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Come join the top DND Discord server, with over 3k+ patrons: we are full of resources to assist any new and veteran player's alike.

With constant events and a welcoming staff, you are bound to find what you need.
Beholders & Basements is a small, friendly, and fun filled community for those who are curious about or already enjoy, anything and everything D&D. We have a DM's workshop, "Cast Cure Wounds" which is a safe, group therapeutic environment to let out negativity so we keep the community a safe and positive one! Not to mention an active weekly gaming schedule that has multiple games for everyone from novice adventurers to seasoned vets who are looking for active campaigns or epic one shots. So come one, come all! More fellow players and GM's are always appreciated, no matter what level of experience!
Large server with multiple campaigns and RP sessions.We play DnD (5e mostly), Warhammer 40k, Hyperlanes,Pathfinder Looking out for more tabletop systems to run those too. Join For stable experience and consistent games, events, oneshots, tournaments and other fun stuff
Hello and welcome to D&D Hub, a new server for connecting DMs to players and players to DMs. Campaigns are run individually; this is not a server with one large campaign. The server is OOC with scheduled sessions.

We welcome new and old players as well as those who'd like to try their hand at DM'ing! Come meet new friends, go on adventures, and share D&D content with us!
~Persistent DND 5e Custom Magic-Punk World~

Our server is mostly Roleplay oriented, but we welcome all!

The shadows are controlling the majority, and we are a small group looking to help keep balance in the world, for magic is at the brink, if we do not make action now, we may forever be lost in this change.

Whether that is the reason for joining, or have it be coin, we are glad to have you aboard.

Number of Allowed base Classes: 15!
Number of Allowed Races/Sub-Races: 95
Hey you like dnd, shitty memes and admin who fueled by autism and pure spite to a certain asshole
Online D&D community based (also includes a few other game systems but mainly D&D) on Discord. Live chat/voice with over 1200 members about everything D&D related with members from across the globe.
From beginners to seasoned veterans, if you're interested in:
• A place to seek players for your campaigns
• Looking to get started at DMing
• Looking for a group to play with
• Simply looking for tips and info
I want to wish everyone a warm welcome to the world of Lounges & Dragons. This is another D&D based community and gaming server. While all are welcome, we do have rules that we expect all to follow. This server was made with major inspiration from the Sips' Tavern family!

Here will be where Lounge Masters can find players and host their own individual campaigns, all within' the server. For players, this server will often act as a hub to find new campaigns to join.
A server for gamers and game masters of any and all tabletop rules systems to have a platform to easily share their games, look for players, or openly chat about their favorite games! We The Fable Table team will also provide tutorials for use of Roll20 application and how to create characters, rules for well known systems and direct players to the game that is just for them! On top of that, Fable Table Games will feature weekly streams of our own original campaigns. Join us and share your adventure and learn how to start streaming your campaign or if you just want a place to talk with like minded gamers seeking to get into the time old tradition of the RPG!

Currently seeking Mods!
Hello, you have been invited to join us in a wonderful land across the mystical land of Harusse!

Our server has features such as:

✔ A pokemon bot for all you pokemon lovers!
✔ Anti spam and raid protection
✔ A custom story and setting
✔ A custom tabletop roleplay system built from bottom up, including stats. (Based on D100 dice, as opposed to D&D)
✔ Percentage based character stats
✔ Friendly members and staff who are willing to help with anything necessary
✔ A music bot and public music channels
✔ A suggestion channel where almost every suggestion is accepted
✔ Many different continents, cities, and locations to explore
✔ Godly shenanigans of many different types (and gods you can have as your own character to play as)
✔ Social acceptance throughout the server
✔ Frequent updates to lore, function, and everything to keep things fresh and entertaining!


WARNING: May seem complex at first, but staff is here to help!

[Fair warning: joining and immediately leaving without notifying staff of a reason is grounds for an immediate ban, within reason.]
This is a safe and fun hangout server not only for dnd but for meme's gaming and more! join it check it out and enjoy your time here :D
If anyone's interested in playing dnd. Ask a member of staff (green and black names) to give you the dnd role so you can see the dnd channel
Welcome to Heart-crises this is a DND Server that’s meant for all. WANT TO RUN A CAMPAIGN JUST ASK THE ADMINS, wanna make friends to play with dnd on discord just chat in generals. THE HCE are the admins ready to help. We love everyone that has the same interest which is having fun in DnD. All creatures, small or big, smart or dumb, shy or nice, all are welcome to Heart-Crises(Besides furries) I am you admin Ever Rose Here to help. Click that button to join “WELCOME TO HEART-CRISES ENJOY YOUR STAY!!!”
a 16+ server for lovers of dnd! come host a campaign, join a campaign, learn how to play, or just chat! message voreman johnson#4035 if you have any questions!
Social server for indie game Devs, content creators, tabletop nerds, and LGBTQ+ folks.
Здесь не дрочат по углам
Ever had an orginal character and wanted them to live out a life at beacon and experience the world of RWBY?
The Future of Titans is a RWBY tabletop role play server that can offer you just that.
We have a well crafted story several active Professors and Headmasters that will often run hunts and class Role plays
and a decent player base with a variety of characters that you can interact with.
Welcome to your first year in Beacon.
Wings of Alaares is a general gaming discord with an emphasis on tabletops, TCGs, and Persona. Swing on by and become a part of the chill, safe, and growing Alaaren community!
A place welcoming those who wish to make friends and play DnD or whatever else you wish.
Looking for players and Dms!
Is a place for worldbuilding, the creation of fictional worlds for works of fiction. The intent is to have projects, to work on and in time finish. It's a place to share your stuff, ask for feedback, understand approaches, and expand your mind. While we have our traditional gaming roots, we are open to anyone who can pass vetting and gel with us. The end goal is a small, active, comfy community where things get done.
A server with the pure intent of letting players find game-masters and GMs find players for their games! Join this newly starting server! Suggestions welcome!

