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Welcome to the Wonderful World of X-Men! We are an X-Men roleplay group that is very small at the moment, but is constantly getting bigger! You can create an oc or play one of our canon characters that is on our list!

Feel free to give us a chance!
Hello and welcome to Avengers' Tower! A community for those who are into Marvel and many others!
This is not a roleplay server and theres no NSFW content.

We have channels for:
✧ General Chatting
✧ Fan Art
✧ Non-Fan Art
✧ Spoilers Discussions
✧ Spoilers Content
✧ Memes! (Marvel and Not)
We have Mee6 and Tatsu bots as well, and are still open to suggestions!
The Comicverse is a dynamic crossover between DC and Marvel Comics. Why should you join?

🔵 Our server is ideal for adults over 18+

🔵We are LGBTQ+ friendly!

🔵We accept canon characters from both Marvel and DC

🔵Fun and attentive staff and members!

🔵Engaging server wide events and plots

~Marvel and DC, two universes that are so similar and yet, so very different. Each realm holding its very own unique brand of heroes that strive to protect it no matter the cost, whether it be on the streets, in the skies or in the stars above. These heroes are putting their lives on the lines to protect their worlds from threats and forces never seen before! Two such forces that exist in these universes would be The Spectre and The Living Tribunal, two cosmic entities that can shake the very laws of reality in their respective universes. With these cosmic powers existing, it was only a matter of time before they met although, with such a concentration of power in one place, the mere presence of these entities being near each other caused a sudden cosmic quake, forcing their respective worlds together in a sudden shift in realities. Now our prime earth has been left in an amalgamated state, the world having shifted on its very axis...the real question is, where will we go from here?~
⍿ Calling all Marvel fans ⍿

Come join our Marvel Universe roleplay server! Laid back admins and great people all coming together to enjoy one thing. This server is a semi-literate - Para-literate style roleplaying server of all ages (13+)

We are an ever growing community of roleplayers.
Original Characters are encouraged!
⚡️𝕄𝕒𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕝: 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕟𝕖𝕨 𝔼𝕣𝕒⚡️
Its the year 2049. All the avengers have retired, some even had kids. Most of those kids have learned from their parents. Most of their parents have taught them everything they know. But there are other kids, who were born with special abilities, but they don’t have parents to teach them how to use them. Some of those kids have been able to figure it out.
After years without a superhero team, one is rising again. Why now? Who knows. All anyone knows is that things are about to get a lot more interesting.

✨We are 100% LGBTQ+ friendly.
✨PG13 server (no nsfw)
✨Lots of fun bots (like pokécord)!
✨We have lots of fun places to Rp
✨Lots oc canon characters that you can rp as
✨You can also create an Oc
✨Create your own story and go on your own adventure
Join our Marvel roleplaying server to roleplay with other like-minded Marvel fans! We have all sorts of characters ranging from X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four and more! Hope you come and rp with us, you're always welcome to join us!
Jeu de rôle tenu par un MJ professionnel depuis 2001, plus ancien RPG en ligne dans l'univers des X-Men. Le forum a rouvert en février après une pause de plus de 10 ans. Il faut recruter une 15ne de joueurs pour relancer cette fantastique aventure où vous jouez un mutant de l'oeuvre Marvel. EN RECHERCHE ACTIVE DE JOUEURS !!

Pour tout le reste de l'histoire, sérieux, clique dessus, ça ira plus vite que de t'expliquer.
Welcome to...

Marvel: A New Age!

Our server revolves around the classics such as Avengers, X-Men, and SHIELD agents taking on a mentorship role as they prepare young heroes in training to be part of a team. While we look forward to gaining a roster of Avengers and Young Avengers, we also welcome X-Men, Brotherhood members, and HYDRA agents!

What do we offer as a server?

-In character group chats
-Open to characters from AUs as long as it isn't a double of a claimed character
-LGBTQ positive space
-Literate Roleplay (our style is multi-paragraph)
-Option for OCs!
-Friendly Staff

Welcome to Earth 2780! Marvel Unity!

Marvel Unity offers an RP experience like no other! The storylines are based primarily on the main comic universe (Earth-616), but don't let that scare you! The staff are more than willing to help you get started!

These are some of the things that await you in our server!

● Presence of OCs!
○ Live in a world with your greatest Heroes!
● Rise through the ranks through the Avengers Academy
○ Fight for Unity with the X-Men
● Live in iconic residences such as the X-Mansion, Baxter Building, and the Avengers Tower

Other features include!
- Friendly staff and community: Go join a new family with Marvel Unity!
- Fandom discussions! MCU, Comics (Marvel, DC, Indie, you name it!), Supernatural, Harry Potter etc.
- Voice Chat Parties!

What are you waiting for? Join us now and meet your new family! We hope you survive the experience!
The year was 2039. Human and Mutant relations had never been better. Life couldn't have been going better for the X-Men... Until the Phoenix Force arrived once again and took over Jean Grey's body. She kill her husband, Scott Summers, and set her sights on mutant-kind. She murdered the X-Men in cold blood before rocketing off into the cosmos...

The year is 2040. Xavier Summers and Roy Hudson have re-opened Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and the X-Men to protect the world from any evil
This server takes inspiration from the Marvel comics and some elements of the MCU. There are loads of channels that are perfect for fun, detailed role play From the city of New York to the dictatorship of Latveria, travel through space or whatever comes to mind. And you can expect a fantastic community alongside fellow role players who share a common love for playing their favorite characters!

