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Szukasz serwera, gdzie możesz wczuć się w rolę średniowiecznego bohatera? Trudzić o przetrwanie? Tworzyć wątki z innymi bohaterami tego świata i zmagać się z istotami, które zagrażają wiosce? Znalazłeś idealne miejsce! Co oferujemy?
-Wiele lokacji, w których może się Twoja postać pojawić
-Administrację skłonną do propozycji użytkowników
-Sklep serwerowy (w budowie)
-Ogólne Lore, które ma na celu udynamicznienie akcji!
Mamy nadzieję, że nie będziesz zwlekać i dołączysz do nas jak najszybciej!
Bonjour, je vous présente mon nouveau serve que j'ai crée pour réunir des gens qui aime les même chose. Je vous souhaite la bien venue pour les nouveau. Bon jeux. Role joueur confirmer pour les nouveaux sur le serve. Le staff recrute.
🔥 Rejoins le serveur. ☢️Radioactif.☢️ dès maintenant ! 🔥

→ Nous ferons gagner des nitros à tout moment dans le général dès que le serveur atteindra le pallier des 500 membres !
→ Des événements seront organisés assez souvent dès que le serveur atteindra le cap des 200 membres !
→ Différent rôles seront à ta dispositions !
→ Des canaux radio avec pours le moment NRJ dessus et prochainement d'autre !

Pour le moment en attendant l'arrivée de tout le monde, prend ton invite, invite tes potes et chope les rôles perso, et arrivé a 50 invitations tu auras un nitro 1 mois : D ! :nitror:
Au 100 membres nous offrirons un nitro 1 mois pour votre plus grand plaisir !
N'hésite plus, clique ici
A safe clean roleplay server, with many kind people :)
Bonjour et Bonsoir, ce serveur permet de se faire des amis, de discuter, et de se sentir moins seul(e). On serait toujours là pour mettre de l'ambiance.

Il y aura les rôles distribuée pour ceux qui le veulent, et le rôle NSFW à ce qui le veulent.

Les règles qui faudra respecter.

Ne pas insulter les autres.
l'Harcèlement est interdit.
Spam interdit.
Non à la violence.
Ne pas parler sexuellement.
Ne pas faire de chantages.
Pas de sexisme.
Ne surtout pas insulter le serveur.
Respecter les autres.
Pas de contenue trop violent (Seulement dans le salon NSFW).
déconseiller au moins de 10 ans.

Venez nombreux, et partagez notre serveur pour ambiancer notre serveur, ça nous ferait tellement plaisir.

On veut des gens respectueux, non pas qui arrivent foutre le bordel, commencez par un "bonjour, vous allez bien". Si il ne sont pas respectée c'est exclusivement ban.

A toute à l'heure mes Gamblings !
Vieni qui e prova a vincere un ruolo bello con i Giveaway!!!
Hi there! We are an all accepting server. This is a role play server where your human oc and their familiar (an animal that they share a life force with) have come to a place to live and thrive. Most is explained in the server! Go ahead and take a look! (Please be 14+)
RoleScape is the place to go for role plays! Join and post your starter and wait for a member to message you!
Witam przedstawiam serwer discord:
-Dużo ról
-Szybki kontakt z administracją
-Awans ról
-Co miesiąc giveaway
A friendly role-playing server. Role-playing is not needed and you can just talk to people if you want.

Earth, a planet isolated from the rest of the universe, where its people, often thinking they are alone on the universe, they will have this thought changed forever, Tony Stark just went public revealing he is Iron Man, after years in comma, Steve Rogers, the Captain America, is finally awaken, after disobeying Odin's orders, Thor is sent to Earth without powers as punishment, in New York, a young Man, who calls himself Spiderman jumps through the skycrapers helping the citizens, while Bruce Banner travels around the world trying to find a cure to his problem, however, Loki, after escaping from Odin, turns his attention to his brother, now seeking revenge he has tracked Thor on earth and will do everything to make him suffer for the years of humiliation he had endured

🎄Вас приветствует сервер LGS🎄
✴Сервер✴- где можно найти друга и просто хорошо провести время с людьми сервера. На этом сервере вы найдёте :Уровни, команды ботов, частые обновления на сервере, игровая валюта,различные роли и.т.д все это вы сможете найти тут,добро пожаловать! (Ведётся набор в модераторы строго 14+)
Hello! My names Felt I, I'm going to give you a paragraph about how I'm too lazy to write lore instead of writing the lore. I am currently sitting down and being a morally obese imbecile who is too stupid and lazy to write a paragraph about lore. So instead I will write a paragraph about how I don't want to write a paragraph about the lore for this server. Listen, its in Canada and it has werewolves. So uh, join.. Or die. Yeah yeah get threatened.
We are a small fallout themed roleplay server! Even though we are fallout themed, we have many other roleplays for you to join in on! With three different levels of roleplay, you can roleplay with those like you.

We are currently looking for both admins (Sentinels) and moderators (Vault Security)! Join and prove you're a reliable member of the server, and you could get the spot!
🎭 Este es un servidor tipo roleplay, Sobre un Hospital psiquiátrico 🎭

Todos los usuarios,deben tomar el rol de un ingresado. tendrán ciertas rutinas depende del trastornos que hayan escogido.El objetivo es poder escapar,para esto tendrán que subir su nivel de inteligencia o manipular a otros individuos, el individuo que consiga escapar obtendrá el rango vigilante.

Hay distintas salas en el hospital, los pacientes tendrás que ir si tienen algun problema, Ejemplo: Enfermería en causa de heridas o por su medicación,algunos tendrán que ir al psicologo o a circulo de ayuda.

❤ Espero que disfruten, y se unan a esta comunidad de locos ❤
A long time ago, afore any written history, thrived a world of ancient wonders. Kingdoms stood tall and proud. People lived freely and in peace. Fearsome beasts roamed the land. Powerful magic coursed through the very earth itself. It is up to you to decide what path you shall take. Will you live among the heroes, a brave and faithful warrior who fights alongside the Duke of the land? Will you live among the zealots who hide in shadows, practice the dark arts and praise the coming of the bloodthirsty dragon? Will you live a simple life in the capital city, with no duty, no responsibility, only a job and a safe home? The choice is yours, and yours alone. Good luck.
Roleplay! Invite your friends! Have a good time! We welcome you with open arms.
Based on Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, a game by Capcom
A free place to express yourself through roleplaying.
Welcome to The kingdom of anime this is a place where all those who love anime can come and Express their love for anime!!
  \\ _
   \( ••) F
    < ⌒ヽ A
   /   へ\ B
   /  / \\ U
   レ ノ   ヽつ L
  / / O
  / / U
 ( (ヽ S
 | |、\.
 | 丿 \ ⌒)
 | |  ) /
ノ )  Lノ
A third person paragraph styled BNHA Discord RP server.

The current story takes place three years after Bakugou's rescue from the League of Villains. The class of 1-A and 1-B have just graduated and are free to pursue the hero career of their dreams. The League had gone into hiding after their leader's renowned defeat, and for a time it seemed as though the world was at peace once again. However, that wasn't the case. All for One was the pinnacle of evil throughout the nation, and when his throne was made empty, the villains of the world began vying for his place. The League, the Yakuza, small time thugs, and international terrorists alike all began to plot their rise to the top of the underworld.
Hello, I enjoy Kpop very much so I decided to create a server where you can be any idol you'd like too. Ocs are allowed. Please be at least semi lit no one liners. Thank you I look forward to seeing you.