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A small server right now slowly growing we have bots kind admins lots of kind people. We would really like to have more people join us, and hey we even have personalised roles so you can be classified as anything u want in my server as long as its nothing 2 rude
People either good at math or good at video games who are also gay not being mean to each other.
Heyo! We are a humble art server looking for fellow Moonies to help this server grow. We have art challenges every week, all get free hug's! (◍•ᴗ•◍)! ❤ Hope to meet you fellow nerds.
You like gaming? You think you are a Nerd? Other people think you are a Nerd? Don't know where you fit in? Well, look no further than Really Nerdy Gamers
A Discord community for the nerd in you!
The LCU Social Hub is a place where we discuss all sorts of topics including: games, movies, anime, science, technology, and much much more. The server is auto-modded and we have identifier roles for if you’re a content creator, artist, etc. We also have places to advertise your server and content. Come join the LCU Social hub so we can grow and diversify the community, as well as gain friends for life and an experience that will last a lifetime!

- Friendly community
- Helpful staff
- Several bots for music, leveling, and more
- Daily voice chats
- Debate Section
- Polls
- and more!!
Most of us like to watch anime. Some of us don’t. We love to play any type of game. We’d love it if you came and joined us for some fun!! Chill out and enjoy talking to people with some common interests. Feel free to stay and have some more fun with us!
We are a small server starting out, we're trying to become a big active community and want you, yes you dear reader to come along!
This server is all about Gaming. Anyone that plays games will find new people to connect with. You can even make new friends here!
Welcome to Sanctuary. A server dedicated to providing a fun, chill place for people to hang out. Bored? come make friends, invite friends, add advice.

We're also looking for experienced staff!

Whats to look forward to?

)ᕗ Pokecord
)ᕗ NSFW channels
)ᕗ Rythm bot
)ᕗ Voice chats
)ᕗ Memes chat
and MUCH more to come!

This server was originally for silvershadow712’s youtube channel, but is also a chat hangout and nerd place. We need more people.
Sanctum is an 18+ Lewd/BDSM friendly Gaming server! Chat, make friends, educate yourselves and get lewd! Come have fun with us!
Join if you have no friends and feel like talking to someone, because you need friends... trust me.... you need friends or else life is boring so just join like now. I SAID NOW please :)
We are a community, full of weebs, outakus, gamers, memers, furries, Stoners, and lgbtqia+ Friendly, and all around here for fun, so come on and join the nerds national.
There are few rules but were glad to accept members so feel free to join and grab a drink. Have fun. Check out our many channels for games, anime, memes, our vc's and meet mew people.
Welcome to Terria, an open world rp/erp server that is looking for new members! We are extremely new, and the server is a WIP. If you have any ideas, please feel free to tell us and we’ll add them to the server! Happy adventuring!
In this server you can role play as Fairy Tail characters!! I am Lucy in this server just a heads up! But whoever is Happy could you be celestial spirits? Have fun here but all ships are a thing here!
where a server where you can make friends play games and have fun where kinda toxic so have funnn in here
A new server for a lonely DM/player who's looking to build a world of adventures with some cool nerds
This Nerd server can be a place for all you nerds, weeks, and geeks out there! We have lots of fandom channels and can add more for you if you want! Everyone on there is nice so no need to be shy!

If you join please invite your friends! The more the merrier!
Hey! We're a brand new server, looking for members and future friends! It's a server for every nerd out there ever, and a safe place for all kinds of people! We have channels to fit everyone! Roleplay, sims, model making, chit-chatting, discussing certain movies and much more. We're looking forward to getting to know you and your nerdiness. Join us today and help me and my mods to build up a community that we can all love and appreciate! I am always open to new ideas and helpful tips on how to improve the nerd dome!

Welcome friend! And enjoy your stay!
We at GamerHub have brought together all prominent video games into one server (we still add more games). We make specific channels for many games such as Minecraft, CS:GO, Mario, and many many more (dozens in fact)! We are not just limited to video games, we actually have places for things like party games, e-sports, board games, etc. And of course we have the essential categories and channels any discord server would need plus more such as Media, Offices, Discord Dungeons, and more! GamerHub truly is for any gamer, and we have the great staff team that always is updating and improving the server!
This server takes place right after the Battle of Endor. The Emporer is dead and The Empire has splintered into factions. Create your character, get a ship or collect a fleet. Make your way through the many worlds of the Star Wars universe! Most of all, survive, conquer, and HAVE FUN!!! May the force be with you!