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If you're a gamer, but like you're also a slut, bo ydo we have the server for you. 18+ only though.
Welcome To Skull Gunner Gaming!
About us: Anyone is welcome to Skull Gunner Gaming! Whether you just play video games, or if you're a movie geek, anime weeb, coding god or just want to come to place and hang out and meet new people!

We have:
• Chill peeps
• Active staff
• Tons of gaming voice channels
• Gaming computer to post specs in
• Event's
• Artwork
• Coding
• Server suggestions
• Memes and spam
• Music bot and more fun bots
• NSFW channel

People will also receive 1 unique role to those who are active and nice in the discord @SkullGunnerGamer
Looking for a place to afk and play your games? Then welcome to AFK Resort!
This server is mainly focused on gaming, anime, social and much more.

•League of legends
•Apex legends
•Supercell mobile games: Clash of clans and Clash Royale.
•OSRS Old School Runescape


★Drama free community.
★Gaming Roles.
★Personality Roles.
★Color Roles.
★Twitch live notification Bot
★Advertise your game guild/clan
★Friendly people.
★Game Bots: Pokecord, SlotBot, Uno, etc.
★Voice channel.
★Gaming voice channel.
★Music voice channel.


We hope you join and enjoy your stay, and if you do then refer to a friend!f you do then refer to a friend!
All are welcome. Building a friendly gaming community for competitive to casual players. Find your squad here.

- Apex Legends
- The Division 2
- Rainbow Six Siege
- Fortnite
- Misc.
InternetFriends: A small discord server looking for active people who just want to play some games and hang out. Primarily FPS but we play just about anything/everything ranging from Apex Legends to LoL and everything in between (PC, Xbox, and PSN). 17+ only (With our own Minecraft Server!)
HOG Elo Boosting is a discord dedicated to serving its customers with high quality, affordable ranked boosts. Our boosters are skilled players ready to work with you to get to your desired rank.

We mostly do League of Legends boosting, but also provide our services in other games, such as Apex Legends, Overwatch, and Rocket League.

Come visit the discord to see if we can help you out.
United Indian Gamers is a leading Indian eSports Community/Company.
-We host Competitive/casual Gaming Tournaments on a timely basis
- well established Indian Gaming Community engaging in a wide variety of games who strive to build a non-toxic friendly gaming environment
-We keep our community well-versed with the current developments in the gaming industry
We provide quality and transparency to our members with an actively moderated #complaints channel.
UIG was founded on 5th of January 2017 by a group of 3 friends Saransh Sehrawat, Sagar Choudhary & Sushil Wadhokar
Managed by @Saransh#0001
At We have a wide variety of cheats and spoofers for different AntiCheats, The online and offline is fake disboard never updates it :/
We're a chill, friendly server that wants more people to make friends with! Run by 2 admins who are on everyday. Small but growing server for people who want new friends and people to play with!
Some games:
League of Legends
Apex Legends
If you play a different game come and invite others to join!
What are you waiting for? Come on in! :)
Do you play games? Are you looking for an active community? Want events so you can sing your heart out? Giveaways? Gaming Tournaments? Do you draw? Like to watch anime?

If you into any of these things: The Beacon might just be the place for you :)
It's a gaming and social community where we chill out, have discussions, play games: Fortnite, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, Apex Legends, Smash Bros, etc. on NA, EU, Asia and Oceania servers. There's also music bots, anime/ movie nights, and giveaways on the server!

No, you don't have to be a gamer! You can just be here to chat, share memes and talk about your day :) We have active voice channels as well!
Do you ever want to join a clan for fortnite/apex legends? Well, you came to the right place.
This server serves as a safe haven for gamers that are percieved as "trash" to the general public. join us for tips on your gameplay, people to chill with and play with and most of all an amazing experience. Together we shall rise up amongst the masses lifting eachother up in the process.
Fairly new server, With perks of MEE6 levels, Fortnite Trading (PVE), Friendly staff and looking out for new and all gamer needs for all gamers.
Welcome to the FPS Asylum (Gaming Community) Official Discord. We're a community of passionate & friendly gamers. If you're ever bored you can ask people to play. Even bring friends over and chat with us! Remember, we are a community of all ages.

