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Our Community is really friendly and we talk about pretty much anything, mostly gamers here League related but we accept everyone. Join us!
Scuttle Meta is a growing League of Legends server where all ranks and roles are welcome. Featuring a friendly, experienced and active staff team, LFG channels for casual and ranked play, fun events and the most popular League of Legends Discord bots to provide you with the latest patches, your personal ingame stats and to keep your rank and region roles updated. Join the server and you won't regret it!
A small but growing community of friendly people. We just need a few more active members to get the server going again~!
❤︎ Cozy atmosphere
❤︎ Voice chat
❤︎ Kawaii emotes
❤︎ Kawaii level up roles
❤︎ Kawaii people
❤︎ Dead server

TSN is a friendly and energetic environment full of fun people; we specialize in making sure you have a nice time. We revolve around chatting, anime and gaming. We have giveaways from time to time and are aiming to make a tight, fun community. The server looks clean! Come check us out.
New NA Overwatch PS4 team looking for any Platinum to Diamond level players to tryout for the team. Currently in Overwatch League PS4
a brand-new server made for league players of all ages and ranks to come and socialize. we offer fun bots, self-assignable roles, and friendly staff & members. we're really small right now but we're hoping to grow. we're open to suggestions!
Hey guys! Welcome to Delicates. We're all about fun, traps, and games. We welcome everyone and actively use the voice chat - however there are some rules. From trolls to horny bastards - this a home for the hopeful.
Fun interactive BDSM gaming community. Please respect everyone! We are active and always gaming. NSFW channels are 18+ only! Please stop by and say hello!
-Glow of Faith-
We are an anime/gaming based community with the royalty theme added to it. A chill place where you can meet a lot of cool new people and we are looking to make this server a safe place/home for everyone to have fun in
WELCOME TO StratusGaming!
What are we? We are a new and improving hangout gaming/pokecord server created to meet new people and make some cool new friends. Everyone is welcome, and we offer a great time to those who join us!
• A general channel where you can chat with many other members to talk about many different topics!
• Friendly Staff to answer your questions and help you with any needs!
• A media channel to show off your artwork, memes, or any other images!
• League of Legends channel, Pokemon channel, and many bot channels
• Bots such as Pokecord, Nadeko, MEE6, OwO, UnbelievaBoat, and Tatsumaki
• Giveaways! There will be Pokecord credits giveaways once we reach 200 members!
• Partnership advertising is allowed on a special channel where you can advertise your server to new people!
• New roles and colors! Custom roles can be requested for a small price of pokecord creds and you can get tags that fit your personal style!
Hello everyone and welcome to Icarus. We're a growing community of gamers ranging from Counter Strike to League of Legends.

Everyone is here to play and have fun. We hope you enjoy your stay.
Server content:
• A cool new place to chill and hang out
• Karaoke, ASMR and Dank Memes
• e-Wife Opportunities
• Plenty of queue with (all skill levels)
• No toxicity
• Fast growing community
• Plenty of epic gamers to talk to
• Positive vibes only
Come hang out, and play games with some chill people. LGBT TRAPS & FEMBOYS. NSFW 18+. This is NOT a safeplace btw!!
Welcome to League of Beginners!
⚔️ We are a LoL server dedicated to players who are new to league or looking to improve their skills! This server is made to create a friendly and safe environment for new players to learn how to improve their skills. Pros and Veterans to League are also welcome! We'd love to have experienced players also help out our newer players! ⚔️
Our server offers:

🛡 Looking For Group (LFG) channels created for users to find and meet new players to team up and play together!

🛡 Voice Channels sorted by squad size to have a convenient and easy way to communicate without using league voice!

🛡 Bots dedicated to helping out with useful tips for different champions and builds to help improve your skills!

🛡 Advertising channels for clans to recruit new members and to grow their communities!

⚔️ If you're interested in finding a new place to improve and discuss League of Legends, please check us out! ⚔️
╔════════Join us at The Dump!════════╗
An English NA/EUW League of Legends server with much to offer!

╔SFW (All ages are welcome)
╔Non-toxic community
╔Actively working and socializing staff

╔════════WHAT WE OFFER═════════╗
╔9 Dedicated League channels for those only in it to win in
╔Weekly to monthly 5v5 customs events in which most honorable receives a reward and temporary special role
╔Server-wide 1v1 Tournaments in development
╔Coaching/Sharing channel to focus on the mentoring and training old and new players alike
╔Custom VC lobbies you control to host your games
╔Several dozen channels to suit your various needs
╔Streamer- and visual artist-friendly channels to host and sell content (Artists are eligible to have their own channel for commissioning on request)
╔6 bots used for social interaction and leveling such as OwO, Tatsumaki, and Pollux
╔Large category for text-only RPG game Discord Dungeons for anyone who self-assigns for it
18+ roleplay server with public rp channels and partner search.

Fandoms Include: Azur Lane, League of Legends, Fate Grand Order (Fate GO) / Typemoon, Kan Colle, Granblue, and anything you'd like!
We are a friendly community united by one thing: The fabulousness that is Taric! Join us for some fun conversations, games, etc.
Suntem un server în creștere, cu puțin peste 100 de membri, fondat undeva prin 2014(ca un grup de Steam cu peste 250 membri). Avem nevoie de persoane capabile și prietenoase pentru a ne lărgi comunitatea.
Avem nevoie de staff serios, de asemenea, pentru a ține în frâu cotropitorii.
for shitposting or whatever
no annoying rules or powertripping mods
We are a small server right now, But we are hoping to get bigger! We still have some Gym Spots open! So get in while you can! Hosting some Pokecord Giveaways soon!
WE HAVE BOTH SHOWDOWN AND POKECORD GYMS, BUT MAINLY SHOWDOWN. Its just that some people are saying that we are only pokecord, but we are mainly Showdown

~Daily giveaways for crunchyroll,spotify,etc
~Constant pokemon spawns
~Hentai and tiddies is what we all need
Everyone is welcome btw ignore the rules I blame someone
>~Welcome To Kanto!~<
We are a pokemon roleplay server! The roleplay is based in Kanto so only places in Kanto will be used.

This server is a work in progress and changes will be made frequently

-We offer bots such as pokecord, tatsumaki, and rythm!
-We have self assigned trainer roles
-Custom Emojis
-We have channels for bot commands, chatting, etc.
-We are open to partnerships
-We have gym leaders you can battle to earn badges and enter the Pokemon league we are working on!

We hope you join us!