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Fun interactive BDSM community. (2000+ members) Please respect everyone! We are active! NSFW channels are 18+ only! Please stop by and say hello!
Glow of Faith is not just any typical type of Anime/Gaming based communities, it's an active, friendly, full of events kind of communities! Join now, assign your own roles and colours and be part our wonderful family! We will be waiting for you!
TSN is a friendly and energetic environment full of fun people; we specialize in making sure you have a nice time. We revolve around chatting, anime and gaming. We have giveaways from time to time and are aiming to make a tight, fun community. The server looks clean! Come check us out.
A brand new server for connecting NA League players, making friends, and hanging out!
a small community looking to make new friends! we have gaming, roles, will be starting movie nights, and lots of friendly members
We are a NA League of legends discord! Come chat with like minded individuals! Friendly and welcoming.

We try to keep everything mature as we work together to move upwards in the ranks!

We may be small right now but we wanna try and push ourselves up to a larger group!
➣ Welcome to Summercrest! Delve into a blossoming medieval fantasy world and start
your adventure today. We have over fifty unique roleplay channels spread across different
kingdoms. Summercrest provides a perfect balance between roleplay and community.
This is a land where we share out love for roleplay, gaming, chatting, and much more; so
head on over and create a character, pick up a game, or meet some new friends today.
➣ A friendly and ever-growing community of roleplayers and gamers.
➣Detailed maps and lore of the land, along with a list of classes.
➣Over fifty self assignable character and personal roles to choose from.
➣Weekly quests, dungeons, and giveaways to participate in.
➣A support section with counselors for anyone having a rough time.
➣ A section of mini games and bot commanded games to play.
➣ An in character and out of character currency system.
こんにちは! (Hello! in Japanese)
I see you've stumbled upon this server! I bet you're curious! Wanna check it out! Bet you do beforehand let me tell you a bit about the server!

✿ Koki is Kokishin Community Server's adored and adorable mascot
✿ We have Gaming Events and even Anime Talk Times! (Occasionally we have Movie Night!)
✿ If you join the community you will be a part of our family and your problems will be our problems! (Also what happens there stays in there!)
✿ Get new roles as you talk or come up with new role ideas and maybe Huro will add it in!
✿ You will also be greeted by our lovely Welcomers! Be sure to say hi back!

✿ In Kōkishin we are nice anime/gaming community! We hold lots of events, and we even have our own bot!

✿Rawru (Huro's Hi)- Huro (Owner)
Are you tired of joining discords where people don't really play together or act as a community? Then join this discord. I guarantee that you will have a great time and meet new people.

We do the following together.
- play games
- make friends
- meetups
- meme
Hey Guys. Are You Interested in a Chill and Cool Community to hang out with? Here's a server you could join. We play tons of games (smash mainly atm and will be hosting tournaments soon) and do tons of stuff as well. I hope you join and have a nice time :)
Are you looking for a community where you can participate in tournaments? Create or be on a team? Make friends and just chill out? Change your life today! Join Maximum Tournaments discord!
Welcome to OLYMPUS. Fast growing community of 300+ members.
Come say hi, chill and have fun.
Server content:
• A cool new place to chill and hang out
• 10:1 F/M
• Karaoke, ASMR and Dank Memes
• e-Wife tryouts
• Plenty of people to talk to
• Positive vibes only
We are a roblox sport called War Ball, We Host Tournaments, Leagues, And Scims, Join To Learn More!
The Rugby Union discord aims to gather everyone with a passion for Rugby. Whether it's Union or League. Feel free to join!
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╔════════Join us at The Dump!════════╗
An English NA/EUW League of Legends server with much to offer!

╔SFW (All ages are welcome)
╔Non-toxic community
╔Actively working and socializing staff

╔════════WHAT WE OFFER═════════╗
╔9 Dedicated League channels for those only in it to win in
╔Weekly to monthly 5v5 customs events in which most honorable receives a reward and temporary special role
╔Server-wide 1v1 Tournaments in development
╔Coaching/Sharing channel to focus on the mentoring and training old and new players alike
╔Custom VC lobbies you control to host your games
╔Several dozen channels to suit your various needs
╔Streamer- and visual artist-friendly channels to host and sell content (Artists are eligible to have their own channel for commissioning on request)
╔6 bots used for social interaction and leveling such as OwO, Tatsumaki, and Pollux
╔Large category for text-only RPG game Discord Dungeons for anyone who self-assigns for it
Server that is fairly new but a nice Community. This server is different than others as you have 2 sets of gyms: one for Pokécord Players and the other for Pokémon Showdown Players. And the same goes for the Elite Four the Champion. We have giveaways and we also have self-assignable roles.

-We are looking for Gym Leaders and Elite Four Members for each section
-We have various bots in this server
-We even have Chats where you can advertise your server and talk about the main games

Someone talking shit? Come join raidSTARS and let's fuck them up! Be a part of something bigger, come join the mob and let loose.

Little to no moderation, meme it up, shit post, talk shit, whatever man just let it all out and let's fuck it up tonight!
We are a league of legends EUW community Discord server.
In our server you can meet awesome new people and also find people to play with!
You can find people from any rank in the server even challengers
You can also ask higher elos for tips! We also have tournaments, karaokes, movie nights!
Here at the League of Politics, we discuss a variety of political subjects, including general politics, philosophy, theology, etc. We also have off-topic channels, including gaming, memes, spam, art, and music. Enjoy! ;)
We are a League Of Legends server - the Valoran Warriors. Our server is full of competitive and non-competitive people alike.

We have an active community of players, a way to find duo and team partners, and in the very near future: tournaments, giveaways, and lotteries.

Come join us and you'll be in the best League server around!
Come join our League server you can make a party with people, or go into a private room with your friends, or maybe you could even host a 5v5 custom game. Idk do whatever you want. We even have a meme channel and an NSFW server for people who are into that.
No matter your interests, likes or dislikes, you will find your place in Edelvania. We're an open-minded, non-toxic and welcoming Community. Do not hesitate to join us and have a good time !

• League Of Legends • E-Sports • Gaming • NSFW • BDSM • Anime • Events • Dating • Selfies • Art •