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Welcome to the Plaza! We are a current rework of a popular server made back in 2017. We specialize in freeform roleplay! We currently have three timelines to our roleplay: medieval, modern, and future! This makes three whole different worlds to interact in.
Feel free to drop by and check us out, we'd love to have you here <3
⬡ Join the biggest HEXAGON community on discord.
⬢ We are fans of Don Diablo's label Hexagon.
⬡ You'll get the freshest news about Don and the label itself!
⬢ We have verified Hexagon Artits and Staff u can talk to on our server!
⬡ Home of all Hexagonians.
The City Of Pradiara
The city of Pradiara is a role-play server for the post apocalyptic future set in 3038. We don’t mean zombies just a destroyed city. Best part is that Pradiara is home to many creatures wether it be animals or your character as a vampire or maybe even a werewolf, or something else that’s fine!.

Note: We are just reopening our doors to people after being private.
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
We include the following;

☁️ Chill/Kind/Helpful Hr ☁️
☁️ Safe roleplay for sfw and nsfw ☁️
☁️ rp events and normal events ☁️
☁️ Emotes ☁️
☁️ Special roles like “Senior member” for special perks ☁️
☁️ No verification ☁️
☁️ Rp level roles ☁️
☁️ A few fun bots like discord fast food, Tatsumaki, and more ☁️
☁️ Bot fantasy and realistic mixed in one ☁️

And much more!
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the day was much like any other for you. You were going about your daily routine, when off in a secluded area, you see a glimmer of light. It's so tantalizing, and attracting, you just had to touch it!

Whether you're from way back when, to far off in the future, when you touched that sparkling light, you've entered the lusting realms. A world that is fueled on emotion, and what's a greater emotion than lust? In this world, the past, present, and future collide. Knights may meet with the common man, or a high tech scientist may copulate with a high borne Lord. You're basically given what you want here. A home, a life of luxury, and many chances to partake in debauchery. Maybe this place was made to hide what lies beneath...

Nah. Couldn't be... Right?
Post-MM10 server wherein the world has returned to relative peace, minus the occasional outburst from Bass. As the latter half of the 21st century approaches, Mega Man's obsolesce becomes increasingly prevalent, until Doctor Thomas Light deems enough as enough, and begins construction of the first fully free willed android. Join our heroes as they question their own existences when evolution sits upon the horizon.

13+, OCs allowed, Robot Masters from past titles mostly available.
150 years after today...

Scientists predict that a meteor will collide with the planet, and all life on earth will go extinct. The only way for humanity to survive is to leave. A few years back, a planet was discovered. It showed signs of having life forms much like earth, and the possibility of water. A team of five was sent to explore, and it was indeed habitable. Photos were sent in, and it seemed perfect...until the last picture was sent. The planet was not as perfect as it seems, but it was humanity's only hope. An idea forms...

Two years later...

The plan has been decided and tests have been run. It is time to present the plan to the world. There are intelligent life forms living on the planet, and they do not welcome humanity. Therefore, in order to survive, we need to go prepared for anything. The most capable will be chosen to go to Hope. You have been chosen, the rest of the plan is revealed. Something has been created: a formula that has been tested and fixed many times. It is given to you, you gain a single power that will help you on your journey. Your job? Take the planet for humanity. Operation Hope has begun.

We offer...

🌠 - Lots of channels!
⭐ - Self roles!
🌃 - Easy-to-make OCs!
💫 - We accept all kinds of roleplayers, new or old!
👾 - You can make your own aliens!
☀️ - Events and Contests coming soon!
🌑 - So much more!

Come, help save humanity and join Operation Hope
Hello! This is a friendly Roleplay server where you control a country and if roleplay isn't your thing, why not come and chat or listen to music? Come join Project: Earth today!!
Die Zukunft. Eine neue Welt die es zu entdecken gilt. Tauche ein in die Welt nach 2237..nach den Naturkatastrophen, den Kriegen und dem Aufbau von etwas Neuem. Ayerron ist das Reich der Möglichkeiten, eine fliegende Insel, abgeschottet von dem Rest der Welt. Auf ihr hast du die Möglichkeit zwischen 4 Bereichen zu entscheiden. Lebst du als Königlicher im Mittelpunkt und Reichtum? Als Adeliger im Luxus? Oder doch lieber bei der Mittel- oder Unterschicht.. Als Bürger oder Gesetz.

Die Zukunft sollte Möglichkeiten und Chancen bringen, für die beiden untersten Schichten jedoch gilt das nicht. Unterdrückung, Hunger, Krankheiten und Angst sind dort an der Tagesordnung. Du startest mit einer Nummer in einer Stadt deiner Wahl.. Als Bürger oder als Gesetz, das für Ordnung sorgt und den Befehlen der Königlichen unterstellt ist.

