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⛩In der Zukunft tobt ein erneuter Weltkrieg. In der Gegend um Sendai und Kyōto in Japan, wurde eine neue Möglichkeit des Kampfes entdeckt. Menschen als Waffen benutzen. So genannte Voids werden als Waffen im Krieg eingesetzt, da sie besondere Fähigkeiten besitzen.
Nimm Teil am spannenden RP mit aktiven Mitgliedern und werde Teil der Zukunft.⛩
Hellion high! A school for the weird and wonderful! Anyone is welcome in this server, we’re just starting up and of course If you’d like to join please obey by the rules! Although it’s not too hard aha!

About us
1897, Hellion High was founded, it was first created as a safe place for demons all around the area, although after the feud with the other races ended in devastation for all races, Hellion decided to open its doors to many other races, soon becoming an inclusive school, a place for anyone with odd powers and abilities to either get help to control their powers or even just show off and develop new skills, this is the new Hellion High

What we offer

A fun and friendly community filled with new people and great role players along with great admins and mods!
It shows an inclusive lore and races can be altered to suit you as a role player of course!
We also have our NSFW role if wanted just ask one of the Admins!

If you do join I hope you have a wonderful time!

Years after death the Kid’s time the 3rd shinigami of order now runs the DWMA his name Shiro, due to Shiro’s fathers passing he took over the DWMA at the age of 16 as a fully recognized shinigami... Now the threat of world destruction has passed missions still come in steady, but things couldn’t be better. The death weapons are handling their territories and students are thriving! The world is at peace or so we thought.

(active mods)


(give aways)

more to be added take into account this is a brand new server so things will be a little slow for now.
In a dystopian future where a A.I controls government, life, and even ...humans.... how will you survive? Will you be a controlled slave to the A.I or possibly a Rebel trying to destroy the A.I’s grasp on the world. The choice is yours!
What we offer
— a inclusive story that will fit your OC perfectly!
— Staff to help you out on your experience!
— Fun bots to play with!
— Lots of channels and locations for you to roleplay in
— A great and strong Lore antagonist
— future possibilities of events and encounters in the world

Note: we are currently looking for staff and in roleplay leaders so join and you have a great chance of joining the team!
We hope to see you soon! ^W^

In 2354, a team of scientists were working on a cure for all diseases nicknamed 'Therapeía.' They made tons of progress with it and it worked, a little too well. The "cure" had an extreme side effect: evolution.

On the day the project was set to be abandoned, someone released an airborne version of Therapeía. In the history books, this event was designated as the 'Therapeía Virus Outbreak.' This caused people and even animals to under go evolutionary changes.

Ones that weren't able to withstand the changes became things straight out of horror movies; most losing their minds. Ones that survived built up an immunity to this, but at a great cost. The cost being that those gifted with the immunity to the Therapeía Virus mutated themselves and gave these defects to their offspring. This caused those people and animals to become something more than regular beings. Due to the defects, an ability to use a new mysterious source of power that can only be described as 'magic.'

Some who have this genetic defect have even grown to become new races straight from fairy tales. Things such as elves, fairies, dwarves, dragons, and others came into existence.

It is now 2454 and the thing known as normal humanity no longer exists. Instead, they are replaced by neo-humans and fairy tale races that fight the still ever coming and evolving Therapeíans. Hwoever, a more pressing issue has arisen as if to taunt the new humanity. Those with the defect, now called sotíras, have also begun to turn into a new breed of Therapeians. Will you find out what is happening to these innocent people? Or will you become a Therapeian yourself?

