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The Seven Kingdoms

We are a Game of Thrones themed server, but we do gaming way out of that league. A place for fans of Game of Thrones and gamers alike to hang out. We are big fans of strategy amongst many other genres of games, such as Hearts Of Iron IV, Crusader Kings II, CSGO, and both PUBG and Fortnite. We are also active on Steam and there is always more to come. We're not GoT exclusive however, so feel free to join even if you haven't watched the series or read the books. Anyway, here is some of what we do:

-Regular play sessions of many games (HOI4, CK2, EU4, CIV5, CSGO...)
-An active community
-An objectively great meme channel
-Awesome emojis and polls
-Trivia events and meme competitions!
-GoT themed ranks and roles
-A fun economy with a casino
-Our own community newspaper
AGOT: Brewing Tensions is a semi-literate role play server that follows the genre of GOT. Our plot, however, is free to extend and reach to places that are separate and uncommon with any eventualities in lore. Canon characters are not allowed, as we prefer pure creativity, with OCs that do not have constraints as to what they can do in the plot. A major plot, as well as several plots, all spread out throughout the Seven Kingdoms, will always be in occurrence. Our skirmishes and events will be gradual and slow, as to not rush the intricacies of plot enjoyment. Nonetheless, the circulation of involvement is guaranteed to continue.

We have:

- Literally all houses available.
- A tryout system for certain characters.
- A need for compassionate and literate staff.
- Over 200 RP channels.
- An intricate system of progression.
A Game of Thrones inspired rp hosted by GIOBase. Come take part in a story taking place from the events we enjoy but 200 years later. With some interesting twists and a constantly growing community! Come build your own stories with a over arcing story in the background.

Possible minecraft server revival if enough interest.
Welcome, all!

**Game of Thrones: Approaching Darkness** is a significantly sized roleplay server, that provides an in depth and unique experience for all lovers of Martin’s world. We cater to all writing levels, all writing styles, and all manners of strategy. Our plot is completely unique, and not constrained nor confined by canon events. We simply take all aspects of lore, arrange it into a completely unique and original story, and then let our actions and decisions dictate the long term happenings of the central role play.

The server was made on March 12th, so it is literally brand spank-me new! All houses are available, but in order to be the Lord/Lady of a major house, a RP sample is required, to show that you know what you are talking about.

Still not sure? Come on in, and have a look! We don’t bite....yet. 💞👑
Welcome to the Game of Thrones roleplay server! :) Here, we will begin at the start of the television series while also including the Telltale Game and Original Characters. ;3 :3 Join us and help us make this server one of the greats :3
This is a chill place for y'all to talk shoot the shit. Bring your friends and have a good time. We like offensive things but we aren't too big on toxicity. So come have a seat and join us it'll be fun.
The year is 297 AC, and the land of Westeros is settled into a seemingly peaceful state. Political dealings are as always, shady and underhanded, with everyone in the known world playing their own game in an attempt to come out on top. King Robert sits on the iron throne now, but who will rule the seven kingdoms in the future is anybody’s guess...

ASOIAF is an RP server set just before the events of the books and show, meaning this is your favourite universe, with free reign to do whatever you want with your character, and make the world of Westeros your own!

- New Server based on the world created by George R. R. Martin
- Active and literate role players in various time zones
- Friendly and helpful staff members
- Multiple channels to write in
- Ooc channels to chat in

- Write as your favourite canon character or create your own OC
- Take your character on an original adventure of your own choosing!
- All literate role players are welcome
We're looking for dedicated roleplayers who can write several paragraphs when needed, and be good team players and help us build a wonderful storyline! We're a brand new server, so almost every house still needs a Head of House and family members, so come get your slot before it's taken!

We have:
A war system!
Open houses!
Juicy political gossip!
Custom lore!
Everything else you could ask for!
Westeros has been divided for 150 years. The descendants of Cersei Lannister and Euron Greyjoy sit both the Iron Throne and the Seasalt Chair. The North remains its own kingdom, and over time relationships were re-established with the southern states.

While things have calmed over the years, Westeros never truly recovered from its decimation. While the North has remained under its own ruling it has not been easy going. The border has weakened over time, but there are still many resources that it does not have access to. While House Stark has done all that it could to revive the North after the war, it is now a desolate, impoverished kingdom. While loyal to the King in the North, many Northerners wonder if secession was the right decision...

