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GameHub- Find a Squad!
Request your favourite game and we will support it
Recruiting Staff
levelling system
Custom Emojis
Features of chillout servers
And much more
Welcome to Game Resort, home of the gamers!

This server is mainly focused on gaming, socializing & anime.
•League of legends
•Apex legends
•Supercell mobile games: Clash of clans and Clash Royale.
•OSRS Oldschool Runescape

Two rules: Respect everyone and don't post under-aged content.

★English or French
★Drama free community
★Funny: Post memes, pictures or videos that are funny.
★Twitch live notification Bot
★Perks for reaction role
★Advertise your game guild/clan
★Accepting suggestions
★Games Bot: Pokecord, etc
★Custom role color Bot
★Voice, Gaming, Music channel
★NSFW 18+
This server is a place for gamers to hangout and talk. You can play games with each other, chat about your favorite titles, or just use the bots. We are always trying to grow, so feel free to invite people and give suggestions.
Wat is Gaming Alliance? Gaming Alliance is een Multi-Gaming community. Van nieuwe tot professionele spelers, casual tot competitief. Ranked tot E-Sport Gaming Alliance heeft plaats voor iedereen om samen van games te genieten.
Hey, we are a friendly gaming community that mainly plays League, but often play other games also. Raffles weekly / Tournaments Monthly/ In-Houses!!
Apex Legends Romania Oficial!
Discord :
Va asteptam la joc !
We are a small clan for mainly Fortnite but other games as well.
Forming a server for Apex Legends, Overwatch, Rust and Brawlhalla players.

We are creating a server of very active members so everyone has a opportunity to just join the server and play any game they want (currently very successful)
Welcome to the FPS Asylum (Gaming Community) Official Discord. We're a community of passionate & friendly gamers. If you're ever bored you can ask people to play. Even bring friends over and chat with us! Remember, we are a community of all ages.

- 24/7 Active Staff Members
- 24/7 Active Community w/ XP rewards
- Custom Member Roles
- Looking for Group Section
- Content Creators Section
- Tech Sections
- Voice Channels
- Weekly Steam Key Giveaways
- Fanatical Partner
- Gamefuly Partner

Current Game Roster:
1. Aftercharge
2. Apex Legends
3. Anthem
4. Arma 3
5. Battlefield V
6. Black Squad
7. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
8. Counter Strike Global Offensive
9. Deep Rock Galactic

10. Destiny 2
11. Escape from Tarkov
12. Fear the Wolves
13. Fortnite
14. Grand Theft Auto 5
15. Ground Branch
16. Hunt: Showdown
17. Insurgency: Sandstorm
18. Killing Floor 2
19. Overwatch
20. Paladins

21. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds
22. Post Scriptum
23. Ring of Elysium
24. Rust
25. Sea of Thieves
26. SCUM
27. Squad
28. Team Fortress 2
29. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
30. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six |Siege
31. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2
32. Warframe
33. World War 3
If you're a gamer, but like you're also a slut, bo ydo we have the server for you. 18+ only though.
We are a new, growing, and friendly Apex Legends Community that welcomes all 18+ LGBT+ individuals who enjoy the game, we also support all platforms. All kinds of players are welcome, both casual and hardcore. We have some neat bots along with voice-channels that allow you to quickly jump in. We have LFG channels for all platforms also!
Republic of Gamer's is a small friendly server, mostly fps and mmo, with helpful members ;-)
Hello, we are a Gaming/chill discord server, we have many channels for games and we have over 100 MEMBERS in the discord. If you would like to join our community then feel free.
Apex Legends ( Deutsch ) ist eine große, deutsche Community welche dabei helfen möchte dass jeder Spieler sein perfektes Squad findet. Wir bieten :
- Eine große, freundliche Community
- Events & Give-aways
- Support bei einfachen oder technischen Problemen
- Ein ausgearbeitet Discordsystem mit welchem Ihr Euch schnell und einfach selbst eine Rolle wie z.B. PC Wraith Level50 geben könnt.
- Immer die aktuellsten News zu Apex Legends
A gaming community meant to unite everyone under the umbrella of just having a good time!

Currently looking for staff!

We have all kinds of games and are still adding more!
You can share your clips and streams here too
A good place to make new friends
Welcome to the Looking for Group server. Starting out small, I will slowly add more and more games for people who just want a team to play with. Outdated games will be removed and you can easily collapse categories for games you don't use.
Current games available:
Apex Legends
Battlefield V: Firestorm
Ihr habt keine Lust immer nur mit Randoms zu spielen? Du und dein/e Freund/in wollen endlich mal in einem Premade Team losziehen? Dann schaut doch mal auf unserem APEX Server vorbei! Lerne neue Leute kennen, bildet Teams, tauscht euch aus und habt zusammen einfach eine geile Zeit in APEX Legends!
A server for gamers to have fun together, with stats bots, weekly fortnite scrims, and invite milestone rewards! We dont focus on a specific game but aim to act as a community for all popular games, like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Red dead redemption, League of Legends, and more! Join now to enter a FREE giveaway for 2 stacked (40+ Skins) Fortnite Accounts!
Want to enhance your FPS gameplay and reach the top? Join and experience our world class game enhancements for games like Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, PubG, Arma, and more! We are a friendly community so feel free to stop by today!
A cool place to hang out and talk about your favourite games. we have loads of custom and unique emojis. we would also love to see your art and we are hoping to grow this server so please join to support us and have a elite time.

Games we play are:
• Apex Legends
• Battlefield 5
• Fortnite
• Destiny 2
• Battlefront 2
• Titanfall 2
• Rocket league
• Smash bros
• Overwatch

All are welcome. Building a friendly gaming community for competitive to casual players. Find your squad here.

Current rooms:

- Apex Legends
- The Division 2
- Rainbow Six Siege
- Fortnite
- Misc.
gregle gang is a growing Discord server made for finding new friends to play vidya with and sharing bomb ass memes.
We're currently working on a Minecraft server as well.

Voice and text channels for Overwatch, CS:GO, Minecraft, and Apex Legends as well as general chatting.
All are welcome.
💎 bonjour à tous ! je viens vous parler d'un tout nouveau serveur : ReBirth !

🐼 Le but de notre serveur est de rassembler une communauté mais on ne se limite pas que à cela !

ReBirth possède :

🤖 | des bots pour modérer et s'amuser
🏆 | des events
🎉 | des giveaways
❤ | des emojis sympathiques
🗨 | des salons écrits et vocaux
💾 | des grades en fonction de ton activité
😂 | une bonne ambiance
🔨 | un staff à l'écoute
et plein d'autres !