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Like My Hero Academia, Marvel, Anime and Roleplay? This Roleplay focuses on a story based on all that, and there's more!
What happens when Captain America gets tired of fighting? What happens when Tony Stark gets too worn out to put on the suit? Or when the Black Widow can't manage to charm her way out of a sticky situation? Who will be there to step up and fill the shoes of the greatest heroes on the planet? That is when the next generation of heroes must step in and don the title of Avenger in the name of justice and to keep the Earth protected from those whom threaten it.

Welcome to the Avengers Academy where those chosen students study to gain the skills and know-how to effectively perform the duties that are expected of them. The heroes everyone knows and loves are here to guide them along the way, but there will surely be more than a few bumps in the road. Between homework, crushes, and trying to sort out and control their powers these kids have big shoes to fill and a lot of lessons to learn.

The students will have to learn the unfairness of life plus how to take out seven enemies with their bare hands. They will learn what heartbreak is when their crush rejects them and when they lose a comrade.

Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Could you stand amongst the world's greatest heroes?
the title says it all.
It's a fun server to make friends and roleplay! We only have a few members, so join to grab your favourite characters, asap~!!
• We are an open and friendly community dedicated to Marvel. We invite all of the fans to join and hangout with us. We are working towards having weekly events: movie nights, karaoke, contests and more to come. See you in a bit! 😃

• If you’re looking for an active Marvel RP with active members, full teams, events, and contests, look no further. Join today and rp as your favorite heroes and villains.

Welcome to Marvel Central, the Discord Server on all things Marvel! Catch up on weekly discussions and chats on your favorite comics, movies, tv shows, games, and just about anything else Marvel related!
After Thanos snaps his fingers, half of all living creatures turn to dust. Families are devastated and everyone is really depressed. The world falls apart. Now, The Heroic survivors must find away to fix all this and bring everyone back. Bringing in all new heroes and villains to help fight Thanos and save the world, This is The Endgame.

This is a new server with some nice members (And soon to be staff), And even though this is set in the MCU, Characters from Fox, Sony, and the Comics are all accepted into this Roleplay. Also, You cannot be any dusted characters so If you came here to be Groot, Think again...
We hope to see you here!
Marvel-ous! is a Marvel AU where the events of Infinity War have yet to happen. The Asgardians have managed to return to Midgard and Loki warns them of Thanos’ arrival. Everyone is preparing for the battle to come as best as they can, all while still living their lives one day at a time. It’s the calm before the storm. And it isn’t always smooth sailing.

Canon? It’s not only the movies!
We are not strictly MCU compliant and are not limited to the cinematic universe characters only. Members are free and even highly encouraged to take characters and inspiration from the comics, cartoons and even games for their own characters if they so wish.

We allow people to be creative as long as they draw inspiration from MCU, the comics or mythology for Marvel characters that do belong to pantheons. Of course, people are allowed to fill in the gaps or infer from what is only implied in canon.

Unfortunately, we do not allow original characters.

Active, Helpful and Prompt Staff!
There’s always a moderator on. And, on the rare chance there isn’t, our members are an incredibly helpful bunch! We help out and fix issues ASAP so you don’t have to worry about the OOC and spend more time enjoying the server.

Active, Friendly and Inclusive Community!
We accept RPers of all levels as long as they remain literate, do their best, have fun and be respectful of the community! Our community takes pride in diversity of ages, gender identities, nationalities and religions. With members from all around the globe, there’s always someone to talk to and RP with at all hours of the day.

Monthly fun Events for all!
We hold events at least once a month ranging from plot-related events to just fun random things!
Thanos Level Events; plot-focused with canon enemies such as Ebony Maw & Obsidian Cull
Random Happenstance Events; fun random events for everyone, especially around holidays
Character Spotlight Events; events awarded for active & long-staying members

Don’t know where to start?
There’s a bunch of Marvel characters available and we accept anyone who comes from the publisher. We even have some less than mainstream characters like Shatterstar and Moon Knight. There’s even dead characters like Quicksilver and Queen Frigga.
A server for literate Marvel roleplaying!
~ We are a brand new server, so many spots are still free!
~All ages are welcome!
~Focuses on the MCU, not the comics
~We are a very active server!