A Dungeons and Dragons based server. We prioritize fun and accessibility. Everyone is friendly and will make sure you are welcome. If you’ve never played dungeon and dragons before we have many resources to get you started and learn the ropes of dnd.

We encourage new and older players!
- Looking for campaigns or groups
- Wanting to DM a session
- Have campaigns ideas

We have plenty of members who are willing to talk in and outside of the server for any questions, concerns or other things you feel suit! Come join and check it out, you might find a new passion. When you
A general furry server full of artists, writers, storytellers, tabletop GMs, and players. We are a mature community of over 100 members that focuses on supporting upcoming artists and sharing entertaining content.
We’ve created a discord server for Call of Cthulhu called Necronomicon. We want to help unite the community who play this game not only to meet new, and awesome people but in addition to that help new players, and experienced find groups to play with.

We want to help keep the game alive by making it easier for new players to find a group if they have difficulty in real life through the use of software & our custom made bot. By creating an expansive community we hope to use our custom bot to allow everyone to find a group to play with.

As such you’ll receive live support instead of having to wait potentially hours or days for a response on the forums. We also plan to help events.

By helping to spread this idea we’ll be able to develop a dedicated, mature and friendly community to entice even more people to play or even host their own sessions.

Even if you only play the game at a table with your friends in real life you’ll still be a great asset to the community as well as the ability to meet like-minded people from across the globe you could even share a scenario you created with an easily accessible community.

Our bot development team is creating a LFG tool to allow you to create games and then have new players join them, it’s currently still in development, at this current point in time you can create your own game and have others join it. You’ll then receive a private channel in order to play with your newly found group. As such, this is great for new players and through our combined efforts even more sessions will be running on the discord.
Here’s a brief list of the current features which are accessible:

• A new users section with recommended platforms for online play if you’re only just thinking about hosting a game online (there are many benefits)
• We also have a recommended youtuber & twitch section for content creators that are worthy of your time if you’re looking for reviews on scenarios or just tips. Seth Skorkowsky is currently doing a series on the game system as a brief overview on the rules which I’d highly recommend if you’re thinking about picking up a copy of the rules.
• We will hold monthly competitions to help further the community such as a best Cthulhu related drawing, scenario creation, and more. A prize pool will be accessible for the winners.
• Voice channels to allow you to talk to other users
• A Keeper hub section for verified Keepers allowing you to discuss scenarios, leave reviews on whether you like them or not so Keepers can easily find out whether a scenario is worth purchasing, as well as help and a section to overcome a players disruption to your scenario/campaign.

More features will be added as the community grows. We will welcome any ideas from our community.

We hope to see you in our server shortly, help become apart of a hopefully ever growing community so we can help attract new players to the game. Please invite your friends whom you play with so we can help build a base following which can then be built on through the attraction of new players!

TLDR: We want to help further the community through the use of a group-finding bot making the game accessible to new players as well as those looking for a group to play with. We hope to make the game easier for new keepers, as well as experienced, to get help and find scenarios they may want to run with their group, or find one of their own on the server.

To conclude; by joining now you’ll be able to access everything Cthulhu related at the click of a button, the first 100 people to join will receive a special role to thank you for being the first members of an everlasting community. You’ll watch alongside us as this library of information continues to expand just like the universe.

Hope to see you soon – Salt

Join the cult today
ShadowHaven is a Shadowrun 5E living community where PCs take missions from a job board and are put into temporary teams to complete these tasks. This simulates the in canon aspect of freelancers working together in the short term. Our setting has memory and events impact the direction of the overarching story. Make decisions that impact the fall of corps, the rise of anarchists and who will own the drug trade. Join ravenous advocates for less fortunate people and corporate managers organizing megamergers in a cyberpunk dystopia. Make personal choices for your PCs that will either reverse the flow of Ponzi schemes and bring comlinks to under served communities or gather lobbyist allies, corporate power and black markets serving your whims. Use your faction reputation to have the police falsely arrest enemies or have hacktivists spread forbidden corporate knowledge and drive down stock prices. Discover insights in our role-playing rooms where players share details to reveal hidden plots. Explore our history with an extensive player driven wiki. Join our discord and have helpful staff help you build your first PC!