In the South there are many lords and ladies that have not forgotten the depths of the Mad Queen’s insanity. House Lannister rules Westeros from King’s Landing, but the lion’s reign is far from assured. There are whispers of an uprising - that the flames of rebellion are being fanned...

There is also talk of a marriage that would see the North and South reunited once again - securing the fate of both halves of Westeros...

Meanwhile, across the sea, Westeros was not the only continent affected by the war. Essos, too, suffered. Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen took the land with fire and blood, and the Iron Bank of Braavos was drained as a result of Cersei Lannister’s inability to repay her debt.

When Daenerys sailed for the Seven Kingdoms with her Dothraki army she left Slaver’s Bay in a state of chaos. Feeling emboldened, each of the Free Cities decided that the time was right to expand their reach across the continent. There was pushback from the Slaver Cities, and eventually the forces of the Free Cities were pushed back. They had seen the possibilities though, and now each turned their own eyes inward…
The RP takes place in 281 AC a single year before Robert's Rebellion, or the war of the usurper. The server is fairly new, only being a few days old.

All are welcome, you can either play as your favorite canon character or you can make your own. You can also play as a member of your favorite house, or, again, you can make your own.
Dracarys PH is a community server. We have dating channels, NSFW channels, gaming channels, play rooms for playing Pokemon and other bot games, a vaping community, an LGBT community category (don't worry, we'll protect you from bullies) with a dating channel in it, and lots lots more! This was initially an all-Filipino community server but we now welcome foreign members so long as you speak English. Thank you and see you there!
💗JOIN NOW! Friendly Social-Platform / GoT Server! 💗
» D A T I N G - And forming bonds beyond
» S E L F - R O L E S - With a simple click
» N U D E - P O S T I N G - Share and view (isn't condoned inside the discord)
» L G B T - D A T I N G - Supported at ease
» M A T C H - M A K I N G - Dare to play?
» G A M E OF T H R O N E S - Entire sub-category devoted to GoT with self-assignable roles based off of the great houses of Westeros!
Jack's Shack is a community that implores all to feel accepted, regardless of gender, sexuality, or religion. Come to our server to enjoy yourself and make new friends and involve yourself with some of the events and activities that the staff will organise.
Currently it is 404 AC (Main television story line of season seven takes place in 304 AC.) Although, Westeros has faced peace and prosperity ever since the first Aegon's reign, meaning Robert's Rebellion never existed, aside from small rebellions such as House Reyne, no extreme region versus region wars have ever occurred. Although, talk of a new King has been stirring. Aemon Targaryen, otherwise known as the Prosperous King has died of natural causes. A new King steps to the throne, and many question his worthiness. Not everything may be as it seems.
Game of Thrones / ASOIAF themed community with the beloved BearBot and TV/Movie nights ...
Welcome to the world of Westeros and Essos. Here you can rise from a peasant to a king, or fall and lose and everything. We start at the first Blackfyre rebellion but have planned timeskips to the other major rebellions and will eventually get to the war of the five kings! Some of the things you can hope to find in our rp server are:
A active staff team
Wars within Westeros and Essos
Fair and Equal Environment
Thought out war system
Plots made by the rpers
Plots you can change! We won't void anything unless it's unreasonable
a medieval server for Game of Thrones fans and writers.
in and out of character chats.

```Welcome to the Game of Thrones```
The time has come to test your mettle, to test your skill militarily and otherwise.
Do you have what it takes to lead a house?
Do you have what it takes to seize control of the Seven Kingdoms?

Gane of Thrones: Shadows of Kings is an active roleplay server with a team of helpful and excitable staff, we would love to have you onboard for the story that we are telling.
Imagination is boundless, as we stretch and twine the Lore of George R.R Martin's bestselling series of books to make hundreds upon hundreds of variables and tales.

▪A friendly community
▪An in-depth look at the World of A Song of Ice and Fire
▪Combat systems
▪ERP (for those who want it)
▪And of course, memes

In the year 199 AC, the realm of Westeros faces dire issues. While war brews between Dorne and the Stormlands, the bastard sons of a disinherited Aegon IV Targaryen oppose the rule of Queen Maelar Targaryen, seeking to reclaim the throne of their father and rise as true Targaryens. Elsewhere, an unknown party aids the wildlings against a bumbling Night’s Watch, the Iron Isles collide with Lannisport against Casterly Rock and the North stews over broken trust with the Targaryens after a wave of the Great Spring Sickness affects the regions north of the capital.

