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A Hangout Server, I made just for the fun of it..It has simple rules that regulate the server as well as a positive community that will happily meme the shit out of your day, OWO, OWO, OWO, OWO, OWO, OWO, OWO, for anyone looking for a Furry Community....this isn't one, keep looking somewhere if you came for that sense, if you just came too hangout and become apart of the OwO community, then feel free to come over here and have some fun, we accept EVERYONE..>wO
Are you looking for new friends to talk to? Feeling a little lonely? Well then come visit the Pain Cult! (no, this isn't full of edgy bs) This server is just a casual chat server where you can hangout and talk about whatever you want. This server is for (almost) all ages, so don't worry about someone finding out that you're 13 or something. Hopefully you can call this place home and enjoy your time here.
Welcome to a server where you can talk and shit, go try and attempt and find every realm there is, probably fail because there are no hints, and have fun. It's a small server for sure, hopefully, it can grow.
Just a server for people to come and chill. Show off your art or post memes, we don't care.