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Synaplex is a gaming community server, based around making friends in the games you play! We continue to add more and more games based on members that join. However, the majority of current members are primarily playing league of legends or Valorant!

Feel free to stop by and make some friends!
・Welcome to Teemo’s Hideout! 🍄 (16+ ONLY!!)
⌣⌣⌣ ⊹ ⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣ ⊹ ⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣ ⊹ ⌣⌣⌣
|꒰🍄・Come join us in Teemo’s Hideout, a community where we play League, host events, and hangout!
|꒰🌱・Opportunity Interact with other League players
|꒰🌱・Find friends to play with
|꒰🌱・Share your League highlights
|꒰🌱・~Teemo emotes for fun
|꒰🌱・Lots of VC and bots to use
|꒰🌱・Giveaways and nitros
LoL Wild Rift'de daha eğlenceli vakit geçirmek için açtığımız bir sunucudur arkadaş edinip beraber sunucu etkinlikleriyle de keyifli vakitler geçirebilirsiniz.
Kısaca Sunucumuzu tanıtayım.
-5v5 Maçlar
-Ranked Maçları
-Klasik Maçlar
-Ve Turnuvalar

Hepinizi bekliyoruz.
Weekly customs (NA,EUW,EUNE)
LFG(Looking for games) ping
Tournaments and giveaways
High elo players that can help you get better at the game!
The server is lightly moderated, some toxicity is allowed but don't go overboard :)
This Server is Meant to Educate People about League of Legends
We have Coaches if Available both Summoners Rift and TFT
We also have Lore Masters for Lore enthusiasts that want to know more about the story of Runeterra!
I am still in need of the Following People that might Apply for these Roles
League Coach
TFT Coach
Lore Masters
DM me Directly at Pingu Knight#7409 if you want to be up for the role and also you need to be in the server before I interview you.
712! league hub is a place for league of legends players, tft players, AND VALORENT players to find people to play clash together, play ranked, or just a casual match. It’s a hub where all people can talk about new cool builds or just make new friends. Since league is such a toxic community this is a safe space for everyone to learn and get better, whether high or low elo it doesn’t matter! Hope you stop by~!
Сервер по играм от риот для всех кто понимает русский и украинский. Ну все вроде..заходи, будем рады)
If you're tired of joining groups who are filled with Toxic people and want something more chill, Join Us!

Make sure you read the rules, if you don't like what you see, then you're probably Toxic! Free to enter competitions ;)

Join today!
Whats up!! This is my server tht i made a while ago, started at the bottom and made it this far without using this bot! so wanted to see how far we can get WITH the both haha!! feel free to join! Fun Gaming server but can also be used to just chit-chat and just have a good time :) hop in :D
Hallo Leute!

Ich habe einen neuen Multigaming Discord gegründet/eröffnet! Es herrscht bereits ein wenig Aktivität, diese möchte ich jedoch hochschrauben und für alle Spieler die es auch wollen einen gemütlichen Discord mit angenehmen und tollen Menschen bieten!

Wir bieten:

- Automatisierte Channel für dich und deine Freunde, allgemein Talk und News Channel zu jedem vorhandenen Spiel auf unserem Discord

- Durch ein "Reaction Role System" bieten wir euch einen übersichtlichen Discord, das heißt ineinem Textchannel der #rollen vergabe heißt könnt ihr euch selbst die Rolle zu dem jeweiligen Spiel geben das ihr spielt und somit werden euch die jeweiligen Channel zu dem Spiel angezeigt. (Bsp.: Ihr gebt euch die Rolle "LoL" seht ihr nur die LoL Räume und den Allgemein Talk, ihr könnt euch natürlich mehrere Rollen geben und anschließend werden diese auch wieder frei für euch)

- Angenehme Community, viele freundliche Spieler, guter Admin/Mod Support bei Fragen

- Genügend Channel und Plätze für alle

- Ein Report System für Vorschläge/Kiritk etc.

- Eine ausführliche Erklärung beim joinen des Discord´s

- Auch für gesamte Gilden oder auch für eine Spielergemeinschaft ggf. eigene Channel auf Anfrage

- Musikbots

Momentan bieten wir Spiele Channel wie:

- League of Legends (LoL)

- Teamfight Tactics (TFT)

- Legends of Runeterra (LoR)

- Valorant

- The Isle

- World of Warcraft (WoW)

- Dead by Daylight (DbD)

- Destiny

- Minecraft

- Diablo

Auf Anfrage nehmen wir auch gerne Spiele hinzu!

