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Come and Join World of Tanks PC, Team Fortress 2, Among Us, and Minecraft Players to learn from others and also compete for ingame rewards!

We also host Minecraft Servers to join and chill in!
Blitz Fun Training Rooms

Do you like blitz fun training rooms?
Do you like discord AND blitz fun training rooms?

Well we got you covered!

We are the Blitz fun training room(s) Community
and we host over a variety of Fun rooms, We also do events such as:
Giveaways, polls, game nights and more!

Here's a list of our fun training rooms:

↪Epic minigames
↪Russian roulette
↪Protect the president
↪Blind shooting[JFR Style]
↪Cops vs Robbers [JFR Edition]
↪Cops vs Robbers [TD Edition]
↪Sector wars
↪Death arena
↪Free for all

Events in our server
• 🎉 Giveaways
• ✅ Polls
• 🎮 Game nights
• 🤖 Simon says Event
• 😂 Memer of the month
• ⁉️ QOTD's
What we have to offer
• 🧹 A clean server
• 👼 Minimal pings
• ⛔ A Non-toxic server with nice members
• 🔞 Safe For Work server, Absolutely no NSFW
• 👨‍👩‍👦 A Family friendly server - No hatred
• 🆕 Announcement channel for latest videos by youtubers
• 🆓 Free games announcement channel
• 🟠 Advertisement(s) Section

[If you are interested, Feel free to join! We're on our way to 100 users!]

So what are you waiting for?
Come and join the fun,
everyone is welcome!

Pour le jeu World of Tanks PC
Serveur discord pour le clan _UwU_ et pour la communauté

Le clan _UwU_, c'est de la stratégie, du contrôle, de l'apprentissage
Clan de joueurs jeunes et moins jeunes
Vous êtes en cours de progression ou joueurs aguerris
Vous savez vous rendre disponible le soir ou le weekend
Il est temps de nous rejoindre

Les places sont à prendre et en plus, c'est gratuit, :-)
Here you will learn the ways of communism and can help us turn the world into communism. We also talk about many games and have a lot of fun.
Охотники для совместной игры в Pubg Lite, Pubg, Tarkov, CS:GO, Overwatch, GTA5, Rainbow Six Siege, WoT. Стримы Meretton совсем близки
Jako klan oferujemy:
-miłą atmosferę
-świetną zabawę
-nowe przyjaźnie
-twierdze i plutony
-rezerwy klanowe
-doskonalenie umiejętności
-pomoc w wbijaniu nowych czołgów

-aktywności na grupie i na discordzie
-kultury osobistej
-pomocy w rozwoju klanu

Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany tym co oferujemy i spełniasz nasze wymagania zgłoś się do: matklu, Tiriner lub PolPos13Studio
Zachęcamy każdego niezależnie od poziomu jaki prezentuje w grze i jakie czołgi posiada w garażu
Join this Wheel of Time discussion server to have a good time. No matter what book you are currently reading, we can help you understand parts and talk about it. We also have discussions about the new Wheel of Time tv series coming soon! Roleplay is welcome.
Всем добро пожаловать! Всем будем рады.
1.Много текстовых и голосовых каналов
2.Система лвл и прикольные роли за них
3.Хороший админ если не нарушать
4.Хорошие правила
5.Муз боты
7. Радио 24\7
8. Мы всем рады ♥
Join for WarThunder! We are a community that needs to grow and needs activity!! Join to support! Also we play realistic battles and arcade, we help new players getting on track and give helpful tips!!
Привет. На нашем сервере вы сможете найти новых друзей и поиграть с ними в масса новых игр. Заходите к нам и находите новое общение! Для популярных игр свои роли!
A small WoT clan that's happy to help lower tier players and is always open to play!
We focus on the EU1 server and speak primarily English.
This server was a girls und Panzer server so it was used for any kind of games that has tanks planes or ships also anime plus roleplay if you like to do that so the server was created and it's for any kind of people that likes girls und Panzer world of tanks war thunder or World of warships and you can talk about what you do in a game or what things you do also please read the rules
Bonjour et bienvenu !
c'est un serveur discord Youtube ! N'hésite pas a aller t'abonner ;)
on t'attend avec impatience :)
The Army of North Virginia is a new clan to World of Tanks Blitz on the North American Server, an award winning mobile and PC game! Come join our clan server for lots of ranks, bots, and friendly platoon mates! Don’t forget to download WoTB and join our clan for a special roles, tournaments, training room fun, and fun platoon gameplay! (Currently seeking Clan Deputies and Server Moderation!)
Hey ihr.
Auf dem GermanWarchannel findet ihr eine nette hilfsbereite und überwiegend Deutschsprachige Community.
But there is somethinh important. You don´t have to be a german :D. We accept everybody on the Server.
Hier findet ihr viele Freundliche und zum teil auch begabte Spieler in den gängissten und Aktuell beliebtesten Spielen.
Wir freuen uns auf dich. =)
Was geht ab Boys and Girls! Herzlich Willkommen auf Toxic´s Community Server! Ein kleiner Discord Server, der sich eine Community aufbaut, rund ums Thema Gaming.

Unser Server hat:

Coole Bots mit nicen Features
Eine nette und freundliche Community aus Deutschland
Ein korrektes Staff Team ohne Troller
Coole Ranks zum aufsteigen und belohnen

Wir bieten folgende Spiele an:

>World of Tanks
>League of Legends
>Among us

Was noch kommen wird
Eigene Emojis
Youtube und Twitch Community
Ein eigenes E-Sports Team

Wenn euch unsere Beschreibung gefällt, dann kommt uns doch gern mal besuchen

Euer Staff Team.

Established in 2007, Beer Belly Master Mindz [BBMM] is a multi-gaming, EU based, English speaking (as well as other languages) community of mature gamers, a team of Fighting Friends. We enjoy playing a variety of game titles across multiple platforms, to include World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, World of Warships, IronSight, Rust, Elite Dangerous, PUBG, WoT, WoWP, WoWS and even some GTA V however our primary peripheral is PC. If you want to join our outstanding community please contact an officer/recruiter or feel free to introduce yourself in the forum recruitment threads or join us in Discord We process applications within 24 hours.

We Offer :
- Active supportive players across all skill levels.
- Active Discord Voice server.
- Multiple BBMM social media platforms.
- Clan activities, give-a-ways, training nights, Fun events & tournament teams.
- Multi-gaming environment.
- Minimal compulsory requirements, casual activity level.
- English Speaking & Mature atmosphere


Who we are looking for in WoT.
- Mature gamers 18+
- 48.5% win rate or more.
- 3000 battles or more
- Working Microphone & Discord
- 1 Tier 8 Tank

Who we are looking for in WoWS.
- Mature gamers 18+
- 48.5% win rate or more.
- 800 battles or more
- Working Microphone & Discord
- 1 Tier X Ship

Bonjour et bienvenu !
ceci est un serveur d'une chaine YouTube ! N'hésite pas a aller t'abonner ;)
on vous attend avec impatience :)
It's a typical server mainly based on communism but you're free to talk about what every you want in the respective channels
Dies ist ein Server für die deutschsprachige Community des Spiels World of Tanks. Hier findet man sowohl einzelne Rubriken für Züge, als auch Bonis, Infos, Quest, Promocodes und mehr. Kommt uns gerne besuchen und lasst uns zusammen Spaß haben, wir sind natürlich nicht nur auf WOT beschränkt.