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A server for literate Marvel roleplaying!
~ We are a brand new server, so many spots are still free!
~All ages are welcome!
~Focuses on the MCU, not the comics
~Once we get enough people, we might do a special event~
Welcome to Northern High School. Superheroes and Supervillains are now learning together. (Shocking we know) but they are at opposite ends. Choose to be either a training to be superhero or supervillain. Use your powers for good or for evil. If you don’t have powers we also have a place for you too. You can train to become apart of A.L.F.A. Which helps the heroes or B.E.T.A. For our very own villains.
Hello! The Vigilant League is a roleplay server that focuses on a super hero theme, everything is explained through simple lore with many different plots to fit your style. You can make either a hero, villain or anything in between. We also have cookies and ice cream for new members!
In a world where superpowers are becoming the norm. It has been 20 years since the Battle of Calenia, where the First Generation Heroes villain boss Akachan was defeated by the number one hero Anastasia and founded the number one hero school, Lionheart Academy.
**The story so far**
Akachan has been revealed to be innocent, then who's the one pulling the strings? Turns out that it was his father, Masuta, manipulating him and breaking his mental state. Now that he has taken over, more crime is happening around the city. And new villains are emerging and the heroes are in desperate need of help.

Would you be their saving grace? Join and find out!
As the Avengers neared the end of the Infinity War against Thanos, instead of them winning, Thanos had one last idea to reset the Marvel Universe and remaking everything, but by doing so he died as well. By snapping his fingers, he erased all of the Avengers and Villains from existence, but ended up creating new ones to take their place with similar powers, abilities, and mindsets. This has opened up new possibilities for the Avengers and Villains, with a flood of new powers and versions of old Marvel characters. Some of these characters retain the same last names and abilities as the old Avengers and Villains, but they bring new powers to the fight of the Heroes vs Villains. The new counterparts of the old heroes are younger than before, so the Avengers haven't been established yet.
Have you ever felt as though the writers behind the CW DC shows have not treated the characters properly? Do you want to roleplay as the characters and make your own version of the universe? Well join CW DC RP, where you can rp as any character from the CW DC universe! Filled with fun people and amazing staff members, CW DC RP is a Roleplay server where everyone can have fun!

We have roles for each show you're from.

Character tryouts so we know that we're picking the right person.

Plenty of fun and experienced roleplayers.

This is a fairly new server as well, so most characters are still up for the taking! Join quick before they're taken!
Welcome to DCUniverse RP, where you can become any character in the DC Universe and eventually, the Multiverse, with a friendly staff team and active community, come and join us. We also do really cool storylines, and we're looking for staff members too.
Official Discord server of the Superhero Database.
This Marvel roleplay server is a fusion of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and the Marvel Comics that let's you have a lot of creative freedom. Something that we believe is important is user feedback, so don't be afraid to ask about something because we're all humans and we all make mistakes or maybe you would like to recommend something. Don't be afraid to ask. We welcome new people and are willing to partner.
Welcome to /r/MasksRP, a superhuman roleplay subreddit set in an alternate Earth where superpowers have just become reality!
Join the ranks of superhumans helping the residents of an American city or vying to rule over them! Become a hero! Become a villain! Try something in-between! Form your own faction! We're just getting started, so now's the time to join!
Our roleplay takes place on our subreddit, /r/MasksRP, and we use the Discord for all out-of-character discussion and planning.
This is a fantasy/sci-fi rp server slowly becoming a superhero server

-Have super powers!
-Roleplay at any place you want
-Level up!
-be a student,Teacher or any other thing you want

The lore is described in the server

We are growing slowly so if you want to join the owner will welcome you
10 years ago, a comet hit earth, and on the inside of it were crystals that gave certain humans powers. But only the children. The governments, being worried about these children's abilities, made a school to teach them how to use their powers. Although, whether they wanted to be Hero's or not, the government didn't care. So they made Northridge high, a school in Washington. Here, the students could learn how to harness their powers and abilities to fight and defend themselves, or even cause havoc if they will. How will your story begin?
In a world filled with Superpowers known as quirks, quirks are abilities that tend to be more science than magic and are superhuman abilities currently 94% of the world’s population possess You are a Person living on the island of Cyprus located around the Mediterranean.
The Year is 2117, The City of Cyprus was founded in 2023 only 3 years after quirks started popping up normally, It was founded by 11 people called the founders were some of the first people with quirks they made Cyprus for all people as the number of people with quirks was still low they founded the City as a place where everyone would come to live together a place where no one would be called a witch for being unique or shunned.
Over the Years Cyprus grew bigger and Bigger until the economic collapse of 2068 from which it was stuck before Jokyu Industries rose and pulled the city up, Cyprus quickly recovering and becoming the Most technologically advanced city in the world.
Currently, all is fine Jokyu is continuing their breakthroughs in science and each precinct continues to grow in culture heroes are made and so are villains, but recently there’s been a spike in missing and dead heroes no one knows as of why yet.
Welcome comic readers or fans,
This is a new server for comic fans and outcasts that need to find a place(since they got kicked out). Today we are home to both dc and marvel fans alike.
We are a fresh community and my goal is to make a chill hangout for readers of comics like myself.
We have random chats,gaming and marvel with dc chats.
Thanks for reading, I appreciate it
Earth Genesis is a DC & Marvel based server, where the heroes and villains are still fairly new to the world. Two years ago the first modern heroes arose, them being Superman and Batman. Today they are little more than myths and stories, but with more and more heroes and villains rising, you will have to take a side. You can choose to roleplay as an Iconic hero such as Captain America or Spider-Man, or play as an original character you made, the choice is yours on Earth Genesis.
This server features:
►Lots of Roleplay channels for you to explore.
►An Active Staff
►Canon and Original Characters
Indulge into the amazing world of legends and gods. A land where time and space have become rouge due to the combined efforts of Thanos and Darkseid. Now all fantasy realms and worlds have intersected to form a universe where all beings will meet. Who will you be in this eternal war of beings? Marvel? DC? Or Anime verse? Choose and claim your legacy in this world and become the destroyer of Thanos and Darkseid
“Welcome former citizen! To NightFall city! The world's first public city that allows all species! Such as your average human, angels, kitsunes, werewolves, and vampires to orcs as well! All allowed to live in one large, open, and a friendly home for everyone! This home is safe, protected from an angel that keeps those who want to hurt away. If you do come here, no one will discriminate you, we do not allow racism, nor hatred. There are no such things as drugs, or gun use, all the species are at peace with one another, hell even more and more species are getting together for families! This, is a place you need to live by, a place of safety and a place to be yourself!”

