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This is a server for people that likes to sing or play music.. You dont have to sing you can just listen to others if you want to! You can listen to others sing if you want to do that aswell.
Hello! This is a server where you can make new friends and play games together! There's a shop system involved as well. Come join us and have fun!
A server where you can play D&D, as made by a guy who's never played the actual game, or watch others and try to figure out the world, lore, and more! Just don't talk about cheese, it makes Carl... weird. Have fun, no matter what you choose!
Box is a server for people who like a nice atmosphere and privacy.
The server is managed by people who know how to use bots and other special discord options, such as color formatting.
You can join us at any time
Сервер YouTube`ра Desolate38!
Рады всем, тут вы найдёте мноооого чего интересного!
WELCOME TO UWU SERVER! Everyone is welcome here 💓💘💓❣️💖💖💗💕💘💓💒
Hi there! We are an all accepting server. This is a role play server where your human oc and their familiar (an animal that they share a life force with) have come to a place to live and thrive. Most is explained in the server! Go ahead and take a look! (Please be 14+)
[PL] Szukasz serwera na którym będziesz się dobrze bawił i czuł w towarzystwie innych ludzi?
Dołącz do naszej społeczności!
-Miłą pomocną i czuwającą Administracje oraz Moderacje
-Wiele kanałów o różnej tematyce
-Codziennie kilka osób online do luźnego pogadania
-Levelowanie oraz rangi dzięki którym można się wyróżnić
-Dużo Quality Memów
-Demokracje Serwerową
-Miłe fajne aktywne społeczeństwo
-Ogólnie świetną zabawę!!
From the lands far and wide stood a great world, that world is Terminal. a vast land filled with large creatures, but even larger allies, Come join the ranks and protect the world from the dangers that lie ahead.

This server contains.

A ever expanding world.

A Gear, class, and stat system.

A shop.

Plenty of places to rp in.

A interesting world.

and, New friends to meet!

Come join today
• Hey Welcome to Ruija!

• This is a community server, but it has optional roleplay! We try to keep the staff active too ^^

• It is a world full of wonderful creatures, it has a leveling system and we're working on self given roles!

• We provide space for anime, music, memes and games! ^^ There are now nsfw channels here too

• Feel free to become friends with everyone and enjoy yourself!
Этот сервер для Геймеров. И для людей с хорошим чувством юмора. Заходите не пожалеете.
Находи себе друзей или тимейтов и играй сними у нас на сервере c приятной музыкой!!!
Welcome to a massive amount of RP! Feel free to join in and pick a side in the never ending combat that is this rp world. Want to take things a little more private? Well we've got helpful Admin who would gladly make a chat for you and your team. Our Rps include (but not limited to)
Tower of wings: Take flight on the back of a mighty dragon!
City of Tyranny: Play as either peacekeepers or raiders in this futuristic world!
Village in war: Pick a side and join the fight for global dominance!
Tbh this is just one of the server admin adding this server here to get attention for how shitty the server is.
здесь сидят адекватные игроки с которыми можно поиграть и пообщаться.так что заходи!!! мы тебя ждем
Xbox Hub
Are you looking for a place to hang out with your friends and play games with others? The Xbox Hub will do just that.

:money_with_wings: Spotify Invite rewards! Giveaways and more (:

:video_game: In Our Community we allow you to find members to play all of your Xbox games with, we offer a lot of things...
:video_game: Ranging from a Great And Helpful staff team.
:video_game: Music Chats To Talk and listen to music with your friends and fellow Xbox Hub members.
:video_game: We have various chats so you can talk to your friends about your games.
:video_game: The Xbox Hub has very respectful members, we also have a Zero Drama rule!
:video_game: You are allowed to join from any age! Just as long as you are mature and respectful to @everyone
:star: Active Members
:star: Music Bots
:star: Great Staff Team

@everyone Xbox Hub Invite Link: @here
Hey, we are opening a new Discord Gaming Community and would love if you would join us.
We have many Game Channels such as:

5.The Devision 2
6.Rainbow six Siege.

And we also have Roles for Streamers and youtubers with a Follower count of at least 50 subs.

Come and Check us out:

Join Make&Play NOW!
We are currently building a community of Gamers for all kinds of Games like

CSGO tournament will be happening too, do you have a CSGO Team or do you want to create one? Well our Community might just be the right Thing for you!
With our server you can create your own Team Channel and we even have Professionel Coaches.

So what are you waiting for? There are many opportunitys to Improve your Gaming exoerience.
Are you looking for an advanced server inorder to chat with your friends and use tons of bots? You came to the right place! The Sever Of Games contains all of your needs, from overwatch to frickin minecraft! Anyone is allowed and is free to join! Come right along!