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Just join to chat and make new friends. We might not have many people yet, but we do accept others who are willing to join, and share memes or just to chat ;)
`✴Lankys Gaming community.✴
✴Information ✴
✴Go to #rules✴
✴Nice staff✴
✴gaming for every console✴
✴make friends✴
✴Do you video games? You need the new friends? Well this is the right place for you!✴
Join my Gaming server server to talk about games make new friends and memes etc. these are the things you can do
★Find friends
★Gaming memes
★And game chats
★Many more.
★Have fun on my server we hope ★you enjoy the server.`
This is the paloma army the server made for the fans of Xtor paloma. Come and join us you are all welcome. And if you enjoy your stay consider subscribing to Xtor paloma he makes mostly videos on league of legends and discord with random people. So feel free to join us.
In this server you can talk and meet people, interact with the bots, and have fun, we are a growing server, but plan to become bigger.
Welcome to Discord school.
You are welcome join but you will need to follow the rules.
We have...

:page_with_curl:Channels to help you with homework

:page_with_curl:Channels for any type of person

:slight_smile:You can have roles about your personality

:money_mouth: you can advertise your stuff on this server

:video_game: get people to play with

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: get friends

:first_place: get prizes

:grinning: lovely staff

:rofl: events

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and communities.
You can:

» Advertise your server
» Advertise your social media
» Find new staff members
» Find new partnerships

We accept a wide range of services and communities in which you can find new members for your communities and/or projects.

If you're looking to find partnerships, please speak to a member of our staff team, who will be more than happy to assist.

Join us today!
≻Welcome to "Official Thunder©"
≻We are one of the Best Mobile Legends players
≻You can make friends for both ML and Discord
≻You we have 24/7 working staff ready to make this server suitable for everyone
≻Enjoy your stay and if you feel uncomfortable talking to someone Tell a staff immediately.
We are very strict with rules so we can keep everything running smoothly
Our vision is to run a very smooth server with very little trouble and so much fun,and remember we are all part of one Family so we are going to do everything together to man left behind.

Join now!
were pretty cursed do whatever you want uhh follow the rules and ummm feel free to join vc whenever well judge you at first.
I’m sorta new to this but hello I’ve recently made a discord server for people to join and have fun in we are a chill and friendly
We offer music fun little games and much more and make friends :3
Here in Sad's Lounge you can enjoy talking to other players and have fun. With many bots and cool features, the server is really cool!
This is mostly a server where you can talk about pretty much anything with other members, chill in our voice chat and listen to music or others, or just play our discord games like owo bot, pokecord, boxbot, and more! Anyone is welcome to our wide variety of chill and relaxing channels! We are small server at the moment with only a handful of people but that is why we are striving to get a good thriving community! We also have a ranking system for anyone who is into that.
A chill server where you can
-Meet new people
-Game and make friends
-Find people with similar interests
-Laugh and post memes
And so much more. Come and Enjoy
This server is not just for Gamers its for anyone whose bored and wants to chill
We are a server just trying to find fun members will that will stay even know it may be hard to build influence and players
Here at アニメ, we try our best to have fun! We love anime here and gaming.🎮 We have lots of channels including a meme/shitpost channel. We are a not that active server so please help us out by joining us! You won't regret it!👍😁
This is a fun little server where you can enjoy yourself and talk to people, and just have an overall good time.
Welcome to The Chillout Room! This server is still very new and our administrators are still working on it. We have some bots, including a self assign role bot, which everyone is free to try out! Our server is a place for people to come and relax, make friends, and just, well, chill out! We hope to see you there soon!
This server for players to play games with other people . To have fun and play any game they want . Find your Duo and Squad teammates
This server is just for people to come down and chill, chat, share some memes. Just overall having fun.
Hey, This server is for fun we love active members. Come talk with us XD
Fun server with some role play we are relatively new so prepare for dead chats for a while
Royalty Lounge is place you can join to have a laugh, make friends, play games, listen to music and a lot more.
Hi, this is community lounge. A server where you can hang out with friends and chat about stuff. No matter who you are, we accept everybody! Make sure you have fun!