Natürlich wird es anfangs jetzt vermutlich ein wenig dauern bis es viele Spieler werden, aber ich möchte jeden Willkommen heißen und hoffe das wir stetig wachsen werden. Wir freuen uns auf euch!

Ihr könnt mich auch gerne vorab wenn ihr wollt per Discord adden wenn fragen bestehen: Lysan / Phil#5849

Vielen Dank für eure Aufmerksamkeit!
Hello everyone, I am a twitch streamer that currently plays TeamFight Tactics and I am a Master Player. I try to be helpful as I can while playing, maybe there are times I troll and 4fun a bit, but that's what makes it fun sometimes though right? I have a discord server for a community evolving around great and fantastic people. Whenever I am not on twitter, streaming, or on twitch, I am in my discord hanging out with everyone. If you are interested in TeamFight Tactics and just looking for some chat, fun, having a great time, join in on the community. We are all here to have fun and a great time, sharing great memories.
Bonjour jeune joueur envie de faire partie de notre serveur sache que tu es le bienvenue parmi nous on est un serveur banal ou les membres joues a des jeux tels que roblox, fortnite, teamfights tactics, league of legends et aussi brawl stars. j'espère que tu t'amuseras bien a très bientot.
This server is for EUW only. We are looking to create a nice, fun and helpfull comunity.

Feel free to join the server.
A chill server for friends to hangout, play games, and chat. Also a place for followers of
Yosh tout le monde ! :)
Ce serveur discord a pour but de rassembler de nombreux joueurs TFT (n'importe quel rank) afin de pouvoir tous s'entre aider et jouer ensemble :D
Sur ce serveur nous faisons des tournois TFT sans aucune restrictions de rank (càd de Iron à Challenger) Retrouvez toutes les informations nécessaires dans notre serveur. En espérant vous revoir sur notre serveur :D
Bonne journée à vous !
Ahoj vyvolávač, zdraví tě přátelský server jménem Runeterra CZ/SK.
Můžeš si tady najít spoustu spoluhráčů.
Jsme fajn banda můžeme se bavit o všem a dlouho.
Plno volných voice chat roomek pro duoq.
Máme tady i NSFW roomku přímo z redditu.
《We are currently looking for the following...》

➠Event Managers
➠Game Admins
➠Partnership Managers

DM Anubis OwO if you’re interested!

Nebula Gaming is a 13+ social gaming server for both casual and hardcore players. We host stress-free tournaments and offer mentorship to players of all skill levels.
If you would like to join a community of cool gamers and increase your skill level, here's what we can offer you:

✨ Superior Moderation and Fast Response Times 💜
✨ Organized server with growing role lists 📜
✨ Weekly server gaming sessions ⚔️
✨ Custom color roles 🌈
✨ Opportunities to join staff in a server that's constantly growing! 📈
🎁 Monthly giveaways and weekly events! 🎉
✨ Functional LFG with competent players! 👀

Join today!!
Ein COmmunity Server vom Streamer Luggalive. Auf diesem könnt ihr leute zum zocken von allen möglichen Games suchen.
Viel Spaß
After the loss of one of our largest League of Legends Discord servers in OCE, several veteran admin members from that server and I have come together to rebrand. We are now Oceanic League Lounge.

We are here to carry on what the old server was initially designed to facilitate - a healthy community for players, one that also accommodates for new players. Here, there will be many resources for League of Legends and TFT. Whether you're trying to improve at the game, finding new groups of people to hangout with, or are looking for individuals with a common love for League of Legends, you will find your place inside the OLL.

On August 29, we will be hosting an RP giveaway to commemorate our first month as a newly branded server. Stick around, and react for the giveaway. Invite your friends, maybe they'll win and split the RP with you!

So pop in, say hey, and a friendly member will greet you.

We hope to see you around.
[SHG] Soul Hunter Gaming es una organización especializada en el juego y el ámbito competitivo de League of Legends, si quieres aprender o mejorar como jugador. Desde luego este es tu server indicado.
chill people that play ranked league. We play tft, norms, flex and solo duo and have people from all elos. we aren't uptight and accept all people. we also play multiple games but primarily league.
Se siete in cerca di una persona/un gruppo con cui giocare o passare il tempo insieme, non siate timidi e venite a trovarci nel server ^^


-League of Legends / TFT
-Call Of Duty
-Rainbow 6
e molto altro!