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The Earth is gone. It's been gone for a long time, 80 years to be exact. It happened so fast, one moment the entire planet was celebrating new years and the next the very ground beneath all of our feet changed. What followed next was a brutal 25 year long war and a truce between all sides. Who knows how long that'll last...

{Hi there!}

-Choose to join one of five influential and powerful factions in the struggle to save or ruin the treaty between three worlds who've been merged due to unknown forces.

-Partake in faction interactions and server RP events that will keep things interesting and fun

-Meet new people and cooperate to make an interesting story worth remembering

[Come join 2100 and hopefully enjoy the experience! We welcome you to an RP server focused on faction wars and heavy interaction in a world that you can either help save, or destroy. The more members, the better the experience, as they add on to the factions and make things feel even more in depth.]

(Every 5 months 2100 will undergo a large change in the world, jumping forward into the future by 10-20 years in order for a new narrative to form. You can use your old characters or create new ones, but both will have to deal with the consequences of the actions from that last part of 2100.)
**In 2018, North Korea made the dreaded move. Missiles were sent to the USA where many people died. Donald Trump was assassinated and the USA became non-existent.**

**In 2019, North Korea started sending more missiles. Countries grouped together and started to fight back.**

**At the end of 2020, World War 3 broke out And countries became seperated. All civilians were sent out into England, which was renamed District 14. Everyone was sent there.**

**In 2021, the war was still going on. There was barely anyone in the army so they started getting rid of jobs. If you’re 18 and don’t have a job, you get sent off to the army**
Welcome students to Spirit Highlights Academy ! Here we teach our students how to use their powers in the right way abd against the evil forces that are threatening this world.
-Welcome to Project: Atlas, based in the year 2190, a dome, Atlas, made to house the rest of humanity after a meteorite spread a virus throughout the world, turning humans into horrible zombie-like mutants. Here you can live a normal day to day life in reimagined locations or fight off the mutants outside the dome. A little something for every kind of roleplayer.
-Here we treat people like family and new people are always welcome to join it! We are LGBT+ friendly and we hope you guys have a great time and help the server grow!
In the land of flying castles and giant war machines, yet the best weapon you can have is a sword and shield, this is the world of Arcadia. Having just gone through a devastating civil war just recently, a new mysterious organization has grown to power, crushing all resistance. Headed by this is a girl, always wearing a hood, but her eyes is visible. They are a vibrant purple, hard as flint and without emotion, but also a blandness, as if she has no power of thought. Evidently, she is mind controlled, but by who? And what is the intention of this mysterious person? The secret perhaps lies in the girl. The girl is known only as VIOLET. All are welcome!
Welcome to the N.C.S Stardamizen! Historian, Scientist, Android, Mech--Whatever or whoever you are, you are welcomed for a safe and enjoyable flight in the underbelly of the ship which holds a bustling city for of excitement! See you on the ship~
On a large ship orbiting a newly discovered planet, passengers and crew live in harmony. Or at least, for the most part, this was true. Gangs and rebellions began springing up from the lowest levels of the ship, tired of simply orbiting this planet. They wanted more. To go down! To explore! Why couldn't they? It must have been the captains' idea to keep them onboard! Or it was the TPC, the governing police force which patrolled the ship. They needed answers and time was ticking.
Where will you be when it all comes forward? Enjoying your stay in a 5-star first class suite as a passenger? A member of the feared and honored The Planetary Control? Or will you choose to join in the uprising against all the corruption? Find your place and join today!
"This is an 18+ safe-space for wandering minds and aspiring creatives to share work and express ideas. We are a collective consciousness learning together through discussion and collaboration. Come delve deep into the human mind and incubate your creative excellence. This is a community which fosters and promotes the individual and collective creative endeavors of its members while teaching them how to promote and market themselves. A place for thinkers and creatives to develop themselves and each other through critique, cooperation, open mindedness, and honesty. The FUTURE is a reason to create NOW."
A server based in the future where Heroes and Villains fight each other over the world
Welcome to Storm City! A completely man made island. An island designed, built and constructed by a mega corporation called Iris Industries. This company has been manufacturing innovative and new ideas since the industrial revolution.

Where is this island? In the ring of fire of course, In the south Pacific. The power volcanos and their nearly limitless amounts of power supply Storm City with its energy.

A second nearby island called Thunder City aka the Cage! is a great place for criminals, the diseased and other undesirable cretins. This lawless island is a police state under the control of Iris.

Robots walk and maintain many jobs around the world but along side them are their creators. Working in unison... or so you think but that's not important. Welcome. Enjoy your stay. Have a great day.
Welcome, to the city of O'Cyrus which takes place in the year of 3001. The city alone is split into separate sectors, each having their own purpose in meaning. You can decide which sector you'd like to be born from. Along with deciding what road your character will go down. At the moment we are slow, mostly because we had to deal with some trolls, but other than that, I hope to build this server into something better.
The year is 2739, corrupt governments, corrupt world, Resias sits as one of the newest countries in the world being founded only 300 years ago. Originally a piece of land owned by Russia and fought for by America the land would become known as Resias, split between 2 superpowers in a long war. Only after 50 wars would the war be ended by a nuke launched from an unknown missile silo on the north end of Resias, the group that sent this? The peacekeepers... the nuke would lead to a large rebuilding of the country and independance, to many Resias is still split between Russia and America and many wars go on between 2 factions over it only to be stopped by the peacekeepers who have been hired by the government to protect only the wealthiest individuals and their needs or chase down bounties, the 4 highest ranking members of the peacekeepers are unknown to the world and are said to do their work so well that there is no trace they were ever a part of it. Cybernetic implants give you access to a UI similar to that of an anime like SAO and view your health, poor people live at the bottom of this land of tall skyscrapers where the wealthy live at the top, you are nothing down here and if you cant scrounge up enough money to make a living then you either die or join the military, a faction has been made to oppose the corrupt government and peacekeepers whilst an unknown faction grows at the bottom of Resias to take out all factions and restore Resias to peace in its former glory
here is a new server which takes place on earth 250 years in the future