✮ This is a futuristic fantasy server where you decide what happens and can
make your own future.
✮ We have open races and classes! Be anything you like as long as it follows the lore, is physically possible, isn't overpowered and follows a few character rules we have set. Want to be a dragon? Sure. Want to be an android? Sure. Want to be a regular human? That's fine too! The possibilities are endless!
✮ Work your way up to potentially become royalty or part of the government!
✮ Creativity! Create your own unique skills for your character using basic guidelines set out by our character rules!
✮ We will have Server and Non RP Events! We will do Cards Against Humanity and various other events!
✮ Dedicated leadership team that are available to help you create characters or answer any questions!
✮ We are looking for active, helpful people to join our admin and moderator team!
✮ We welcome ALL RPers: Casual, Paragraph, New and Veterans!
✮ Fun bots to play with outside of RP!
✮ We really look forward to having you join us!
The year is 2340. Silicon Valley is booming as the world's leading technological enterprise and metropolis of the Western world. As the capital, San Jose, California is the centerpiece of the roleplay.
- Up to two characters, more can be earned
- Any literacy, all styles welcome
- LGBT welcome!
- IRP Social Media
Come join San Jose's technological enterprise today.
Hey everyone and welcome to the plot of Marvel: Beyond! Let me set this up for you. Imagine the normal Marvel Timeline, Earth 616. Assuming Infinity War took place in 2018, that means this roleplay Universe takes place in 2033, 15 years after 2018. Most of the Avengers have actually had children by this time and are at the age 15-16 if they had them in 2018. Since the Avengers have retired by now, it's up to new heroes and also their successors to either take their mantles or make new ones. This is, Marvel: Beyond.
Let's list the new offers this server has.. Alright?
- Helpful Staff!
- Lots of Character Opportunities!
- New Villains Coming Soon!
- Original Characters!
- Tons of Event Opportunities!
- And More!
We are a Futuristic Server and we have a Group, we will release the Link in the Future, You can Apply for Admin in the Server too, Only if you are Verified + Accepted!
In the world of Napra, there are 4 kingdoms, these kingdoms used to be constantly at war. This was extremely troublesome due to the fact the all known living creatures had magic. Even small battles would leave large scars on the land that still exist to this day.

After many years of war people began to grow weary and eventually the wars died down as demons secured the throne. This leads the land into an age of peace. Sadly, peace could only last so long, there were those who were unsatisfied with their ruling. This lead to many more years of war and the dragons eventually coming into power, during this era demons were hunted to near extinction and most of the citizens became poor and unable to afford basic necessities. As this continued people rallied together and with the help of the remaining demons they defeated the dragons once and for all and put the demons back in power.

With the kingdoms no longer at war people were able to focus on honing their trade and making impressive technological advancement. After only a couple hundred years they developed civilizations far more advanced than anyone could imagine. They invented interplanetary travel and colonized multiple other planets. At this point traveling from one planet to another was as simple as driving to work in the morning.
In this server you will play as one of the many criminal teens sent back to Earth 95 years after nuclear annihilation. Everything is back to normal other. Or so it may seem. Help your fellow survivors, hurt them, or maybe live alone. The choice is yours.

Fun Rp
Helpful and Active Staff
Good Lore
Welcome to Abbuenus and the Shetha empire. The universe is waiting for new adventures. Like you. The place is filled with a unique original lore. Unique God's and names. Based off of real life names of planets. The lore is based off of many many games and movies. Bots and fun. Extensive character development and options to make your own empire of the stars. Come and join us and welcome to a world of mysterious things yet to happen.
We offer
A long ass lore. Please read it all. This is a RP servers for those looking for a simple but also long readers

Semi literature writers are perfered. One liners are annoying. Take your noobablity somewhere else. Long writers are also welcome. But not everyone can write a noval pleade be reasonable

Level bots. I try to keep bot count low. I do take suggestions though. If you really want it. I'll make it.

Fation making

Race making

And large amount of freedom
-Welcome to Project: Atlas, based in the year 2190, a dome, Atlas, made to house the rest of humanity after a meteorite spread a virus throughout the world, turning humans into horrible zombie-like mutants. Here you can live a normal day to day life in reimagined locations or fight off the mutants outside the dome. A little something for every kind of roleplayer.
-Here we treat people like family and new people are always welcome to join it! We are LGBT+ friendly and we hope you guys have a great time and help the server grow!
This Server is Set in The Year 6043, Most of the World is fighting for Power, and The Only safe Haven from the battle is The City Of New York, but to be honest it's not 100% better there. There are multiple Gangs fighting for Power, but still, Better there than somewhere else, right?

We Got Bots! What else do you want?

We're always looking for New Members, So come on down!

It's a Futuristic Roleplay Server, You don't need anything else.