Wirst du dich einleben? Ein Teil der Menschen sein.. Sie unterdrücken...Im Reichtum oder der Armut leben.. .......oder wirst du derjenige sein der diese Welt verändert?

Ayerron. Die Insel der Möglichkeiten.
Humankind is extinct and androids are everywhere. The world has been overpopulated by nothing but androids between years 2138 and 2294. During the first few decades of the 22nd century, the world agreed to start producing androids since a virus started killing away at humans without any sign of ending. And because of the virus, humans started dying out more while androids were constantly manufactured more and more. Humans finally died out in the year of 2134, pausing the manufacturing of androids until a singular android decided to continue manufacturing of even more androids. Because of this, the world is now -and forever will be- overtaken by androids. There is currently a war between New Androids and Old Androids since the newer ones believe they are more efficient. A New Android helping an Old Android is strictly forbidden within the New City. Current year is 2294
Evaluation started
Location: Earth
Year: 6026
Population: [ERROR]
Status: Poor
Evaluation ended

Dark Times have settled upon Earth, in the year 6026. After agendas of governments got out of hand, deadly new, genetically created creatures known only as ‘The Corrupted’, have stormed and effectively taken over the earth. With deadly weapons and senses on their side, some considered supernatural, they have reduced humanity to a tiny fraction of its former potential. Will you support humanity in trying, difficult times, OR, join the allegiances of the corrupted, either incredibly loyal or incredibly deadly. The choice is yours.

⚠️ Extensive lore relevant to the story, addressing key factors in Humanity’s demise.
⚠️ Numerous countries to give the roleplay a sense of scale.
⚠️ A Shop System where you can buy interesting items to do with roleplay.
⚠️ Fair rules with nice admins to enforce them.

Radio Broadcast received.

Join, and make your mark in the story today.
Decades after the current year, 21XX is populated by people who naturally have the ability to inflate. It’s set in the main city, Eternium, a futuristic New York City that’s owned by the mega-corporation, GroTech. At the same time, a group of rebels called the Outcasts are trying to take down the overreaching rule of GroTech and the president, Diantha. Perhaps you could be the one to tip the scales in the favor of one of the two factions... or another.
(Story based growth roleplay server, offering both a casual or adventure-filled experience.)
The year is 2089, A Post-Apocalyptic version of the United Kingdom is controlled by a ruthless dictator and the once jovial citizens suffer in silence. Naysayers, revolutionaries, and any who speak negatively about the system in which they are oppressed are labeled as traitors and executed or worse. Two factions battle endlessly, The Icons, An uncoordinated revolutionary group hiding in the shadows from their oppressors, using guerrilla tactics and underhanded methods of warfare just to last in the harsh world they find themselves in, and The Aces, a state sponsored group of elite soldiers who will stop at nothing short of death, trying to clear out those who would try to oppose the great leader and his associates. Both factions fight a seemingly endless number of skirmishes, neither willing to fully commit to an all out war. However, both sides grow tired, and one good shove will lead to total and utter chaos with many falling on both sides.
In 2149 super powers have spread through the population. Will you be a hero fighting to protect people? A villain working in the shadows for your own gain? Or will you be a person without powers, trying to live a normal life in strange times?
bonjour je suis un scientifique venant de la planète terre pour faire une expérience dans une nouvelle planète..., nous somme aujourd’hui en 2020 sur la planète Yasumari une planète totalement banale qui est en fait une version fantastique de la planète terre mais il n’y a pas de ville seulement Yasumari! les habitants de cette planète ne sont que des être vivants assez basiques et non pas des créatures dégoûtantes comme on le pensais , ici il y a des simples humains , des anges et des démons, des être mi-humains mi-animaux et encore pleins d’autre races et tout la monde a des pouvoirs ! personne n’aurait pu imaginer sa les habitants parle aussi notre langue et étudie aussi notre planète, sa va au delà de se qu’on penser... je pense qu’on c’était tromper sur cette planète, on c’est tromper sur toute la ligne ! cette planète n’est pas du tout paisible ni joyeuse c’est... c’est le chaos tout le monde se bat et fait la guerre, ils s’entretuent tous. Je pense pas que je serai en vie pendant longtemps alors j’enverrai cette lettre sur la terre dans quelques instants !

scientifique n•X

« Hello there! »
We're a brand new, original lore roleplaying server. This server's lore is inspired on the anime 'God Eater'. You can play as both humans and Abnormals, and after being in the server long enough, even high ranking humans and bigger Abnormals. You are even allowed to suggest Abnormals!

