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こんにちは! (Hello! in Japanese)
I see you've stumbled upon this server! I bet you're curious! Wanna check it out! Bet you do beforehand let me tell you a bit about the server!

✿ Koki is Kokishin Community Server's adored and adorable mascot
✿ We have Gaming Events and even Anime Talk Times! (Occasionally we have Movie Night!)
✿ If you join the community you will be a part of our family and your problems will be our problems! (Also what happens there stays in there!)
✿ Get new roles as you talk or come up with new role ideas and maybe Huro will add it in!
✿ You will also be greeted by our lovely Welcomers! Be sure to say hi back!

✿ In Kōkishin we are nice anime/gaming community! We hold lots of events, and we even have our own bot!

✿Rawru (Huro's Hi)- Huro (Owner)
✦》 🍄 League of Legends

✦》 🎶 Music channels
✦》 💵 Economy with rewards
✦》 ⚔️ Active Staff
✦》 🎁 Give-aways
✦》 🎀 Holiday Events
✦》 💎 XP-Levels
✦》 🤖 Bot Games
✦》 🏆 Tournaments
✦》 🎎 Advertisement


✦》 🔎 Looking for Admins
✦》 🔎 Looking for Tournament Organisers
✦》 🔎 Looking for Partnership Managers

────────── ⦋ @everyone ⦌ ──────────
▫️ | Currently at 200+ members! 🌹
▫️ | Great Staff 🐾
▫️ | Self Assignable Roles 🎈
▫️ | Awesome leveling system 🎀
▫️ | Not too many pings 🎉
▫️ | 1:1 Female to Male ratio 💌
▫️ | 24/7 Music - Social media, Fun channels etc...🎙️
▫️ | Art 🎨
▫️ | Autism control bots 🏴󠁢󠁯󠁴󠁿
▫️ | Special roles ⚒️
▫️ | You get picture permission when you are level 15+ 🍂**
ARC is a Showdown based League where trainers are challenged to battle across multiple metagames, restricted to 3 Pokemon Types of their choosing in order to become the reigning, defending ARC Champion.
Welcome to a Society where you can meet people and make lasting friendships. Great staff and all around fun. Periodic giveaways and an active art community. Website is in the making so stay tuned!
Welcome to Orbital Demon YT! Orbital Demon is a new and upcoming youtuber who makes videos for video games such as PSO2, League of Legends Feel free to join!
Welcome to JDL! We're a light-hearted Pokemon Showdown-based draft league.

What is JDL all about?

We are your normal draft league where we try to increase the quality and add a refreshing factor by letting the users influence major changes such as bans, changes in the draft system, and general suggestions that are brought up and we feel we should get the public opinion for. We often switch between having singles and teams, so one season you might have your average run-of-the-mill draft experience but next season you might enjoy having 2 buddies to help you with drafting and preparing for battles.
Welcome to OLYMPUS. Fast growing community of 300+ members.
Come say hi, chill and have fun.
Server content:
• A cool new place to chill and hang out
• 10:1 F/M
• Karaoke, ASMR and Dank Memes
• e-Wife tryouts
• Plenty of people to talk to
• Positive vibes only
it's just a server with basically no rules, cool admins, post all the gore you want.
Come hang out, and play games with some chill people. LGBT server. NSFW 18+. This is NOT a safeplace btw!!
We welcome to the most interactive Gaming Community in the town!

~The official Gamers Club. With a ton of gamers it is almost every game. Find your match and play with them.
~Fun, interactive people with a ton of meme's.
~If we get more populated, there might be a staff application's as well.
~Also, if you bump the server enough, you get a special role depends on how many times you have bumped it. Oh, we keep a check on how many times you have bumped. ;)

More important information, we are in dire need for members who are willing to devote their time and attention to make the server more populated.
Fun interactive BDSM community. (2000+ members) Please respect everyone! We are active! NSFW channels are 18+ only! Please stop by and say hello!
We're a noob-friendly community that plays a variety of games. Come join us, chat, and kick ass with us.
Hey, we are a friendly gaming community that mainly plays League, but often play other games also. Raffles weekly / Tournaments Monthly/ In-Houses!!
PC Bang is a gaming community server that primarily plays League of Legends. We also play other games and regularly host custom games, listen to music, and chat together. You will mostly see english in the chat and the occassional Korean, but all are welcome to PC Bang! Come by and join our meme friendly community! PC방에 환영합니다 :)!
╔════════Join us at The Dump!════════╗
An English NA/EUW League of Legends server with much to offer!

╔SFW (All ages are welcome)
╔Non-toxic community
╔Actively working and socializing staff

╔════════WHAT WE OFFER═════════╗
╔9 Dedicated League channels for those only in it to win in
╔Weekly to monthly 5v5 customs events in which most honorable receives a reward and temporary special role
╔Server-wide 1v1 Tournaments in development
╔Coaching/Sharing channel to focus on the mentoring and training old and new players alike
╔Custom VC lobbies you control to host your games
╔Several dozen channels to suit your various needs
╔Streamer- and visual artist-friendly channels to host and sell content (Artists are eligible to have their own channel for commissioning on request)
╔6 bots used for social interaction and leveling such as OwO, Tatsumaki, and Pollux
╔Large category for text-only RPG game Discord Dungeons for anyone who self-assigns for it
Round here we play games and chill! Great people and active gamers in Goose Mouth, stay awhile and have some fun! (Texas based but open to all)
Hey! We are making this server to grow a community and not numbers. We really want everyone to connect and have fun enjoying J/KPop and League together. Not a fan of League? No problem! We have a channel for other games of all types. We have 0 tolerance toward drama. Let's make this happen c:
Want people to play with on league? Just looking for a friendly place to sit down and chat? Join this server!! We're a friendly group just looking for new friends and people to play with! Come join <3
1. You must be 16 years of age or older to stay in this server.

2. Absolutely no spam in any text channel other than #shitposting. This includes walls of text, lines of emojis, pictures, repeated links, the fish meme, etc.

3. Do not link not safe for work content (whether it be pornographic, gore, etc.) unless you are in the #nsfw text channel.

4. Absolutely no loli, underage, cp, “Shadbase” content, bestiality, furry imagery, or any other questionable content.

5. No self-promotion of other discord servers.

6. Please speak and type in English. It makes it easier to moderate.

7. Do not impersonate or block admins/moderators/bots that moderate.

8. Do not beg for or ask for roles. It’s annoying and you will be warned, muted, and eventually kicked depending on how frequent you ask.

9. No racial or homophobic slurs are tolerated. The bot will delete messages that say it. Any attempt to get around the bot will result in a server-wide mute.

10. Leaving the server and rejoining to avoid mute/dunce will result in an instant and permanent ban.

11. The server admins will tolerate casual toxicity so long as it stays within the #shitposting text channel.
We are a league of legends EUW community Discord server.
In our server you can meet awesome new people and also find people to play with!
You can find people from any rank in the server even challengers
You can also ask higher elos for tips! We also have tournaments, karaokes, movie nights!
Świeżo otwarty polski serwer League of Legends od fanów dla fanów. Szukasz ludzi do gry? Team do turnieju? Miejsca, gdzie moderacja nie ma kija w dupie? A może po prostu serwera na którym możesz popisać i poznać nowych ludzi? Właśnie je znalazłeś, rozgość się ;)
Mamy specjalne role i najlepszych ludzi. Wbijaj i przyłącz się do powiększenia tej społeczności, przywoływaczu.
Here at the League of Politics, we discuss a variety of political subjects, including general politics, philosophy, theology, etc. We also have off-topic channels, including gaming, memes, spam, art, and music. Enjoy! ;)