- 24/7 Active Staff Members
- 24/7 Active Community w/ XP rewards
- Custom Member Roles
- Looking for Group Section
- Content Creators Section
- Tech Sections
- Voice Channels
- Weekly Steam Key Giveaways
- Fanatical Partner
- Gamefuly Partner

Current Game Roster:
1. Aftercharge
2. Apex Legends
3. Anthem
4. Arma 3
5. Battlefield V
6. Black Squad
7. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
8. Counter Strike Global Offensive
9. Deep Rock Galactic

10. Destiny 2
11. Escape from Tarkov
12. Fear the Wolves
13. Fortnite
14. Grand Theft Auto 5
15. Ground Branch
16. Hunt: Showdown
17. Insurgency: Sandstorm
18. Killing Floor 2
19. Overwatch
20. Paladins

21. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds
22. Post Scriptum
23. Ring of Elysium
24. Rust
25. Sea of Thieves
26. SCUM
27. Squad
28. Team Fortress 2
29. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
30. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six |Siege
31. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2
32. Warframe
33. World War 3
▂-416 Squad-▃
⇨ Giveaways :moneybag:
⇨ Fine new good friendly gamers to play with
⇨ Amazing Community :crossed_swords:
⇨ Supportive Staffs
⇨ NEED STAFF :beginner:
⇨ NON - TOXIC :warning:
⇨ Community for all games/talking :speech_left:
⇨ Support 24/7 :speech_balloon:
⇨ Really good players :gun:
⇨ R6S
⇨ Owners will interact with members :ok_hand:

Invite Link:
GameHub- Find a Squad!
Request your favourite game and we will support it
Recruiting Staff
levelling system
Custom Emojis
Features of chillout servers
And much more
Hey, we are friendly people from Germany :) , we speak also english here, join, play with us, have some fun! Everybody is welcome! We play alot APEX LEGENDS here :) !

Moin, du bist ein netter Zeitgenosse und auf der Suche nach einer Gaming-Community, dann bist du bei uns genau richtig. Wir sind eine deutschsprachige Gaming-Community und stetig auf der Suche nach gleichgesinnten schießwütigen Gamern! XD Tritt bei, lade Freunde ein und fühl dich wohl! Alleine zocken macht nun mal kein Spaß! Übrigens zocken wir vermehrt Apex Legends! Komstu her! XD
Un server tranquillo dove divertirti in compagnia con i membri.
Stiamo lavorando ad una sezione competitiva se siete giocatori hardcore.
Abbiamo stanze per diversi giochi fra cui quelli taggati; se si creerà una piccola community su altri saremo più che felici di lavorarci.
Vi auguriamo di divertirvi nella Burrobirra Academy.
- Gli admin
Hey, I created my own gaming server, Would you be interested joining?
Heres the invite:
Its all about gaming, There's heaps of games you can play, you can hang out, make new friends and much much more. :smiley:
A gaming community server built for PS4 use, we have a verity of games and will add more on request, you should come join us and talk to us about your favourite games!
Welcome to Fuji Assassins! We are an esports organisation focused around making teams. And getting helping people to reach the next level. We host something called Fuji Night where the community together with our players and staff have a fun night with events! We host it every friday, make sure to join!
Right now we have 4 teams of mostly plat/dia range players and are looking to expand. Furthermore we scrim inside and outside of our org which also benefits teams alot.
Descubra a melhor comunidade de Apex Legends no Brasil! Aqui você vai encontrar aquele squad campeão e mais, temos serviços com Bot para mostrar e atualizar seu level Apex em tempo real no discord e tudo que você quer para jogar Apex com seus amigos ou conhecer jogadores tops do cenário, só falta você!