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Crossover is an active and large Roleplay server sporting 70+ members and growing! It has an overarching plot involving; Gods, Fighting and War. It has a user built experience with multiple landmarks to RP on.
11 hours ago
After deku and friends defeats all for one and his league of villains, they become pro heroes and continue saving the world and living out there lives, 10 years later a new threat arrives and now it's our turn to take them down!
11 hours ago
In 1995 American scientists genetically engineered humans, calling these type of people Alpha-humans. Alpha-humans were put in containment to be watched so the scientists could then collect data, however on May 5 2017 a small group of Alpha-humans grew strong enough to overcome their captors. This group called " Phoenix Blood " established their own territory, creating their own country for all Alpha-humans. The country is made up of the following states: West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. The name of the country is " Viata " and the country is a Representative Democracy. They have a capitalist economy and enforce their laws. One of the former group members has established a school for Alpha-humans to not only learn but to perfect their powers. The name of the school is " Hearthblood Academy " . . .
18 hours ago
Fallout rockie mountains is a new fallout rp server centered in the rockie mountains of Alberta, we hope that you will have fun and enjoy your time
1 days ago
Buridiun is a new role play server which is serious but really fun, you can make a character and then me or one of my team will come and approve it for you! We are not one of those servers that you go to the rules page and there is hundreds of rules. Buridiun is made up of 8 country’s: Rambod(the water nation), Horbach(the natural nation), Genhimland(the fire nation), Morland(the wind nation), Coinzia(the harvest nation), Laveia(the factory nation), Gattnland(the ice nation), Vogtslach(the storm nation)
So if you want good role play sail over to Buridiun

From the owner 🧡Desuda🧡
1 days ago
Bokumercredi dernier à 22:35
Un jour dans le monde d'Elgarde est apparu l'Arène un lieu magique dédié au combat, ce mystérieux bâtiment est dirigé par des êtres appelés les "Divins". Lors de leurs apparition les "Divins" accordèrent un pouvoir aux habitants de ce monde afin de s'assurer que les futurs événements qui se produiront seront divertissants.

Quel personnage choisiriez-vous?
1 days ago
Welcome to Takasumi High Stars
This school was made to train new people to use there powers for good and not for evil
One day you'll graduate to become a superhero
Here's what we got
▶Fun bots that can do crazy commands
▶A high tech training room with robots to train on
▶A Nsfw Section with a nsfw bot
▶And Much More Coming Soooooon
4 days ago
Basically a server where people can pretend their in a dormatory. Anyone can roleplay as whoever they want so long as they respect eachother
5 days ago
Hello, I enjoy Kpop very much so I decided to create a server where you can be any idol you'd like too. Ocs are allowed. Please be at least semi lit no one liners. Thank you I look forward to seeing you.
9 days ago
If your ever bored of being alone and just sexually constipated, you have the right place to rock in and enjoy your time here. Upon joining the premise, you must be 18+ at best, and 16+ at minimum with some restrictions to the server. After joining, you must also read the rules to enjoy this ERP frantic server! Enjoy and be playful~!
15 days ago
This I play by post role playing server based on the dc universe. Come and join us and make your original characters come to life.
16 days ago
You like JoJo? Like Rp? Well, this is the place! Make your own character and interact with other Stands, Hamon Users, and Dio Himself! Welcome to 「Stand Proud」
32 days ago
Welcome to Dragon Core this is a new server that has just opened it currently gives you a choice of Wizards or Dragons to roleplay as
Have fun 😁
33 days ago
Welcome to Star Wars Role-Play. This server's events take place during 7 BBY, the era within the Empire's rule over the known galaxy. Members are allowed to create their own faction or sub-factions within the Role-Play. Members can also choose to be apart of the Empire or Rebellion. The server is welcome to most Role-Players new or old.
36 days ago
👉**Welcome To The Academia V.2**👈
If you are looking for a cool server then this one might be for you !

**Why should you join ?**

⭐ Friendly staff

💢 Anime manga,dedicated fans

🎉 Giveaways!

🔞Nsfw Anime and other

🎵 Music bot

㊙️ Japan is the secondary language !

⚙️Self assignable roles

🕴️ My hero academia role play

📌More updates coming soon !

Join before it's too late we are acceptings moderators and admins

We hope to see you their 😉

44 days ago
Welcome to Random RP 2.0! In this server you can RP as your OCs with other people. However, there is a basic lore for people who want to follow it. Thanks for reading!
52 days ago
This server is a rp/gaming server about The Legend of Zelda.
62 days ago
On this server you can request any Pokemon role (if the Pokemon isn't fanmade) then our staff will create the role and a chat for it (chats require at least two members in the role), and give you the role you can also choose your typings and class using the bot on the server.
join if you want to have a great time :wink:

simpler explanation if you use an eve pfp you could join, request the eevee role and I would give it too you. The server is mostly Pokemon based in the sense that you choose your Pokemon role than go from there
76 days ago
Technology, Magic, Power, Imagination, Creation... Welcome to a land where being powerful is not a crime, where you can expand your imagination and empire on your own ways, what will you do? Live peacefully? Become powerful? And for what? We are waiting for you.

We have Pokecord! :D
93 days ago
Residence of Pleasure has an open spot for a new member!
We have new rooms, freshly planted flowers in the garden, and some comfortable places to spend time with other people.

The server just went public, so we are short on the members. But we aim to build strong and friendly roleplay community. If you are 18+ and have passion for roleplay, then what are you waiting for? JOIN!
101 days ago