TDoD is an alternate history Blackfyre-inspired ASOIAF RP server with a mix of new characters paving their path and familiar characters in new roles. Aegon IV was disinherited before his time, the throne now no longer accounts gender in succession, and the daughter of a decloaked Aemon the Dragonknight sits the throne. A tale told newly comes, how will you play?
It has been nearly two millennia since the War of the Five King decimated the continent of Westeros. What was once a unified Realm under the authority of the Iron Throne became a fractured land with no centralized ruler. The independent kingdoms of Westeros ruled autonomously from their neighbors, though still frequently coming to blows with those surrounding them. However, even during this time of disjointedness, progress was still able to be made. The invention of steam power, the discovery of oil, and the advent of electricity all propelled Westeros closer and closer to what is now known as ‘The Modern Age’.

Along the way, the old societal nature was overthrown in the name of progress. The idea of democracy, of people determining how they should be ruled, spread like wildfire among the independent kingdoms. None were spared from the violent uprisings of smallfolk who had decided that the days of lords and ladies had passed. Each of the revolutions were successful, forcing the feudal way of life to bow to the emergence of self-governance. Only the Great Houses were able to retain their titles, with their power severely diminished. Though this shift occurred centuries ago, strong grudges are still held to this day.

The dawn of the modern age was brought to Westeros through fire and paid for in blood. All out war with the Free Cities of Essos erupted, plunging the kingdoms into a fight for survival. Modern weaponry brought death and destruction on an unimaginable scale, shattering the old view of warfare completely. Facing annihilation, the kingdoms united for the first time in a thousand years to fight off the Essosi, and remained united once the war was over. This unity ushered in an age of peace and prosperity. But as it goes in Westeros, peace is always merely an illusion. The Song of Ice and Fire has always been rooted deep in these lands, and the song continues to this day.

Come join us in Game of Thrones: The Song Continues! A reimagined look at Westeros, where adventure and drama await. We are looking for experienced, literate roleplayers who are willing to craft an exciting and engaging story for all. The server offers a friendly and helpful staff, along with welcoming players. In this modern world, the possibilities for what you can do are endless. Come join us, and leave your mark on Westeros!
Set 100 years after the success of the First Blackfyre Rebellion, this server allows players to explore an alternate Seven Kingdoms to the one they are used to.
Welcome, all!

Game of Thrones: The Right To Rule is a significantly sized roleplay server, that provides an in depth and unique experience for all lovers of Martin’s world. We cater to all writing levels, all writing styles, and all manners of strategy. Our plot is completely unique, and not constrained nor confined by canon events. We simply take all aspects of lore, arrange it into a completely unique and original story, and then let our actions and decisions dictate the long term happenings of the central role play.

The server was made on March 6th, so it is literally brand spank-me new! All houses are available, but in order to be the Lord/Lady of a major house, a RP sample is required, to show that you know what you are talking about.

Still not sure? Come on in, and have a look! We don’t bite....yet. 💞👑
Welcome to The Winds Of Winter, we are a community who roleplay the Game Of Throne, be your favourite character such as: Daenerys, Jon Snow.. Etc! Feel free to join!
Hello! We are a Game of thrones roleplay set during roberts reign in 288 ac One year before the Greyjoy Rebellion!
🔥Wᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ Tᴏ A Fʀɪᴇɴᴅʟʏ Gᴀᴍᴇ ᴏғ Tʜʀᴏɴᴇs! ❄️

A roleplay based on the Game of Thrones book series by George R. R. Martin. Come join us with your own character! The lore from the originally series has been completely wiped beside the houses, allowing you to write your own story and go down in history forever. You can become a Lord of one of the nine houses, a knight whose name strikes fear in his enemies, or a priest of the Lord of Light that can summon the fires of a God! Who you decide to be is all up to you. Build your dynasty and leave your legacy!

♔ A well organized admin and mod team ready to server as best as possible
♔ An army, land, and lordship system that allows the roleplayer to have power!
♔ No speed typing, god modding, or Metagame of any kind allowed!
♔ An expansive map with custom lore, almost nearly 60+ channels all together and adding!
♔ Admin hosted events that happen at least once a day!
♔ A completely SFW environment and non-toxic roleplayer base!
♔ A well thought and unique war system that is easy to understand and get the hang of!
♔ A 24/7 roleplay server meaning role players can roleplay at any time of day!
♔ Meat pie for everyone!

A game of love and betrayal, family and honor, chaos and order... How will you play the game?