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Welcome to Avona, A Superhero type RP, You can be a normal everyday person to something like a Robot or a Symbiote, Or be a criminal, Your choice.
You can find basic lore At

-We have a toxic-free community
-This just started, So now is the prime time to become involved
-We Treat Community members like Family
-We are willing to work out problems with everyone!
-We offer help in various ways
-Our server has many different timezones so you might always have a friend to rp with
-Anything goes as long as rules are read!

Hopefully you will join us on our adventure!- 𝒜𝓈𝒽𝓎
What happens when the people wearing masks are just that, regular humans with human problems? What can the police do, or the military? Are these vigilantes dangers or saviors?

Vigilance is not a superhero roleplay. No powers, no aliens, no magic. Just vigilantes and criminals, battling each other against the backdrop of a city plagued by corruption and confusion. Masks are worn and blows are exchanged. Deals are made and people die. Life as we know it has not been disrupted by godly meddling or galactic genocide, rather the very existence of the masked men and women themselves. What must be done is the question many have failed to answer.

We are an RP server with elements of Watchmen and Nolan’s Batman trilogy, two series that survive without many powered characters. We welcome any intermediate to advanced roleplayer who thinks they can handle an unconventional twist to a superhero roleplay. Vigilantes, criminals, police, and civilians are all accepted. Lore can be added to, and the plot is player driven with some GM influence.
Welcome to /r/MasksRP, a superhuman roleplay subreddit set in an alternate Earth where superpowers have just become reality!
Join the ranks of superhumans helping the residents of an American city or vying to rule over them! Become a hero! Become a villain! Try something in-between! Form your own faction! We're just getting started, so now's the time to join!
Our roleplay takes place on our subreddit, /r/MasksRP, and we use the Discord for all out-of-character discussion and planning.
Indulge into the amazing world of legends and gods. A land where time and space have become rouge due to the combined efforts of Thanos and Darkseid. Now all fantasy realms and worlds have intersected to form a universe where all beings will meet. Who will you be in this eternal war of beings? Marvel? DC? Or Anime verse? Choose and claim your legacy in this world and become the destroyer of Thanos and Darkseid
We are a community building on a city together where villains and heroes live and fight each other. You can play Canon or OC characters, humans, aliens, you name it.
There are open settings like the streets or rooftops, and limited ones like a school for gifted children. You're very welcome to add more characters and places to the mix or interact with existing characters in others.
Epic superhero rpg universe where you can play as your own created character whether superhero, villain or anti-hero. Meet new people and me part of this universe ^^
The classic psychopath is trying to cause the apocalypse through terrible means and its up to the heroes to stop him!

Come join our brand new server features your own made up heroes and villains, come fight against the psychopath or come in and fight with him! what will you choose? only you know!

~Love Julien and Jace
Hi, please join our discord as we're very friendly to people.

In our RP we will offer marriage, and giveaways and various items and a change to make new friends and reach out to people and new sources.

We just ask that you be friendly, respectful and have fun!
In a world filled with Superpowers known as quirks, quirks are abilities that tend to be more science than magic and are superhuman abilities currently 94% of the world’s population possess You are a Person living on the island of Cyprus located around the Mediterranean.
The Year is 2117, The City of Cyprus was founded in 2023 only 3 years after quirks started popping up normally, It was founded by 11 people called the founders were some of the first people with quirks they made Cyprus for all people as the number of people with quirks was still low they founded the City as a place where everyone would come to live together a place where no one would be called a witch for being unique or shunned.
Over the Years Cyprus grew bigger and Bigger until the economic collapse of 2068 from which it was stuck before Jokyu Industries rose and pulled the city up, Cyprus quickly recovering and becoming the Most technologically advanced city in the world.
Currently, all is fine Jokyu is continuing their breakthroughs in science and each precinct continues to grow in culture heroes are made and so are villains, but recently there’s been a spike in missing and dead heroes no one knows as of why yet.
Join Superhero rp to rp as a superhuman with powers of your choice! You can be a hero, anti-hero, villain, or even a regular human if you want. You can also team up with others and create storylines of your own. This does not have a main plot and rather side plots and factions here's all the info! Basic premise is, it's like those super hero organization rps, but this takes place before the organization got popular, or heroes even legalized.
Welcome to Your Hero Academia, this is a group where both canon and oc characters are welcomed.
If you are planning on being a canon oc you must audition. You are more than welcome to make your own oc and you must submit a bio.
We are currently looking for canons mostly.
But here's the lay out:
So, this is going to be following most of the main plot up until one part. The USJ Attack. In the attack, our beloved hero All Might has died by the hands of a villain. How will this effect the plot? How will the class go on? How will stain play a role? What will UA do? Come on in and find out!

