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If you’re a fan of the world of the X-Men and want to join a literate rp with active members and fun, engaging storylines based on the comics, this is the X-Men RP server for you.

No OC’s allowed.
Marvel-ous! is a Marvel AU where the events of Infinity War have yet to happen. The Asgardians have managed to return to Midgard and Loki warns them of Thanos’ arrival. Everyone is preparing for the battle to come as best as they can, all while still living their lives one day at a time. It’s the calm before the storm. And it isn’t always smooth sailing.

Canon? It’s not only the movies!
We are not strictly MCU compliant and are not limited to the cinematic universe characters only. Members are free and even highly encouraged to take characters and inspiration from the comics, cartoons and even games for their own characters if they so wish.

We allow people to be creative as long as they draw inspiration from MCU, the comics or mythology for Marvel characters that do belong to pantheons. Of course, people are allowed to fill in the gaps or infer from what is only implied in canon.

Unfortunately, we do not allow original characters.

Active, Helpful and Prompt Staff!
There’s always a moderator on. And, on the rare chance there isn’t, our members are an incredibly helpful bunch! We help out and fix issues ASAP so you don’t have to worry about the OOC and spend more time enjoying the server.

Active, Friendly and Inclusive Community!
We accept RPers of all levels as long as they remain literate, do their best, have fun and be respectful of the community! Our community takes pride in diversity of ages, gender identities, nationalities and religions. With members from all around the globe, there’s always someone to talk to and RP with at all hours of the day.

Monthly fun Events for all!
We hold events at least once a month ranging from plot-related events to just fun random things!
Thanos Level Events; plot-focused with canon enemies such as Ebony Maw & Obsidian Cull
Random Happenstance Events; fun random events for everyone, especially around holidays
Character Spotlight Events; events awarded for active & long-staying members

Don’t know where to start?
There’s a bunch of Marvel characters available and we accept anyone who comes from the publisher. We even have some less than mainstream characters like Shatterstar and Moon Knight. There’s even dead characters like Quicksilver and Queen Frigga.
"We are mutants, the next step in human evolution, but unlike our predecessors before us, we shall not destroy our fellow beings sharing this planet. We are not superior to them and we can live in peace and harmony with them. Some, yes, hate us, wish us harm, want us to be hunted like rabid animals it's true, yes, but... These people do not represent humanity as a whole, human's wish for peace as we do. And we must achieve this peace for the sake of us all, for the sake of the humans and for the sake of all Mutant Kind." ~ Professor Charles Xavier
A roleplay server for those who love the Marvel franchise! An easy-going server for those who can’t be on 24/7/365. All ship friendly!
Hi there, welcome to Xavier's School for gifted youngsters. The home for young mutants and X-men. Here you can either be a student, X-men or teacher, all are able to go on missions and train.

Here there will be series of plot lines and missions, along with in school plot lines that you can create. You can also either create your own character or claim a canon character. All oc's can be linked to a canon character, but it has to be reasonable.

**Welcome to the academy, lead by Charles Xavier and Nick Fury themselves. Here, you are able to use your abilities to their limits. You'll take core classes along with some additional classes, all suited to make you the best you can be. Become the next generation of heroes ( and maybe villains ) to come.❞**

✧ Indulge and take part of a fun roleplay!

✧ Huge plot and events to keep members interested!

✧ Daily giveaways!

✧ Economy bot to play with!

✧ Ocs and Canon Characters!

✧ So come on, come join the family! At The Academy! We love ALL our members.

**Permanent Link:**
Come on and join Xavior's School for Gifted Youngsters we're always looking for people to teach, and help them with their powers. Here you can make OC's and be comic characters.
A brand new X-Men roleplay server! You may roleplay as a character OR as an OC! Be in the timeline or out of the timeline, as there are channels for any sort of roleplaying! There are plenty of canon characters open. Come on in and take a look! (Please join only if you have the intention to roleplay.)
Do you like marvel? Maybe even the marvel cast? Anything Marvel related? THEN COME ON AND JOIN THIS SERVER!

