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Thanks for checking out “Whatever”, We are a small growing community, looking to throw ourselves into oblivion and make a amazing family for everyone. Friendly staff -squish (don’t listen to her), Great friendly community, plenty of bots to mess around with, 18+ area, otherwise anyone can join. Come see for yourself.
sora's hangout is a server for those looking to just hang out with a laid back environment and to make new friends that will support you. We have a very open community that will welcome you with open arms! We have great chatrooms, and very friendly staff, feel free to contact if need be! We feel that everyone should have a comfortable environment to thrive in. So, please enjoy your stay at Sora's Hangout!
Welcome to a server where you can talk and shit, go try and attempt and find every realm there is, probably fail because there are no hints, and have fun. It's a small server for sure, hopefully, it can grow.
Just a server for people to come and chill. Show off your art or post memes, we don't care.
A very small community. If you're looking to make friends and enjoy similar tastes such as gaming, anime, shit-posting and hanging out in movie nights; you are welcome to join!