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NYC High School Discord

Join in the NYC high school discord and we will tutor you for the shsat. We are connected to a great community of people who go to Specialized High Schools and many people who don't. If you do get into a Specialized High School we are connected to many other servers also. Feel free to ask us any questions about the high school journey. We have advice on AP classes and SAT,ACT and even AMC. Feel free to join and ping me if you have any questions! Im @bongo Boi
A NYC based server for people meet new people and make friends. We do meetups often and are down to include new members if they are chill. Please come with an open mind
We're a friendly New York City themed server!
Make friends and share your interests (art, music, anime, kpop, games, etc).
Meet up with fellow New Yorkers for concerts and events or just hang out!
Non-New Yorkers are welcome too :p
18+ Server. Do not be under 18.

Welcome to this unofficial Anime New York City 2019 Server!

This server was created so you can meet people and chill with people at Anime NYC.
This server was created due to a lack of servers dedicated to poly relationships and resources, and regional groups. It is a new server and we are looking to build it into a much larger server for Poly people, poly curious, swingers and other alternative lifestyle people. We hope to make it a go to resource for information, advice and knowledge. We also have a NSFW section open to those that can verify they are above the age of 18. This is an 18+ server to protect all parties from doing anything wrong. Hope to meet you soon and welcome you to the NYC Polyamory Group.
In the middle of World War II
1943 New York City is booming with crime. There are mafias, gangs, corrupt cops and politicians, drugs, illegal gambling, and during prohibition, alcohol. It’s a tough time living in the city and everyone is trying to survive and make some money. Who will you become? Well it’s your choice. You can be anything from a crime boss, to a law abiding police officer. Good luck finding where you stand. The city will not be kind to you...
Welcome to New York City! I'll give you a tour around, as we have many, many places here. If you don't want to die from chemicals, I recommend NOT going inside the gate at Ground Zero, you can take an application for the Police Force, Neon Offices or Mhm Studios! Have a nice day!
Just a place where LGBTQ+ writers, performers, and artists from around the city can network and bounce ideas off of each other.
Come on down to the groovy server made for people in New York to come and meet eachother. This is a nice and safe social environment made for social events, voice chats, and making new friends. Come join and say hi.
It is the year 2520.
You are some of the last people on the earth; a giant asteroid struck the earth, causing most of North America parish.

You are in NYC, there is little to no plumbing, no power, and very bad air quality. You have been put into three different gangs. There are only two places people can live on earth, New York and Copenhagen. The last two survivors will be flown to Copenhagen. NYC becomes more unsafe every day, with more and more things happening. Gangs help keep everyone in check, you fight and you kill. The remaining government created these gangs in hopes that the 2 survivors can go, proving they are worthy. You do not know only two can fly out till they tell you. Good luck.
Are you a New York teenager who is struggling with their sexuality and needs a support system? Or do you just want friends who are also lgbt but are not out yet? Join the server so we can support each other!
In the year 2102 after the nuclear war of 2053 people start to come back to the United States, or what's left.

The Nuclear War Of 2053: After years of peace treaties and breakups Russia went to war with China. China was a strong fighter but it wasn't enough. North Korea joined the war on China's side. France was in a peace treaty with Russia, Germany, and Netherlands , this convinced France to help Russia. The United States already was at a small war with China so they jumped on Russia's side and convinced the UK to do so too. Then North Korea Launched 5 nukes, 3 headed towards America. The majority of the citizens died. The remainder stayed in bunkers. This was now considered World War III. France retreated and the UK was also nuked. This left Russia defenseless and China and North Korea banded up and with their new land made Slovankia
This is a roleplay server in the setting of NYC!

Here, you can chat, create an OC, and then have possibly endless experiences with new friends in a chill, accepting community.

Have fun!