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A server still in development, but is all about warhammer 40k
This takes place on the planet of Valdorum VII, a lush forest world about to be met with an apocalyptic fate as armies from across the galaxy converge on the planet, both for its location, and its wealth of mysterious relics.
Take command of your own army and fleet, and join the battle as one of your favourite factions.
Welcome to Imperial Roleplay, this is a serious Warhammer 40k Roleplay with a custom tier system and has detailed channels for Roleplay purposes.

The Roleplay takes place in the current year of 40k as well, custom lore will likely be added as well, as the story progresses.
A community focused Tabletop RPG server! DnD! Genesys! Star Wars! And much more general geekery! All are welcome! Join today!
There is only war.

In a galaxy in constant turmoil, take your place among untold numbers of beings locked in ceaseless conflict.
Do you wish to fight for the immortal God Emperor and all of mankind?
To restore the Eldar to their former glory?
For the dark gods?
For the greater good?

On this server, you’ll meet friendly, common-sense staff who love Warhammer 40k. New to the fandom? Intimidated by the sheer volume of lore? Don’t worry, we are here to help.
If you are looking for serious 40k roleplay, this is the place for you.
Here you’ll find a place for paragraph based long-form roleplay. Tired of non-serious one-line roleplayers? We feel your pain. Not confident in your roleplay skill and wanting to improve? Practice makes perfect, and we are more than willing to help you.
Come on and join us! The Emperor protects.

A Warhammer 40k RP! (Yes, REALLY!)
-『Easy application, friendly staff! 』
-『Almost any (and only) Imperial factions! 』
-『Lore light, focused on RP! 』
-『Staff run missions & events or free RP 』
-『Active member base! 』
-『Ńo҉ẁ ̧Wi͡t́h̀ 10%͏ ̶Les͢s ̡H͜ereśy!͠ 』
We are a startup Blood angels RP focusing on a blood angels successor chapter attempting to reclaim its home system from a combined xeno/chaos invasion
“And thus, our Lord The Crunch did grant us satisfaction in our meals. Whether they be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, he does grant us health. He does grant us satiation. He does stick his holiest grain upon the unworthy roofs of our mouths. He does give our life and meals flavor of many kinds, despite his many exclamations of ‘Oops!’ Thus, we pray, for there is no being as capable of leading us in such an endeavor as he who grants us true happiness: Our Lord The Crunch.”

-Crunchenesis 5.7
A new server that takes place in the Warhammer 40K Universe. It all starts with a wayward Space Marine Chapter and it eventually expands in to planetary warfare. Remember, in the grim darkness of the future, there is only war.
Welcome to the 40k universe where factions fight for supremacy and countless lives are lost to never ending war. Join now and find your place in the galaxy, will you rise to greatness or will you be slain in the mud like a pawn?

What we offer:
- Every faction is roleplayable
- A variety of planets to explore or fight on
- Don't see the planet you want? Simply request it
- Create your own regiments/chapters within any faction
- Create your own fluff in an always changing galaxy
Star Wars: Thrawns Revenge and 40k: The Tyrannus Crusade is a very serious, and dedicated role-playing group who RP in the Star Wars universe during Grand Admiral Thrawns campaign to recreate the Galactic Empire or in the 41st Millenium in a custom made campaign dubbed the Tyrannus Crusade

If this would be your first time rping, or if you're not an experienced roleplayer then this is not the place for you. With that being said, if you still want to join us feel free to click the link to the server and we will process your application ASAP

What we offer:
- Literate and descriptive roleplays
- A universe sandbox for our Star Wars players
- Lots of action and combat for our 40k players
- Quotes and tips of the day
- Events!
- Friendly staff
The brobarge is a laidback shitposting server that’s themed around 40k. We do community DnD games, and are always looking for more players and DMs/GMs. This server is NSFW and we’re lax on speech. Understand that we don’t exclude anyone, but everyone is subject to razzing now and then. We are also looking for servers to ally with, so feel free to @ a mod.
Through all the Universes and dimensions out in the Cosmos black holes rip open. They take people from their homes and drop them here, From star wars, Warhammer, D&D and many more fantasy settings come here and either survive and make alliances with the other scattered peoples or go on a war path to kill their way home. Whatever you do here is your choice, May the best Man win.
You will be one of the Primarchs found during the great crusade from when the gods scattered them among the stars. This will be changing from cannon but you must try to be accurate when role-playing about these god like characters... Who will fall to the gods and who will be on the side of the Emperor

serveur rp sur warhammer 40K. se qui connaisse vont l'apprécier et ceux qui ne connaissent pas ce n'est pas grave car dans ce serveur vous avez tout les inforlations pour vous renseigner sur ce magnifique univers. Rejoignez nous pour combattre et "pour l'Empereur"
A fun upstart 40k server set in a dystopian hive, strange widlife roam free and corruption is rampant, but the imperial creed still stands strong. Will you try and regain the glory of the tyranid star gods? Do you wish to be a champion of chaos? Or maybe even rid this world of it's corruption? There's no limit on what you can do or who you can be join today!
Take to the dark empty void where unspeakable horrors await you. Fight for survival in a galaxy consumed by war, protect your stellar empire or attempt to forge your own. Will you be just another destroyed fleet floating in the endless expanse or will you bring glory to your fleet and become a force to be reckoned with? The choice is yours to make.
Welcome to WH40k:Necromunda! Experience awesome adventures in the grimdark hiveworld of Necromunda! Play as any faction of the world, create your own characters, and have fun!
This takes place in 997 M41. 2 years before the Fall of cadia. You are either attacking or defending the planet on its last legs, can the future change or will it still fall the black Crusade

This server is a text based 40K Roleplay server that will put Characters at each other through time and in the end the events in the history of this planet may be very different

Anyone is welcome to join in and have some fun
This is a sever which for talking about warhammer or some off topic stuff. Our sever now finding more eternal crusade player for group to play. For the emperor !
The Astartes Fortress Monastery is a server dedicated to Warhammer 40K fans, particularly those who play Space Marines. Here one can discuss the tabletop games, video games, models, art and other 40K matters, and other things too.

If you think this server has what you're looking for then by all means come and join us.
200. M41
Join the deathwatch of sextus and septima companies aboard the fortress monastery of Cito Felis as you fight for the Imperium of mankind against both Xeno and Heretic alike, fight for humanity for you are its protectors and the Emperors Angels of death.

. Join in passive RP with brothers aboard the fortress monastery or join them on the battle field in missions
. Be active and rise through the ranks
. Chill with others in many out of RP channels including a TT category for stories, discussions and even your own mock figures
. helpful and kind staff

It is a small server, We are currently growing and so we need You!
This is a warhammer 40k server made for Role Playing, Tabletop discussions, Lore, Games and many other topics you may like to speak of.
We respect your opinion and you are Welcome no matter whom you are within our small community!