Sadly this is not the case. Well I wish it was but that’s what we strive for. Oh who am I? I’m Benzo, or the Angel of Nightfall as I’m more commonly called. These streets are becoming a mess and I don’t know how long they can hold out. You can’t give up on a city though, I’m a hero, and you can be one too. Work with me to make this city a better place. For a better and more peaceful future for all the people who live here.
Hello! This is a server we started just a few days ago. It is extremely small, with a pretty much laid back staff. We do have our limitations in rules but we don't have overly strict rules, anyways, if you didn't get the lores above. This is a hero/villain rp, we have about one hero and one villain atm with not much after that, we also do allow neutrals and average citizens if you need. Our template may be big and we do try and tempt you to do your best. And we do not, or we barely allow erp, for it cannot happen out of the blue and constantly for we do not want our server to rot. If you do take the chance to join this small server, we suggest that if you have any ideas on how to help, then do tell us, and if you need to dm us do not be afraid, we're kind people just looking to past the time.
Welcome to the Superverse, a world of adventure! Trouble is brewing across the multiverse and it's looking like the end is near. Join us to be a Hero, Villain, or anything in between. You could be anyone from Batman to a Jedi, Wizard or even a Saiyan. You can even make your own Original Character! All is welcome in this plain of possibilities.
Frederick's school for Future Heroes is a server dedicated to community and roleplay. We have (or are going to get) great bots to mess around with and we will have a great amount of channels for you to roleplay in. The roleplay aspect of this server focuses on a one punch man like hero system.
SuperHero Community; Art, Creation, Movie, Talk, Events, Roleplay!

Join Today!
In Tron City, New York, 2000, something started happening. People started gaining powers beyond anyone's comprehension. Years worth of science could only begin to understand and explain it. The crime rates raised by 25 percent. Sending the city into chaos. The year is now 2020. Years after insanity, crime, and chaos has filled the streets. Who are you? Discover that out yourself, and maybe you can help save the world, or perhaps end it.
After a while Tron city got used to being hell on earth. Valencia industries infected the streets with their bots, The order was still in formation after the earthquakes that killed 524 people in the 24 blocks. Tron city promises itself to be better with people Like Dexter Dym and Michael Merlyn stepping out of the shadows to fight the war on crime in the day. But a new threat lurks in the shadow. One like the world has never faced before. Randall Ravage will conquer the world in the near future, and the only people that can stop it are a group of powereds and vigilantes: The Titans Of Tomorrow.

Yo- so now it's 2022. Let's get a run down of the major shit
Michael Merlyn has killed like, 10k people in like, three earthquake attacks.
Axis of Evil make their first public appearance breaking out Cruncher, and there was a big ass shockwave across the city
The Criminal Communion form, taking over the city's underworld, then crumbling from the inside.
The marionette killer's arrest, Deception's long ass journey on some random ass carribean island, The beginning of the "Barbaric Revolution" and the Titians and Former members of the communion joining forces to take down Derek Duncan and the US Army
Michael Merlyn is revealed to the public to be responsible for the earthquakes and goes off the grid.
Xoderain from Stargazers announces to Earth that they are not alone, as the Season 6 Opener. It is unknown if his son Emil is with him or not after the destruction of Xancadia. (Crossover event:Stargazers/BaW)
The leader of a new unknown group in town is revealed to be Mister Cortez Santiago. He seems to have brought friends with him from every place possible. No Carlito though, I wonder where he is...
Not exactly lore but- gives you a sense of what's happened since then without going into full fucking detail like the episode guides

Yeeeeah. Superhero RP. Iz cool.
You want to become a superhero and save the day or become a villain and destroy the world then come and join our wonderful roleplay server! We have
-Friendly Staff
-Active Staff
-Active Roleplay
-Friendly Community
-and more!
When an increasing amount of people begin developing superpowers in a world that wants to register and control super-humans, crime and corruption seems to rise while superheroes are punished. In this world, you can become a superhero, a villain, or even just a normal person. The choice is yours.

Tiering system that supports character development
Large flexibility on superpowers
Two bio templates to fit all roleplayers
Active staff and admins