rules: =no godmodding
no metagaming
take arguing to dms
don't be a complete jerk
use channels correctly

lore: 150 years ago, in our galaxy, world war III began. Multiple cities were wiped out from existence. After this war and great destruction, multiple of the worlds best minds began to step up, to fix the world. These are known as, the builders. The builders are seen as heroes to the public, but they eventually began to build a army of robotics and mechatronics, in order to make sure, that such chaos would never come to this world again. The people thank the builders, and just see it as them protecting them, but, some small members of the new city, rebelled and left, making a rebellion. Both sides were good, not one side could be considered evil, one just wanted to protect the world from itself, while the other wanted free choice. Which side will you join, will you be one of the builder's soldiers and keep the laws that the builders made or will you be one of the rebellion's members and fight against the builders
however, both the rebels and the builders have one thing in common, they want to stop an evil organization from taking over the entire world known as the Shadows of Mayhem
A fantasy server centered around god roleplay! You have the ability to roleplay as anything you'd like, including a powerful diety! We have unlimited character slots, over 60 rp channels, and freedom to be a villain, hero, or neutral! We also have bots, friendly staff, ooc channels, and more, come join us and have a look!
Year 2030; a new generation, and magic was found in mid-2010, though the government had kept it a secret from the citizens of the United States until 2020. When the undisclosed information was released to the public (via television news, government websites, etc.), people were both horrified and delighted by the presence of magic.
Hello! Welcome to our Overwatch rp server! It’s based in the future, 100 years to be exact. Heroes, alongside Villains have risen after the events of Overwatch. Some have come to seek power or fortune. Some might want love, Some overall are just there for the fun.

Forge your own path or join others. Or just be that random person. Anyways, come join as we tell of the future heroes or otherwise goof off with our random shenanigans. Talk about the game or make a character. It’s your choice.

Will you join us?
It is 2075. A nuclear war has just ended. All nations have been destroyed. New nations are rising from the ashes, though.
You will rule a nation. You can be a caring president, be an oppressive dictator, or be in anarchy. Make your dream world! Fight other nations! Have fun!
Welcome aboard Remus Station! We hope you will enjoy your stay, or your visits to Trilia down below, to explore the wild and untamed lands.
-This server is new, but we hope to expand and get a good core of people on!
-We do normal RP and ERP, plus we have general channels to just enjoy your time.
-Play any race from fantasy or sci-fi! (Within reason)
-Help us grow and bring your experience with you!
Hi! Welcome to 2 Million Years in the Future! In this Role playing server, you can be just about anything you want! Almost any character goes! Our server is lore based and our staff and members friendly! Join up to travel the galaxy and have a role playing blast!
Everything was going normal in good 'ol Manhattan until suddenly, portals started opening up all over the place.. In the view of them, they looked the same but, something was off. Spider-Men/Spider-Women investigated this, but they ended up being crossed into multiple dimensions, but not trapped as there was a device controlling all of this. Most of them are inside of the classic Spider-Man dimension, but some have been scattered across the Spider-Verse. Throughout the Spider-Verse, there are different types of Spider-Men/Spider-Women who protect their cities, even through different years in history! Throughout this event, villains from multiple dimensions have teamed up to kill these heroes. What will happen? Find out in Spider-Verse: Web of Time.
Starting year- 2025 to present time 2127. In the year of 2025 the New Republic rose to power with their ideals and plans to make America greater then it once was before. Many smart citizens bought into the the ideals of the Republic and so through a long grueling process the New Republic was formed as the new greater government. The U.S became more government controlled though the N.R did still keep the constitution and bill of rights. The N.R built up the army focusing mainly on that. And then on the year 2048 the entire government was changed, giving full power to the N.R and small power to its citizens. But no worries the N.R did and are still handling this country well. Eventually more and more labs and factories were built to enhance technology and make a perfect human. When doing so released all new series of Cybernetic enhancements all made under the compnay E-tech [Evolutionary technology] these cyber enhancements went off the shelves fast. Billions of people ordered them and now E tech is the leading brand of Cybernetic enhancements and robots. But, sadly with evolution in technology there comes pollutants these pollutants got into the water and air making they sky dark and cold raining and snowing a lot.
Some of these pollutants have had sode effects on humans giving them anomalous abilities. In the year 2100, the N.R issued a quarantine of all humans with anomalous abilities to research them and study on what they are. And so their are two disricts in each city, one for normal citizens and the other for the...disgusting...anomalous ones. As the years progress the N.R have been ruling with more discipline due to the anomalous humans. And now present year more and more problems are starting to come up with these anomalous humans. The disrict they live in is wore down and full of patrols we will either kill them or break them down enough to let them know that the N.R isnt backing down.

Hello! Welcome to the server! This is something Ive been working on for a little bit. Anyways ima get to the point
Here in this server we have a special way of using leveling up
Though this is sci fi its also a hybrid of fantasy
Unique magic system
And lots of fun to be had!

The year is 2048 and the earth has gone to shreds and the people over threw the government but 4 factions have rose up and they have gotten into 2 wars named the great war and the second great war and during those wars each faction revived someone that died and they each got cybernetic enhancements

A small roleplaying server set in the real-world solar system. The nations of Earth have starved due to agricultural damage from Antarctica melting. New nations have emerged and look for a new home in the solar system.