« What do we have to offer? »

LGBTQ+ friendly

Original lore

Future events

The possibility for ERP

« Lore »

The year is 2078. The earth has been plagued by a disease which killed 93% of all animals, and 81% of all humans. All sorts of creatures started appearing, most of which very aggressive towards humans. We call these creatures Abnormals. Humanity was pushed back and forced to regroup in small bundles, most of which are now great cities. These cities are protected by the fighter force. These people have the ability to wield and fight with the only weapons that can kill the Abnormals.
You are in the Republic of Hope, one of the great cities in Japan. Due to people coming here from all over the world, there are many languages spoken here, but the main language is English. The people come here believing it will give you freedom, but the government has other plans. Their main goal is keeping the human race alive, and getting rid of the Abnormals. They will try to achieve this, no matter what the cost.
A brand new roleplay server, where your character becomes a test subject for the rest of their life in E.V.A. Tower, located in Elypsion City, founded and created Evolution Inc.

- Come hang out! We're new!
- Unique story board
- Friendly staff
- Fun bots to be added soon
- Welcoming to all ages and roleplay types

You wake to a small room, sat in front of a desk with a dim light dangling just above you. A man with a lab coat snaps his fingers to gain your attention. You notice two armed guards standing to his side. You seem unable to speak at the moment. The man in the coat begins speaking. "Greetings, Test Subject. Welcome to Elypsion. I work for Evolution Inc, and you have signed away the rest of your life to us, whether it be as a volunteer for the sake of mankind, or against your will as you may have committed serious crimes in the past. We hope you enjoy your stay in Elypsion. Good day." As the man finishes his speech, one of the guards strikes you with the butt of their gun, rendering you unconscious. You are carried away to your new home in the Tower.
The story centers around The Cradle, a floated land mass filled with exotic life, and bio energy. There are 6 nations, each with their own beliefs and desires for the Cradle, and the secrets within.
Set in the far future, Star of the Triad roleplay takes place on a barren planet. We desperately need some members since the RP hasn't started yet. please do not hesitate on joining if you are curious.
Shattered Future started out as a discord server for the comic, Shattered Future is now a place where artists friends and family dick around and have as much fun as they can -w- join and you can have a lot of fun chatting with us, we hope to grow into a small community completely away from all the drama and edginess on discord even tho the owner enjoys drawing creepy things

-Many bots to randomly use
-Lotsa artist to meet
-Active voice chats
-Still growing and we could use your help!
-Showdown battles
-Drama free hopefully
-Comic ideas!

We are planning a pokemon comic in the future and we could use your help, any idea you have that has been approved might get you a spot in the comic!
Set in 2087, Futuro city, NJ. This is a JoJo inspired Roleplay with the use of certain aspects from Detroit Become Human and is essentially a mixture of JoJo's bizarre adventure and the far future. Your own adventure can involve working with the Police Department, being a student, or being a villain in your own group if you so choose. Other than that we have individuals who are pretty chill and in my opinion fun to talk to, we're small as of now but you can help change that!

**Please note that as of now RP is on hold for various IRL reasons, if you join it's likely that at most you'll be talking with people and not really RPing**
Divinity tower.. It stands tall and proud.. Always growing and full of life... What it is no one truly knows. Except it seems to be constantly in the move flickering through timelines and realitys constantly. Doors lead to different room putting you anywhere. Always or any time. Come and join us on adventures. Laugh, cry, fall in love, die, the options are endless in divinity tower

Those that built the tower to its glory maintain residence on the grounds to ensure prosperity and order. But... They made sure other have a place to rest as well.
In the year 21XX the inhabitants of the planet Earth lived in there own form of peace and harmony. They were able to maintain the peace with the special abilities they inquired. Where and how they got them is a mystery but no one questions it, and why would they? Life has been good ever since their abilities showed up. However not all good things last, as time went on some found peace to be boring and wasted no time to try and break that peace. As you can imagine, those who favored peace fought back against the troublesome. Now the world has found a new peace through balance. While some use there powers for good other use it for the exact opposite, evil, what a shocker. While some battle it out for right and wrong others use there power to benefit themselves, working alone in the shadows avoiding both groups. Many also just chill, using there ability to help in there everyday life, while some even hide there abilities, trying not to get caught up in the chaos that comes along with there power. You can use your ability however you please, but just like everything else, you aren't completely free in the eyes of the law. Will you defend those who can't defend themselves? Or will you cause mischief for all just for the fun of it? Perhaps you will endure the chaos of the world. The choice is yours..

We're relatively new and looking for active members who like rp. It's a pretty chill server and we're always open to suggestions.