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All Games 23
Join Japanese LCS, a new server with a close-knit community! We play games such as CS:GO, LoL, MMO's and more. Come and join! We also like anime and talking about our favourite ones. Come and meet the uhh.. unique people we have here.
2 hours ago
Anime and Manga 157
Hi all! I created Crescent to be a supportive, friendly, and welcoming community geared around anime, videogames, and internet culture. We love all kinds of anime and we play all kinds of videogames, although we definitely love Pokemon, league of legends, and overwatch!

People often tell us that we're the friendliest community that they have found!

Contact Mister 766 if you have any questions at all!
3 days ago
All Games 67
We are a public server where you can come play games such as league, dota, csgo, gta, minecraft, and pubg or listen to music. We provide you with many channels you can play in so you are not disturbed by others who are not currently playing with you... We have a ranking system as to however long you have been part of the community the faster you will rank up.
5 days ago
RPG Games 82
Join my Love sever, a sever for anyone and everyone.
The love sever was made for league and also where everyone can chitchat and have fun!
9 days ago
Hello, Welcome to Project Zed. I created this community for the sake of people just wanting to get away and play games with each other! We have lots of rooms for every game and private rooms for you and your friends! Stop by and take a look!
18 days ago
All Games 9
Welcome to the intellectual, fun, socialising and tech savvy gamer discord. Join in the fun talk of gaming but also debate about technology and your own opinions. Come and join now for the best experience on Discord!
31 days ago Come join my new Lounge/Gaming/Chill Server! make new friends and just have fun! there may not be much people there right now as its very new (Finished this morning) but just join and soon it will be swimming with friendly faces! :smiley: CSGO Brawl and League players expecially! :wink:
69 days ago
Small, friendly gaming community looking to grow in size.
118 days ago