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We're a friendly New York City themed server!
Make friends and share your interests (art, music, anime, kpop, games, etc).
Meet up with fellow New Yorkers for concerts and events or just hang out!
Non-New Yorkers are welcome too :p
A NYC based server for people meet new people and make friends. We do meetups often and are down to include new members if they are chill. Please come with an open mind
NYC High School Discord

Join in the NYC high school discord and we will tutor you for the shsat. We are connected to a great community of people who go to Specialized High Schools and many people who don't. If you do get into a Specialized High School we are connected to many other servers also. Feel free to ask us any questions about the high school journey. We have advice on AP classes and SAT,ACT and even AMC. Feel free to join and ping me if you have any questions! Im @bongo Boi
Come join the Mafia! Yes..just like the old days. It's back and as strong as ever, with two rivaling families dominating the field. Who's side will you join? Or will you be a detective sent to stop and destroy the chain? Or even yet, a innocent bystander caught up in all the action? Join now, and find out today!

Just a place where LGBTQ+ writers, performers, and artists from around the city can network and bounce ideas off of each other.
Bienvenue à New York en une année alternative de 2019 !

Es-tu prêt(e) à devenir le sauveur de l'humanité ? Ou préfères-tu rester dans ton coin et survivre à ta façon ?
Dans tous les cas, ce serveur RP t'offrira un challenge de survie en milieu d'une guerrilla urbaine mélangé aux zones à zombies. Auras-tu le courage de venir nous rejoindre ?