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Bom, se você esta procurando um servidor ideal de falar sobre o que você gosta, seja anime, jogos, crítica social, poemas, etc.. Eu recomendo esse servidor que esta sempre disposto de te acolher bem e sempre agir com senso de humor!
Idk... the server is strange but feel free to join! The owner likes hands so yea there’s that and we got memes.
⭐• Simplified server
🤖• Own call of duty Bot
🧨• Server levelling system
🛡• Clan recruitment, Join one
⚔• Faster Matchmakings, using Timer
👥• Pro players, Add friends, Private lobbies
🏆• We have our Official mini tournament
📽• Tracking call of duty Youtube
📷• Tracking call of duty Instagram
💎• Much & Much More Features
Genesis clan is a pro call of duty mobile clan! Before applying, make sure you read the rules and agree to them. You must be Master I or higher to join the Prestige team. Good luck!
Hey, are you looking for a Voice Chat focused server?
If you are then join this one.
This server is based off of Call of Duty Mobile! Many innovative and fun ideas for everyone, Join Today!
•Zombies Carries
•Clan Roles
•Clan Recruitment Features
•Ranked Lobbies
•Server Leveling
•Many Bots
•Content Creator Promotion
•Much Much More!
Come join the Primis Server today!
Bom, se você esta entediado procurando um lugar para conversar e jogar com o seus amigos. Eu recomendo esse lindo e novo server e então seja bem vindo(a)!

Animes Storm
Servidor para brasileiros e portugueses que querem fazer amigos falar sobre anime,games etc..

falar em call com amigos e temos também bots de músicas para ouvir junto com seus amigos.

Entre no Gamer Over aqui todo mundo é bem vindo!
We are a community that primarily plays Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the Hardcore Search and Destroy mode. We do play other modes and other games as well, but HC SnD is our main focus. There is always someone on and we have multiple full lobbies everyday, so there are plenty of people to join up and play with. We rarely lose public matches, so most of us have largely positive W/L.

We have in-house scrims, and are starting to run tournaments for 1v1s and will add more as we grow. Prizes are a possibility if we can get large enough.

We are steadily growing and looking for more members. We run our discord democratically, meaning large changes or actions are put to a vote. Ability to vote is earned after being a member for a given amount of time. Vote participation is not required, but encouraged.
Samos uma comunidade LGBT+

Aqui samos todos iguais...
Respeito e o fundamento de tudo...
Não toleramos nenhum tipo de desrespeito...
Samos uma comunidade com bastante entretenimento...
Com call's é chat's para sua diversão...
Venha nós conhecer...
Tá procurando algum servidor para conversar, jogar ou os dois ao mesmo tempo?

Pois bem, é seu dia de sorte! Entre já no servidor para ter tudo isso e muito mais!

-Are you looking for a server to chat, play or both at the same time?

Well, it's your lucky day! Join the server now to have all this and more!
Heyo! Goipp (Gang of inverted pp) is a random server that me and my friend thought of lel. You can join and chat and just chill. Meet new friends and cool people on here!
1000+ clan activity required
Name change required
Competitive in MP and BR
Clan discord for our clan as well as others looking to play competitively to communicate and help eachother succeed in finding scrimmages to compete in...
Weirdkid19- Hello, we are a very general server with a pretty active community! Feel free to message me if you have any questions and if not enjoy your stay here!
Server com propósito de fãs em criação de dublagens e é realmente um hospício....
*↯★Welcome to Hell↯★*

⡀。⠐☆ ・ 。 ⡀・☆
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ★
┊ ┊ ☆
┊ ★

┏►•Não divulgue qualquer link seja ele de (grupo, rede social, negócios)

┏►|•Proibido Cᴏʀʀᴇɴᴛᴇ, Gringos,floodar.
We are a new Clan formed to play Call of Duty mobile. Train with us, play along side us, share tips tricks and " how to stuff ".
EVENT: We will have a group VC tonight around 10:00PM EST, mainly to cry about going back to school tomorrow or something. If you want to join, either to let your feelings out or meet someone new, we welcome you!
If anybody is looking for a team for MW DM on Discord it’s called “Never Give Up”! It’s gonna be a pubstomping clan just for fun and people that really enjoy spec ops or zombies and stuff like that! This clan is going to be for MW and future CODS! If you are interested join up!
TooMuch is a renowned Gaming Team with a soon to be global fanbase. Founded by a team of elite players, we remain committed to improving our skills, achieving victory and creating an entertaining experience for our dedicated fans. This industry is growing rapidly, and we’re proud to be part of the wave of success. Catch us in action at our next competition!

Preferably 16+ but can work things out feel free to join and tryout but know that if requirements are not met, you will be kicked.