You are more than welcome to choose between the variations of different classes, so if you want to be a first year, second year or third year you can.
If you decide that at any point of time you dislike how the main storyline is playing out, you're more than welcome to depart.
Make sure to be welcoming, kind, and respectful towards the others, some of the admins do read through the entire amount of new messages.
A server for literate Marvel roleplaying!
~ We are a brand new server, so many spots are still free!
~All ages are welcome!
~Focuses on the MCU, not the comics
~We are a very active server!

~Once we get enough people, we might do a special event~
Zeffi's Maskmen Universe is a Marvel-Inspired RP universe, featuring various RP titles such as Helios Alpha and Maskmen: Lost Hope.
It is a fair roleplay community with inspiration from superhero universes such as Marvel and DC with an added political and historical twist.
There are various alternate universes, different scenarios, and ongoing arcs all in the form of different RPs and timelines within the Maskmen Universe.
In the Maskmen Universe you can roleplay as a hero, villain, vigilante, mercenary, or anything else, with all sorts of powers, or none.
We aspire to grow as an active and innovative community all progressing in the story and lore of the Maskmen Universe, and everyone can join.
Join today, and help us grow to be something great.
Choose Hero or Villain. Good or Bad. Iron Man or Thanos.
So this is a server for fans of marvel, on this server we discuss the latest trailers, first look photos and the latest comics. Also when you join if you want you can be a character (hero or villain) from the 616 universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
You can relax and chat to a friendly community
We also now have full on roleplay areas and a dnd type dice system
Welcome to the Superverse, a world of adventure! Trouble is brewing across the multiverse and it's looking like the end is near. Join us to be a Hero, Villain, or anything in between. You could be anyone from Batman to a Jedi, Wizard or even a Saiyan. You can even make your own Original Character! All is welcome in this plain of possibilities.
Welcome to Prometheus! Prometheus is a crossover server that focuses primarily on DC and Marvel, though has other well-known and similar universes like Image Comics. It starts from its roots, meaning the Justice League, Avengers, X-Men, etc. haven't yet been established, and things could turn out much differently (i.e. Spider-Man on the Teen Titans). We accept both long-form and short-form roleplaying. Join now and roleplay with us in your favorite comic universes!
A server for lewd roleplays based off dc and marvel comics. And it doesn’t have to be lewd, casual story based roleplays are always welcomed. And even better, this is a lgbt friendly group, meaning futa, homosexual, and all that Jazz is great.
Hello, we are a very new baby server, if you join it will most likely not be born yet, i hope its not a miscarriage. k thanks.

Welcome to Iowa City! Here you can Become anyone you want to be! You can be an interior designer, a collage student, a criminal, a business man/woman, Seriously, you can even be a witch if you're Pegan or Wiccan. And yes, that means all religions are accepted.

"This is an important announcement! There is now a need for Superheroes once again! All supers are required to come out of hiding and join the fight against the crime plaguing the world. This has been your lore announcements"
This is super verse VSS a place for superhero, villains, aliens, superhero villains LIKE anything u want is here there are multiple earths and more things to come join and have fun
DC: Crumbled Streets.

The world was being filled with an imbalance, and then a few heroes emerged. One wore a cape and stalked the night's as a bat. Another was a alien from a destroyed world. Among the heroes also rose villains. Clowns, scientists, aliens, monsters of horrifying origins. Welcome to the streets of DC.

Takes place before the start of the Justice League. For a more direct line, its one month after batman recruited young dick grayson to be his sidekick robin.

🤗 friendly staff and members

👔 Canon characters and OC's welcome

😈😀 heroes and villains welcomed

A fun D&D type of role-play server, where you could attempt to stop a super villain (or be one for that matter), or you could just do weird jobs in the mega corporation called Jobinc.

We accept anybody, so this can become a fun place for people to hang out at!
The Earth has long since settled after an alien invasion. New heroes rise to face off against new enemies.

Will you take the side of good, and uphold justice. Or will you become the dark master of your own destiny??
When an increasing amount of people begin developing superpowers in a world that wants to register and control super-humans, crime and corruption seems to rise while superheroes are punished. In this world, you can become a superhero, a villain, or even just a normal person. The choice is yours.

Tiering system that supports character development
Large flexibility on superpowers
Two bio templates to fit all roleplayers
Active staff and admins