Assignable roles 🤙🏼
Friendly members and staff 😁
Theories 🤔
Events 🥳
Roleplay 🌟
Support 🙏🏼

And more! Come on and join!
Hello, my name is DerpVader and I am an admin in this Marvel Roleplay. The server just began so almost all characters are free except for the ones that are reserved. Here in Marvel Unbreakable, we roleplay in detail, we shape the canon of this server with RP. Rules will be revealed when joining.
This is a roleplay server for those interested in all forms of Marvel media; cinematic, comic or animation. Here, it's mostly fan-based, where realities are bent and created for user-satisfaction. Recommended 16+.

Beware of:
· swearing
· NSFW content (within private channels and out-of-character channels)
· Violence

Any discriminatory or inappropriate actions will result in an immediate ban. This includes but is not limited to: racism, homophobia, pedophilia, sexual harassment, etc.
A new team of mutants led by Charles Xavier are in charge of fighting a new war against a spreading darkness.
(OC-based X-Men rp)
The monumental events of mutant evolution had been broadcasted for weeks following the initial encounter. They had been described as weapons; dangerous to its less evolved brethren. A new era was rising and it was only the beginning. Scattered cases of strange individuals started sprouting up around the country. Confined incidents of citizens displaying incredible feats.. A man seemingly freezing a fountain with touch. A woman mugged by a blur. Signs of strength, phasing, speed.. Slowly, the world of mutants was starting to come into the spotlight, and not in a very good way.

These 'mutants' as they were labeled by the government and the SCPD, were a source of fear for the general public. A change so sudden and unforeseen that it threw the world into a frenzy. Some believed the change made them better.. Superior than their human brothers. Others were scared to display any sign of abilities, for the fear of being cast aside. Soon enough, they were being hunted down. The Underground was made to protect vulnerable mutants, as well as harbor those who want to fight back. What role will YOU play in this rising revolution?
Welcome to Xaviers Institute for gifted youngsters.. you've been invited, it's up to you if you want to stay.. looking for good RPers to strengthen the community
The X-Men have disappeared but the Sential Services (SS) haven’t. Join the ranks with the Underground and help defeats mutants rights. Also the second season of The Gifted is coming out soon so join if you want to hat about it. (No pior knowledge is needed
Welcome to The Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach. You developing your powers is just the start. Prepare to learn to control and master your powers. As you grow up you’ll be given the chance to become an **X-Men**. The doors to the X-Mansion are always open so when you are ready to begin just walk on in. (**No knowledge of the movies or comics is needed
(Will interest fans of X-Men, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and more.)

Who Can Join?
- We're open to everyone—be you 14 or 17, maybe even 20 or 32—we'll be fine with you joining in.

- Urban Fantasy
- Sci-Fi

Available Locations:
- Vancouver, Canada
- Paris, France
- Jeju Island, South Korea
- Barcelona, Spain

Summarized Lore:

It began in 1987, as a school in Vancouver. Founded by a loose coalition of wealthy men and women, it was systematically designed as the "private high school to end all other private high schools." Only the best students and teachers managed to get in, and as it went on to develop, it became apparent that this school seemed to get new technology before anyone else ever did.

They even expanded their growth further, including research laboratories in a secluded facility under the school. Their wealth grew over time, and so did their influence on the education industry. The headmaster randomly selected other nations that met specific criteria, and then chose a location there to build another institute. Sure, it cost a lot of money, but it bought back much more than it took.

For a period of time? They were nothing short of unstoppable—a monopoly in the education industry. If this wasn't enough, a discovery they make in June of 2011 completely reshapes all of human society as it was once known.

To some, "aura" was something commonly found in fantasy, being nothing more than a concept to entertain the minds of children. However, after a very particular outburst of rage, this is seen to not be the case.

Although it was initially covered up for two whole years, people were gradually warmed up to the concept through the media. The superhuman abilities we once saw as impossible were fully integrated with society, suitably called "aura expulsions." Further research conducted in 2016 showed that it directly correlated to your personality, and even discovered the root of how certain abilities functioned.

So, where we are now, as of 2023? The Cinicula Institutes still manage to maintain a firm grasp on their monopoly—not only giving some of the best schooling you will ever see, but also being the leader in aura research, going even further as to help the wealthy adolescents of our time unlock and master their true potential.
A new server awaits!

~ Either join as a student, X-Men, or a evil mutant!
~ Very Interactive Owner
~ New Server!
~Easy Applying process
~ Laid out!