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This is a World of warships server. We also got a little section for world og warplanes. We are looking for trustworthy staff but mostly. Members.
It would be so nice if you wanna check it out.
Boaty’s Basket of Deplorables is a gaming server mostly for World of Warships and is an “alliance group” or community server for those who are looking for more people to play the game with. We also have other channels for other games as well and will create more if there is demand for it. The server is rapidly growing and sees a very high amount of activity every day. Chances of getting a group of people going in this server are almost certain. (Depending on the time of day of course). Most of the members are from North America, but all are welcome! We look forward to having you!
So, I got a discord server

It's just a chill place to hang out at.
Post art, chat, maybe compete in our art competitions when we start them.

Though, if your not an artist we got other things too, maybe you could find someone to play games with.

Or maybe even advertise your YouTube channel.

If your an artist, a creator or a server owner yourself, you should join
This is a World of Warships Stat Checker Join to check stats easily using our bots! Information is more legible and condensed compared to or WoWsNumbers.
The Heavies Division(13+) is a small, welcoming server full of exclusively Heavy tank mains on World of Tanks. The purpose of this server is to help Heavy players find competent, reliable, and hopefully team-oriented platoon mates. Join us today!

Please keep in mind that you are required to be 13 years old or older to join the server.
Alle sind herzlich Willkommen :D
Es würde mich sehr freuen wenn du joinst!
Viel Spaß ~Tubix
This is a CrossFire (WWII Wargame) server. Rules, games, army building, history, and anything else related to the game is covered here. We also cover other wargames, modeling, and more.

NOTE: We are not in anyway connect to the computer game called "Cross Fire", we cover the Table Top Wargame called "Crossfire".
Сервер посвященный играм компании Wargaming. World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes, World of Tanks Xbox/PS4, Калибр, World of Tanks Blitz, World of Warships Blitz.
На этом сервере, вы можете встретить много удивительных людей, которые могли бы стать вашими друзьями, созводными, соклановцами.
With a little bit of a navy influence as the new over all theme. It shouldn't be taken seriously and just a place to chill and meet people. Although the rank system is kinda cool tbh.

Also looking for new moderation to help with the server because we are kinda short on staff.

darf ich dir die Wargaming Nation vorstellen ?
🏆 | Unser Ziel: eine große aktive Community rund ums Thema Wargaming, WorldofTanks etc.
🔎 | Wir suchen jeden Spieler, je mehr desto besser

🏷 | es gibt Reaction Roles, damit einem nicht langweilig wird

🤖 | Bots mit Economy und Fun

🎙 | Viele Voice Channels

👥 | nette und aktive Community

🎁 | Regelmäßige Giveaways

🌍 | Global Chat!

🎉 | Bei 100 Usern gibt es ein Nitro-Giveaway!
Ihr müsst nicht unserem Clan angehören um Teil dieses Servers zu sein! :scream:

Ich hoffe ihr schaut mal vorbei! ^^
Wargaming inc. is a strategy game played within discord. Play in teams across all time periods and locations in large scale battles, or create custom scenarios to play. Take part in battles over land, air, sea, and possibly beyond, using tactics and strategy to defeat opponents.
A discord server based around tabletop gaming, with anyone having the ability to host their own games with small world building competitions!
Join now and play meet new people and play World Of Warships Legends with them. This server is only for PS4 and Xbox players and to talk about World of warships.
Anyone who is interested in this game can join to find other people who want to play with more people or just talk about the game, please do not be nasty to people or annoying or you will be banned.

So join now and find someone to talk to or play with new people. :)
Welcome to the Vesperian Civil War!

The Vesperian Civil War is a game based around commanders on either side of this revolutionary civil war. On one side is the old order of the Magisterium and their control over the Commonwealth of Vesperia, and now - inspired by hardship and political chaos in the Commonwealth - the Union of Vesperian Provinces; a new nation formed by a mix of revolutionaries and disaffected revolutionaries of all creeds. A war will be the crucible to decide the future of these Vesperian Lands... and the players will decide those battles with their skill, guile and luck.

With that, the stage is set for commanders to struggle against each other, their high commands and the politics of their society and thus who knows who could change the fortunes of this nation.

LGBT+ Friendly.

Seeking new players!
The official Discord server for the new Word of Tanks Blitz clan Liberté. Non-members are welcome to join.
Ahoi Werte Kapitäne, wir die Die Grimms der Meere suchen Verstärkung um unseres Clan voranzubringen, egal ob Neu oder Alter Hase Wir begrüßen jeden bei uns solange du das achtzehnte Lebensjahr erreicht hast . Wir sind ein Neu gegründeter Clan weshalb Wir auch noch Posten zu besetzten haben du hast Interesse ? Dann schreib mir ne PN und komm auf unseren Discord wo wir die Details besprechen . Achja Pflichten haben wir aktuell noch keine das einzigste was wir begrüßen würden wäre Anwesenheit im Discord. LG
Wargayming is a server for wargamers of all types, whether historical, scifi, or fantasy, who want to have an open and tolerant space where we can freely enjoy our hobby. You also don't have to be a part of the queer community to join, as the server is open to anyone. If you're interested in playing wargames, making models, or are curious about the hobby, come and check us out :smiley: If you have Tabletop Simulator, we can also play online together
Welcome to TTS Fantasy! This is a server for playing warhammer fantasy and related games, such as Age of Sigmar, Mordheim, 9th age, and Warhammer RPGs.
This is a server for the classic board game axis and allies as well as its computer counterpart Triple A.
A server looking for people interested in playing matches of Warhammer 40K over Tabletop Simulator! And teach others how to do so.
Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish is a fan made tabletop game that uses 1/144 gunpla as figures. TTS mod is also present. Here you can search for people to play with, ask questions about the game, talk about gunpla and other random things, share gundam memes at last :D
If you're a gundam or wargaming fan, join us and you'll not regret it!
1800 is a multi protagonist driven fictional narrative set in the War of 1800. It is set in the original universe of Sanguine during it's own 19th Century era and will be seen as the World's first conventional conflict. It boasts a time period of redefined and carefully developed original history and a wide world able to portray a variety of ways of life and several different fictional cultures and nationalities. Characters will be from highly diverse walks of life and stories will play out primarily like eventful and long running biographies able to affect and relate to any subject, from nations to religions, to sciences and even magics.

It is a fictional world and so incorporates a very wide variety of concepts and ideals from all parts of human society and representations of original world history. The war itself will be primarily carried out by it's combatants, it's rulers and everything in between along with external bodies and nations. 1800 will cover several different forms of combat (naval, land and air) and is fully able to tackle less combat focused narratives and ideas.

It's a long overdue project but every step is made with quality in every way. We welcome anyone capable of highly complex and realistic abilities of all kinds, bare in mind you may even join as a non combatant or a mere spectator. It's a massive creation taking inspiration and direct experiences from video gaming, business and wartime projects and a firm foundation at the core of 1800's fictional universe is creative arts and history. We welcome everyone from casual roleplayers to even scholars on this almost sandbox platform for research and education and finally only enforce a strict rule of realism and the fact that most characters must adhere to an individual's own life, therefore enabling lessons and learning of all kinds with unbiased and relatively fair starts.

My username is Romeo#0877, additionally there is ⚜ 𝒜𝓇𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓊𝓈 ⚜#1939 and Shay#4019 and we're the Dev Team!