Welcome to HMS Retribution.
You're one in a billion, sent to space to help establish a colony on a distant planet. On the way, something goes horribly wrong with the cryogenic stasis, and you with the rest of your companions are released early. In this roleplay, you'll go through thrilling alien fights, diplomacy, all the way to the new planet.
You can have three characters, all with different skills and talents.
A futuristic-ish Military RP against aliens! You can join two different Units with unique things included! Come join if you want to join a fun, active, RP heavy Military-based Roleplay.
Hello welcome to the new world, where we are here to survive this place. Its been along time since we've seen earth. Its 2100 we had to leave earth. There are only two ships that remain: Atlas one one and Atlas two two. How will we survive this madness? The one one had been nearly shot down before and hopefully wont be shot down before two two can get to it.
The server takes place in a futuristic earth in the city of Horizon out in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. This city was meant to be a utopia and that was half true, for some it is a utopia for for others its a dystopia, crime is at an all time high and the places that aren't crime infested are expensive to move to. Slaves are "legal" here and are seen regularly. Feel free to join and play what ever your heart desires!
Arcadia, the land of flying islands, futuristic jets, unimaginable tech, swords, shields, and armor...and mages. Devastating civil wars as pitted the county into chaos. From the ashes rose a new order, The Elementals. Headed by a megalomaniac, it has crushed resistance, ruled with an iron fist, and sent most mages fleeing in terror. That was 300 years ago. Now, is the year 3501. Seemingly unable to die, Xeno has struck terror in all who despise this new goverment. Now, he has turned his attention to the mages and the castles. The castles hold unimaginable power, a fortress against other nations. But he has twisted it into his own playthings. As he pursues the mages, their numbers dwindle, each trying to escape, but failing. As the end of mages draw nigh, small numbers band together to resist the government. The future of Arcadia may very well rest on them.
Welcome young warrior to the future. Once the clans ruled these lands with nothing but tooth claw to protect them. Over time this wasn’t enough to protect them from the advancements of the future so they adapted, evolved to create improvements to their traditional systems they started off small but some minds created complicated things. The cave to the edge of the world they knew shows the history of who they were if they were ever to forget the true meaning of clan life.
This server is brand new. help us build this server from the ground up and bring it alive
Fruitful the past was where everything seemed at one. For the longest time, there was no war, no political indifference, no factions. The world was at peace. People were thriving, and the economy was booming. Very little bad was happening at this time, and whatever it was that was bad; it simply got put down quickly. The time to live was now, for there was no telling what would come of the future.

Everything was how it was today until the off-worlders appeared. They showed us how to make a huge improvement in technology. These improvements allowed us to advance our society in ways we only thought science-fiction. There was Cyber Prime, the number one leading creators of Synths and Cybernetic Humanoids. Their HQ was one of the biggest buildings in the city, surpassing many skyscrapers.

The only way to access these memories was through a system that was brought online in the Original City. Security feeds and through many different ways of documenting the lifestyle and time period. Virgil, the AI that controlled the city, became active once again. This triggered the process of discovering the past.


H-Hello? Is this thing on?

Hey there! My name's Azazel! I was sent here to your mortal world to spread malice and fear across the planet~! I guess I should tell you what's going on here!

In the year 2032, there was an awakening of strange energy in the city of Isonwell, the technological capital of the world! There was a surge of people who gained supernatural abilities, blah blah blah... heroes and villains fought each other. Heroes won 95% of the time, you all know the story. It's everywhere. Now, not everyone is very... good at using these abilities. That would be you, if you're reading this transmission. That was me too, so we are all in this together! The Leauge Of Not-So Nice Individuals is a place for the less-powerful or conventional bad guys to come together and take over the world! Or... the local McDonalds, that's good too I guess

The League Offers

-A Music Bot, Groovy
-Dedicated And Active Staff
-A Relaxed Roleplaying Community
-Endless Room For Development
-Member-Driven Updates
-Lore Events
-A Friendly Environment For All Roleplaying Skill Levels
The year is 2386, human colonization on a planetary level just begin. The era was Fate calling the humans race. Until the great collapse came when evil came almost wiping humanity out completely. The year is now 2400 and you wake up in a world that seems familiar, but you feel different and the world around you seems DEAD.