~Once we get enough people, we might do a special event~
<<Marvel| |Mythos>>

🚀Welcome to a Marvel Mythos your probably wondering what this is? Well basically are goal is to have an active marvel community where you can roleplay with other marvel fans you can almost be anybody in the Marvel Universe. We also have many other cools things you can do like debating or what's new to marvel!! We hope you enjoy your stay..🚀

✨-Tons of Roleplay!! ✨

✨-Where based of MCU/Comic's/Etc ✨

✨-Slacking around is always fun ✨

🔥The possibilities are endless, join us to make one of your possibilities a reality and possibly even make your roleplay experience better!!🔥

have fun with this new and exiting marvel role play server
Choose Hero or Villain. Good or Bad. Iron Man or Thanos.
So this is a server for fans of marvel, on this server we discuss the latest trailers, first look photos and the latest comics. Also when you join if you want you can be a character (hero or villain) from the 616 universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
You can relax and chat to a friendly community
We also now have full on roleplay areas and a dnd type dice system
Dear friend,

The Nine Realms originally started out as the main Guardians of the Galaxy & Rocket Raccoon Discord fan community. Today we are a home for all MCU fans - and beyond! All realms of pop culture are welcome!

We are Groot, that is we are a tight-knit community, fun and warm, and we accept each other and our quirks. Forming lasting friendships has always been the main goal of our server.

We provide chats for Marvel related chats, art & fanfic, gaming & media, weekly voice chat, a hidden nsfw section, and a bunch of other channels to keep us all active and and become better friends!


------- We love our heroes ---------
Iron Man
Black Widow
The Wasp
Dr. Strange
Rocket Raccoon
Bucky Barnes
GotG <3
This is the official Discord Server for the IronPanther ship. This is where you'll find people who love Tony Stark and T'Challa. We love meeting new people and making friends every day. You can find us on Tumblr at
This is the official Discord Server for the IronStrange ship. This is where you'll find people who love Tony Stark and Stephen Strange. We love meeting new people and making friends every day. You can find us on Tumblr at
this is a server for marvel fans who are hyped for avengers end game
here you can talk with other marvel fans about marvel and more
we give news about everything new about the mcu so you can keep up to date
we hope you will enjoy your stay and have a good day
the hellish herd

a cool little group of people doing a marvel roleplay. i can confirm everyone is very very chill. very accepting of everyone.
many characters are open and we have cool stuff to do such as:

• an in-character group chat
• roleplay
• a nice planned out plot and sideplots (you can ofc create your own)
• blogs on tumblr (optional)
• and many cool people playing cool characters very coolly.

you can also just spectate if you’d like! you don’t have to have a character to be there.

we do require an at least intermediate writing level, and 3+ lines per roleplay post, if you choose to participate in that. if you don’t, though, no need to worry about it! just make sure you can voice your character well in the group chat if that’s all you choose to do.

come be hellish.
Sibling server to the Flarrowverse Shipyard server! Same layout, same admins, only Marvel instead of DC.

Just like FS we are very well organised server, we are a creative, shipping and general fan community for the MCU movies and shows. Join our fanfiction writers, artists - and the vast array of other content creators - to talk any aspect of the Universe you want.

But don't think you have to be a creator to join - all are welcome.

⭐ Gen/Shipping/SFW/NSFW Conversation
⭐ Custom MCU emojis and bots
⭐ A wide variety of channels to suit your needs
⭐ Daily content
⭐ Weekly server activities: Cards Against Humanity (coming soon), trivia, writing events, and more.
⭐ A dedicated, friendly and welcoming Mod/Admin team
⭐ Rules which ensure a safe space for all
⭐ 3 strikes system to protect users from trolls

...Oh, and did we mention we're pirate themed?
Welcome to Marvel RP! This is a server for Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans who like to roleplay as their favourite characters! We try to be an active server, but dont worry too much about it. Hope you have a great time in this server
The official server for the IronStrange Bingo ( If you love Tony Stark, Stephen Strange, and IronStrange, this is the place for you! Join if you want to make good friends as well. We're new, so give us a chance!
A server for all Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans in the Philippines. A place to participate in discussions, send memes, discuss theories - and, of course, to make friends!
In a world where the Sokovia Accord have expanded to daily life, the enhanced are forced to register or face the consequences. Scanners detecting the enhanced are everywhere, and people are being arrested on the daily.

-Friendly and welcoming staff!
-LGBTQ+ friendly!
-Add your own channels!
-40+ channels!
The End is Near........Dread it, Run from it, Destiny still arrives all the same....

We're in the Endgame now...........Welcome to the Death of the Avengers, a New Marvel Roleplay server with ongoing RP storylines based off actual canon events in MCU and comics along with our own original stories!

We have an Active Staff/Community, Fun Bots, RP and Movie Watching Events and so Much More!

Come thwip on by and check us out True Believers, Excelsior!

R.I.P. Stan Lee
Welcome to Marvel: New Start!
This roleplay picks up right after Infinity War.
Everyone is back from the dead thanks to Thanos reversing the snap, hit by the guilt of losing the one thing he loves.
This roleplay will have most happy moments and a lot of angst.
If you're interested, you're welcome to join!
(This server is new at the moment, but it will hopefully grow <3)