Our server offers:

✧Open for Partnerships.

✧Friendly and open staff who can help with problems and complaints!

✧MCU and comic Discussions!

✧ Huge plot involvin multiple teams and events to keep members interested!

✧LBGTQ+ friendly Server!

✧.. And much More!

✧So come on, come join the Cult fun server!
Freeform Marvel RPG with with a focus on mutants and predominantly street-level powers, open to both canon and OCs. Very LGBTQ+ and POC friendly! Check out our wiki:
This is based before Apocalypse

New mutants come everyday and every hour, Charles greets them all and shows them around so they get the hang of their surroundings.. So they get to know the place and feel safe here and happy... Charles helps them fight and become warriors and there is a war coming and they all need to prepare for it.... So charles tries his best to help them out as much as he can

He is doing this all on his own and he is struggling as he is the only one there that runs the school

He wants mutants to help him with owning the school.... But they will have to be trained fully to become a helper to his school

-New mutants
-role play
-X-men characters
-Oc characters
-have fun
-event from film
Charles Xavier - Mutants; The next step in human evolution. These beings of power are feared by humans. But if both species are to survive they must learn to unit in harmony and tolerance. If we do not we will wipe each other out and fall. For united we stand and divided we fall.

Erik Lasherr - Human; a failed step in Homo evolution. These flawed beings are hateful, spiteful creatures of death and destruction. For to long the Humans have hunted and killed our kind for no other reason than our differences. But no more. No more shall we hide in the shadows. No more shall we grovel at the feet of lesser beings. No more shall we cower to the humans every whim. No more... No more.
The world has changed for the worst. Mutantkind is hated by most of the humans. At least 75%. Most mutants have been sent to facilities to either be killed, or turned into slaves. Most who haven&apos;t been captured, have made it to Xavier&apos;s school for mutants. Now a nationally spread organization with multiple bases held all over the world. It seemed like overnight people started getting mutations in the 20th Century. It&apos;s past that time now. <br>
The year is 2022, The source of this broadcasting message is from a spot in the forests of Illinois. Right between Chicago and Wilmette Illinois. We need your help to free out brothern and defend the world, even if the world hates us.
|| CST ||
✾ LGTBQ+ Accepted
✾ 18+ Only
✾ Active Staff
✾ Quick Approval
✾ Fun Bots
✾ Active Roleplay
✾ Comic and Movie
✾ OCs Welcome
Greetings my dear! Have you come searching for an X-Men roleplay that accepts Oc's and that has an owner that takes forever to make rules because she doesn't want to be too strict or mean? Well do we have the server for you!
The server has(or will have) the following;
📍Active Staff
📍Kind Staff
📍Very quick OC and Canon approval
📍Some very eager roleplayers
📍Staff ready to help with character sheets
📍Varying timeline(starting off in 1975)
And much more! I hope to see you there
-Love, Cece Marie♥
•┈┈⛧┈♛ Welcome to Avengers Reassemble! ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶

The world of the MCU reimagined in a whole different way. Haven't seen Infinity War or Endgame? No problem! There's no spoilers here and the plot goes whatever way you guys decide.

:logo: Your favorite places from the movie
:logo: The opportunity to either role-play as your own marvel or X-men character
:logo: Fun and welcoming staff
:logo: Super simple rules!

The Avengers have gone through a lot, and I'm sure our favorite superheroes and their friends deserve a little break. In this alternate universe, they have children to help them out. Live in the day of a superhero or villain's child. With an endless amount of possibilities, anything is possible in this universe. Be on the lookout, however, because Hydra and the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy is still around and who knows what they have up their sleeves.
Welcome to the Xavier Institute, where gifted youngsters known as mutants can learn in peace; ordinary education and learning to control your special abilities. Mutant Containment project beginning. Codename Castaway. Stabilizing Mutant dampeners. Operation, exacution.
-Main Lore-

Welcome to Bishop Arms Academy, where we train the brightest and promising heroes of tomorrow, if you still listening to this you've been accepted into this Academy of Heroism. We seek to train you and making sure you hone you skill enough for yourself to be prepared for the worse to come, be it villain or anything catastrophic event should occur. But all in all we seek you young minded pupil to join this academy and be part of this glorious prestige academy in which we'll make sure you excel to you fullest potential and graduate to become an Pro-Hero thus be able to take part of society itself and become the Paragon of Justice!.

-RTK server

-One can become a descendant of a canon character or claim one.

-Non-toxic community.

-Friendly staff and roleplayers.

-Join in the fun!
The Xavier’s School has now gone public enlisting certain mutants with extraordinary abilities. Fliers are given around the world to parents of mutants to enroll their children into the prestigious school. Charles will then handpick those who are actually mutants instead of having soldiers raid their home. Mutants will be given a secret address where they will drive to in order to meet other people like them. They will get to live in a place where they can learn and control their abilities and maybe one day become X-Men. There is a downside to all of this, the government has been keeping an eye on these mutants and are still debating whether they are good or bad sending task forces around the cities searching for mutants. While all this is happening, mutants hiding in the shadows will soon come out yet again to terrorize this world. Will you help join to save this world or will you fight to control it? You will find out soon enough...