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Du bist interessiert in die große Welt der Musik ?
Dann bist du auf Musicord richtig.
Zu den viele Genres gibt es eigene Channel und es gibt jede Woche das Event "Song der Woche", wo man sein Lied reinschicken und andere hochvoten kann.
World Of Music is a community server to discuss songs, music artists and more!
Music Co. is a server for musicians, song writers, singers, artists, rapper and beatboxers. We love doing the one thing that connects us all and that is MUSIC! You can also learn how to sing on our server. Join us if you love music.
This is not a real spotify server, make friends, send recommendations, albums, songs, artists and more (SERVER IS BRAND NEW SO DON'T LEAVE PLEASE)
(Server is not fully done yet!)
This server is about parties
Cindayz Music Class is a music-related server with a treatment of a music classroom which is aimed at music fans of varying music tastes, thus, functioning like a project. The purpose of this server is that usually daily, a task with a different theme is given and people will be tasked to submit a song that corresponds to a theme before a given deadline. The owner listen to their song submissions and grade them pass or fail depending if the song matches the theme or not.

In addition to submitting songs, this server also has a weekly game of three-in-a-row which is held every weekend, a theme suggestions channel where people can suggest themes that were not yet used in a task and a music discussion channel where anyone can discuss anything music such as favourite songs, music playlists and music genres!

If you’re a music fan who’s also willing to compete and have the motivation to submit songs, this is for you! Join the server to start participating!
This server is about kpop. I’m new at this lol. Mostly for me so yeah
We are The Lower Brass Bros, If you play a lower Brass instrument, this is the place for you! We have text channels for every lower brass Instrument and We Love to talk about music! wether you are a beginer or an advanced player, you can make yourself at home here!
Where Gaming Song Center Staff Here For Your Satisfactory And Joy You Can Play Our Bot Games And Listen To Music