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do u like httyd and pokemons and talk to new people and make fun well this is the server for you here we:
-make dragon characters
-have fun
-be allies
-and talk about what we want
-we also have pokecord so we can catch train and battle with pokemons:)
-so do u think this server is for you cause i do
Welcome to Wobble
A server made for people who want a home
We may be considered Nobodies but we are still here.
This server is still in progress, we will be working every day to make it better and fun for all members
Fun Stuff to do
And more will come the more we update server.
So, join and enjoy Wobble






This is a fun roleplaying server, with rules, bots and much more
Come and join this loving family of royalties, and choose how the way you grow up to be. Like a villain or a hero!
>> MEET OTHERS - Meet other people, and make friends:)
>>DATING - Form a beautiful bond!
>> SOCIAL MEDIA - A place where you can link em
>> SELFIES - Browse or post your own!
>> VOICE CHATS - Talk with others, just like a regular phone call!
Welcome to How To Train Your Dragon: Civil War, this roleplay takes place after another How To Train Your Dragon roleplay server, it takes place 30 or 40 years after How To Train Your Dragon the Hidden World, the Vikings and Dragons have come in contact with each other but disappeared 10 years later after they came in contact again, 40 years have passed since then, a young Night Fury named Nimbus was flying around in the Hidden World, he wanted to try to get out so he flew up out of the hole..he failed, so he kept trying and trying until he did it, he got out of the Hidden World, he flew over to Berk not knowing what it was, he heard some rustling in the bushes after he landed, it was a Human Girl, he was cautious at first but then when the girl put her hand out Nimbus smelt it, suddenly the girl ran as Nimbus looked up to see his mother and father Teione and Eclipse land with a look on their face saying he was in trouble, 10 hears has passed since then, Eclipse stepped down as Alpha and Nimbus became Alpha, he now rules the Dragons but his leadership is tested when a Civil War rages on amongst the Dragons and the Humans, half of the Dragons want to keep living in the Hidden World but the rest disagree since there is barely any food left, while amongst the Humans they are just being themselves as they wage war amongst another. The Chief of Berk and the King Of Dragons (Nimbus) must meet up and work together in order for there to be peace amongst both races. Be in mind this is a new server so please don’t judge
just a fun server to screw around on and help others learn things in discord
OwO HQ is a server where Streamers, Gamers and all types of people can meet up and play games or do anything else, me and all other people will welcome you with open arms!
A warrior cat roleplaying server that is fun, and quite easy to hop into roleplaying! We don't really care about making it realistic, heck we have cats hypnotizing other cats! But it's a fun safe place to hang out, listen to music, chat and of course roleplay! Don't know what Warriors is? It's ok you can learn! It's a place where you can ask questions, and not get judged by it! We hope to see you there soon!
~Staff of server
This server is all about fun and its mostly about this minecraft potpvp/practice server but if u dont play mc or u do but no servers then u can join the discord just to listen to music and hang out and have fun its about everything! Join to enjoy it!
If you want to find a freind who plays this game, you can join our server and you can search player to form a party and defeat the unbeatable boss.

What are you waiting for, come and join us to defeat all the bosses and become a legend.
This is a new server and needs support therefore plz join it u will have fun....
This is where ill do giveaways and you can have fun with people still working on it
hey welcome to the server, is a fun server date maybe XD. our rules are: Text Channels
- No impersonating
- Don't bypass any blacklisted words
- Don't start arguments (Don't discuss about religion or politics)
- Don't target or threaten anyone
- Use commands only in the #deleted-channel channel
- No racism or sexism
- No encouragement of suicide or illegal actions
- Do not add reactions to create bad words
- No dark humor (That means cancer, holocaust, 9/11, etc.)

Voice Channels & Music
- Don't yell
- Don't sing in voice channels
- Don't move the music bot out of the music channel
- No excessively loud songs
- Don't queue more than 7 songs
- Use Dyno for music (/play (song name)
- PG-13 songs only
- Don't connect and disconnect continuously from a vc
- Text channel rules also apply

Tagging & Spam
- Don't tag staff unless it's important
- Don't extensively tag people (3+); don't tag @ everyone
- No spammy messages

- Pictures in #pictures; only gyazo, print screen, and imgur links are allowed.
- No NSFW/lewd in pictures

- If you're found to be hacking, you will be banned.
- No hack promotion

How to make a report
- You can screenshot the chat where someone did something against the the rules and dm it to a staff member.
- Make sure to state what they did.

- This is not the place to scam people
- No Inappropiate or racist pfp's (If you don't change your PFP, you will first be kicked. If you come back with the Inappropiate PFP, you will be banned.)
- 2 verbal warnings
- 3rd offense: mute 12 hours
- 4th offense: mute 24 hours
- 5th offense: mute 48 hours
- 6th offense: BAN
- Must have 5 invites to apply for Helper (will be promoted when staff believes you deserve it)
- Must have a clean record on this server (no bans, kicks, or mutes)

Ps Thanks
Leader and co leader Cutiepie and pepsi
A server to chill and hangout in. No age limit but preferably 25 years of age and below.
A new, and fun community server, we have all you need! Music, Events, polls, a selfie Channel, we host polls that can add/removed things form the server that YOU vote on! So join us.
We are assassins we serve people and protect innovates from wisdom, and we help anyone out.
R6L server is a server for rainbow six siege players. In this server, you can talk with other players or check your stats directly from our server. It's a server where you can meet new R6 players. The staff is there to help you at any time. It is permitted to share your video clips.
R6L Team
This is a basic server just to chat and talk to peoplw
Welcome to the poop server! A recently created server with people you can casually talk to.
Here on Community Eu you have fun find new friends always family friendly content be kind and you and your friends can play fun games like csgo, minecraft, gta 5 and much much more fun games join and have fun:)

Hope you enjoy your stay! 💖
This Naruto Roleplay is, not accurate to the canon realm. There are custom styles, jutsus, and Tailed beasts. This server is also hundreds of years in the future, with a bit of Soul Calibur lore mixed into it. If you don't like these things, well, then don't join.