over the world. Ready to fire if they need to.

That brings us to our story, our story starts at one simple, yet strong faction located miles of the coast of the former United States of America. This faction has settled themselves on an offshore oil drilling platform. Can they survive the ultimate test together? Join our story to find out!
Long time ago the planet only consisted one large continent ruled by a goddess named Zenobia, she was the daughter of an unknown god from another planet as she left her home planet and made one of her own planet. But long story short the gods and goddesses back then had left the planets and lived in a land of their own while they left the planets run by living organism of their own. Zenobia on the other hand didn't leave the planet and had got herself to living within inside the planet but she too had created her living organism to rule the planet where a few of them had been gifted with her powers too. It has been 2 billion years till then and she is rumored to dead, (the world is similar to what it is currently in the real life) the story takes place in a City named after her where there are those who are gifted with her powers help others or cause chaos with it making themselves feel superior.
In the beginning, there was the world as we out of character know it now. Technology, Apple vs. Android, Harry Potter, Nerds and Jocks, Popular and Unpopular...
But then came the "Day of The Hole."
This day came on December 31st, 2000, when a shimmering silver light appeared in the middle of the air above a large island off the coast of the United States, in the Atlantic Ocean, between North America and Europe. This dimensional rip came with a dragon. A dragon of silver and black scales flew through, appearing to shift and twist into existence from this hole in the air. Upon his back was a man, cloaked in golden and white robes, with a staff of strange, black metal. His eyes shone under his hood with a golden light. His voice boomed across the world: "I bring refugees from a crumbling dimension! Elves, Nekos, Orcs, Dragons, Friends and Foes!"

It has been little over nineteen years since that day... and the world has begun to adjust to this. New breeds of Humans, Half-Elves, and more have been bred from intercourse... and created due to the energy.
Upon the settlement, in 2005, of these people, the Voidal Star- as he was known to be called- rode his dragon into the air. A bright, golden explosion appeared... planes were taken up- only to find the air empty, with nothing there.
The Voidal Star left his new realm on its own... perhaps...

Now, the humans have made a city called "Quonar," in which Humans and others can live in peace.
This is a world based in 2019. Hundred of years ago there was a vampire kingdom, they called it Elerahan. Scarlett, May, Jade, Angelina and Brooke had ran away years ago amongst a war. They ran from friends, family and lovers, no one has known if they're dead or alive or their whereabouts...Well until now...A former friend found out about their whereabouts and alerted their friends and family. What happens from there is what is happening now. Buckle Up and Good Luck.
Seaview is a modern, slice of life rp server set in an English coastal city. With an active, friendly community, dedicated and helpful staff, and over 40 channels, we’re sure you’d fit right in! We are SFW and welcome a range of rp styles. Come on down!