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Welcome to the Marvel Core! A great place to hangout, make friends, and talk about all things Marvel. Features include reaction roles, economy system, active staff, and great leveling system.
Welcome to Earth 2780! Marvel Unity!

Marvel Unity offers an RP experience like no other! The storylines are based primarily on the main comic universe (Earth-616), but don't let that scare you! The staff are more than willing to help you get started!

These are some of the things that await you in our server!

● Presence of OCs!
○ Live in a world with your greatest Heroes!
● Rise through the ranks through the Avengers Academy
○ Fight for Unity with the X-Men
● Live in iconic residences such as the X-Mansion, Baxter Building, and the Avengers Tower

Other features include!
- Friendly staff and community: Go join a new family with Marvel Unity!
- Fandom discussions! MCU, Comics (Marvel, DC, Indie, you name it!), Supernatural, Harry Potter etc.
- Voice Chat Parties!

What are you waiting for? Join us now and meet your new family! We hope you survive the experience!
Set in the Marvel Universe, you can create a mutant student who will attend Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning. You can attend classes and interact with fellow students, or go into New York! It also has a request system in case you feel like things are lacking!

What we offer:
↠ The possibility to RP in the X-Mansion, both as a school and a house.
↠ Places to explore in New York and more to come if requested!
↠ The ability to start off weak but grow stronger over time.
↠ A kind Staff Team which will always be willing to help!

We'd appreciate it if you joined! Please read the Rules, as we can be strict on those! We hope to see you there!
Just a place where Marvel fans can roleplay and chat with eachother!
The Final Stand is now, Join the Fight for survival! ...
Join our brand new Marvel Roleplay server, with an active community, we offer things such as -

•An active Roleplaying community

•Active Staff Members

•Original Canon Roleplay Story lines and Characters

•Events and Discussions etc.

So Come on And Join Already! Don't Forget To Leave us A Review.. !

AUXG (standing for Avengers, Ultimates, X-Men and Guardians) is a Marvel RP server set within its own timeline of Earth-121247 in an age of rising heroes

Characters such as Steve and Tony exist but the heroes of this world are new individuals, meaning that mantles such as Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man exist, but the ones with the identities are free to be OCs

AUXG is accepting of all fans of Marvel to join in and take part whether you're familiar with the MCU, Spider-Man PS4 or the Fox X-Men movies, anyone is welcome

AUXG does allow for NSFW for those who want it but in private channels
Take place in another Universe...

The son of Charles Xavier brings together a group of special people to lead an academy of mutants who he thinks could do some good. Bring peace between Humans and Mutants or lead your own destiny.
Remember that one X-Men cartoon which ended on a cliffhanger, yes you do! It's Wolverine and the X-men! Here it's a continuation of the show in an rp, you can even claim characters that weren't even in the the show, even Deadpool!
This is a sever made for marvel lovers! Comic book characters or movie character work for us! Come and pick your favourite characters before they are taken! (Side notes: small events, big events and roleplay changing events will occur in this rp, Maybe Even thanos will come
Greetings my dear! Have you come searching for an X-Men roleplay that accepts Oc's and that has an owner that takes forever to make rules because she doesn't want to be too strict or mean? Well do we have the server for you!
The server has(or will have) the following;
📍Active Staff
📍Kind Staff
📍Very quick OC and Canon approval
📍Some very eager roleplayers
📍Staff ready to help with character sheets
📍Varying timeline(starting off in 1975)
And much more! I hope to see you there
-Love, Cece Marie♥
Five years ago, the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants clashed in a horrific battle that left many dead, and collapsed the mutant rights movement. The government revealed SENTINEL, the national anti-mutant terror agency, and William Stryker’s Purifiers took advantage of the hole left by the mutant organizations to spread their own message of terror.

Now, hovercrafts and the occasional Helicarrier patrol the skies regularly, Xavier’s School for Gifted Mutants is in disarray, and the Brotherhood Remnants fight for survival with anti-mutant groups hot on their tail.

