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**CaliforniaEndlessRoleplay** ©️

@everyone SaGgYdOgS63#4418 , Hi, I'm founder CALIFORNIA ENDLESS ROLEPLAY! Everyone here would love to see you join this awesome community! Here's some stuff about

🙏Which counsel is this community on?🙏
> - We are an Xbox one community trying to make it an better place for Roleplaying!!

🤙What we have to offer?🤙

> - Los Angeles Police Department
> - California Highway Patrol
> - Blaine County Sheriffs Office
> - Los Angeles County Sheriffs
> - California Fire Department
> - California Emergency Medical Technician
> - Tactical Response Team (TRT)

> - K9 -Unit
> - Drug Unit
> - UnderCover Unit
> - Detective
> - Dispatcher
> - Stringer
> - Community Services Unit
> - Bails Bonds Officer
> - I.A.A
> - F.B.I
> - D.E.A
> - C.S.I
> - G.U.I
> - Strategic Response Unit. **SRU**
> - Warrant Services
> - Motorcycle Unit

> - Our CAD+MDT system allows for an awesome experience!
> -

👨‍⚖️Friendly Staff👨‍💻
> - We don't just issue punishments all over the place, we are very careful with our moderation!
> - We are open to you asking us questions, feel free to talk to us!
> - We train each of our staff members to be friendly in all cases, that even includes disputes against us!

🙆‍♀️Built around YOU🙆‍♂️
> - Our server is completely built around, and for **you**; the user!
> - We are always looking to improve the server, so we accept all suggestions!

Feel free to talk to us! Just join our CALIFORNIA ENDLESS ROLEPLAY server and DM SaGgYdOgS#4418

> -Must have a copy of GTA
> -Must have a mic
> - Must be able to follow rules
> -Have fun!!

🤝Join us now!🤝
An overwatch team mid plat all the way up to mid diamond and as we grind we can maybe even get higher players!
𝓐𝓷𝓲𝓶𝓮 𝓐𝓬𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓶𝔂
Where we give 𝓐𝓷𝓲𝓶𝓮 events
Laugh have fun
And no swearing
Do what everything you want just ask people
Just chill here
And play games earn money from bots
Talk about manga and other topics that are appropriate

Welcome to Universe Family
in here you can having fun
- a lot of fun Bots 🤖
- great hangout 👥
- family friendly server 😀😃😁

Have Fun😃😄
Join •SanSkuy 24H• Server Indonesia

[=] Server Buat Ngobrol Sans
[=] Insomnia People
[=] Dengar Musik
[=] Mabar Game
[=] Buat Nongki Sanstuy

Lu Sanstuy Gw Sanscuy Kita Sanskuy
ABD Trading server. Still growing and not official. We also do pjj giveaways and abd giveaways so join and talk to other :)
We are a server that wants to chill and relax we are a cool and chill place come join us today!!! STAFF APPS ARE ALWAYS OPEN!! What we have In store
1. You can suggest emojis!
2. All sorts of. Fun channels
3. Custom roles that don’t have admin
4. Nice staff!
Hi,Talent Central is a server based on people having a place to show people what you can do but if you do not have a talent that is perfectly fine join the server to come have fun with us. We have events every week that everyone can take part in so come and join the fun! See you There!
Mari join ke server discord kami
masuk aja dulu biar rame
kalo udah rame bisa mabar bareng bareng atau kumpul bareng rame rame biar akrab
toxic boleh yang penting jangan berlebihan
cuy ini kita lagi ngadain pencarian host podcast. yang mau belajar silahkan join. disini kita juga masih sama sama belajar. yang berminat bisa langsung join + chat admin kalo ingin menjadi host podcast. kalo berkenan menjadi admin atau host maka bakal dikasi free spotify premium berlaku sampai bulan agustus cuy.

NB : Hampir setiap event ada giveawaynya :)
Welcome to Gaming Hub in Gaming hub you can chill and relax and meet new people so come chill out with us!
we are annoying twats that like fucking around and playing games. we are kinda toxic but funny and weird. hope you have fun :)
A server to hangout and chat with others! The mods here are extremely nice and will aid you in any way possible! Make new friends, avenge your gaming careers, make new gaming careers, finish off long lost enemies, make enemy's, sleep in the server! And much more.- From the Creator, SnowStorm.
Welcome to The Dirty Studio! This server is made by Dirt#0001.

Here, it's all about chatting and having fun! Please read the rules once you join.

Don't miss out, join today!
Hello, Bleach Roleplay Universe is all about the anime and manga Bleach. This server sticks around the lore of Bleach and own characters and cannon character are welcome! Some things we offer here are:

•Self assisted roles
•Friendly staff
•Can change the color of your name
•Have a few bots
•Many channels to roleplay in
•Few channels to talk in
•Templates for your own characters
•Roles to earn

And there is more, but being a new Discord server we are still under construction and looking for members to be active as much as they can. Thank you for reading this we all hope to see you soon!
Hey everyone, this server is the OFFICIAL server of Not Voids on YT. This server is a place for content creators on YouTube especially to meet up, talk, and advertise there channel. Also this server is very interactive so I try my best to include my members in the videos that I post!
Just a fun little server. Join if you want to, we have lots of different channels, bots and members of this community waiting for you!
Hi, Welcome to hanggg. If you are bored then come join us! We will talk and vibe. Please note this is still a growing server so if there is any problems report!
•Welcome to New Britain•

In 2001 Britain was renamed to New-Britain after a political party known as The Commonhelpers came into power.
The renaming was due to the fact that many things were changed, such as the flag, and the law that now allows people who possess extraordinary abilities (powers you may call them) to be allowed to use them in public and to be treated equally to normal people.
Many cities and towns were changed to become more advanced.