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Bom, se você esta entediado procurando um lugar para conversar e jogar com o seus amigos. Eu recomendo esse lindo e novo server e então seja bem vindo(a)!
Welcome To Tommy

👑Our server has to little to no rules👑

☀️Our server provides☀️
Many VCs☎️
Economy System💸
Centro bot🤖
Little to no rules📜
Special need staff🕴️

🆗:Why we want you🆗
Our server provides a semi toxic discord server, We are in search for people who are willing to join our staff team. We do not care what you do on our server but it must stay in discord terms of service.
Heyo! Goipp (Gang of inverted pp) is a random server that me and my friend thought of lel. You can join and chat and just chill. Meet new friends and cool people on here!
We aren't run by admins. Everything about this server is determined by the members and a voting system. Members make the polls, not the admins.
Complete Anarchy or True Peace, it's your choice.

Casual, hangout, gaming, anime, lewds, memes, who knows. The server is ever-evolving. Come join us.
Уютный сервер для посиделок за CoD.
Приятное времяпрепровождение обеспечено.
Присоединяйся сейчас, боец!
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wat hebben wij te bieden:
-leuke gesprekken
-aardige en behulpzame staff
-je mag jezelf lekker zijn
-100% Nederlandstalig
This is a little server for people to meet and play with each other in call of duty zombies.
Mit dem Discord Call Bot kann man mit einem Befehl über zufällig generierte Telefonnummern User anrufen. Diese Unterhalten sich dann über den Privat Chat von dem Bot. Man hat natürlich auch Guthaben was man dann ausgibt indem man User anruft. Falls man eine Nummer von einem Freund nicht weiß kann man die Auskunft anrufen die unser Team sind und über einen Befehl die Nummer von dem User herausfinden können.
Come on in, a place for idiots who want to make friends!

~🌼Fun Bots🌼
•Music Bots
•Battle Bots
•Meme bots etc.

~🌼Cool new people!🌼
•Meet tons of amazing people find what you have in common and just chat!

~🌼Plenty of different channels🌼
•Roleplays and much more!

~🌼Different Voice Chats!🌼
•Love talking with people?
•Singing Vc’s
•Gaming Vc’s
Venha participar do servidor que possui o maior CHAT GAMER do Brasil!
Divirta-se com chats legais como:
• Quem manda é você!
• Flood de emojis.
• Karaokê!
• Conte seu segredo!
Entre muitos outros!

Calls privadas, calls grandes e mansões!
Cargos exclusivos e comandos SECRETOS de bot! (quem descobrir vai ganhar cargo exclusivo hein!)
Venha se divertir com seus amigos, e faça esse servidor ficar com a sua cara!
Please join this server you can make friends in this server and use my poke cord bot and call and use music just pleaseeee joinnnn!
Welcome to the T-Hub! This is a server that has been made 4/2/19 so pretty new and we have chats for
And more!

We want ages 14-17 no older no younger so it would be great if you join!
As this is a new server, we only have a few bots at the moment but requests for admin are open and i would love people to help make this server bigger!
Beyond Call of Duty. A community ran by a bunch of people crazy for CoD who share leaks, rumors, theories and more.. whether you play Xbox, PC, or PS4 you are welcome to join our community. We've been around for roughly a year and have discussed several topics.
Want a place to crack jokes, have fun and make friends? Welcome to our realm. We have Astolfo, Pokecord, Yggdrasil, etc. Don’t be shy, come on down and meet us!
--- Bienvenue sur On The Call ---

Venez sur notre simulateur de Sapeurs Pompiers et vivez le quotidien des soldat du feu

N'hésitez plus, Rejoignez nous !!!
Filipino/Tagalog server for Call of Duty: Blackout (Black Ops 4) players.
If you joined and can't understand Tagalog or Filipino language you'll be kicked.