In these new times, New Mutants must rise and fight once more.


Marvel’s New Mutants is a fresh spin on the universe you know and love. We attempt to properly balance canon and OC characters by soft rebooting the world so that a certain group of canons are available, giving your creations and Marvel’s creations an equal chance to be in the spotlight. The plot progresses by year using events and small missions, influencing public opinion as well. We hope to see you there!

(Rated 16+)
This server is an O.C. and a cannon server for the X-men Movies and series (All of them)

What we can offer :
New friends
Over 20 Roleplay channels
And laughter.
Welcome to the X-Men Bases!
We are a group of people that want to live inside the X-Men mutant world with all it's diversity and inner politics. Join the X-Men base and fight for equality and peace, or take a darker path.

📍 Diverse timeline
📍 Good staff
📍 OC's allowed
📍 Organised role play locations
📍 Characters for comics encouraged
📍 spatial invents
"We are mutants, the next step in human evolution, but unlike our predecessors before us, we shall not destroy our fellow beings sharing this planet. We are not superior to them and we can live in peace and harmony with them. Some, yes, hate us, wish us harm, want us to be hunted like rabid animals it's true, yes, but... These people do not represent humanity as a whole, human's wish for peace as we do. And we must achieve this peace for the sake of us all, for the sake of the humans and for the sake of all Mutant Kind." ~ Professor Charles Xavier
If you’re a fan of the world of the X-Men and want to join a literate rp with active members and fun, engaging storylines based on the comics, this is the X-Men RP server for you.

No OC’s allowed.
Hi there, welcome to Xavier's School for gifted youngsters. The home for young mutants and X-men. Here you can either be a student, X-men or teacher, all are able to go on missions and train.

Here there will be series of plot lines and missions, along with in school plot lines that you can create. You can also either create your own character or claim a canon character. All oc's can be linked to a canon character, but it has to be reasonable.
Come on and join Xavior's School for Gifted Youngsters we're always looking for people to teach, and help them with their powers. Here you can make OC's and be comic characters.
Do you like marvel? Maybe even the marvel cast? Anything Marvel related? THEN COME ON AND JOIN THIS SERVER!

Assignable roles 🤙🏼
Friendly members and staff 😁
Theories 🤔
Events 🥳
Roleplay 🌟
Support 🙏🏼

And more! Come on and join!
Hello, my name is DerpVader and I am an admin in this Marvel Roleplay. The server just began so almost all characters are free except for the ones that are reserved. Here in Marvel Unbreakable, we roleplay in detail, we shape the canon of this server with RP. Rules will be revealed when joining.
This is a roleplay server for those interested in all forms of Marvel media; cinematic, comic or animation. Here, it's mostly fan-based, where realities are bent and created for user-satisfaction. Recommended 16+.

Beware of:
· swearing
· NSFW content (within private channels and out-of-character channels)
· Violence

Any discriminatory or inappropriate actions will result in an immediate ban. This includes but is not limited to: racism, homophobia, pedophilia, sexual harassment, etc.
A new team of mutants led by Charles Xavier are in charge of fighting a new war against a spreading darkness.
(OC-based X-Men rp)
The monumental events of mutant evolution had been broadcasted for weeks following the initial encounter. They had been described as weapons; dangerous to its less evolved brethren. A new era was rising and it was only the beginning. Scattered cases of strange individuals started sprouting up around the country. Confined incidents of citizens displaying incredible feats.. A man seemingly freezing a fountain with touch. A woman mugged by a blur. Signs of strength, phasing, speed.. Slowly, the world of mutants was starting to come into the spotlight, and not in a very good way.

These 'mutants' as they were labeled by the government and the SCPD, were a source of fear for the general public. A change so sudden and unforeseen that it threw the world into a frenzy. Some believed the change made them better.. Superior than their human brothers. Others were scared to display any sign of abilities, for the fear of being cast aside. Soon enough, they were being hunted down. The Underground was made to protect vulnerable mutants, as well as harbor those who want to fight back. What role will YOU play in this rising revolution?