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A NYC based server for people meet new people and make friends. We do meetups often and are down to include new members if they are chill. Please come with an open mind. Everyone is welcome to join. Even if you aren't from nyc
interested in meeting fellow NY Buffs? this is the right place, we are currently looking for some more people to post their pictures and videos!! you can get a lot of friends in here!! everyone is allowed to join even if you aren't in New York!! as long as you like NY, you are welcome!!
nyc server for people that play LoL. we do meeetups sometimes and are working on more. You are welcome to join as long as you live in nyc/jersey area along with upstate ny. We do movie nights, anime nights and mafia nights. you do not have to play league to join as long as you are from new york, we welcome you.
NYC High School Discord
This server is a place for NYC students to hang out and find a place to chill and maybe even make a friend or two. We are always happy to see a new face and even if you are not that type to talk we offer help for classwork, college, general life questions and whatever else you can think of. Come join and check it out yourself :).
Hello, Guys. We are experimenting with our servers and decided to create a FivePD server New York Based.

its called New York RPC

It's Non ELS. It's a Sub-Server from our main to give people a choice when on our servers.


Be in our Main Discord,

No Sign up is required.


Replaced peds.

More to come.

You can Join our discord for updates.

Discord -

Oh yeah, Almost forgot, Here's a preview of all NYPD Vehicles on our FivePD Server, First Showcase Video but Enjoy

YouTube -
This is a very kool (yes, cool is replaced with kool) nyc server where hangout and have fun. We hold stuff like gaming events, regular events, and all-around fun channels and stuff for you to be entertained for a long time.
Welcome to the official A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie discord server! This server will have paid administrative positions, weekly giveaways, unreleased music/snippets and much more! We are a community without all of the nonsense like other servers, chill server! You won't have to worry about drama and immaturity like other discord groups.

My discord:
Welcome to the Server of Epikness! We are a growing community accepting many people. The Server of Epikness is a fun, interactive server with many members to talk to. There is space for gaming, anime, technology, and so much more. Joining is an experience, where you can have a fun time.
This server is a place for teens from NY, NJ, and PA to hang out and make new friends! Even if not from the area, feel free to join. We're accepting and always looking for new people :)

Welcome, this is a server made for cosplayers who want to meet each other in the NJ/PA/NYC area!

In this server, you can:

• Meet new friends
• Share your social media
• Show your awesome cosplays
• And more!

This server is for all ages, but please only meet up with people who are similar in age-range for safety!
We are a community of gay men from diverse backgrounds and communities living in NYC and surrounding areas
We operate the Reddit sub r/nycgaybros and this discord server aiming to create a safe, open space so we can freely express who we are. We are straight friendly too
We have premium song leaks
NYC drill
lol tjay
Pop smoke
sheff g
Sleepy hallow
And more! Join for more artist leaks

Welcome to the fanclub :))
Us little kitties are:
and Sugar!
We are super playful and lovvvvvvve food!!! :)))
This server is the Discord Part of the NYCHS Minecraft server! Join other kids from New York (and other places around the world as well), and play Minecraft together!
Hello peeps! This server is for Both HSAS and Stuy! No verification needed to communicate with the community! Please have fun and enjoy! Daily Nitro giveaway so please make sure you can enter too!

NYC Collective is a collection of New York based artist working pooling their resources to gain public status and create a stronger musical presence.
❝Welcome to New York.
Flashes of dark fur. The glint of sunlight on canine teeth. Do you dare to join?❞

City Where the Dogs Roam has a rich lore that goes in-depth about the hierarchies and past of the dogs that wander the streets of NYC, as well as a friendly environment to get used to the new concepts! A welcoming staff team is here for your questions, and several rules have been set in place to ensure that the server stays comfortable for everyone.

We hope to see you around!
Server is dedicated to Leon M Goldstein high school of the sciences! Please come join our community and interact!
We're a friendly New York City themed server!
Make friends and share your interests (art, music, anime, kpop, games, etc).
Meet up with fellow New Yorkers for concerts and events or just hang out!
Non-New Yorkers are welcome too :p
New York in the 2020s, known for its many attractions, diverse culture, bustling districts and a rich population. The Empire State Building and Central Park being two of the most popular places in NYC. It’s a shame the new generations might not have time to appreciate them.

Welcome to 2020 in NYC, crime has been on the rise for years, seeing an increase in thug activity from the likes of ghetto gangs, and even new organised crime families such as the disciples. Where will you fit in? Will you contribute to the increased crime rates? Or maybe try put a stop to them with the NYPD? Or could you just stand back and watch everything take place and sort itself out?

Find out now, we’re waiting to see how long you last in Gotham!
The Real Porn Meets Discord Server is the main hangout for the host, attendees, and future attendees of "Real Porn Meets" parties. Parties are every 2 months usually in NYC.

Have questions about the parties?
Want to chat with party goers ahead of time?
Interested in creating new parties in your area?

Everyone (18+) is welcome! Straight, bi, curious, gay, or undecided; occasional strokers, porn-addicts, solosexuals, pornosexuals, sissies, trans, tops, bottoms, switches; regular people, curious guys, and and every-day people too! YOU!

For more info, visit our website: